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    Cam slave in the making

    Hallo everyone.

    I don't know how to write posts like this, so I'll just write whatever comes to mind.

    I'm a 23 year old guy living in Scandinavia, I have a girlfriend and a silent life. But the past year I've had thoughts about being with other men, and quickly those thoughts started to circle around the fantasy of being dominated by a man. As I think many other young boys do I choose the cam to facilitate my first encounters with men. I started to show myself over my cam and slowly i started to move into being a cam slave (whatever that means) doing what the other guy told me to do. What I've come to realize is that not a lot of men are good at being a cam master. most men just want to see you jerk off and cum. This often leaves me sitting frustrated in front of my computer.

    Don't get me wrong I enjoy showing my body to another man and do what he tells. But I really want to experience a master with experience in the mental game as well.

    I'm looking for a master to share regularly sessions with, keeping it anonymous and "safe". I'm not looking for someone to take control of my life, but someone to take control of my head and body in and only within the cam sessions we plan (not throughout my day and life)

    If you are interested in hearing more feel free to contact me.


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    Re: Cam slave in the making

    Still looking for a master, please contact me if you are interested. or write here if you have any questions

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    Re: Cam slave in the making

    Describe yourself, slut. Add pictures too (just of your tight little cunt and dick)... and then we can take this further.

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    Re: Cam slave in the making

    clear some space in your pm

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    Re: Cam slave in the making

    Done, slut!

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    Re: Cam slave in the making

    My Skype name is dek_90 add me if you want to hear more

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