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    Mail me your cum to eat

    Looking for guys to send me their cum to eat. Best way to do it is dump a few loads in a small bottle, like a Gatorade one, close it tight and box it up. Tied off condoms work too but you still have to box it since they break if sent in a envelope. When I get the bottle I will eat the cum on cam for you, can mark the bottle so you know it is yours I am eating. Done this a few times before, and am looking to get more. Send me a message for my adress.

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    Re: Mail me your cum to eat

    Sounds hot! I don't know if it would taste as good as coming straight from the tap.

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    Re: Mail me your cum to eat

    Yes, much prefer it straight from the tap, which I get as much of as I can already. But more is better, so get it from the tap and in the mail works great for me.

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    Re: Mail me your cum to eat

    Also I pay back the postage to those who want me to, but most who sent it prefer not to have their real return adress on the box.

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    Re: Mail me your cum to eat

    Quote Originally Posted by BENDERBOY View Post
    I would mate, but i like to eat my own.
    Same behaviour here !!! Always eat my own if I am not sharing it with someone else

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