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    Crying my eyes out (the saga continues

    ok some of u may remember my indepth thread about my bromance With me and RL and his intense and strained relationship with his brother jak .

    The saga continues and its affecting me more than i thought it would. So jak has been trying to get RL to.leave
    Since jak moved back into parents home) and making things.more difficult. so RL will just throw up his hands and go . Both jak and his brother RL have been off and on with drugs and.alcohol for years. Jak has always prided himself on being able to bounce back to.normal life/work during and after his high while RL CANNOT. So RL gave in and decided to go into a treatment program on the east cost . (HINT:WE LIVE ABOVE AND TO THE LEFT OF THE CONTINENTAL USA)
    He told me he would delay his his we can hang out a bit before.he leaves..
    But a few days ago we accidentally run into each other in town and he.tells me be prepared if he' to.get his.treatment program earlier..then later that day he he's got The bad news was that he was leaving in two days...I was devastated i needed more closure time and needed to get used to the idea. But he said I'm family and i don't have to worry to about losing touch with him and that once he gets settled he's gonna fly me out there and I'm gonna love it. So I'm feeling better about it. But an hour before we left for the airport RL his mom and I had a prayer circle and me and his mom both broke down crying
    And i continued in the car but i was able to pull it together to see him off

    But tears keep popping out of nowhere

    And now i just feel empty and don't know what i am going to do with myself i got so used to his pressence and our bond

    And nothing seems like it can fill the void. And I'm trying to think about how i was functioning before we became close and its hard to imagine .

    I know this is begining to sound like codependency but it kinda is and i need help getting over it.


    What steps can i take to get over this and cope better

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    Re: Crying my eyes out (the saga continues

    Welcome to the wonderful world of loving someone. It isn't all fun and games. There are a lot of hard times and trials. Every friendship must be tempered with the cold winter of separation. I can tell you though. Friendship is the best kind of codependency.
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    Re: Crying my eyes out (the saga continues

    Everything happens for a reason accept it and think positive

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    Re: Crying my eyes out (the saga continues

    You will be okay, crying is a good outlet. Just be patient and please don't do anything rash or regretful.

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