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Thread: Anal Orgasms

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    Anal Orgasms

    Hi guys, I looked around the forum but I couldn't find a thread for anal orgasms.

    To me these are what get me off when I'm watching porn, mainly because I'm a bottom and there is nothing hotter than seeing a bottom get what I also want. I think seeing an anal orgasm is the hottest thing out . So if you have any vids, post them in here. I found one reli hot one

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    Re: Anal Orgasms

    That's great fucking anyway and when he cums while getting fucked it's really intense. I wish that would happen to me! Who is the bottom? He's hot.

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    Re: Anal Orgasms

    This happens to me 8 out of 10 times when my honey fucks me. I love the way he fucks me cuz he always hits my love button and makes me cum w/o touching my cock. Sometimes I cum 2 maybe 3x's and they are intense . He works his cock in my ass really good...
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    Re: Anal Orgasms

    The video was cf's Elijah fucks Travis (part of the cf Down on the Farm DVD). Travis has several other videos where he cums hands free - Derek fucks Travis, and Josh fucks Travis. Travis is, imo, Corbin Fisher's best bottom of all time.

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