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    Paramahansa Yogananda, Synchronicity, and Deepak Chopra

    These are some of my huge interests at the moment. I'm very very interested in the topic of Sychronicity, Knowing God, Vedanta, and general Oneness.

    Just curious if anyone else shares these interests.

    I'm also very much into Yogananda. I've recently signed up for his Self-Realization Fellowship lessons. I'm really enjoying them so far.

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    Re: Paramahansa Yogananda, Synchronicity, and Deepak Chopra

    yeah def. That's how i feel about it too. I also get a lot out of Buddism. Just bc it's so practical

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    Re: Paramahansa Yogananda, Synchronicity, and Deepak Chopra

    The Sutta Pitaka does contain some beautiful writing. It really takes a while to derive the conventional Western ideas about Buddhism from the original text, though. Although I did eventually track down the origin of the Noble Eightfold Path, it was after reading a considerable amount of discussion about various gods. It's very interesting, though, if you have an understanding of the historical relationship between the Devas and the Asuras.

    You see, the asuras are actually linked to the Assyrian god, Ashur. The term "deva" translates roughly to "shining one." However, to the Zoroastrians and related religious groups, the devas were wicked, lawless gods, and they took care to destroy anything linked with them. As the Assyrians used to say upon conquering a people, "Your gods have deserted you."

    In any event, to understand what they mean when they say, "At this, Lord, the Thirty-Three Gods rejoiced still more, saying: 'The devas' hosts are growing, the asuras' hosts are declining!'" you have to realize that the Neo-Assyrian empire was falling apart at around the time that Buddha was coming of age. In fact, that empire was pretty much dead by the time he was born.

    If you want to have an idea as to just how much the Assyrians were hated, read through the Sutta Pitaka. In the wake of their collapse, people everywhere were dancing and rejoicing. They were tearing their clothes off and running naked through the streets. The shenanigans were literally stuff of legend. All the imagery you need is right there in the tone of the Sutta Pitaka.

    Anyway, I think that Buddhism can be fun. I am very curious about various meditation and yoga practices, and I have a particular interest in tummo. Tummo is one of those forms of yoga that actually have been scientifically investigated. As far as I understand, yeah, it works. If you can get good at this stuff, you can literally meditate for weeks while sitting on an iceberg.

    Just beware of quacks!
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