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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Doing as told and happy to obey

    I positioned myself so I could take hold of Rick's size 13 right foot. On line the Master inviting me to torture his sub, a married dude who he'd found horribly sensitive on his feet and wanted to see another guy tease the fuck out of the guy for his amusement.I was well excited and on arrival saw the victim secured to the play table with the blindfold on. Tall and slim he was half Jamaican, half English. Now sat facing both feet which smelled rich and awesome holding the right foot I slid off the thin black nylon sock and once bare bending back the big toe slightly, began licking the lower half of his foot. Immediately giggling his body actually lifted completely from the table, in spite of him securely bound and he hissed in air heavily, then gushed.


    He was that sensitive my tongue was going to drive him nuts, his Master winked and smiled at me was he could tell I liked the raunchy taste of the sweat moist foot as he told the guy that I was going to be playing with his toes and licking all over his feet making him suffer and holler but resistance would increase the torment. I was told that if I tickled the guys feet he'd be hysterical but the Master wanted me to take my time so just touch them as it made the sub's dick hard but he'd be denied relief and hearing the guy moan made me sure this is what I'd do. Across the base of each of his toes slithered my tongue and immediate reaction from the guy; an intense giggle, deep and purely guttural.


    I really toyed with those ticklish toes, rolled my tongue over the ball of his right foot and noticed a particular reaction with glee.


    Immediately I pursed my lips and began sucking lightly on the ball of his foot and While doing so, I worked the front of my teeth against the skin and he took off like a Saturn 5 rocket!


    The guy's hips were slamming the table; the tensions in his body were showing muscle outlines all over his body. The ignition of his sensory network was maddening. His feet possessed a wild combination of erotic and sensual sensitivity with the balls of each foot the absolute ticklish spots as I found out once removing his other sock. When these areas were stimulated, everything, just everything, went hysterical, and sexual. His Master and I saw the pronounced wetness of pre-cum from the head of his dick which was throbbing in dire need of release! The Master shook his head telling the guy that he knew he so wanted to shoot but I was the guest and so had needs to be taken care of and it was clear that his stinky, sweaty, smelly feet were favourite and I proved this. The sensual arousal there and with his toes, licking, sucking and nibbling them was amazing. The guy was in seconds hysterical as I got hot seeing his foot react and toes wiggle like crazy and inside my mouth loved trapping his wriggling digits so my evil tongue slid in between his toes mercilessly!


    His Master enjoyed the shuddering, bucking hysterics coming from him as I causing them did, it was great enjoying tickling and teasing the foot as I was in the initial stages of intoxicated lust, that erotic feeling that comes in waves when exercising sensual dominance and control over a dude. The big wave hadn't come yet. That would wait. Secured tight and his Master verbally taunting him that he knew he would have chosen a more manly punishment like a beating from the invited Top but seeing this humiliated and tortured him was much more preferable. The guy moaned and all he could physically do was arch his back or shake in reaction to the tickling of his right foot. Now I went to his left foot and slightly bent the big toe back, placed my teeth against the lower half of the toe and worked my jaw up/down. The guy's body jumped, slammed back on/off the table twice, despite the bonds.


    I slowly worked across the edge of the pad of his left foot, along the base of the toes. He was bucking and jerking against the bondage violently.


    When I tickled with my teeth back across the pad of his left foot, I slowly moved down over the ball of the foot and he suddenly really came alive and was hyper-ticklish and he went balls-out nuts.



    Two of my fingers became very busy tickling the middle of his left foot, in conjunction with the tooth-tickle of the ball area. His Master loving witnessing the scene like me heard a distinct growl in the guy's hysterical screams, as I let one finger slowly drag up and down the naked sole from heels to toes.


    Loving this hopeless and helpless reaction I kept my teeth moving up/down against the ball of the guy's foot, my lips locked in suction against the bare sensitive sole. one finger moved rapidly up and down the middle of the foot. Two more sudden and violent twitches then a mixed tickling combination: wetly licking both of the guy's feet entirely as he involuntarily laughed in reaction to the silky touch; to my using my teeth on the edge of the arch and he bursting into screaming hysterics. Then his Master joining me and we both settling into using the fingers of our hands to "spider walk" in ticklish fashion over both his bare foot and toes in tandem. After another hour of us toying with his feet tickling, licking, sucking, nibbling and massaging them, he lay trembling, eyes closed, heavy breathing lying still but for a while his toes twitching and flexing as we told him of a break for 20 mins! Then he would be subjected to various tickle tools and he had to guess what was being used ... the feather, the hairbrush, the back massager or the sonicare electric toothbrush? The poor guy with blindfold off had tears in his eyes and saw me during the break enjoy sniffing and inhaling a really awesome pair of feet which I lusted for!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Suffer Dad

    I had Dad as I wanted him, he needed showing who is Boss and drunk was flopped on his bed unaware he was bound and I pulled off his right size 11 loafer shoe and easily peeled off the black nylon sock exposing his foot,

    "Are you ticklish Dad?"I whispered in his until he stirred and seeing this began tracing a single finger up and down his barefoot. It tickled like crazy! I saw the instant reaction but that he was determined to withstand the torture and make me think he wasn't ticklish. I told the 6' captive I had time and how raunchy his sweaty foot smelled as I continued to drag my finger up and down his ticklish sole, but he refused to reveal any hint on his face as his toes wiggled

    "Well, I guess you aren't ticklish," I said, sounding disappointed. "Oh well, it's a good thing, too. If you were ticklish this would really send you over the edge." I punctuated this by spidering all five of my fingers across his foot.

    Dad tried desperately to hold in the laughter, but it was no good and he broke.

    "Hahahahahahah ok! HAAHAHAahhahahahaha I'm ticklish! Hahahahahaha"

    I continued to tickle his barefoot, "See that wasn't so hard, was it Dad, Mmmm these feet sure do need a wash!"

    "Hahahahahahahhaha stop! Hahahahahaahhahaahahahaha" he yelled, trying hard to wrench his foot from its restrained position. "Hahahahahahahahaha please hahahahahahahahahhahaha"

    I stopped tickling his right foot "I guess we can try the other foot Dad," I pulled off his other loafer shoe and held his foot in my hand. "Mmmm such a great smell, gonna taste 'em Dad as abuse runs in the family I guess, like father like son but a difference sucking your dick doesn't appeal to me, sucking your toes does."

    "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" My tongue tickling was unbearable coupled with stroking his saliva lubricated foot heels to toes "HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHOHAHAHAHAHAHA! Please! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA"

    Then I added to his torment tongue tickling his left foot. This was too much.


    I soon began exploring underneath all of his warm sweaty toes.


    I was using my index and middle finger to tickle around his toes and my ring and pinky finger to travel along his increasingly ticklish bare soles.


    He soon weak and exhausted from hysterical laughter, his feet were mine to tongue bath which I did enjoying seeing him suffer what for him who is hyper - ticklish on his feet, pure torture and so something I regularly subject him to now and he'll never tell or I'll report my abuse to the police!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Messing with Rob

    The girlfriend taken their son to see his grandparents I have the boyfriend Rob all to myself and the greatest turn on being he's straight but he's been a bad boy and a word from me in the right ears and he's in big trouble so he sensibly complies to my arrangement. The 6' bouncer tied to the bed in just his boxers as I kneel facing his size 11 feet and smile at him at the same instant reaction as always, for all the good it does him!

    “No Ed!”. “Not my feet!”

    “Yes, your feet, motherfucker!” I'll say and slowly run my fingers along his soles. The effect is immediate, I feel the jolts going through him as he gives in to full-throated laughter and squirming as I just lightly stroke under all his toes on both feet

    I take a washcloth and moisten it under the tap and tell Rob that he's laughing a little too loudly and stuff the cloth into his mouth. “This will take care of that.” I'll say as he resists.

    His eyes widen with fear when I turn back to his feet again I'm moaning with pure lust as I attack his soles with my fingertips while I used my tongue on his toes. Soon I have them in my mouth, sucking on each one as if my life depends on it. The smell of his moist feet, a smell that's deliciously sweaty from being in his uniform black nylon socks outside the club all the previous night until the early hours. Their smell and taste drives me mad. Rob aged 34yrs is too weak to struggle,shaking all over from his stifled laughter, his fists flopping uselessly on the bed as I step up the intensity, licking and even biting the soles of his feet now, he not only laughing but screaming as he really hates his feet touched making it so much for exciting to dominate him.

    “You haven’t felt anything yet,” I'll say to him intent on him suffering a wild, sustained tickling. Panic fills his eyes as his muffled screams grow in volume and he can do nothing more than squirm desperate to escape the torture. Rob's face a mask of fear and agony as I tell him

    “You’re going to bring yourself off for me Rob or else.”

    I keep lightly tickling his feet and especially in his hot spot, under the ridge of his toes slowly once I've released his right hand until he obeys and grasps his dick. My fingers slip in between his toes to add to the tickling, I love seeing his toes wiggle for me as I tell him to grip his dick and stroke himself. Tickling stopped, his big toes sucked as I know doing this sensually and any guy's dick does harden whether a guy or girl is sucking them and love the straight guy's humiliation as involuntarily it happens.

    "You’re going to cum for me Rob yeah, gonna shoot your spunk right.”

    He being straight always shakes his head violently. I wink sniffing and sucking on his toes in total control

    “Do it! Come on or I'll fucking work these feet so bad Rob, you know it!”

    Slowly his hand will begin to pump his cock. He clenches his toes so I tickle his soles and they unclench and he's told to keep them unclenched but through the gag he gives a little yelp of panic and starts jacking faster the more I tickle his feet and lick the sweaty soles the faster he jacks himself off and amid his muffled laughter and grunts of exertion as he works his cock he's whimpering and whining as he wrestles with the feelings of pleasure and desire he's arousing in himself and teasing and torment from the torture I'm getting off inflicting on him. He knows the session isn't gonna end anytime soon as once Rob's shot his load his feet become more sensitive heels to toes and very hot n' sweaty in need of a long tongue bath, one guaranteed he'll hate and I will alternatively love!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Boys in the Band

    The morning after the gig we had had breakfast and were sitting about in Pete's lounge watching TV. I can't really remember what started it off, but Jon suddenly starting giving Alain these little tickles on his upper ribcage. He started to giggle and slipped off the sofa onto the floor. Pete immediately joined in from the other side with little poking tickles. I remember Alain shouting "Stop Guys! I'm really ticklish!" through his giggles. As this point I'm transfixed, loving watching this 6' drummer of the band really giggle, but trying to make it seem I'm not that interested.

    Jon decided now wasn't the time to stop and they both joined Alain on the floor. The tickling got heavier and my two friends started to take hold of his wrists to stop him from blocking them. Before long they had him pinned to the floor and were tickling his ribs, underarms and stomach, with his legs kicking in the air. I should say now that I also have a foot fetish so watching his size 13 feet in nylon black socks kick in the air was very appealing!

