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    Re: I Am A Ninnyhammer

    OK -- a LITTLE different -- BUT...

    I had a recent OS upgrade for my iPhone that showed up in itunes while I was traveling...

    SO -- I went ahead and started the upgrade...

    UNFORTUNATELY, I was using the internet that came FROM the phone that I was updating...

    It COMPLETELY FROZE up MID upgrade -- and I was TOTALLY screwed...

    I had to drive 50 miles to find a hotspot (that I had to pay for) -- to finish the upgrade...

    It would have been NICE for Apple to WARN ME to NOT do the upgrade if I was using the phone for my internet...

    Oh well...


    Can you PM me the info to find you on iTunes???

    Maybe, if ENOUGH of us buy your music -- you can get that KORE 64 upgrade!!!

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    Re: I Am A Ninnyhammer

    If he doesn't see your query, the album is called "fifty-six" or "fiftysix" and is under Gery Weisschadel. (In fact, if Pianist DOES see your query, his album is *STILL* called that...haha.)

    But you probably don't even need the title, because there aren't bunches of Gery Weisschadel musicians running around, who he can be confused with. Yooper definitely likes the CD.

    Speaking of Yooper, what happened to him?
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