How I lost my virginity when I was in my teens:
I had a school mate who was totally str8. We were about 15 at the time, and were very good friends. One day I just couldn't resist making a move on him. While we were messing around, I suddenly got on top of him and pinned him down, I made him lay still, I pulled his trousers, and boxers down, undid his shirt, dropped my trousers, I gently gagged his nose and mouth and whispered in his ear. "Would you like me to bum you right now?". He went a very, very deep red, and said "Not really, coz he wasn't like that. " I'm straight" he said. And as I was on top he thought he couldn't stop me any way" which turned me on even more, (coz he had Dark Freckles, and Green Eyes, and Black Hair). I told him then that I'd always fancied him from the moment I first saw him. I lifted his legs over my shoulders, fumbled about til I eventually got my (now seriously throbbing) hard cock entered into his young tender arse finally penetrating him fully. I got a plastic bag out of my pocket, and as he breathed out gagged his gorgeous freckled nose & mouth tight til I started to suffocate him, (he was about to scream) making him go quiet (He very nearly passed out, because he couldn't breathe) When he went quiet, I took the plastic bag off his nose & mouth so that he could breathe, I told him if he didn't keep quiet I would gag him again with the clear plastic bag. His gorgeous freckled face had turned blood red, and he said to me, that gagging his nose & mouth like that, was making his cock get hard. (I couldn't believe my luck!!). I gagged his nose & mouth gently again with mt bare hand, his cock went rigid once more, and I forced my rock hard, throbbing, erect cock fully up his arse, and began to bang away as deep, and as hard, and as fast as I could. After a while I suddenly exploded like a volcano up him for what seemed like ages, I couldn't stop pumping spunk into him. I was in 'Shag Heaven'. After I finished I rolled off him, lay by his side, gently gagging his gorgeous freckled nose & mouth again and made him promised not to tell any-one, he agreed, on one condition. "What was that?" I asked him. " You do that again to me, you suffocate me til I fall asleep, because it just made me cum like I'd never cum before". "At the wk end when mum & dad are away, I have the house to myself". He then admitted that he used to wank over the thought of being suffocated by some-one. If I had any more spunk... I swear I would of shot all over him there and then!!!, after hearing that. "I thought you were totally str8!?!" I said. "We all have are weaknesses, And don't you go and tell my girlfriend either. DO YOU HEAR ME?!" I said that I wouldn't (coz that would of stopped me ever bumming him ever again) I went every wk end to his house after that. His mum & dad always went away to a hotel for the week-end. We would start watching TV, where he would lay on his stomach, with me on top of him, gently gagging his gorgeous freckled nose and mouth, til I got a fucking big hard-on, then I made him suck me off, til he swallowed all my spunk. (He hated swallowing). I'd say to him every week-end, "I'm going to pump you so full of spunk til Sun afternoon, that your arse will be sore as fuck. He'd wake up during the night, with me pounding away on him, about to suffocate him just as I shoot more spunk into him, as he struggled to breathe. when he bummed me, he wanted me on top, tied to the bed, and gagging him then as well. I would wait til he was just about to breathe in before he shot his cum, I'd hold a clear plastic bag right over his nose & mouth, he couldn't stop ejaculating, it was too late, I also made him shoot all his cum before I let him breathe again, when he'd go dizzy for about 3-4 mins. I was the only one allowed to stay over (no-one else. Not even his girlfriend). His parent didn't want any hanky panky going on while they were away Ha! Ha! Ha!................ If they only knew he was tied to his bed with me bumming the arse off him. Ha! Ha! Ha! Fri night, all day Sat, until Sun evening. We'd fall to sleep with me gagging him from behind, half laying on him, so that if I woke up during the night, I could easily get right on top of him, get my cock back all the way up him, and my hand gagging his nose and mouth, pinning him down so he couldn't move, before he woke up. Late sun night his parents would get back, I always kissed him goodbye in the bedroom, and I went home for a well earned sleep. Eventually we both grew up, went our separate ways. He had a girlfriend, he still sneaked round to my home, for a gagging\ bumming session every now and then even after he got married.
There were lots gorgeous white boys around the time we were in school who got gagged & bummed by my rock hard throbbing black cock, in the spare bedroom in their homes. but HE was my fav Freckled nose & mouth gag.
GOD! How I missed those days.