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    Moving on from somebody I barely knew

    Plain and simple, I had a moment this past month where I was over infactuated with a cute looking guy... who I never even met. To add, I learned about him from my friend when he began to open up to me and tell me about his life. Normally I have been the one telling him about my life, so it was at the time I began to show trustworthyness to my friend. That is, until I went and royally screwed it. The guy I was infatuated with was none other than my best friend's brother.

    I took things the wrong way and told my friend that I have been checking him out over his social accounts. Then he got the idea I had a problem involving his brother, especially considering to "date" him. So, he suggested I don't talk to his bro. Then comes the bad part, when I said I wanted to move on, I go on an message the dude over Facebook. No reply, but he's seen the two messages I sent him. I told my friend what I had done, and he wasn't all too happy about it. I stressed him out, unecessarily, since he had stuff going on as well (college wise). Until recently, I realized that it wasn't his bro that was the problem - it was me.

    So now, we also needed to bring in our other friend and be blunt about this:

    I gotta get over his bro and move on from this.
    Put this behind me, because my friend already knows I apologized.

    Thing is, I just don't know how I even came to the point where I make this so much of a big deal. It shouldn't be. I barely even know the guy, and now he knows me through an online message. My only thoughts is that he must think I'm some creep. But I shouldn't let that cloud my mind. As my friends said, I gotta get over this. I guess in due time?

    My hope is that my best friend will look past this and realize (when the time comes) that I have moved on. And I have no problems with his bro. I would like to meet him some day, and not for sexual purpose or a relationship. From my viewing of him through online social sites, he seems like a nice guy and who I'd enjoy meeting. I wouldn't be surprise if my friend had been okay with this if I didn't make this such a huge deal.

    I just thoughts that this could be reasonable for a rant/vent, but I'd like to hear what you guys think and what I can do to move on.

    Thanks you guys.
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    Re: Moving on from somebody I barely knew

    I'm not really clear on what it was you've done except to flirt with a good friend's brother. Frankly, it's not really your friend's issue. If he allowed it to complicate his relationship with his brother he has difficulty with boundaries in that he took on responsibility for your actions.

    You need physically and emotionally safe outlets for your horniness. Be careful so that crushing doesn't lead to stalking. Look for guys who you know are gay or bi and who want to play back.
    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."--Dr. Seuss

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