    I couldn't watch any longer... With the two other guys having so much fun I just had to join in. I sat down on the floor and grabbed Alain's right leg holding it under my arm to trap it. I ran a single fingernail up the sole of his foot to test it and felt his foot flex and his leg try to pull away. Yep - he had ticklish feet too! I wanted to make the most of this opportunity so didn't hang around in case the other two stopped. I just went to town on his foot pulling the sock off, my fingernails stroking quickly across the sole of his foot, up and down the arch and along the base of his toes. Alain seemed particularly ticklish on the ball of his foot so I gave this some extra attention. I felt him starting to kick harder and was using his left foot on my back to pull the foot I was tickling out but in doing so he ended up sliding it under my arm too - a foot which obviously I had to tickle as well.

    Off came the sock and the fact the 20 yr olds feet were warm and sweaty so smelled like feet was a bonus By now Alain was started to get frantic, with three guys pinning him down, two hold his arms still while they tickled his torso and and me on his feet. All the time he was squirming, giggling and laughing. I looked up at his face winking as I stroked under his toes and along the balls of his feet. The tickling began to ease up and the giggling slowed and eventually stopped. Alain lay there breathing heavily as the last giggles left him and he started to calm down but we got him often from then on and his feet never lost their appeal and one time all of us high I found his feet tongue ticklish and as ripe tasting as they were raunchy but that's another story and equally sensational was there ever a press release on it but like there will be, our secret folks!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Leif remembers

    I was bullied by a group of older boys. Everyday on the way to and from school, they would follow me and make my life a misery, however, this day was different. It was Monday morning and my class was playing rugby on the playing field. We were practicing ‘take downs’ in pairs. However, when my partner took me down, his arm accidentally brushed my armpit and I began laughing hysterically. The whole class saw and I was not surprised when at lunchtime, so many people were jeering and laughing at me. On the way home, something dreadful happened, I heard the voice of Jason Michaels, and his two best friends, David and Jamie. Jason was every girls dream, tall, with short brown hair and matching brown eyes, he had a perfect figure and was very muscular. His two friends were a little smaller than he was but still bigger than me. All three were around the same age of 19yrs although Jason was clearly the leader of the pack

    “Hey Dickhead, heard about your P.E lesson today!” he jeered, as Jamie did an impression of me laughing. “Just leave me alone” I said miserably, trying to ignore them.

    “Oh I don’t think we can,” said Jason.

    I began to walk faster to try and loose them but I heard Jason tell the others “ Get him!”

    Jamie and David rushed towards me and I felt two big arms wrap around me and lift me off the ground. Jamie put his hand over my mouth and they carried me into a nearby car park, which was deserted.

    “ Lets just see how ticklish you really are!” Jason said and he ordered the other two, “Lift his arms up.” again, I felt two muscular hands grab my wrists and lift my arms into the air, my feet barley touching the ground. “ Please! Please leave me alone!”

    I panicked but it was too late, Jason dug his long, strong fingers into my armpit like lightning and began to tickle me, I screamed so loudly that he stopped immediately and laughed.

    “ I guess the rumors were true then!”

    David said, smiling. “That’s right, I think we’ve found ourselves a new game, boys!” Jason jeered. Jamie and David let me go and I hit the ground, landing face first into the dirt. All three laughed at me and Jason said “we’ll see you around!” and with that, all three boys walked off into the distance.

    I let out a sigh of relief. I picked up my things and headed home, hoping that they would forget all about my weakness. How I
    was wrong! The next day, I opened my locker and found a note, my stomach churned as I began to read it.

    “Leif now that we know your little secret, you are going to become mine and my friends slaves for the next month. If you do not comply, we will get you and you will be sorry. Come to the locker room at 3:30pm exactly. Don’t be late and if you tell anyone about this, you’ll regret it.”

    I didn’t know what to do. I folded up the note and stuffed it into my pocket, I knew they would “ get me” if I told anyone, so I went to class and tried to pretend that nothing had happened. However, all day, the note was all I could think about. What would they do to me if I went? What would they do to me if I didn’t go? I decided it was best to go whatever happened but I was still very scared as the home time bell rang and everyone filed out the classroom. I slowly began to head for the boys changing rooms, where I knew Jason and his friends would be waiting for me. True enough, as I opened the door, all three were sat on a bench, with Jason in the middle, glaring at me with big grins on their faces.

    “Well, well, if it isn’t our ticklish toy” Jason jeered, the other two laughed.

    “What do you want??” I mumbled quietly, I didn’t even know if they had heard me. “ What do we want??”

    Jason laughed. “You’ve read the note haven’t you!?” Jason said. I made for the exit but Jamie blocked the door and laughed. “You, are going to be our slave Leif, you are going to what we want, when we want and where we want”

    “Or what!?” I yelled, I was getting very frustrated with all of this.

    “Or this will happen!” said Jason and he signaled for the other two to pick me up. Jamie carried my arms and David carried my legs and they laid me onto a bench. Jason began to tie me up with rope so that I was Eagle - spread across the bench. Jamie pulled my sneakers off, followed by my socks. David walked over to a black gym bag and pulled out a pair of white socks but they weren’t very white anymore and they were dripping with sweat. He stuffed them into my mouth and quickly covered my mouth with duck tape. The socks made me gag but he just laughed. By now, I could tell what was going to happen. Jason walked over to me, an evil grin on his face, the one that always made me feel small and powerless.

    “ This is what will happen if you don’t do as we say dickhead!” and he walked over to my feet.

    “Please!!” I begged.” please! Not my feet, I'll do anything!” but just as before, he began to tickle my size 11 bare feet like lightning. I tried to scream but the sweaty socks blocked out everything.

    I shouted for him to stop but all the came out was “Mmmmh! Mmmh!.” I couldn’t stand it. It was horrible. After about 5 minutes, he eventually stopped and walked over to me. He ripped off the tape and allowed to me to spit out the horrible socks.

    “ Did you like that??” he said, still smiling. I didn’t reply. “Oh, I guess you did then!” he laughed.”

    No” I said feebly.

    “No what?” Jason said smiling

    “No I didn’t like it” I said."

    “ No you didn’t like what?” he jeered.

    “No I didn’t like you tickling my bare feet!” I said, getting very frustrated.

    “Then let that be a lesson,” he said. “Now, have you changed your mind about being our slave?” he asked.

    “No!” I yelled.

    Jason laughed. “Then I guess we can carry on! Jamie! Go get some more socks …” I interrupted him.

    “No!! No please don’t! Please! I’ll be your slave!” I said

    All three gave a triumphant laugh. “That’s a good boy!"

    From now on you will address us all as Sir, and accept any name we call you. You will do exactly what we tell you to do, and you will do it when we tell you to. If you disobey us, you will be tickled more, and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?” he said in a childish voice.

    “No” I said.

    “No what?” he said.

    “ No sir!” I shouted and all three laughed again.

    They untied me and Jason said “ I’ll see you tomorrow, slave. Same place, same time.”

    “Yes …Sir” I said and I quickly scurried out the door.

    When I eventually got home I flung myself onto my bed and lay there wondering What was I going to do? There was clearly no way of escaping it. All three boys were bigger and stronger than me. I lay on my bed thinking of all the horrible things they could make me do to me but I got ready for bed and went to sleep. The next day I woke up only to remember the situation and gloomily got ready for school. I could barley eat my breakfast and I didn’t even say bye as I went out the door. What will they do to me today? I thought but my thoughts were interrupted as I saw Jamie walking down the road towards me. I pretended I hadn’t seen him but he grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

    “You’re coming with me” he said, a big smile on his face as usual. Jamie was also muscular but was a little smaller than Jason.

    He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a slight tan and he was very handsome. He was also very strong as he pulled me. We eventually came to a house, and we walked inside. Jamie dragged me upstairs and into a room. There were Jason and David sitting on the bed, both wearing nothing but football shorts. Jamie soon took off his shirt and sneakers too, revealing his sweat soaked feet. Jason ordered me to strip naked, when I refused to; Jamie removed my clothes with a great deal of force. He then kicked me in the balls, forcing to fall onto my knees in front of Jason, dangling his feet in my face.

    “Take my socks off - with your teeth and get licking” he said, grinning. I did as he said. His socks were also wet and the room filled with the stench of sweat. He planted his size 12 feet on my face with force on top of my nose and eyes so that all I could see and smell were his big, size sweaty feet. He gave me a scornful look and I began to lick his foot. It tasted quite salty and not surprisingly, of sweat. Once I finished his left foot I did the same to the right, licking off every drop of sweat, for the first time in a while, Jason looked pleased and smiled at me.

    “ Well done! He said, almost happily “Now do the same to Jamie and David”

    Jamie moved over to where Jason had been sitting on the bed and shoved his size 10 feet in my face. Without being ordered, I did the same as to what I did to Jason and again, the same to David's size 11's. Once I had licked all three lad's feet, Jason smiled at me again.

    “ Not bad, eh lads?” Jamie and David laughed.” blowjobs next!” I shuddered.

    “What’s the matter?” Jason said, in the familiar childish voice. “Afraid of giving me a blowjob? Tough! Cause you’re going to, bitch!” and with that, he picked me up and laid me on the bed. He tied my arms and legs to the posts with rope and sat on my chest. He then removed his shorts and boxers to reveal his big, 8" cock. I gulped and he forced open my mouth and shoved it inside. I tried to struggle but it was impossible to move, with the restraints and his big body sitting on my chest. His dick moved further down my throat, there was nothing I could do.

    “Suck it bitch!” he ordered and I did so. I lay there for at least 10 minutes, sucking on his dick, helplessly. He eventually came in my mouth and I felt it ooze down my throat. I gagged. There was nothing I could do. I could tell Jason was loving every minute of it, partly because I was so helpless and at his mercy. He eventually brought his cock out of my mouth “ That felt good!” he said, who wants a go next?”

    Jamie was the first to yell “me!” enthusiastically, and walked over to me and sat on my chest. Surprisingly, he seemed to weigh more than Jason, even though he was a little smaller. He placed his big sweaty feet either side of my head and pulled down his pants. He revealed his 7" cock, which looked a lot like Jason's, “Ready?” he laughed and he shoved it into my mouth, just like Jason had. However, Jamie seemed to enjoy it much more, taunting me “You like that bitch?” and laughing the whole time. He even placed both of his muscular hands on either side of my face and pushed my mouth to his cock.

    After 15 minutes, he too, eventually stopped and removed his fully erect cock, only to cum all over my face. Jason laughed and prompted David to have his go. David, the smallest but none the less forceful, did the same as his two buddies’s and again, seemed to enjoy it. Once everyone had “had their go” they all sat on a chair and looked at me. All three seniors were wearing tight, white pants, and showing off their muscular chests. They all had washboard abs and buns of steel.

    “Well that was fun! Who wants another go?” Jason laughed. I sighed with frustration.

    “No, no sir please.” I begged

    “No, no sir, please.” Jamie mimicked me
    “Alright cock face.” said Jason “we won't force our big cocks down your helpful little throat on one condition.”

