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    Class Warefare - - - - - - - It appears to have started years ago

    The above is very informative - - no suggestion of what needs to be done, but does show
    the problem with how our perception clashes with reality. It raises the question - to me - of how the reality has stayed so quiet or minimized. Is the structure of the problem too complex to raise the issue to the general public or is it that those in power keeping it quiet?

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    Re: Class Warefare - - - - - - - It appears to have started years ago

    Thanks very informative indeed. I think a part of the problem is many people think they are included in the upper tiers of the income bracket and haven't a clue that they are in fact failing, Basically a lot of people think their shit doesn't stink (but it does).
    Even if they watch your linked you tube they will not believe facts and point to the source as a liberal bullshit. Facts don't matter to them.

    This will not end well. I fear there will be civil unrest.

    Technology has taken many jobs, and many more will fall but the promise of good replacement liveable wage jobs never showed up. Technology would have taken jobs regardless of NAFTA however it was unforeseen that technology and advances in transport would shove all the jobs across the world.

    Goons in states like MS & Louisiana which are amongst the poor in the USA think they are doing well. Meanwhile the most profitable corporations on the globe exploit these states giving very little back. In its Hey day Detroit got a lot back from the big 3, and the city showed pride. It's crazy to think Exxon or Mobil is giving anything back to Jackson MS, Baton Rouge LA, & though I love TX most of greater Houston is a cesspool. What they are doing is the opposite. Cutting jobs, contracting where possible and lowering wages while reducing benefits.
    The same could be said about a lot of other industry. Las Vegas outside of the main corporate gaming drag is a expanding sea of poverty and declining wages in service industry jobs. Yet that very industry of gaming uses huge amounts of water for the illusion of a desert oasis at the casinos paid on the backs of sweat spilled to build and maintain the Hoover damn at tax payer expense by the working poor.

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    Re: Class Warefare - - - - - - - It appears to have started years ago

    Rand, this has already been posted. Can we have this merged, please?
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    Re: Class Warefare - - - - - - - It appears to have started years ago

    Isn't this a rehash of the Income Inequality thread. It started with the same video.

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