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    Re: I like my men bigger, fitter and older

    I think I agree... but I'm not sure I haven't really done anything before

    Like I find people who are more buff than me attractive, and I think like a lot of 30 yr old guys are pretty hot sometimes, idk I think i just like the manlyness.

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    Re: I like my men bigger, fitter and older

    for me it's the same, i prefer guys older and taller than me, unfornutely i'm 186 cm...

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    Re: I like my men bigger, fitter and older

    Same with me, this is my first post here lol
    It scares me because all the gays I know don't like older men.
    I'm 21, yet I love older, bigger men and with some muscle. And extremely hairy too hehe

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    Re: I like my men bigger, fitter and older

    I am exactly like this. Being a very petite boy (108 pounds, 5'3") I love haveing a guy who is, say, 175 pounds and strong and fit, take me and have his way with me completely. It is fine with me if he wants to lift me up and carry me on his shoulders, or if he wants to wrestle me and force my pants and underpants off of me. When I was 20 I was in a close relationship with a man of 45 or so, twice my size, with not much body fat. He taught me a lot about life and about sex too, and along the way he fucked and sucked me to the point of utter exhaustion (my exhaustion, he could just keep going and going). I still think of him as being awesome, and I wish I could be with him again.

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