    “Anything!” I said excitedly.

    “You will lick each of our big, sweaty, hairy armpits!” I rolled my eyes in disgust.

    “Fine!” said Jason and he moved towards me and sat on my chest and began to pull down his pants. I sighed.

    “Sorry. Yes sir, I would love to lick your armpits!” I said.

    “Good” said Jason, and he untied me and I fell onto the floor. Jason lifted up both of his arms “ Get licking then bitch!

    “Yes sir” I said and I followed his order.

    His armpit was indeed very sweaty and hairy, but like I was ordered, I licked and licked until I was sure there was no sweat left. I did the same to his right armpit and moved onto Jamie. Jamie seems to enjoy humiliating me with taunts and also making me do things for longer. As I went to start licking his first armpit, he pulled his arm down tight and trapped my face into his armpit. I tried to struggle but it was no use. All I could smell was his sweaty armpit. I couldn’t see and all I could hear was three cocky young men laughing very loudly! When I started to suffocate he released me and I feLl to the ground, next to his feet. My face was dripping with sweat and they were all still laughing.

    “Ha-ha! Good one mate! Jeered Jason, patting Jamie on the back. Jamie said he was now satisfied and I moved on to lick David’s armpits, which didn’t take long.

    I don’t know what it was about David that made me feel a bit happier when it came to serving him. Maybe it was because he barley taunted me and didn’t make me serve him for long. It was almost like he felt sorry for me, but why? Jason finally told me I could go home, but before I could leave, he said he had something to tell me.

    “My parents are out of town tomorrow, for the whole day and night, so you will come here tomorrow morning, same time and serve us all day. However, you will also sleep here tomorrow night and continue your job. Tell your parents it’s a school trip or something, but make sure you’re here”

    “Yes sir.” I said weakly and I quickly got changed and left. As I closed the front door, I could still hear Jamie and Jason laughing. As I got home, my parents asked me why I hadn’t been at school; I simply ignored them and went to my room. This was what I loved about my parents, they simply weren’t strict enough. As I slept that night, images of the earlier activities came creeping into my head. The next day came faster than I expected and I decided to tell my parents about the “school trip” while eating breakfast. They thought it a great idea! There was no sign of Jamie, which was a relief as his strong grip nearly broke my wrist the previous day.

    I walked over to the house and opened the door. I went into the living room and they were all sitting on the sofa, watching wrestling and wearing only tight Speedos. As I entered the room, Jason greeted me.

    “Ah, there you are!” I walked over and bent down at their feet, waiting for the order to start licking. “That wont be necessary slave,” said Jason. With a sigh of relief, I stood up and stared at the three almost - naked jocks. “I hope you like wrestling!” Jason sneered. As a matter of fact, I didn’t mind it, my older brother loved it and always used to practice moves on me and teach me a little. I nodded at Jason and he smiled. “Good” he said and he fixed a pair of silver handcuffs onto my hands, which were now positioned behind by back my Jamie’s forceful grip.

    On the floor were a couple of wrestling mats. They stripped me completely and told me to stand in the middle of the mat. “Here’s how it goes,” said Jason, smiling. “ Loser gets tickled for 20 minutes, must lick everybody’s feet and give everyone a blowjob.” I sighed.

    “ Sir. I’m handcuffed. So surely I will--”

    “Lose.” Said Jamie, completing my sentence. “Well duuh, that would be the idea” he laughed.

    He dived straight for me and took me to the ground. I could barley struggle without the use of my hands and as normal, I was at his complete and utter mercy. He began trapping my head in between his strong legs but moved on to more “sexual” holds and he even took off his own pants so that he could force my face into his cock and close his legs. Jason and David seemed to enjoy watching me get trapped in all sorts of disgusting and embarrassing holds, most of which were not proper wrestling moves. Jamie finally, laid on top of me, his feet in my face and his big body crushing mine, I had no choice but to submit, the smell of his feet was too unbearable as was his weight crushing me. Jason laughed and said that it would be best of three. So next, he wrestled me, this time using professional moves, which of course, hurt very much! Cradles, head scissors, camel clutches and his favorite, schoolboy pins, where he could shove his cock in my face and force me to suck it. Of course, I also lost to Jason, him being stronger and bigger, I had no chance.

    Finally, I wrestled David. Just to tease me, Jason said I wouldn’t have to do the losers punishment if I didn’t lose to David, but of course, David was also bigger and more muscular than me, I knew I wouldn’t win. However, David released me from my handcuffs and began to wrestle with me. Jason and Jamie just found this even more amusing, and they constantly rubbed their cocks to remind me of the blowjobs. I would have to do. However, something happened, I began to have an advantage over David! I was actually winning against this big, muscular jock who was a year older than me and not to mention stronger than me! Something wasn’t right, as I got David into a painful position, he submitted. I had won.

    Jason and Jamie looked at him in shock. “Man, you need to practice wrestling mate!” said Jamie as David sat down.

    “ Yeah, sorry” he said pitifully.

    “Doesn’t matter” said Jason “Leif can still give us blowjobs anyway!” hE and Jamie laughed. Without being ordered, I bent down in front of Jason and began to service him once more. Once he came into my throat, he allowed me to stop and move onto Jamie, who was smiling. He used the same technique of forcing my face to his cock, rather than the other way around and again, took the longest. Once I was done, I knelt in front of David.

    “No” he said firmly. “No thanks” he said.

    “What!” yelled Jason?

    “I said no thanks, I don’t want a blowjob right now…” said David.

    “Fair enough” said Jamie. “Can I have his go Jason?”

    “Sure mate!” said Jason and Jamie smiled at me. I dreaded serving Jamie; he was the worst, by far. Once his long blowjob was complete, Jason announced it was lunchtime and all them of them went to the car. Jamie rushed back in.

    “Oh I almost forgot, you stay here while we’ll gone, if you’re good, we might get you something. Jamie quickly tied me onto the sofa with tape, stuffed a sweaty sock into my mouth and the toe part he secured over my nose.

    “See you later!” he jeered and he went back to the car.

    Once they had driven away, I tried to scream but it was no use, I was gagged with one of his repulsive socks. All I could smell was the stench of sweat from Jamie’s sock. They were gone a good hour and a half when they finally came back.

    “Oh nice Jamie! I like the position!” said Jason as he saw me.

    “Thanks, couldn’t leave him with nothing to do, could I and my socks needed washing?” Jamie replied and they both laughed. They made me stay in the position while I watched them eat; Jamie taunted me every 2 minutes.

    “You like the smell of my sock bitch!” followed by laughter.

    After they had eaten, Jason untied me and ungagged me. I was relieved to be able to smell clean air again. “Right then slave, you may go rest now.” said Jason

    “Thank you sir,” I said gratefully and Jamie escorted me upstairs. To my surprise, Jamie pointed to a bed, yes a bed! I said “Thank you” and he went back downstairs. What was happening? Why was I allowed to rest? In a bed? Something wasn’t right but I wasn’t complaining. I fell asleep straight away. I opened my eyes maybe an hour later; there was Jamie’s face right in front of me.

    “Dude get up!” he yelled and he pulled me out.

    “What’s all the noise?” I asked, I could hear loud talking from downstairs.

    “You’ll see” Said Jamie as he laughed. Before I could do anything, Jamie picked me up, heaved me over his broad shoulders and carried me downstairs. I was greeted with loud cheering. There were at least sixteen people in the room. All wearing nothing but shorts, with muscular chests and bodies. I recognized at once that this was the football team, and Jason must have invited them all over. Each had a beer in hand and was now staring straight at me.

    “This, guys” said Jason “is my personal slave!” the lads cheered. “ You, Leif are gonna lick the sweaty feet of every single jock in this room!”

    “Yes sir” I said gloomily and I began to follow Jason’s orders. Each foot was as big and sweaty as the other but I finally finished after 2 hours.

    “ Well done!” jeered Jason as I finished. As the football match began, everyone started watching, however, I was made to kneel and be Jamie and Jason’s personal footstool for the whole match.

    Jason told the team that they would now be serviced by me and of course, I had to get down on my hands and knees once more and serve anyone that required it. After servicing the twelve jocks who wanted their dicks sucked, Jason announced the "Grand Finale"

    Everyone cheered and Jason looked at me. “This is the game. My slave Leif is the most ticklish bitch ever born” he laughed “so, you will each tickle him for three minutes. Whoever can make him laugh the most gets to shove this plastic bottle, up his ass hole or do what they want with him but I won't tell you where his most ticklish place is and I won't tell you what to use!” the team cheered.

    Jamie brought the dining room table into the middle of the living room and tied me to it using rope. He gagged me yet again with one of his repulsive; sweat soaked socks and taped my mouth. Everyone laughed at me and taunted me.

    “Right then” said Jason. “Who’s first?”

    The next 60 minutes of my life were probably the worst ever. Each jock had three minutes to tickle me where they wanted to and with whatever they want to use. Some tickled my balls and cock, others my armpits and sides. All I could do was scream through my smelly sock gag “mmmh!” however, only one jock found that my feet were my weak spot and that a feather was most effective. He tickled me mercilessly for over three minutes even though it was clear he had won after one minute of me struggling in hysterics.

    Sure enough to Jason’s promise, he was handed a plastic bottle and given the permission to fuck me with it. I felt sick.

    To my relief, the jock spoke “Hey dude, I wont fuck you with this If you can withstand 20 minutes of tickling? "

    “I think I can do it” I mumbled.

    “Good!” said the jock and Jason and Jamie quickly tied me to the table with the same ropes.

    “Ready?” said the jock in a menacing tone

    He began tickling my balls and cock with a feather. I tried not to laugh and struggle and for some time I managed. He began attacking my armpits and ribs with long fingers, I couldn’t take any more!! I was trying my hardest to stay still and ensure it but I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last! When I thought it couldn’t get any worse he began brushing the soles of my bare feet with a paintbrush! I tried I really did, but it was too much. NO. I couldn’t! I had to persevere. I went crazy but I wasn’t laughing! It was unbearable! Determined to make me crack the jock carried on tickling my feet, until I eventually burst into manic laughter as he licked my toes and sucked and nibbled them and then orally teased my feet, it was all too much!

    I had failed the test he had suggested so I needed to be punished and the jock said that the punishment best be tickle torture and for the rest of the night I was teased, tickled and tormented by them all horribly but my feet his exclusively to be tickle tortured!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Games with my slave

    I turn the chair around 180 degrees and recline it fully, locking it into place as I make my attractive 6' 23 yr old slave Wills lie onto it on his stomach, his shaven head positioned perfectly to watch the screen. I take some rope and tie his shoulders to the chair, keeping his chest and head facing that direction, then I proceed to tie his bare ankles to either side of the footrest, toes pointed down and fully exposed and helpless.

