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    Re: Embarrassing dilemma!

    Quote Originally Posted by MysteryLovesCompany View Post
    My bf is out of town and I'm working the night shift, so we asked my bf's sister if she could watch our dog. Without thinking I told her that she could just use my ipad if she got bored, but the thing is, I forgot that I have some pictures on there that I would NOT want her to see, and there's also some text conversations in imessage between me and my bf that were most definitely not intended for anyone else to see.

    I'm not saying that I assume that she would immediately snoop around, but it is easy for fingers to slip on an ipad.
    She shouldn't see them... but can WE ???

    I'm paranoid about how much info is so easily accessible on my Pad. I don't know why it has to throw all that stuff on the carousel. I'm constantly deleting deleting deleting.

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    Re: Embarrassing dilemma!

    No offense meant, MILC, but if I was going o loan my iPad or computer to somebody, the first thing I'd do is isolate the porny stuff, then either pull it off to a safe place, or mark it as "porn". You might tell your sister that if you'd like. "There's some rather porn-y stuff on there, so you might want to skip the saved pictures."

    And how come you're not on my IM list?


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    Re: Embarrassing dilemma!

    The OP's scenario reminded me of an incident on my trip to The West last fall, when I was staying over with friends and I wanted to use their WiFi for my laptop. For some reason, my laptop and their WiFi didn't get all. The gist is that they have lost the password to their secure WiFi.

    I had a PM from somebody on JUB and I had reason to reply to it right then - actually one of the more visible members here (though via words only, not photos) - and I had to go to JUB to reply. Because my laptop wouldn't work there, he let me use his computer, and replying to the PM via JUB was one of the things I did there. I figured I'd remove my JUB visit from his history queue...but I couldn't figure out how. (So, if he decided to check, it would show a visit to a gay porn site.)

    Mind you, he is a very rightwing, Rick Santorum type (and in fact Rick Santorum was "his guy" in 2012), so he might not think highly of having his computer "poisoned" with a visit to a porno site - a gay one, at that.

    Oh the other hand, I'm totally out to him, and to his wife - and they respect me unconditionally. Hey, I wouldn't continue to be actively invited to visit them and such (even sleeping over), if they had big issues with that, and I enjoy their company greatly. (Earlier in the trip, he made sure to get to a music party...only because I was also going to it.) I just know it's best to avoid talking politics/religion/sexuality with him/them, though that still leaves all of the other 573 topics that can be talked about.

    Well he obviously didn't look at his history queue. Very possibly he would have been OK with it even if he did see the history, but with his rather extremist views (and me being a BLATANT exception to that), I felt a little uneasy about it...
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