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    Russian military spy vids

    I am looking for Russian military spy vids, one where its filmed on one room with guys either jerking or having sex? Occasionally they piss too. The beginning of the vids say What sites am you find these on? Anyone seen them?

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    Re: Russian military spy vids

    Are you talking about the "Gay Wargames" series? They seem to fall into this catagory. Do a Bing video search and you will find them. Or search for some on Gayforit

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    Re: Russian military spy vids

    There seem to be lots of these vids.

    Having cameras in the locker room isn't an issue because male nudity isnt seen as sexual, and they would not think vids would be posed online. In fact many guys seem to want to be filmed.

    Also remember there are lost of gay prostitutes in Russia, and there are gay-for-pay army guys who want to get a bit more money.

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    Re: Russian military spy vids

    The title opens with These are on several free sites, but the quality is poor and I would like to see a wider selection, since it seems like there is a ton of footage. It isn't the Gay Wargames, it all looks hidden cam, but the guys obviously know to just jerk off or fuck for the money, it's a gay for pay concept.

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