    I sit on the ottoman facing my entertainment, his hopelessly sensitive size 12 feet as I turn on Will's. The movie goes through all that FBI warning garbage as I explain this round of hysterical fun. “This is how our third game will work – You will watch Star Wars and enjoy it. Every once in a while, this will happen.” I abruptly pause my explanation as I stroke up both arches of your feet bound to my recliner. Wills amuses me as he shrieks at the unexpected tickling of his feet.

    “Might be longer, might only be that short. After, I will ask you what happened in the scene you just saw as I tickled you. I will be keeping track of how many incorrect answers I receive and for every one... Well that's part of the surprise at the end of the day, but you don't want too many, Wills boy. Understand?” I punctuate myself by another foot tickle, this time a slow deliberate stroke down the arches to the heels of sweaty feet fresh from black socks worn by him all day in the office.

    “Yes yEEEEEHHEHEEEHEESS YES I GEHEHHEHEHET IIHIHIHIIIT!” Wills wiggles his head, bound hands and hips, but his shoulders and ankles are completely immobile and remain where I placed them.

    “Hope so, for your sake Wills. Enjoy the movie!”

    I flick it on, and as the opening crawl finishes, I start spiderwalking two fingertips up and down the soles in front of me loving feeling their moistness, they smelling like feet and his toes wiggling.


    Will's toes curl and clench, then uncurl and splay, trying desperately to alleviate the tickling sensations traveling through the nerves in his soles. I continue teasing his bare feet, tied tight to my chair until the scene changes to the interior of the Rebel ship. “So what happened?”

    “Nuh-nothin! T-there was a.. a big ship and... and it like ate the little one!” Wills replied, out of breath.

    “Eh good enough.” I sat back and stared at the bound boy, keeping an ear to the movie, being very glad he picked one I know by heart. Too bad he didn't, especially since I really couldn't help myself and started on his feet again as soon as the droids left the ship.


    The chair shook and creaked ominously at some points throughout the movie, but it held him perfectly in place to both watch the movie and be tickled. I asked him about I think 20 scenes, and he did rather well, only missing eight correct answers.

    Wills curled onto the chair as I untied him and told him his score. “S-so I passed...”

    I chuckled. “Yeah you did but you forget; its not about a final grade, but the number of incorrect replies and eight it was.”

    “What's that mean?” He asked me, and I shook a finger at him. He sighed and followed as I led the way back to my bedroom.

    I grab a game box out from the back of my closet and tossed it to Wills. “Twister?”

    “Tickle Twister!” I flash a grin at the tired boy as he groans. Honestly what else did he expect? I opened it and took all the components out. Two spinny boards, an hourglass timer with sand in it, a toothbrush, hairbrush, paint brush, few feathers and glove with pointed, dull metal claws on the ends of each finger. Will's eyes widened as each was removed from the box, he moved to sit cross legged on the bed with his feet under him, trying to hide them it seemed.

    “Spin each board, one will decide the spot, the other picks my tool. Flip the timer and we'll have some fun.”

    Wills gulps and stares at the sand in the timer.

    “ You can forfeit a round if you choose, and no tickling for the duration of the timer, but you will be penalized later on in the day. Now spin away Wills!”

    He stares nervously at the two boards, arrows limp on the surfaces of the custom made game. He turns to look at the dresser where I stood earlier in the day, assuming that's where I had kept the recording. Wills closed his eyes and gulped, and spun both at once.

    I watched as each slowed, and finally landed - one on a spot and the other, a tool. I looked up at Wills and grinned, he sighed and lay back on the bed, arms behind his head. I picked up the paint brush and sat on his left. My right hand grabbed the bottom of his teal tank top and slid it up his stomach, and without warning I started circling the bristles of the paintbrush around his belly button. I flipped the timer on the bedside table as an afterthought.

    “EHEEHheheehheeheheeheeeheeeheeeheeeeheeeeheeeee! Theheeeheeheecklesssseeheeeheee! EheEEEEeeeheeeeedohoohohohn't Heheheee!”

    Wills wiggled lightly as I circled his navel with the brush, either tired or resigned to his fate at the moment. That changed as I dipped the small bristles into his button; he bucked a bit and twisted to his right. I had to place a hand on his hip to keep him steady.


    Wills started giggling hysterically when I spun the brush in place, deep within his navel. He bucked and wiggled for a few seconds before I stopped and let him roll away, curling up and covering his stomach with the shirt again. I just waited for him to sit back up, which he did in a few moments, and handed him the boards again. He pouted adorably, but spun the first one by itself.

    “N-nooo come on!”

    The poor ticklish slave boy whined as the arrow pointed definitively at an image of a pair of bare feet. I merely smiled and shrugged, holding up the other board. He flicked it halfheartedly, watching as it lands on the picture of a mouth. He looks up at me questioningly.


    I grinned evilly. I had been desperately trying to control myself all day, but now it was time to really enjoy the pair of feet that had been getting ripe and ready for me in the office all day. I reached forward and grabbed his bare ankles, pulling them towards me as he fell onto his back once more. I pulled his feet together and run the tip of my nose across the expanse of bare ticklish flesh, then closing my eyes and inhaling before I open my mouth and lick.


    Wills bucked and wiggled as I held his ankles tightly, running my tongue up his soles over and over. He shrieked and giggled and laughed and cried until the sand ran out. I lowered his feet, but did not let them go as he composed himself. He stared up at me, I had no idea what was going through his mind as he reached over and spun the boards again.

    I pushed his feet to the side, a very difficult thing to do I assure you, and reached for the gloves. He gulped as I donned them, tips clinking as I wiggle them before turning the timer. Wills had already raised his arms, so I merely had to lean over and drag the dulled, pointy tips of the metal fingers through the hairless armpits he exposed for me.


    Surprisingly though he managed to hold still, having laced his fingers behind his head. He rocked side to side, but that was all.


    All too soon the sand stopped falling and I stopped tickling but soon enough the arrows spun and each time, the dark haired boy took his tickling, knowing that tape was within his grasp... Until the arrows pointed to feet.

    “No! No no no!” He exclaimed as I went to put them back on.

    “Do you forfeit this time?” I ask him, half hoping so, even if it means the claws won't rake ticklish laughter from the poor soft-soled slave.

    “Yes, ok? I can't take that - those, there? No. No.”

    I nod and take them off, flipping the timer and letting it run out. After this, I feel it time for the final act of our tickle day; the sun will be setting before I know it. Not soon enough for poor Wills though. I hastily throw all the Tickle Twister toys back in the box, leaving it on the bedside table.

    “Alright, those were the three games I had planned out for you, Wills.”

    “So I can get the tape and go!?” He bursts out, excitedly.

    “Haha nope. Not sunset is it, ?”

    He glances out the window, still a good two hours of sun left in the mid-summer day. He pouts adorably, but follows as I lead him back downstairs, to the door to the basement.

    “Time for the final game.”

    I tie his hands behind his back again, much to his chagrin, and open the basement door. I force him down first, closing the door behind me.

    “I thought we were done with the games...” Wills says as he stands on the cold floor of my basement, looking around, balanced oddly on his bare soles so as to have them touch the floor as little as possible.

    “Your games, yes. This one is all mine.”

    I grin and take him to a large, sheet covered... Thing, in my basement, and sit him in a nice sturdy little chair behind it. I grab the sheet and pull it off.

    “No fucking WAY!” Wills exclaims in shock and fear forgetting his position as slave!

    I nod and open the top of my self-made stocks set, loud clunk sounding through the lowest room in my house. I stand next to it, and stare expectantly at Will as he sits in the chair, curling and uncurling his toes. He took a deep breath as he lifted his bare legs and placed his ankles into the padded lower half of my stocks, shutting his eyes as I shut the top behind them and locking it with a padlock. I removed the key and placed it on a long string, tying it in a loop and sliding it over the mop of black hair of my latest victim.

    “Keep that safe for me, hmm?”

    He looks down at it, before glaring up at me. I just wink at him and move around the basement, gathering things and putting it onto the table next to the stocks. Every time I came near those bare soles locked at waist height, the toes curl and he kinda flinched. Once I finished, I grabbed a chair and sat in front of the stocks.

    “You ready?” I asked.

    “W-wait. H-how long are you g-gna... Y-you know...” He wiggles his big soft feet.

    I chuckle, “Well I had planned on a nice short half hour session...”

    Wills gasped and tried to pull his feet out, but I built my stocks to last; they didn't even creak as they stood there unmoving, trapping a pair of warm n' sweaty soles.

    “Buuuut... Well you had a time of fourteen minutes and something seconds on that timer didn't you? Well that has to be added to the time, and since I forget how many seconds it was, lets just make it a nice even fifteen minutes shall we?”

    I smirk as he shakes his head.

    “Yeah then there was the movie, and the eight scenes you couldn't properly identify, Mmmm, another two minutes for those shall we say? Each.”

    Will's eyes widen more and more as I speak.

    “Then of course, Tickle Twister. You forfeit your time on the last spin. Each forfeit adds another nine minutes to your total time in these stocks. So that leads out to...” I lift up a large-faced digital clock timer, with 1:00:00 flashing.

    “P-please. Y-you know how t-ticklish my feet are. I-I-I'll die!” Wills begged me

    I hold up a ball of twine, unwinding some and tying one end to an eye hook screwed into the top of the stocks. Then I slide it between his biggest and second left toes and then back around the big one, returning to tie it tightly to the hook. I do the same for the other toe.

    “NO! C'mon! This isn't fair! I can't... Ngh! Can't wiggle them at all!”

    It was true, his feet were nearly completely immobile, only his smaller four toes could wiggle just a bit on either foot now that I had tied his big toes back. I licked my lips as I stared at the expanse of soft, ticklish flesh, locked and bared for my amusement. I pushed the timer on the clock and pressed my fingertips to his arches.


    He was bouncing and wiggling in the chair, head tilted back, braced against the top of the back of it as he laughed hysterically. My fingers slid up and down his soles, savoring the naturally moist and sensitive skin of the pulled back feet.


    Wills didn't stop until I did, but only so long as to grab a long blue feather from the table. I leaned back and swished it across the immobile soles.


    Apparently he had never felt the light, itchy soft tickle of a feather before. Suffice it to say he didn't care much for it. Especially as I sawed it between his toes. Good thing I reinforced the arms and back of that chair, is all I gotta say on that.


    I stopped, and put that single feather down next to its matching brother, to be used later. Instead I pushed the chair back, knelt down in front of the stocks and started nibbling on his right heel.


    Wills not noticing the ice I had grabbed from the freezer I kept down here and placed it into a cup on the table. I popped one cube into my mouth as I grabbed the feather before, and now my tongue was rather chilly, lapping all over his soles, paying special attention to the toes.


    Every time my mouth warmed up, I slipped another ice cube between my lips and ran my fingers across his toes as it melted. Every time my tongue touched his feet after, he jumped so high, screaming, like a jolt straight to his nervous system.


    All too soon I ran out of ice, and I looked at the time. I swore as I noticed only nine minutes left on it. I got up and went to the freezer, fishing something out and returning quickly.

