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    Awkward Phone Conversations

    I have been in a monogamous relationship with a guy I really like for almost three months. When we text or meet up in person we have amazing conversations and lots of laughs.

    When we talk on the phone, we sometimes have very long, awkward pauses in our conversations. It makes me wonder if there is something wrong. I guess we just run out of things to talk about it and I fear that is an indication that we are not compatible?

    Do you think this is a sign that there is something wrong with our relationship or am I reading too much into it?

    I really like this guy and want things to work, so any insight would be appreciated.


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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    Nah I think you're reading way too into it. If everything is fine in person, then everything is fine. How often do you talk on the phone and for how long generally?
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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    Sometimes, you just gotta hang up the phone. If there's awkward silence it usually means someone called someone else for no reason in particular, or has let it drag on too long. Don't worry about it if things are fine in person, just have shorter phone conversations. I never call someone for no reason, usually it's to plan things or tell them something that was on my mind (if it's a close friend or a bf when I have one).

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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    ^ I'm the same way, when I "chatter" on the phone, i'm only doing for the other person. I'd never pick up the phone with no particular reason, just out of boredom or to talk to *someone* - but many people do. I've been told that one "can't really phone" with me .. uh well, guess I'm not just that well versed with smalltalk.
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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    Some people are phone people where they can talk about everything under the sun. I'm not a phone person. I prefer text messages or emails. I make my point then I'm done. No need to drag it out. I let people I date know about they don't expect me calling them for hours and hours of phone conversation to prove that I like them.

    If you guys have fun hanging out in person, you are doing fine.
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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    Well,talking on the phone can be quite awkward if the person u wanne talk to is not interested in sharing his experiences e.g. Maybe you should try skype, so u can see each other? But even skype seems to be boring for some people...
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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    Well I think sometimes some people just don't like to talk on the phone. I have friends who always complain about calling me few times (miss call charges) or just blurt out the important points of their call like "meet me tmrw" or "go on facebook" then hangs up so I think maybe the guy you maybe he's like that too?

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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    once the awkward pause happens, that means there is really nothing left to talk about at the moment, so I will end the call. Thats your clue to hang up til next time.

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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    Some people are good at keeping a phone conversation going, and others aren't. There is absolutely nothing to read in this if it's an isolated thing.
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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    Yeah some people just really aren't phone people, myself included. There's only been a select few over the years who I could call up and talk non stop about absolutely nothing for hours. Other people (the majority), the conversations are kept brief, no more than 10 mins. As long as you two have chemistry in person there is nothing to worry about.

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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.

    I feel I have a much better perspective now.

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    Re: Awkward Phone Conversations

    That is normal when you are talking too long over the phone. Do not think much about it.

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