I positioned myself so I could take hold of Rick's size 13 right foot. On line the Master inviting me to torture his sub, a married dude who he'd found horribly sensitive on his feet and wanted to see another guy tease the fuck out of the guy for his amusement.I was well excited and on arrival saw the victim secured to the play table with the blindfold on. Tall and slim he was half Jamaican, half English. Now sat facing both feet which smelled rich and
awesome holding the right foot I slid off the thin black nylon sock and once bare bending back the big toe slightly, began licking the lower half of his foot. Immediately giggling his body actually lifted completely from the table, in spite of him securely bound and he hissed in air heavily, then gushed.


He was that sensitive my tongue was going to drive him nuts, his Master winked and smiled at me was he could tell I liked the raunchy taste of the sweat moist foot as he told the guy that I was going to be playing with his toes and licking all over his feet making him suffer and holler but resistance would increase the torment. I was told that if I tickled the guys feet he'd be hysterical but the Master wanted me to take my time so just touch them as it made the sub's dick hard but he'd be denied relief and hearing the guy moan made me sure this is what I'd do. Across the base of each of his toes slithered my tongue and immediate reaction from the guy; an intense giggle, deep and purely guttural.


I really toyed with those ticklish toes, rolled my tongue over the ball of his right foot and noticed a particular reaction with glee.


Immediately I pursed my lips and began sucking lightly on the ball of his foot and While doing so, I worked the front of my teeth against the skin and he took off like a Saturn 5 rocket!


The guy's hips were slamming the table; the tensions in his body were showing muscle outlines all over his body. The ignition of his sensory network was maddening. His feet possessed a wild combination of erotic and sensual sensitivity with the balls of each foot the absolute ticklish spots as I found out once removing his other sock. When these areas were stimulated, everything, just everything, went hysterical, and sexual. His Master and I saw the pronounced wetness of pre-cum from the head of his dick which was throbbing in dire need of release! The Master shook his head telling the guy that he knew he so wanted to shoot but I was the guest and so had needs to be taken care of and it was clear that his stinky, sweaty, smelly feet were favourite and I proved this. The sensual arousal there and with his toes, licking, sucking and nibbling them was amazing. The guy was in seconds hysterical as I got hot seeing his foot react and toes wiggle like crazy and inside my mouth loved trapping his wriggling digits so my evil tongue slid in between his toes mercilessly!


His Master enjoyed the shuddering, bucking hysterics coming from him as I causing them did, it was great enjoying tickling and teasing the foot as I was in the initial stages of intoxicated lust, that erotic feeling that comes in waves when exercising sensual dominance and control over a dude. The big wave hadn't come yet. That would wait. Secured tight and his Master verbally taunting him that he knew he would have chosen a more manly punishment like a beating from the invited Top but seeing this humiliated and tortured him was much more preferable. The guy moaned and all he could physically do was arch his back or shake in reaction to the tickling of his right foot. Now I went to his left foot and slightly bent the big toe back, placed my teeth against the lower half of the toe and worked my jaw up/down. The guy's body jumped, slammed back on/off the table twice, despite the bonds.


I slowly worked across the edge of the pad of his left foot, along the base of the toes. He was bucking and jerking against the bondage violently.



When I tickled with my teeth back across the pad of his left foot, I slowly moved down over the ball of the foot and he suddenly really came alive and was hyper-ticklish and he went balls-out nuts.




Two of my fingers became very busy tickling the middle of his left foot, in conjunction with the tooth-tickle of the ball area. His Master loving witnessing the scene like me heard a distinct growl in the guy's hysterical screams, as I let one finger slowly drag up and down the naked sole from heels to toes.





Loving this hopeless and helpless reaction I kept my teeth moving up/down against the ball of the guy's foot, my lips locked in suction against the bare sensitive sole. one finger moved rapidly up and down the middle of the foot. Two more sudden and violent twitches then a mixed tickling combination: wetly licking both of the guy's feet entirely as he involuntarily laughed in reaction to the silky touch; to my using my teeth on the edge of the arch,
and he bursting into screaming hysterics. Then his Master joining me and we both settling into using the fingers of our hands to "spider walk" in ticklish fashion over both his bare foot and toes in tandem. After another hour of us toying with his feet tickling, licking, sucking, nibbling and massaging them, he lay trembling, eyes closed, heavy breathing lying still but for a while his toes twitching and flexing as we told him of a break for 20 mins!
Then he would be subjected to various tickle tools and he had to guess what was being used ... the feather, the hairbrush, the back massager or the sonicare electric toothbrush? The poor guy with blindfold off had tears in his eyes and saw me during the break enjoy sniffing and inhaling a really awesome pair of feet which I lusted for!