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    Hope, heart-fealt and rational -- the illusion of hope's death

    How hope dies in rational minds...

    In shaping the stories of the past to make those who lived before seem so much MORE ALIVE,
    MORE VITAL, MORE HONEST, MORE NOBLE than we who struggle NOW, hope dies.

    In a simpathetic, but WRONG endevour, those who lived before are delusionally glorified,
    making those who live NOW 'think' they are less. We are NOT!

    They where less HONEST, less ABLE, less RATIONAL.

    Loved, but LESS.

    To be generous, they did the best they could in their age. WE MUST DO BETTER.

    The delusions of the history tellers...

    In American History, there is a brief (400 year) leagacy of MURDER, GREED, FILTH.

    - Native Americans inhabit the land - exterminate and replace
    - Harvest crops - SLAVE LABOR from Africa (thanks Dutch douches)
    -- Jefferson extold the monetary value in slave-holding (Washington tried hard to make
    him see the filth of his ways -- Washington freed his slaves before his death. After
    magical Jefferson's death, slave families where broken -- men and women sold as LIVE-STALK)
    - The USA must GROW, through rail, road and mining -- bring in the outsiders, hating each
    when they come, and exploiting to the extent that many died in their labors:
    German(not as much, but for a time)/Chinese(so wronged by the rails)/Italian/Irish/Polish
    - Later Blacks are considered Human Beings, but new and creepy ways keep them from voting/
    from mattering (jailers deligates become the new slave-holders)
    - Women, who never mattered, get the vote
    - Blacks obtain the vote without jumping through hoops and risking their LIVES

    - It's rather hard to put the struggle of Way-Gay dudes into the mix, but we matter.
    We matter in that we have been USED with the comforting knowledge we could always
    be crushed -- whatever TRUTH we spoke would mean NOTHING compared to the wrongness
    of just being who we are. So, gay guys (who are clever/crafty/bright where used and
    even appreciated, but let's be honest, when it comes to throwing someone under the
    BUS OF DELUSIONAL UN-REALITY, we're first to get shoved under the wheels of
    REGRESSION (not progress)

    It's a strange struggle we have. Race, gender... I'm there! Way Gay-dudes, I'm there too,
    but it's a little harder as so many are so complicit.

    Those guys somewhat like me who I can't APPROVE OF but long for BETTER for them...
    That's honest and real, but not as hard and fast as the struggles which came before.

    Anyway, <rambled too much> I SEE A BEAUTIFUL TREND TOWARD BETTER TRUTH AND PROGRESS, which is
    simply not apparent in the version of history which reverberated in my mind before,
    merely accepting the stupid ramblings this culture shucked upon me.

    It's not a woman thing, a black thing, a gay thing... it's beautifully human.

    The ugliness of our history is beautiful over time.

    We are FAR from beautiful, but we do move in that direction.

    The lies, say we are angels, the false, shallow, less-than-half-assed perspective
    of the past which prevails, IS A LIE.






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    Re: Hope, heart-fealt and rational -- the illusion of hope's death


    It's not an aberatiion, but an expression.

    I have wallowed in stupidity for years, in ignorance.

    I knew the 'FEELING' of hope. To go more into that goes into meta-physics, which are inapprorpiate,

    Now, I understand there is a general trend toward, BETTER in western civilization.

    That is and WAS the point.

    HOPE, it not merely an aspiration, it a reasonable and rational/direction.

    HOPE is not simply a dream, but a TRUE possibility. I know that means nothing to most. However, for a man
    who wallowed for a long time thinking all future paths leading to subjugation, and madness, as I did.

    This trend means everything.



    Otherwise, LIVE with me and TRY, and make a better world.

    At least we die trying, unlike the others who fall in their madness.

    TRY, LIVE, BE WHO YOU ARE, not who others want you to be... just who you are.

    If you LOVE LIFE, ALL LIFE, you are are on our side.
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