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    Re: Guilt verdict in the Steubenville rape(?) case

    Quote Originally Posted by GiancarloC View Post
    Ridiculous. Even in the Civil law system in Europe stiff punishments are past down towards sexual crimes. Stop trying to skirt the issues. As far as Puritans versus Quakers... NONE OF THE ABOVE. We should maintain a secular approach to the law... and not have those religious ideas part of the legal system. Civil Law has its roots in Roman Law...

    No jail time and no sex offender registration? Even in Europe they would disagree with that one. I guess some want to be au contrarian. I am NOT holding a Puritanical view of punishment. I am a SECULARIST and even I recognize the need for a prison sentence in the charge of rape.
    We don't have a "secular approach to the law", we have vindictiveness arisen from a Puritan heritage.

    I want nothing of Roman law, which lacks the principle of innocent until proven guilty. The civil law of free people stems from the British Isles, which recognize that people have rights and are not the property of the government.

    A secular view of the law would evaluate the blame of each party -- US law does not, as it is based on a very right-wing religious black-or-white approach to things. In this case, blame lies everywhere, starting with parents and a society who taught these kids that such behavior is manly. And a secular view of the law would reject sending kids to "criminal school", which is what jail serves as: a place where they can learn to think in terms of what they can get away with rather than in terms of responsibility, and lessons in how to commit a whole variety of crimes and get away with them. Our jail system is a very effective mechanism for increasing the rate of petty crime, because it's a training ground in regarding breaking the law as a game and in how to get away with it. A secular law system would aim at reducing crime -- this attitude of vengeance you revel in does not.

    BTW, [Text: Removed] your casual dismissal of everything Quaker throws out all concepts of human dignity and worth, leaving an approach to law that regards human beings as objects, nothing more.
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    "Thirty-one* states allow all qualified citizens to carry concealed weapons. In those states, homosexuals should embark on organized efforts to become comfortable with guns, learn to use them safely and carry them. They should set up Pink Pistols task forces, sponsor shooting courses and help homosexuals get licensed to carry. And they should do it in a way that gets as much publicity as possible. "

    --Jonathan Rauch, Salon Magazine, March 13, 2000

    *the number is now forty

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    Re: Guilt verdict in the Steubenville rape(?) case

    What is up with this "Puritan" bullshit? Our society is much more sexually open that we were 50 years ago, and regardless of the sexual attitudes of our era, taking advantage of an unconscious minor and inserting anything in her vagina without her consent or knowledge is not okay. . Would you be OK if someone shoved a banana up your ass while while you were drunk and put pictures of it on Facebook?

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    Re: Guilt verdict in the Steubenville rape(?) case

    Rape apologists are scum. Just saying.
    That we are capable only of being what we are, remains our unforgivable sin.
    - Gene Wolfe

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    Re: Guilt verdict in the Steubenville rape(?) case

    In the days following the rapes, according to the New York Times, Mays "seemed to try to orchestrate a cover-up, telling a friend, "Just say she came to your house and passed out,"" and pleading with the victim not to press charges

    Source Link:
    Gosh, that sure sounds like that poor little innocent angel knew what he did was wrong!
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