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    Re: Is it easy to be outed or found on Grindr? 18 year old closet bi virgin here. :)

    it's pretty easy.

    I unintentionally came across my best friend's little brother on a gay hookup app a couple months ago... I didn't out him or even tell him that I saw his profile because it's none of my business of course, but it was pretty easy to find him.

    I don't encourage staying in the closet, but if you really feel like you have to... keep your face pictures locked/private, don't show anything distinguishing in your other pictures (eg: tattoos), use a different screen name than what you use for everything else, and set your city to a different one than where you live (a neighboring town, for example).
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    Re: Is it easy to be outed or found on Grindr? 18 year old closet bi virgin here. :)

    Hopefully no one of your str8 friends is gonna find out, since he should be gay to use the Grindr, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Diligence View Post
    Where to start! Ah, the beginning.
    I'm 18, and have only now come to terms with being bisexual and due to teenage hormones and general horniness, I have a lot of pent up sexual frustration. The only means of frying this frustration, is, Grindr. I am aware of the potential dangers of AIDS and slit throats. I really am not scared of that as I like to trust people when they say they won't kill me.

    What really scares me is someone finding out, someone I know or someone who knows me, that I am on Grindr, thus outing me. I feel there is no need for me to out myself ever due to the fact I would never have a romantic-emotional relationship with a man (which is a whole other story for next time.)

    What should I do? Should I put a photo of myself up there? Is there a way to block myself from everyone on it until I am online and can see who else could be looking at my photos?
    Should I keep my profile pic blank and then hand it over when someone asks that always wrung sentence, "Face pic plz?". Or is it just very unlikely anyone I know would be on Grindr since I only know one gay person, and he's 16.

    If it matters at all in the slightest, I would describe myself as a 7/10, 8/10 when I'm feeling good. Thin body shape (not anorexic), short brown hair, generally hairless except for Pits, Pubes and obviously, hair. I'm also pale (I'm Irish lol).

    Thanks you for any answers at all. Hopefully it isn't that obvious that it's my first post.

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    Re: Is it easy to be outed or found on Grindr? 18 year old closet bi virgin here. :)

    I've actually found 3 guys that I went to school with on grindr, and I didn't have the slightest idea they were gay. I didn't go run and tell everybody, 'cause I'm a fag too. I'm wondering how many guys have seen me and thought the same thing.

    I think what you'll find out before too long is that nobody gives a fuck that you're gay. Really. It's 2013. But I can understand how you feel at 18...

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