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    "GGMemberHelp"/BukBuddies/StraightGuysExposed - SCAM ALERT!!!

    I attempted to sign up for a website called today and I ended up scammed. Some googling led me here where I see someone tried to join a site called BukBuddies and got the same result.

    I was lured in with the phone "$1 for 2 day trial" thing, but upon clicking an innocent looking link I was charged $39.95 for full membership. Then of course the site didn't provide what was offered.

    The page it takes you to for customer service is When you click the 'live chat' option, it brings up a window, but when you fill in your info and choose chat, it just closes.

    WORST, the phone number provided there takes you to a recording scam saying you've won a cruise!!!!

    Now I'm going to have to ask my bank for a chargeback and all because of some scammed up bullshit.

    Search "ggmemberhelp" in the forums to see someone else's same experience. I'm SO pissed!!!

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    Re: "GGMemberHelp"/BukBuddies/StraightGuysExposed - SCAM ALERT!!!

    I just got an email from them saying I had been signed up for a guest pass to "" - a site I NEVER EVEN VISITED, and it was sent an hour after this mess started. CLEARLY they are going to try to drain my account for all they can get...

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    Re: "GGMemberHelp"/BukBuddies/StraightGuysExposed - SCAM ALERT!!!

    And I just got a THIRD one now, for "" - I am awake so I am catching them and immediately 'unsubscribing,' but every time they charge my card a dollar and surely if I wasn't catching them I would be charged shortly thereafter for full price, so now I'm on hold with my bank because I obviously have to freeze my account. FUCKING GREAT.

    (also that second one should be 'rainbowsexpass' not 'rainBOYsexpass'; I can't go in and edit it unfortunately.)
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    Re: "GGMemberHelp"/BukBuddies/StraightGuysExposed - SCAM ALERT!!!

    This sucks. I loved Bukbuddies!

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