    “My, time does fly when you're having fun, eh Wills and these feet always taste as good as they smell!” I told my slave smiling

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” The boy kept repeating in a hoarse whisper, thinking it was over. Wills didn't even raise his head to see what was coming.


    Soon Wills screamed, shrilly and loudly before delving into silent laughter. I shivered – not from the shriek from the 21yr old I was torturing but from the cold of the metal gloves I had placed in the freezer, each identical to the Tickle Twister ones - except this time they're actually ice cold, not just metal-in-room-temperature cold.

    He sat there, unmoving, eyes clenched tightly shut and mouth wide open. He was caught in silent, tortured laughter as I moved the claws all over his bound soles. Circling the heels, zig zagging up the arches, drawing lines across the balls and under the toes and sliding between them, and up them, and around and back down to do it all again. For nine minutes, my basement was quieter than a church, frozen clawed fingers extracting peels of silent laughter from the feet of the slave boy in my basement. Once the timer buzzed, indicating the prescribed hour had finished, it took everything I had to stop.

    As an honorable man and Master, I peeled the gloves off, tossing them aside as I sat there, looking at Wills properly for the first time in an hour. His head was tilted all the way back, black mop soaked with sweat. His face was wet with tears of his hysteria and his mouth was still pulled back into a smile. His tank top stuck to him even more than before, sopping wet, as were his shorts. His soles, still tied into my stocks were very warm and full of perspiration so inviting one nightly foot bath. After an hour enjoying his feet orally, I untied his toes, he giggled as the string was slid between his toes. I gave him a drink from some water from the freezer I had taken out; he needed it. The key was removed from his neck and the stocks unlocked. My evenings entertainment playing games with Wills finished. Wills was dismissed by me for the night and returning home wait for my call to be summoned by me!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories


    April 20th was the night my brother - in - law learned not to tease me. Romano the 23 yr old Italian always wore shorts and tee when I visited he and my sister but so too white sports socks .. well off white so that they ponged a bit and as we three would be chatting and Romano have his feet nearest me and wiggle his toes smiling or winking at me discreetly. Anyway I ignored him. Louise out of town 26 yr old Romano rang me drunk last April, he and Louise had exchanged words and she'd gone to friends for the night. I got my bag of tricks and made my way over.

    I arrived with 6'1" attractive Romano just in his boxer shorts and sporty ankle socks in their apartment . He looked even hotter with his well chiseled body shown like that at that time, naked with just boxers and socks. With the rush of adrenaline running through my veins as I looked at him just in his boxers and socks, also knowing that he'd had drinks and we were all alone in the apartment, I adamantly decided to actually do the move on him. Besides tickling him, I had always wanted to feel up those size 12 socked feet he teased me with, run my fingers along the arches of his soles and just grab his feet and grip them and smell them. He never noticed the bag with me which was brilliant so put it out of sight for later.

    Romano got me a can and he propped up his socked feet on the small table in front of me. I could see the mark of his soles at the bottom of his white socks. His big feet had soles that had a perfectly shaped arc. I started to lose concentration on anything and couldn’t take my eyes off his socked feet. Romano slurred his speech and was able to have him take a ruffie pill and viagra tab tellin' him we should get high. Romano in no fit state to refuse.

    I moved to the table by his feet and gently touched them asking him why he always put his stinky, socked feet so close to me, Romano slurred in answer winking at me seeing what I was doing.

    "You like 'em, I know it yeah, kinda funny seein' you droolin' with my dirty feet man!"

    His socked feet so hot, so sweaty, so smelly I sniffed them and their aroma instantly got me hard. The smell was kinda intoxicating with his manly feet smell after a good run. His manly feet’s scent was pure ecstasy to me. After taking an instant whiff, I couldn’t resist and just stroked his soles with my fingers and teased him. He reacted and even in slurred speech said

    “Don’t do that man, my feet are ticklish! You know what I'm pissed, we doin' something not right here, I'm gonna bed, sleep on the couch!" Romano said and he tried to walk to the bedroom but could barely stand.

    I helped him to the bedroom and got his tee shirt off, his briefs and socks stayed on and got him on the bed and then as he lay flat out and pretty out of things I guess; I got my bag and I used the various bondage ties brought with me and secured his wrists above his head and his ankles together at the end of the bed with him on his back. Though pissed the tabs were working and I told him that he was right I did like his feet but he would learn not to tease me and then winking at him I asked him how ticklish he was and without waiting for an answer ran my fingers into his armpits. In an instant, he screamed and laughed really hard.

    “HAHA, come on man. It tickles so bad!”

    I continued and found one of his most ticklish spots, the top of his armpits and his sides. I tickled him and stayed on the top of his armpits. This made him crazy. He tried bulking but couldn’t because of being tied tightly. He tried to move away his arms from my tickling hands but he couldn’t being tied tightly. He started to kick really hard, trying to get away. I straddled him and just dug deeper into his armpits. I got his sides--in a massaging, pressing technique and this made him laugh even harder. Him being tied up that way made him more ticklish.

    “Hey, hahaha...I feel real vulnerable! There’s no way out of here. I can’t move!,” he said losing his breath. “Please take it easy . . . hahaha . . . stop!!!!”

    Romano laughed so hard. He said his belly hurt from laughing really hard. He begged me to stop for a bit. Him begging and struggling like that made me hard. Seeing a hot, athletic, masculine guy under my tickle torture mercy was really hot. I wanted to cum from being real hard but just stopped tickling him in order to prevent this happening but I was going to enjoy the tickling more did he but know it!

    “Phew! Fuck man. I thought I was gonna die. My jaw and belly started to hurt from the laughing because of the tickling. I thought you weren’t gonna stop, I felt really vulnerable and exposed haha . . . It’s like, uhhhmm, really painful, you know what I mean. Like it’s really ticklish but at the same time really painful?” He said relieved that I stopped.

    I smiled saying I had only just started and proceeded to his feet. I grabbed both socked feet an in turn pressed his soles unto my nose, they smelled strongly of his sweat and being warm made the smell more intoxicating. His socked toes curled as I inhaled the warm smell.

    "Mmmm Romano I'm droolin', you got fuckin' great feet and yeah I like 'em .. like 'em a lot and yeah going to do things I shouldn't to show you how much!" I taunted him

    I inhaled in between his toes as he wiggled them. I went to his right foot and deeply inhaled its warmth and smell of sweat. I again immediately grabbed his warm socked right foot and pressed it to my nose. The smell was really satisfying, me thinking that I was gonna cum there and then. His socked feet were then stroked which had him laughing. Wanting more reaction from his feet I removed his socks

    “Oh no fucking way,” he said looking at me nervously as I winked at him and sucked and nibbled his stinky toes and really enjoyed licking both soles so they were lubricated with my spittle.. I took the plastic tined hair brush and scraped it on his big soft soles.

    “OOHHHH AHHH, that’s excruciatingly ticklish” he moaned. “Geezzz dude, it’s really ticklish uh uh but it’s really too ticklish man nooo . . . hahahahahahaha”

    He couldn’t finish his sentence and begun to laugh again. The brush was scraping his soles and all he could do was laugh or scream in his situation.

    “Ahhh man, that tickles too much,” he exclaimed. “Please stop!”

    "No Romano I told him.

    I then licked both feet heels to toes loving their taste and getting them more naturally lubricated fot the next tool and switched on the electric tootbrush. I used it ruthlessly up n' down both his soles and he started to cry with giggling. He was tortured so bad that his face really contorted and both feet sweat profusely!

    “Please man, stop . . . hahaha,” he begged.

    I tickled him all over and then slipped his briefs down and grabbing his dick jerked him off telling him that I was making him cum as then he'd be more ticklish but that was the only reason. As he moaned and groaned I told him how amazing a straight guy, an alpha - male guy like him should get hard in another guy's hands teasing him if he wasn't careful I might suck him off! He really cursed me but stroking his balls soon had him very excited and actually begging me to let him cum ... I eventually did! He shot a powerful load and then I went to his feet!

    I licked, massaged, nibbled, caressed and tickled them until he started to lose his breath. He struggled a lot during this torment, and as much as I wanted to push him further, I decided to stop tickling him and jerked myself off sniffing his feet first again in his sweaty socks and then barefoot and he eventually sinking into drunken, drugged up sleep, I spent the night not on the couch but kissing and licking my brother - in - law's feet inhaling his amazing foot scent as he snored on oblivious and though we have not spoken of this happening last month, I notice when I call on he and Louise he keeps his feet away from me but I''ll get him again for sure!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories


    Italian Colonel or Dudley as the Sicilian Major villain Sandro Regazzo was known to the police was standing in the basement massaging his crotch. Jason Dillon, 26 yrs old, handsome 6'1" and fit physique had shown himself to be every bit as cocky as Dudley had hoped. He had freed the young cop from the steel frame, removed the N.Y.P.D. uniform and untied the strap around Jason's cock and balls. He'd watched Jason stretch his muscles a bit to loosen the tension. Into the center of the basement Dudley had dragged a large square table, more like a platform since it only rose about a foot off the floor, resting on large blocky corner supports. The top was covered in padded vinyl. Dudley had ordered Jason to get up onto the platform. The naked cop had no choice. He pushed his fingers into the densely padded vinyl then changed position. Keeping his feet flat on the surface and his knees bent, he crossed his arms over his chest, lay back and began doing sit-ups as instructed by his captor.

    "So is this what we're doin' now Duds," he said in a husky voice as he powered through his routine.

    "You gonna stand there and watch me do sit-ups while you play with yourself? Huh? Is that it?"

    "Not a bad idea," Dudley replied, " let's try this first."

    He stepped behind Jason, and when the cop next lowered himself, the Colonel put a hand on his forehead, preventing him from rising up. Jason stopped his sit-ups and put his arms above his head.

    "You wanna look at my sexy hairy pits? That what you want, big man? Go ahead, have a look. You and I have a few things to discuss," Jason teased arrogantly

    He was gearing himself up for a confrontation with the Colonel. Dudley smiled. He lightly grabbed Jason's right wrist and pulled the arm out sideways to the edge of the platform. Jason's right arm now lay like a letter "L", his wrist and elbow paralleling the edge of the platform. Slowly, as if he didn't fear Jason putting up the slightest resistance, the Colonel buckled the wrist into a broad thick leather strap, bolted to the side of the platform. Jason watched him do it. His dick had retracted a bit during the sit-ups, but it now began to stiffen up again. The Colonel stepped over to the other side and repeated the procedure with Jason's left wrist. He then buckled another leather strap over Jason's muscular forearm, just above the elbow. Dudley went back to the right side and performed the same action on that arm. Jason tugged at the straps. He could shake his fists back and forth, but he could neither bring them inwards, away from the platform edge, nor could he raise them up.

    'Flexible, but ultimately very secure," Dudley snickered.

