Ok, every State seems to have their own equality process going on with the exception of Texas. Well, it seems to me that things are getting aroused in Austin. Equality Texas has been really working on getting equality passed here, let's hope and pray they succeed.


May 10, 2013
Equality Texas Blog......Legislative Update 5/10: Dead Bills, Live Bills, Bills on Life Support

I'm Daniel Williams, Field Organizer and Legislative Specialist with Equality Texas. We only have 17 days left in the 83rd regular session! Here at the end of session almost every day is a deadline for something, and with each deadline bills, good and bad, are knocked out of the process.
Great news! Two more Equality Texas endorsed bills made it out of the House this week, ahead of the deadline:

HB 2240 by Sylvester Turner of Houston would conduct a study of homeless youth in Texas. This issue disproportionately affects the LGBT community. By some estimates as much as 40% of homeless youth between the ages of 14 and 22 are LGBT.
The bill is now headed to the Senate for consideration.
HB 3327 by Garnet Coleman of Houston builds on excellent anti-bullying and mental health legislation Coleman passed last session. An identical bill has already passed the Senate so some version of this will soon be headed to the Governorís desk for consideration.