Ok, so there is a tumblr site I have been following for the past month. It written by a guy who starting writing flashing stories and "frat boy" roommate stories on another popular site. It started off being believable enough, then..I dunno, it just became transparently obvious that it was a spun-out-of-control cast of characters with poorly written fiction. To loosely tie the stories together, easily obtained Internet pictures have been used to represent people and events. When I say "easily obtained", I mean the pictures that are posted are atypical of anything you could get on multitudes of sites anywhere.

I suppose what really tipped me off to the fictional nature of the story was its sheer fantastical nature. Well, that and the writing style. You know when you read something, and you can easily tell if its a true account vs something you'd find in the Stories Forum on this site? Its like that. Poorly written, with an avalanche of fetish-driven content. Fetishes include: frat boy roommate fantasies, locker room fantasies, family incest (uncle/cousin/brother), the hot cougar, etc. Addtionally, he's made tumblr accounts for some of his cast of characters, so he logs in as them to post under different names. How do you know its the same person? Exact same writing style.

As a work of fiction, its entertaining. As a diary of real life occurrences? *cough* Uhm, yeah..ok, bud. He's been called out a few times, but of course he is trying to maintain the air of "reality" so he gets all pissy when people doubt his story. Check it out for yourself. I'd be interested in hearing opinions. http://straightandcurious.tumblr.com/