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    What exactly is a Daddy?

    This is Wikipedia's definition: "The age gap may differ, but the relationship involves the traditional parental hierarchy of father-son dynamics, the daddy providing emotional support and guidance along with sexual encouragement and nurturing to the inexperienced and vulnerable partner."
    I wouldn't have guessed the partners had to be inexperienced and vulnerable. From personal observation, it seems like a whole lot of people who respond to an ad for a Daddy are anywhere in their 20's and up while very few are still 18 or 19.

    And if you just put Older for younger in an ad, what age difference would a reader assume?

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    Re: What exactly is a Daddy?

    I would say and/or to any of these:

    1. simply it's just short hand word for an older gay man (i'd say 40+ depending on your age. If you are 18 you might think 35 or even 30 is a daddy, lol)

    2. a specific description of a man who is interested in older/younger relationships where his partner is younger than he, generationally (so 55 and 53 doesn't really count does it!)

    3. the top or master type in a domination fantasy

    that wikipedia description is a bit clinical and creepy ("parental hierachy", "vulnerable" etc) and seems to speak more about historical older/younger relationships like pederastry in Ancient Greece or something

    If you are placing a hook-up ad and you're interested in older men, I would include your desired approximate age brackets to make things easier for everyone concerned.

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    Re: What exactly is a Daddy?

    it's been too long to edit my post, but I will just add this also:

    not all men like the term daddy for various reasons. so if you are placing a personal ad, you might turn off a lot of guys who would find you otherwise very attractive if you start talking about "daddies and sons" - unless you are specifically looking for someone who is into that type of language and roleplay.

    not all older men are daddies, just like not all hairy men are bears and not all bears are hairy. it's all short hand in the end, but remember short hand is different to actually identifying as that term -we are all different, some care, some don't.

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    Re: What exactly is a Daddy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Naughty_Monkey View Post
    I would say and/or to any of these:

    If you are placing a hook-up ad and you're interested in older men, I would include your desired approximate age brackets to make things easier for everyone concerned.

    Thanks Naughty Monkey. I think your description should replace the one on Wikipedia! Actually, I'm the old guy who is interested in twinks, the younger looking, the better as long as they are 18. Is it possible my ad with the pic is confusing and I need to specify in my ad that the pic is me, not what I'm looking for? I get lots of responses from ripped muscle guys and very few from young looking college age guys. I'm kind of concluding the youngest guys aren't into Daddies.

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    Re: What exactly is a Daddy?

    yeah if you word the ad so the reader knows the pic is you and you are a daddy looking for hot younger guys, it will remove any confusion.

    a LOT of younger guys go crazy for older men, so I think you will strike gold sooner or later

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    Re: What exactly is a Daddy?

    Actually I agree with the original definition. 'Inexperienced' looking to hook up with someone more experienced seems to be quite normal in many relationships or amongst younger guys so I hardly see anything particularly creepy about that one. The 'son' in a relationship would not likely stay inexperienced for long after all. As for 'vulnerable', it's only creepy if that is being taken advantage of. Again, it seems perfectly natural for someone feeling vulnerable, maybe even damaged, to seek out a source of safety and security. IMHO a daddy should provide just that: safety and security.

    As for 'Greek Pederasty', thankfully that rather seventies idea has been dramatically exploded by more recent research. I would strongly recommend 'The Greeks and Greek Love' by Davidson, which is a serious academic work looking at the social and cultural context, including Gay marriages, the importance of inter-generational relationships in society and their prevalance in mythology.

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