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    King Of The Nerds

    Let me start by saying idk how I feel about this show because as a nerd it makes me look bad but also makes me feel good that im not as big a nerd as them.

    Anyway anyone think the guys on this show are hot? Right now I have a huge boner for virgil and jason.

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    Re: King Of The Nerds

    I love Brandon, hes a little cutie and I liked the one who got evicted the first week.

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    Re: King Of The Nerds

    I don't actually watch the show but I think brandon is really cute. I liked the rap he did in the promo.

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    Re: King Of The Nerds

    I hated that Kendrix was the first to go. He is the hottest to me. Oh and Josh too!

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    Re: King Of The Nerds

    virgil's hair is awesome -- i sure wouldn't kick him out of bed ...
    drenched guys ... long-haired guys ... foodsex guys ...

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