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Thread: Gym Shower Help

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    Gym Shower Help

    I consider myself pretty straight but I've been starting to go to the gym and the thought of some gym shower fun gets me pretty excited. What's the protocol for you? Like is there any non-verbal way of inviting people into my stall for some fun? They are curtained showers. I don't want to creep anyone out or anything by leaving the curtain open. How should I do it?

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    Re: Gym Shower Help

    heh, come to my gym and ill help you out, lol.
    but more realistically, id have to say that you might not want to proposition totally random people, you dont know how they would react. may be better to find someone in your area online or at a bar/club and then go to the gym with them to act that fantasy out.

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    Re: Gym Shower Help

    making eye contact and holding eye contact usually works for me. If they hold their eye contact, they are probly down for some fun too.

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    Re: Gym Shower Help

    eye contact works. I am straight but curious. I thought I saw this guy checking me out in the steam room. Today, I made and held eye contact and definitely caught him checking my dick out. I started with small talk, and saw he was stroking a bit, i just moved my hand over my stuff every now and then. Next thing I knew, he was standing up completely hard and stroking alot. I reached up and touched it, he jerked me off. It was OK, not sure I'd do it again though....

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