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Thread: Guys In Costume

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    Guys In Costume

    Any other guys out there have a fetish for men in costumes? For me it can be a full costume like this hot spiderman pic from maleboudoir or just masks like in masked men from Jizz Orgy. Anyone else have good sites to find things like these?

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    Re: Guys In Costume

    Sometimes on weekends Master has three of us "white boy slaves" dress like highway patrolmen in skintight, flared breeches, high leather boots and jackets that partially cover our asses whose cracks are totally visible. We pretend to be fleeing from a group of black bikers who are dressed in tight jeans, boots and leather jackets. They catch us and make us bend over their bikes. They slit open our crack seams and screw us and whip us with heavy leather studded belts. I guess you would call our patrolmen breeches, boots and jackets costumes. After, we crawl back to the restaurant/gasbar where we are further abused. But that's enough.

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    Re: Guys In Costume

    I love hot cosplayers!!! Also, fursuits!!!

    I've never actually done anything sexual with a guy in some kind of costume but I still think it sounds hot... only some costumes though, not everything. (sfw)

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    Re: Guys In Costume

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