    He stepped down to Jason's right knee and pulled it out so that the cop's thigh rested at a slight diagonal, his lower leg resting parallel to the side of the platform. A strap was fastened over the ankle and then a much larger one was fastened around the slightly upraised knee. Jason's left leg was strapped likewise. If Jason didn't mind the strain on the muscles in his thighs, he could try to lower his knees to the platform surface, but he could not raise his legs upwards and inwards, something he might wish to do if he wanted to protect his crotch. The Colonel stood up. Looking down he saw Jason spread out like a Christmas turkey on its back. The Colonel rubbed his hands together. Jason tested the bonds. He fully appreciated his splayed out position.

    "What's this Colonel Sanders? Gonna show me your secret Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe?"

    "Now it was the Colonel's turn to laugh. "Uh huh... complete with stuffing! And lots of gravy!"

    Jason now thought his little smart-ass comment to the Colonel wasn't such a clever idea. He tugged at the leather straps and looked down in confusion as his dick started to rise off his firm belly. Time to put his plan into action.

    "Listen up, Duds... game's over. Le'mme up."

    Dudley just ignored Jason and walked over to the chest of drawers. He pulled a few things out and kept them hidden behind his back as trotted to the platform and knelt on the floor at Jason's size 13 feet. He laid his little cache of toys on the floor where Jason couldn't see them. Jason raised his head and looked down the length of his splayed out muscular body.

    "Damn, I got it all," he said smiling and then he looked at the Colonel and furrowed his eyebrows. "Geeze," he thought to himself, "he fuckin' looks like some googly-eyed kid about to unwrap a present."

    "Now listen, Colonel..." he started to say when suddenly he saw Dudley reach down to the floor with both hands to pick something up. Two seconds later and he could see the Colonel's hands again, each one twirling a stiff, white... feather!

    "UH OH! NO... no no no no no!"

    Suddenly Jason felt very aware of his feet.

    "Don't you dare or you're gonna be in even more trouble, man!" said Jason sternly, if anxiously.

    "Oh, yes ticklish cop? How is that exactly?" Dudley said as he started to tickle the soft soles of Jason's feet.


    "Mmmm ticklish, stinky sweaty cop feet smelling good, I'm gonna have a nice long session with these ticklish dawgs later .. sucking every toe, licking between each one interspersed with what I'm doing now tickling them making them even more sweaty for a tongue bath from me!"


    The Colonel worked on both feet more and more as they got more moist with sweat and then stopped saying

    "This here is "Itching powder," the Colonel said with a laugh. "When I want to see you suffer all I need do is pour some in your socks like this and then have guards secure you to your bed wearing them until you beg me to lick your feet and suck your toes and of course tickle them!"

    "You... you... oh man, that stuff will nearly drove me nuts! You asshole!"

    Dudley put his hands on Jason's wrists and began slowly feeling up the muscular arms, making his way to the
    cop-studs pungent bushy armpits.

    "Ahhhh crap, my pits.... FUUCK NOOO! "

    Dudley's fingers got coated in Jason's pit sweat. He brought them to Jason's face and wiped them on the prone stud's lips.

    "A nice bit of gloss for those lips of yours."

    The Colonel then ran his fingers through the short light-brown hair on Jason's head to wipe off any remaining pit sweat.To Jason's embarrassment, he found he couldn't help licking his lips. He let out a little whimper. Colonel Dudley picked up the little black rubber ball with the spout and held it where Jason could see it. Jason froze.

    "Wha... whatcha gonna do with that?" He watched the object in Dudley's hand slowly move towards his right armpit. Dudley aimed the spout directly into that hairy cavern. Jason wanted desperately to pull his arm to his side, but all he could do was flex his bicep and wriggle his fingers.

    "Oh no, not itchy pits... oh man..."

    Holding the itching powder in his right hand, Dudley brought his left hand down to Jason's right pit and rubbed his fingers in it gently, teasing the hair and the sensitive skin. Jason stared transfixed.

    "Does that feel good, Jason?" Dudley cooed. "Such a nice sexy pit." He teased the pit with his fingers just a little bit longer, then rubbed the sweat on Jason's bicep. He aimed the nozzle attached to the black rubber ball.

    "Pffffttttt... pffffttttt."Oh... oh no..."

    Dudley lifted the ball across Jason's line of vision, comically making the hunk turn his head towards his still virginal left pit. Dudley repeated the same process, drawing out the moment. He enjoyed watching Jason instinctively and hopelessly flex his bicep. Dudley began sniffing and licking the cop's feet and then sucking all his toes and licking both soles remarking on their awesome taste and smell as he waited for the powder to take effect. Jason gritted his teeth. Short loud puffs of air were whistling through his nostrils. How he couldn't stop flexing his hairy muscular arms, even if he had wanted to. Dudley recognized the signs.

    "Sooooo itchy, huh?"

    "Oh, man... oh oh oh..."

    Dudley picked up the two feathers and dangled them over Jason's stiff sensitive man-tits.

    Jason let out a little cry. He lifted his head and looked down his spectacular hairy pecs.

    "My tits! You're gonna feather my tits, aren't ya!"

    "Sure am, tit-boy, and you are going to love it! You want your tits played with all the time, don't you? Don't you?"

    "Awww, shit. Yeah, yeah... okay."

    "You are a tit-pig, aren't you Jason?"

    "Oh no..."

    "What are you, Jason?" Dudley asked as he lowered the feather and began fiendishly diddling the helpless cop-stud's nips.

    "Oh, oh, I'm... I'm a tit-pig, sir."

    "I know you are teased the Colonel who feathered the straining cops nipples a while

    Suddenly, the Colonel put the feathers down. He stepped over to Jason's right side and ran his index finger up the underside of Jason's shaft.

    "Huh!" Jason looked down at his dick just in time to see a thick glob of his cop-cream spurt out. His cock-tip was coated with the sticky stuff.

    Now that Dudley had his attention, he picked up the rubber ball again.

    "My... my dick is already super fuckin' itchy, man," Jason said with a look
    of disbelief on his face.

    Dudley smiled and aimed the spout at the pulsing pecker. Jason steeled himself for the next puff of powder. Instead, Dudley started lowering the tormenting toy. "My... my balls?" Jason asked, his deep voice moving up an octave. The Colonel grinned and shook his head 'NO'. He kept lowering the devilish little thing... down the front of the ballsack, then back behind. Jason could feel the spout tracing a line along his cock root, back behind his hairy nuts. And then...


    The Colonel nodded his head. Jason kicked his legs like he thought he could scoot away.

    "Oh no... oh no no no... oh shit, my pucker... my hot cherry pucker!"

    Dudley went to the digicam to zero-in on the exposed stud-hole between those delicious hairy-muscled legs helplessly splayed wide open. Within two minutes Jason was furiously clenching his butt cheeks trying to somehow rub or soothe his quivering, puckering ass-lips.

    "Ah geeze, I never felt anything like that... ooohhhhh ssshhhiiitt, it so
    fuckin' itchy... HOLY SHIT!" Jason grunted, groaned and whimpered.

    It was music to the Colonel's ears. He loved seeing Jason's whole writhing body as again he sucked on the cop's sweating toes and licked his awesome tasting salty soles loving the stench of both cop feet. Dudley then went back to Jason's right side, this time with one of the feathers in his hand. He waved it for Jason to see.

    "Oh no..." Jason's head fell back on the padded vinyl. For a second, the Colonel thought he might have passed out but then Jason raised his head again as if to confirm his worst suspicions.

    "What... what are... what are you gonna do with that feather for fucks sake?"

    "I'm going to fuck you with it!"

    Jason's eyes rolled up in his head and his head fell back on the vinyl. Again the Colonel wondered whether Jason had fainted and then again Jason raised his head to look down. He watched the Colonel lower the feather. He felt the teasing fronds tickling his tender flesh. At first he thought it relieved the itch a bit and he couldn't figure why Dudley had bothered with the powder. Then he realized that not only had the itching caused him to loose all control over his hole, but the vigorous puckering and clenching of that tight entryway was acting like an inward pulling grip on the feather. Dudley was only pushing a bit on the quill, Jason was doing the rest himself.

    "Oh no... I'm gonna fuckin' fuck myself with the feather... and I... I can't stop!"

    When the feather was almost all the way in, Dudley started to pull it out. Jason let forth a very low groan, followed by a breathy whiney giggle.

    "Ohhhhh, that tickles," he sighed.

    Dudley set up a rhythm, in and out, in and out. Jason was tossing his head from side to side, occasionally raising it up to watch.

    "Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man... oh oh oh oh... aaahhhhhh... uunnngggghhh... oohhhhh... I... I... oh no, it can't be... I think... I think I'm gonnnnnaaaaahhhhh..."

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Eight massive shots of hot steaming cum blasted from Jason's dick. Jason looked up, still recovering.

    "I shot my damned load with a feather in my ass and nothing touchin' my hot dick! That's fuckin messed up me havin' another guy fuckin' fucked a load outta me with a fuckin' feather! My ass violated, it has been feather-fucked!" Jason said

    His head fell back on the padded platform. Dudley stood up. There were splatters of cum on his shirt. He started unbuttoning it. Jason looked over and noticed the Colonel's trim torso. The Colonel's muscles were not as large and rounded as his own, but his physique was well-defined. He noticed the Colonel had slipped off his shoes and was now removing his trousers. He was wearing army-regulation briefs. As Jason came down from his orgasm, he realized his armpits were still itching like mad and his nipples seemed to be even more sensitive and tingly if that was possible and his dick! His dick was still hard! There had been no friction to soothe the itch there. Jason marvelled at this.

    Dudley put a pillow behind Jason's head so the muscle-cop could stare at his erect dick. Dudley laughed.

    "You see how you are going to suffer? A horniness that doesn't quit. A never-ending hard-on. Ah the pleasures I have lined up for you, cocksucker cop!"

    "I'm not your fuckin' cocksucker," Jason growled as Dudley sat on his chest, propping the pillow a bit more so Jason's face was about an inch from the Colonel's own hard dick.

    "Oh really. I dare you to say that again to my face!" huffed Dudley.

    "Read my lips... I am not now, nor will I ever be your
    cocksuccckkkkggggggghhhhhmmmmmpppphhhhhhh!!!!!" Jason yelled

    "As of now cop you are a cocksucker."


    Jason clenched his hands into fists, he tried snapping his head out of Dudley's grip. Nothing worked. Dudley simply pulled Jason's unwilling head further and further onto his dick, bringing the stud's nose right into his pubes and then pulling partway out when Jason gagged a bit. For Dudley, this was a walk in the park. There would be plenty of time for training later. For now, he just wanted his dick wet.

    Jason whimpered around the thick rod in his mouth and momentarily in his throat. He was frustrated as hell that he couldn't stop wiggling his tongue around the damned thing and dared not bite it as knew he then would be horribly tortured

    "Heh heh, for such a stud, you are not very good at this!" Dudley taunted.

