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    Do Famous Guys get extra points in your 1-10 scale?

    Not wanting to be celebrity specific because I don't want to get into a bitch fight

    However, some guys we rave over in the media IMO are just so-so. I see equally hot if not hotter guys in everyday life but no one other than me or you know them.

    I hope you know what I mean.

    If Billy Jones (made-up name & person) who I see weekly was a well known celebrity he would be the 'hottest guy' on JUB. On the contrary if well known celebrity ______ was someone in my college classes he would be just another guy.

    Bottom line, I think being famous adds 2-3 points on the hot scale.

    Just musing
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    Re: Do Famous Guys get extra points in your 1-10 scale?

    i agree. it definitely adds a few points to the scale.

    the other reason is that we feel like we "know" these celebrities on a certain level. we get a sense of their personalities and we see them being charming and funny and all of that. if we were to meet them, it'd be a bit like skipping all the awkward first few dates where you're trying to get a sense of who the person is. lol. so i think that plays a part, as well. because people get more attractive the better you know them (if you like their personalities, i mean).

    also - they've got money and power. and don't underestimate the points that those 2 things add. dating Joe Blow regular hot guy who works as a personal trainer at the gym .... or dating some moviestar with an international jetset lifestyle?

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    Re: Do Famous Guys get extra points in your 1-10 scale?

    Yep, I see people that are just as attractive or even more attractive, considering they don't have professional make up artists or any make-up at all, than celebrities in my everyday life. Celebrities are just more open to the public, so they're easier for oogling purposes. :P I don't think a random cute stranger would like me taking pictures of him to talk about and show to other people (or he might /shrugs lol).

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