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    3 month anniversary and update

    It was three months ago when I caught my ex sleeping with his ex. I was in a serious mess, and it was a very painful breakup. The good thing is he is no longer here in the city as he moved out of state to get together and live with his former boyfriend. My last words for him were "Get the fuck out of my house. I do not want to see you again in this lifetime."

    I think I am finally over it and have found ways to turn the volume down. I don't think about him anymore although pockets of memories still popped up here and there as expected. My friends and I don't talk about it anymore. I am still working with my counselor but we now talk about where we are heading from here.

    I went to a series of dates in the past couple months. My friends tried to hook me up with some guys, but I decided that I want to be single for a while.

    I am just glad my life is now back on track.

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    Re: 3 month anniversary and update

    Keep on the progress indudela. I know you say you're over him, but I don't see it completely yet. When you're over him, it won't matter that it was 3 months ago. Or what your last words were. You have made great progress, but it would really help you to completely cut him from your mind and don't associate anything with him. Nothing positive, nothing negative, regardless of how it all ended.

    I really do hope you continue to date and find someone who you can have a great relationship with!
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    Re: 3 month anniversary and update

    Keep up the positive developments. Every day that you do something positive for yourself gives you additional strength and insight. Keep up the good work!
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    Re: 3 month anniversary and update

    Good for you. Be happy always=)

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    Re: 3 month anniversary and update

    If we fell down there's nowhere to go but up. Glad you are recovering very well.

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    Re: 3 month anniversary and update

    Glad to hear you are doing well and also glad you got rid of him. Things will get better for you.

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