    Jason creased his brow. "Thew fukkerrr... awl phow euw whooz phwa swub... swub...swub!" Jason couldn't make an 'st' or a 'd' sound with the fat log in his mouth, but he'd show the Colonel who the damn stud was around here! He licked and slobbered vigorously until he heard the Colonel aughing again. Then he realized he'd been 'suckered'.

    "Oh, so you are a natural at this after all. I suspected that would be the case. We will be doing this a lot, actually every day. In any case, I'll sign you up for extra practice with the guards, they''ll enjoy your services too and be a change from your feet which on my instructions they''ll enjoy!" Dudley said winking

    Jason whimpered. His pits really itched. He couldn't stop flexing the muscles in his arms, even though they were getting tired. Dudley took his right hand off Jason's head and moved it back behind to the stiff and sensitive tit on Jason's left pec. Jason's whimper turned into a groan and he sucked harder.

    "There's a good cocksucker," Dudley whispered.

    "Aw fukkk..."

    Dudley pulled his schlong out of Jason's mouth and patted the stud on the cheek. Jason swallowed before he remembered that he had wanted to spit out the jizz the Colonel had leaked in his mouth. "Dammit!" The Colonel repositioned himself between Jason's legs. He looked at his saliva-slicked dick, rubbed it a bit and then looked up at Jason.

    "You've done a good job cocksucker, so far as it goes, but I think I'm going to lube up in any case. Once Dudley had got his wang ready for action, he picked up the itching powder and gave Jason's butt hole another blast of the fiendish stuff.

    "Hmmm, this is going to be fun for you and me, both! Prepare for the final phase of 'Project Sergeant Stud-Pussy'."


    Dudley picked up the two feathers and went to work on Jason's man-tits.

    "Oh yeah...yeah... huh! NOfucknoooo!"

    Dudley hadn't failed to notice the way Jason already referred to himself as a cocksucker. He leaned over and whispered in Jason's ear,

    "That'd be... that'd be... just what you lie awake at night dreaming about. Guess what? You are going to shoot another load while I take your cherry ass. Sweet Dreams ... cop-Pussy!"
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories


    Is it an unwritten law that all UPS drivers must be studs? I think it has to be. The UPS driver that drops off packages to my office has a wonderfully developed body either from extensive workouts or from lifting heavy packages. He has thick brown hair, tan skin, and a puerile face that makes you want to drop what your doing and offer to be his slave. Did I mention he also has a great smile.

    His daily visits to the office are usually greeted by me as I quickly rush to the front desk to sign his clipboard before my secretary can. He sometimes seems astonished and maybe even flattered by my willingness to drop whatever I am doing to come and make small talk. Hell it is worth it! Especially when you live in a tropical environment like Florida, where the driver wears shorts, and you can gaze down at those brown socks with the UPS label on them. They always look spectacular on the office UPS guy.(I think his name is Matt) His tan skin against those brown socks looks absolutely magnificent. We have developed a sort of strange kinship since he has been paying visits to my office.

    Now the guy who delivers packages to my home is a stud of another type. He is about college age. He has brown hair as well except it has blond streaking or some kind of highlights going through it. If I had to compare him to somebody I would say he is a dead ringer for the lead singer of the band Sugar Ray.( That guy Mark McGrath! I think?). He also has tan skin, a somewhat muscular build, (although nothing like Matt-the office UPS guy) and a charming smile. He visits my house about once a week or so. This is the point where I must explain to my readers why their is a UPS guy visiting my home nearly every week. I have a weakness for fetish videos, in particular foot fetish videos.

    I usually order any I can kind find on the net and they usually arrive via UPS. This however would be my tragic flaw. It was a Tuesday afternoon at the office. I had just made small talk with Matt and signed for our packages we had received. I ordered office supplies just so Matt would have to make visits to our company. We now have the most well-stocked supply cabinet in the whole state.This reminded me that it was about time for me to receive a video in the mail. It was a very hot production and I wanted to get home and watch it and perhaps shoot the bull with Trey, my other UPS guy for home deliveries when he delivered it.

    I arrived home at around 1:30. I changed into some shorts and a T-shirt. About fifteen minutes later a doorbell rang. I hurried downstairs to see Trey on the front porch. I opened the door and greeted him. We had become quite cordial and talked for a few moments. Then Trey handed me the clipboard and my video. (which always came packaged in a nice plain brown cardboard box) Something tragic happened on the exchange however as the video slipped out of the box and fell on to the welcome mat in front of my door. I then immediately tried to retrieve but Trey was to quick for me. He picked up the video and examined it for a moment. I must have turned three shades of red.

    "So you like feet huh? I always wondered what you were getting every month. I
    guess I know now." Trey said with a smile on his cute skater boy face.

    "This must be a mistake! I did not order this! Can I refuse it?" I said trying to remain calm under the extremely stressful circumstances.

    "Good try..lets see what is it Joe Simmons, but I saw how red you turned when it fell out of the box. You were embarrassed because the package was yours."

    Trey said. He was more intelligent then I gave him credit for.

    "How about inviting me in Joe." Trey said with a heavy emphasis on my name.

    "Well sure, come on in... is it Trey." I asked politely.

    "Fuck yes its Trey! You already knew that! You been eyeing me for months. I should a known you were into this kind of stuff." Trey said.

    "Well Trey, what do you want...a drink or something?" I asked becoming even more
    increasingly nervous from the rude, cocky demeanor my new house guest had taken on.

    "Yeah I do! I think I will have a beer Joe!" Trey said in his overpowering tone."Boy this sure is a nice place you got here. I could see myself living here. Maybe in one of the spare bedrooms. I mean you don't have anybody living with ya... do ya?" I shook my head no in anxiousness and embarrassment. "Yeah I am going to Florida University and live in a crappy frat house with like twenty other guys. Really is a pain in the ass. I could see myself moving in immediately if you know what I mean." Trey said looking up at me as I handed him a beer. Apparently he thought he could blackmail me but I believed I was the one with all the leverage. He had, I could tell his supervisors, deliberately opened one of my packages to see what it contained. That would really show him.

    "Well I am afraid the rent would be quite high for a college student. Besides I am not looking for a roommate at this time." I said trying to play dumb to his insinuations.

    "Lets not beat around the bush asshole! I know you are a sick pervert, I know who you work for. I think your boss might be interested to know what kind of shit you do in your spare time. Then again maybe you aren't such a bad guy after all, and will play along." Trey said. He knew he had the upper-hand and was just waiting for me to crack.

    "I suppose I could give you a special rate, I mean after all you seem like a decent individual." I said still playing things to the hilt.

    "Lets talk about rates. I think $200 a month sounds pretty good to me." said Trey with a shit-eating grin.

    "Well that is a little low, I really could not go any lower than $400 a month" I
    said really pushing my luck.

    " All right you win $400 a month." he said to my surprise. "Honestly I don't
    know why you would want to pay me more to live here."

    "Excuse me!" I said astonished by what I just heard.

    "You heard me! You just made an offer of $400 dollars to pay me to live here...and to keep my mouth shut." said Trey who had played things extremely carefully and
    intelligently to this point.

    "I thought we were talking rental rates" I said almost grimacing at this point.
    "Besides I can't afford $400 a month. I am barely making enough to get by as it

    "Okay, $350 a month but thats my final offer." Trey said.

    I did not have much choice so I shook my head in agreement.

    "All right then. You will have your ass over to my frat house Saturday to help me move. I think I am going to like my new living arrangement. Not only am I going to earn some extra dough on the side but I just found a personal assistant or should I say slave to take care of all my needs."

    He had really played all his cards right. I could not even trick him into thinking I had the leverage in the situation.

    " This is the address to my frat house. I will be by tomorrow after work around 4 o'clock to tour my new home. Now I have to leave to make the rest of my deliveries. I will just be taking this video and the box it came in as my evidence !"

    With that Trey left my beautiful home. It really was a nice house. My parents summer home in fact. They were letting me live there, while I got my career off the ground. How would I explain that I had taken a boarder when they came to visit in a couple of months? I was a nervous wreck the next day at the office. I had Trey coming by at 4pm today to tour my house. Trey who could wreck my professional career if I did not comply with his personal demands. I just wondered what he had in mind when he said personal slave. I had so many jitters about the situation that I locked myself in the office all afternoon. Hell, I did not even come out to sign for the packages.

    I could not bear to see Matt with the sick churning feeling that was happening in my stomach. I popped two antacids from the medicine cabinet in the employees bathroom and left the office around 3:30pm. I arrived home at about 3:45pm. I put on some shorts and a T-shirt and waited for the arrival of Trey. At about 4:15pm Trey pulled into the driveway in an early nineties Accord. I was surprised to see another young man of the same age get out of the passenger's side. He two had a similar cute appearance. He looked to be a skater type with those blond-streaks going through his hair. Trey knocked on the door with his pal standing next to him. I answered and told them to come in.

    "Nice to see you Trey! Who is your friend?" I asked in a hospitable tone.

    "This is Justin" Trey said in almost a mumble.

    "Nice to meet you" I said to Justin.

    It was nice to meet him as he was about an exact carbon copy of Trey. I would later learn that many of their dorm buddies had mistaken them for twin brothers when they first met.

    "Nice to meet you too...uh...is it Mr. Simmons?" Justin asked.

    "Oh no, just call me Joe. All my friends do!" I said giving a nervous laugh.

    "I hope you don't mind me dragging Justin along but I promised him I would give
    him a ride into town." said Trey acting like it might be a problem.

    "Oh no, that is no problem at all. Why don't we get started with the tour. This is the living room. Now, obviously you have seen this before Trey because after all you are my UPS guy and I have invited you in before for a drink" I said trying to charm my way through the interview.

    "Is that true Trey?" asked Justin.

    "Ya, in fact thats how I found out about this great place." said Trey.

    I smiled a little nervously and continued the tour. I showed them all the rooms
    of the house. Even the master bedroom which I called home. They both sat on my
    waterbed and wobbled back in forth. Trey commented

    "Wow, I really like the Master bedroom".

    I wrote it off as just being friendly.

    "Well I definitely want to move in, how about Saturday?" asked Trey.

    "I think that would be great. You know it is going to be wonderful having a
    roommate again. You don't need any help moving do ya?" I asked trying to be a
    good boy.

    " That would be great! You wouldn't would ya?" he asked faking enthusiasm.

    "Well I have nothing else to do on Saturday." I lied.

    "Well that would be great. How about you come around my frat house at about

    "Okay! Will do!" I said wondering when Trey would leave. Their was a long pause
    and then Trey spoke.

    "Well you must have some rental agreements for me to sign" Trey said. I had not thought of that, but decided I better agree.

    "Oh yes, I almost forgot"

    "Justin why don't you go out to the car I am sure this won't take long. I have
    got some kickin new CD's for you to listen to" said Trey. Justin said Ok and headed out to the car. He politely told me that it was nice to meet me and headed out the door. As soon as he was out of earshot Trey spoke.

