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    Risk of oral sex

    Hi I am new to this guy on guy scene. Only been blown once. I loved it and wanna do it again. But I wanna know if there are any health risks to doing that. Have any of you had any bad experience health or safety wise?

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    Re: Risk of oral sex

    Here you go:

    4 Things You Didn't Know About Oral Sex SOURCE: WebMD

    Oral Sex and HIV Risk SOURCE: CDC

    Happy reading!
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    Re: Risk of oral sex

    The risk of HIV exposure through oral sex is so low it can't be accurately calculated by the CDC - I've seen estimates around 1 chance in 10,000 for each act with an HIV+ partner. Unless you're looking at a career in porn or prostitution, it's probably not something to be concerned about.

    Most other STIs that can be caught though oral sex tend not to be symptomatic when caught that way, though of course transmitting them to partners as a carrier is a concern. HPV and its link to throat cancer is probably the biggest worry.

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