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Thread: Sauna Victim!

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    Sauna Victim!

    Derek went into the sauna near closing time of 5am as he still not sure of his sexuality could look and not touch in a safe environment he thought. On a business trip in Budapest he enjoyed Hungarian food and found himself attracted to young hungarian men though from a distance. Relaxing in the steam sauna he heard the door open and a number of voices but kept his eyes shut but then suddenly his wrists were grabbed and yanked above his head and a hand covered his eyes and another his mouth. An arm drew him back from the waist and the 30 yr old I.B.M. programmer knew he was surrounded feel surrounded as assorted thighs rubbed up against his. How many chests were bumping into him? All naked, and smooth, young and strong. Who are they? Why are they doing this? What are they doing? A towel was tied tightly around Derek's wrists, another across his eyes and then in his mouth a third and his ankles bound, too. The towels felt hot and wet as the bodies did too, all slick
    from the heat and the steam and their sweat. They slide across him as they all feel him up!

    Yes Derek's balls were pulled tight, his 7" boner drawn down. A strong hand surrounded it and started jerking him off. There were fingers pinching his tits as he squirmed between these men / boys? A hand slapped his ass several times and he wondered if he was going to be raped? His body became the six gypsy lads playground, the lads were all pretty drunk and had been partying hard and had gone to the sauna for a joke but seeing Derek Chandler alone in the steam room had let inhibitions go and sought to play with him, dominating him!
    Derek squirmed and moaned and struggled bu was helpless. He felt scared and wished a guy would come in the steam room to assist him but then to his horror a voice spoke ..

    "Mr American man, remember me upstairs I letting you in here so we closed now and I invite some friends to join me in playing with you!"

    Derek gagged could not answer but he knew this was the young lad on reception so there was no help coming for him as like he was told the premises must be closed! He felt hot tongues, hot lips and hot hands all over him and the noises only sounded like ecstasy as the boys as he guessed they must be about the same age as the receptionist spoke to each other in a language he found hard to understand no matter how many business trips he made to Hungary. It is rape, isn't it? Oh, but it feels so good! Why are they making him feel
    so good? Why are they doing this at all to him? Derek could only lie passively as someone was licking at his face, his tongue competing with the gag and a tongue that felt so hot and hands so soft. Fingers pulling on his nipples twisting them around, pulling them out hard while running fingertips over them? UUUGH someone soon spreading his asscheeks, grabbing them so tight, kneading them and clutching them exposing Derek's asshole? Shock as he feels a tongue is probing all around and inside, so insistently. Is it rape when hands run up and down his thighs and an unidentified nose nuzzles between your cheeks and his tongue darts in and out of your asshole? You bet it is and he is really being edged as the tongue licks up and down his anus hole repeatedly!

    Derek knows as do the lads that he'll cumming in the steam room in no time flat if they keep this up. One guy up front must be on his hands and knees sucking Derek's dick right to the very base. He keeps grinding his face into Derek's crotch forcing him backward into the guy whose eating his asshole. It's sensation overload as then his armpits are licked followed by another tongue or two licking his nipples and two more aggressive hands are stroking his stomach. It's an organised edging and feels unreal, surreal in fact as he succumbs to the moistness of the tongues ravishing him and his eyes still blinded by the towel he suddenly feels his size 12 feet grabbed and being ticklish instantly kicks and realises wrong move hearing voices raised and then hands rubbing his feet, kissing his feet and toes and soon licking them and sucking on his toes as he squirms giggling but is held fast and more chatter but sounding like an order, definitely something encouraged happening and supported and both feet gently massaged as the touch became lighter and suddenly his feet being tickled
    with fingertips and Derek unable to control hysterical bursts of laughter erupting from him.
    He begged them to stop, his muffled pleas ignored as both his feet were mercilessly played with at the same time. Unbearably ticklish this was torture for him, he was soon laughing so hard he was becoming breathless! Sweating he was teased then by tongues as he begged for the tickling to stop yelling so even muffled his desperation could be heard

    “I can’thahahahahahaha take itheeheeheehee anymore!” and “Stophahatickling me, please!”

    "Such big sexy feets Mr. American man, so tickly but okay it is enough for now yes!"

    The tickling assault stopped so Derek could catch his breath and he breathed heavily for about two minutes. His asshole again being rimmed as he was given a blow job and these sensations obliterated the fact that his feet were still being massaged and his toes sniffed at and both soles sensuously licked! The lad sucking Derek's dick really into it, over and over
    the crown again and again, around it and under it and up and down his shaft. Then both his big toes in mouths and sucked up and down as his dick was being but suddenly tongues licking and nibbling his soles and toes and horror a brush rubbed all over them


    Both his feet brushed for at least ten minutes though it seemed like hours and then it stopped as quickly as it had started and in his ear was whispered

    "Mr. American man has perfect feet .. nice smell and taste and heehee so ticklish!"

    It was the receptionist lad, he the only one who seemed to speak English and clearly liking feet especially ticklish feet like Derek's to torture and render helpless so be in control of!

    Gentle scribbles up and down both Derek's soles followed, along his arches and digging in under his toes making him beg for the torture to stop and realising as the receptionist is still
    whispering the word "Tickle" in his ears that he is now not the tickler! Then his whole body is explored for ticklishness, his hairy pits are subjected to fingers stroking along them inside which immediately makes Derek struggle to be free. Many fingers everywhere along his sides
    and belly as once more the brush used for gentle scrubbing, up and down both slippery soles, circular motions, sawing back and forth underneath his toes,

    “Ohhahahahahahaha nohohot therehaha pleheasehase!”

    All the lads could see the sweat covering Derek's chest lightly as he was breathing in hard, long gasps as the brushwork on his feet continued and then hearing a buzzing sound the water-proof, battery driven brush really teased both feet as its bristles vibrated up and down Derek's soles from heels to his toes! At the same time his balls being caressed, his dick licked and sucked, his nipples licked and lightly bitten and his ass being tongued!

    After a long time the lads bored of the sport they'd indulged in and all left the steam room
    as anonymously as they'd entered it having removed all towels of bondage from their exhausted victim!

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    Re: Sauna Victim!

    wow - and Derek still to come ???

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