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Thread: Kayden Gray

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    Kayden Gray

    Whit Topher DiMaggio

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    Re: Kaydan Grey

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    I'd like a mouthful of that anyday !!!

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    @KaydenGrayXXX cock @DaveCircus ass

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    with @IssacJones during the @UKHotJocks tease show at London Hustlaball

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Branded @UKHotJocks @HustlaBall @HBLNofficial

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    #HustlaBall #London @KaydenGrayXXX @SamBarclayXXX @JPDuboisxxx


    #HustlaBall #London @KaydenGrayXXX @SamBarclayXXX @DaveCircus pic.twitter.com/mT3724RyfT

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    #HustlaBall #London @KaydenGrayXXX @SamBarclayXXX @DaveCircus


    #HustlaBall #London @KaydenGrayXXX @SamBarclayXXX Sam that Biggie of yours is so alive all nite long!

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    #HustlaBall #London @KaydenGrayXXX @SamBarclayXXX @JPDuboisxxx @TysonTylerXXX @UKHotJocks #Nipplessssss

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Where did this guy come from? He was barely introduced and now he's mixing with the big boys already...

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Get sucked

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Quote Originally Posted by Singularity View Post
    Where did this guy come from? He was barely introduced and now he's mixing with the big boys already...
    I've read somewhere that he is from Poland.

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Quote Originally Posted by di3510 View Post
    I've read somewhere that he is from Poland.
    Yes, and he lives in Uk. He is a new porn performer

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Kayden Grey sucks Dave Circus 's cock

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    #Hustlaball LONDON 2013

    With JP Dubois

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    @KaydenGrayXXX @DaveCircus me & @TysonTylerXXX at @HBLNofficial rehearsal

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Kayden Gray & Paul Walker

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Kayden fucks Lyle Boyce

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Woody Fox Makes Love to Kayden Gray
    Surrender to Love

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    I like Kayden, but I think a different haircut would do him a lot of good.

    Also, that's a big ass dildo lol.

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Interview: Q&A with Kayden Gray

    In this new ďQ&A seriesď, we ask porn stars a series of questions in the hope to learn something new about them. The 28 year old Kayden Gray gets the ball rolling, as he is the first one who took the time and effort to answer ten questions for us. The handsome and openly gay performer originally hails from Poland, but now lives in Luton (UK).

    He started out in this business in March 2013 and in a short period of time he has become a very popular performer. He has already worked for several big studios, including Men.com, Lucas Entertainment, Men At Play and Tim Tales. In the past few weeks, many scenes with Kayden Gray came out and there is a lot more to come!

    Letís see if we can find out a bit more about this versatile muscle hunkÖ

    Q. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    I had many ideas about what Iíd want to do. For most of my teenage years I wanted to be a musician.

    Q. So how did you get into this industry?

    One day last summer, someone approached me online asking if Iíd be interested in doing porn. It excited me but I found the idea totally crazy and I kept coming up with reasons why I shouldnít do it. It took me 6 months but eventually I came to a conclusion it was what I wanted and I applied to model for Lucas Entertainment.

    Q. Now that youíre an adult performer, were your expectations different from the reality?

    Oh yes, on a few levels. I can imagine many guys who think about adult modelling worry that they may be exploited and feel degraded when the dust settles. That was my main fear and I was pleasantly surprised to discover how professional the industry can be. It seems full of driven, yet genuine and inspired people.

    But then everyone has their own experience, possibly different from mine. Another thing, porn is not Ďeasy moneyí. I didnít quite expect it to be easy but i didnít realize how much commitment it requires, if you want to be successful. It is definitely fascinating and rewarding, more so than I expected it to be.

    Q. Do your friends and family know about your porn career?

    The people around me have known about my plans all along and theyíve been supporting me every step of the way. I didnít know what to expect and the beginning was really stressful for me, so Iím really glad I had friends to talk to about what was going on.

    Q. Which of your scenes have you enjoyed the most and why?

    This is a tough one because I remember most of them really well. I have a few favourites. I loved shooting for Men.com with Paul Walker Ė it was fun and really easy, which was entirely down to the crew and Paul himself. Then I had a great level of chemistry with Woody Fox when shooting for Lucas.

    I also really enjoyed working with the new and exciting UK Hot Jocks, where I met and befriended Dave Circus. It was super fun and very professional. And finally just lately Iíve spent 4 days in a cottage in the middle of nowhere shooting a few scenes for Eurocreme, which felt like one long shoot and was an absolutely amazing experience. Iíll work with those guys again any day.

    Q. Have you experienced any awkward situations during a shoot and what happened?

    I think one of the most awkward things Iíve experienced happened during my latest scene for Bulldog Pit. It was a fetish scene and involved a butt machine with a fat dildo attached to it. Iím confident and donít usually have performance issues but Iíd never used one of those before and I guess I must have felt slightly intimidated by it.

    A lot of the time I was sat on the sofa drenched in sweat trying to relax and get hard. We did manage to shoot a great horny scene in the end and I was proud of myself but it did feel strange throughout.

    Q. If you could choose one scene partner you havenít worked with before, who would it be and why?

    Austin Wilde. Iíve loved watching him since I was a teen and the guy looks amazing to this day. Iím a big fan.

    Q. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

    Iíll probably be running my own production company then.

    Q. Which porn star should answer our questions next?

    Letís hear Mr JP Dubois

    Q. Are your fans important to you and do you have a last word for them?

    My fans are incredibly important. Iíd like to say a big thank you for the amounts of love and support Iíve been receiving from everyone. It feels amazing! I have quite a few hot scenes for you guys waiting to be edited and releasedÖ so keep your eyes open and lube handy! Be safe whatever you do x

    Source: Queerfever

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Quote Originally Posted by flashgordon85 View Post
    Kayden fucks Lyle Boyce

    This clears up why there are so many 8 and 9 inch dicks around........because there aren't.......

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    BTS of 'Cottage Boy'

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    horrible hair

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Suck my ballllllzzzzz!!!

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Beautiful and flawless!

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    Re: Kayden Gray

    Kayden Gray and Zac West

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