    "Good Job Joe! You handled everything perfectly. Now I will have a rental agreement written up by my dad's attorney by this Saturday. I think an agreement really is the best thing, after all I would not want to come home one night and find the locks changed. I know that you would not do that however under your circumstances. I really like the place by the way. It is so big. I did not know you had a pool. Very nice! I will tell you that I am going to have to ask for a change in living arrangements right off. You need to move all your shit out of the master bedroom. That will be my new bedroom. You can have either of the other two bedrooms...for now." he said.

    What did he mean by "for now". He walked out the door with a cocky swagger of a winner who has just kicked his adversary in the balls. I suddenly felt that churning feeling in my stomach again. That Saturday I helped Trey move. Surprisingly he had fit all of his clothing
    and belongings into two huge trunks. Guess who carried the trunks to my car. His frat brothers were shocked to see Trey's new landlord carrying his trunks to his car. I loaded one trunk in the backseat and one in the frontseat and headed home. When we arrived at the house Trey put me to work again. This time carrying the trunks in the house. After nearly being out of breath Trey asked me for a house key. I had not thought of that. I told him I only had one key. He smacked me in the face and told me that he would hold it. I did not like the idea but really had no choice.

    I handed over my lone key. I told Trey that we could get copies of it made later. He just smiled and said good joke. This guy had been here less than five minutes and already he controlled my coming and going from the house. Later on that day Treys dad's lawyer arrived. He had written up the rental agreement. It was for one year with renter's option of renewing. The lawyer was quite confused on several parts of the agreement. For instance he wanted to know if the part about the tenant receiving 350 dollars a month from the landlord was correct. I told him that it was. I lied and told him it was so Trey could make repairs around the house. He then asked what Trey would be paying in rent. I told him that was not important. He told me that I might want to consider putting something in there about rent, because with the current agreement it looks like I am the renter and Trey is the landlord.

    I ignored him and quickly signed my name. Trey then put his signature on the paper. The lawyer handed me and Trey both a copy of the agreement and then stuck one in his briefcase. He said goodbye to Trey who quickly showed him the door. Trey moved into my master bedroom that day. It was weird seeing someone else sleeping in my king-size waterbed. I had had it since I was in high school. Trey laid down the law forcefully immediately telling me that what he said were how things were going to be from now on.

    He got hopelessly drunk and passed out on the living room couch that night. I had to carry my new tenant to his bedroom. I carefullylaid him down on the waterbed and decided I better remove his shoes. I was finally going to get at the feet of Trey. I removed each tennis shoe to reveal a dirty white sweat sock on each size 12 foot. I put my nose up to each and then I breathed in deeply. I was in heaven. Trey was out like a light. I jacked off while smelling his socked feet. I decided to give him a little foot massage while he slept. Little did I know that I would be doing this on many nights to come. Early the next morning Trey kicked me out of my new bed. He told me I was to have his breakfast ready by 10 o'clock on the weekends and 7 o'clock on the weekdays. He wanted eggs,bacon, and toast. All I could deliver was cold cereal and toast. He made out a list while he ate breakfast. It was the new menu for our house. Trey told me I would be cooking all the meals from now on and buying all the groceries. Boy, this kid had a sweet deal going. He ordered me off to the local supermarket to get the groceries after his breakfast. I returned home from the store about an hour later with groceries in hand. Trey had left a note on the door saying he had gone out for a morning jog and would be back soon. Ten minutes later he jogged up the drive. He unlocked the door and let me in.

    I was pissed to say the least and told him that the cold things could have gone bad. He responded with you couldn't have been out their more then ten minutes. The rest of the day I did not talk with Trey. I later cooked dinner and went to bed. My life had become a mess and it was all my own doing, little did I know sunny days lie ahead for this foot slave courtesy of his new master. The next morning started with me fixing Trey his breakfast. He had two morning classes and then it was off to work. I stumbled into the office around 9am and I looked winded from being Trey's servant all weekend. I spent my day on the 'phone with several clients and the other half of the day looking at financial newspapers and magazines. The kind of thing a financial planner does. I cut out around 6pm. Trey would not be home until his Monday afternoon class let out around 5:30pm. We arrived home at the same time. Trey let me into my house. He collapsed on the couch still looking very sexy in his UPS uniform which he had worn to his afternoon class. It was at this point that he told me that their would be a new set of rules upon his arrival home.

    "Joe, I think we have to get some things straight. You are here to serve me. So here is the routine from now on. You are to get dinner started. While dinner is cooking you ask me how my day went. You will serve me dinner in the living room or in the dining room depending on what I feel like. While I am eating you will remove my shoes and massage my feet while I eat. I know you will enjoy that. When I am done you will remove my plate and put it in the dishwasher. You then will return to the living room for further instructions. Do you understand?" Trey asked.

    Boy he had it all worked out nicely. He was living a great life at my expense.

    "Yes Trey" I said almost ready to burst into tears.

    "Their is another thing. Don't call me Trey anymore. I think with the position you're in Master is more appropriate. So try that out."

    Boy he was an arrogant bastard. I could not resist.

    "Yes Master" I said.

    Trey smiled upon hearing the words fall from my lips. I prepared his dinner and served it to him. Now was time for the one thing I might enjoy. The foot massage. I got down on both of my knees and untied Trey's work shoes. I removed them to reveal his two precious size 12's covered in those sexy brown UPS socks. This pair was starting to wear a little thin around the heels. I dared not to say anything. I began the massage catching a brief whiff of the strong aroma emanating from these brown beauties. Trey told me it felt good as I kneaded away on his soles. Unfortunately Trey finished his meal in about ten minutes and I had to remove his dish. I returned and waited for further instructions.

    "Continue my foot massage" he said like a king ordering a slave to do a menial task. I got back down on my knees and continued the massage. The smell was magnificent. It combined shoe leather, the sweaty aroma of a young college stud, and a slightly sweet smell as if his feet were actually emitting some kind of wonderful bouquet. Trey could see I was enjoying myself at his feet. He immediately pulled his feet away and told me he had a date to get ready for. I followed him up to his room where he picked out a casual outfit.

    "You can remove my socks ...slave" Trey said getting use to the fact of having an indentured servant. I was down on my knees again and yes I caught one more whiff of Trey's magnificent sock-covered feet before slowly removing each of his brown socks. What I revealed underneath those socks was pure perfection. Trey had magnificently beautiful peds. The tops were tan like the rest of his magnificent frame. The soles were smooth and free of blisters and calluses. His toes were each the right length and he had no apparent foot ailments. Trey could possibly model sandals if he so desired. His feet were that appealing. I wanted to bend down and lavish them with a thousand kisses. I thought that would be overstepping my bounds besides I did not want to seem to eager.

    Trey threw a pair of his white socks at me and told me to put them on his feet. I put each sock on with careful precision. The bottoms of the socks had discolored to grey and made me want to sink my nose into them. These were apparently sweat stains. I could not wait to buy my new master socks and shoes. He handed me a pair of canvas shoes and I slid them on his feet. He stepped on my hand and as I winced in pain he told me he would be back before midnight. I waited up thinking my master may want a foot massage when he arrived home from his date....

    At about 12:30am Trey burst through the door. He drunkenly yelling

    "Wake up shithead! Up to my bedroom" he commanded. Take off my shoes."

    I took off his shoes and put them in the corner. The smell of Trey's feet now had a
    wonderful canvas smell to add to the bouquet. I took in deep breathless and gave him a little massage.

    "Enough of that, I will see you tomorrow" he said

    Then he took that perfect foot planted it on my helpless face and pushed me away. I was beginning to enjoy my new roommate. In fact his foot against my face made me shoot several loads of cum as I jacked off before bedtime. The week went on pretty normally. The usual routine was now in place. If I was lucky through the week Trey would not have a date. If he did not have a date he would watch TV while I obediently sat on the floor massaging his feet as they rested on the cushioned ottoman in the living room. At times he would playfully try to stick his feet in my face and make me smell them.

    "I know you want to" he would say.

    I did, but I was convinced that if I did I would become addicted and that if I did that I would never get rid of him. It had been about a month since Trey had moved in. Things were going well and I had his routine down to a tee. Fortunately my new lifestyle had not interfered with work and I was up for a promotion. I did have to hand over this month's rent to Trey; $350 dollars. He usually bought clothes with this money. It was obvious he was going for the sloppy skater look from the start. Baggy long shorts and T-shirts with crude sayings on the front and back filled Trey's closet. He also spent my money on CD's and a new Discman for his morning jogs.

    It was about 9am when I awoke from my slumber on a Saturday morning. I went down to the kitchen to see if Trey was up. No sign of him but I did spot a note on the kitchen table.

    SLAVE ...... I had things to do this morning. I am preparing a big surprise for you, since you have been extremely obedient thus far. Forget about breakfast, but you will need to go to the store. Here is a list below of what we need. See ya when you get back.
    Master Trey

    Well I wondered what he had in mind. Perhaps he was going to tell me that he was going to be out of town the rest of the weekend. This would afford me the opportunity to spend the weekend sniffing his dirty socks as I did his laundry. I headed off to the store with the shopping list. I returned an hour later to discover that we had company. Trey opened the door and there sat Justin on the living room couch.

    "Justin, nice seeing you again" I said. "What brings you by?" I asked

    " Trey says you have an extra room and I thought about it and have decided move in. From what I hear this place has excellent servants and the prices are reasonable." Justin said with a smile on his face.

    Trey informed me that they had already removed my stuff from my room into the smallest bedroom which had a small single bed. Justin would be sleeping in my new bedroom with my queen size bed. How could I refuse? I really couldn't but even if I had a choice these two skater wannabes were too adorable. They each had a smile that would melt your heart. I would now have these two virtual twins living under my roof. I would be taking care of both of them. What next?

    From what I can gather Trey has related every incriminating detail about me to Justin. On Justin's first night in my house he enjoyed having his size 11 sweaty feet massaged. He wore the same grimy white socks that Trey seemed to sport. He could not believe that he was living rent free in a great pad like this, not only that but he had his own slave to use and abuse. I would later find out that Justin's feet were just as stunning as his twin brothers (by another mother) were. They had that same great bouquet plus they were perfect in every detail from size to shape to the fact that their were no visible ailments such as toe fungus, ingrown toenails or bunions. I had noticed this one morning as I trimmed Justin's toenails. He dared me to eat one of them and I did. He laughed hysterically.

    The next few months saw me attending to two college students needs. It was hard
    keeping two sets of feet happy but I tried my hardest. They both received quite a bit of tender loving care. I had bought them each several pairs of new white socks which they immediately were able get that greyish hue on the soles. They each enjoyed my foot massages every night after work and had even resorted to using me as a piece of furniture to rest their perfect peds on. I did not mind. They enjoyed having pool parties in which their frat brothers would come by and trash the place leaving beer cans strewn about. Every attempt was made to really embarrass me in the other frat brothers presence. Not only was I ordered around like their personal servant but it was a contest between Justin and Trey to see who could make me do the most degrading thing. The frat brothers loved to watch me eat food off of Trey's feet or watch as Justin rested his aromatic peds on my
    face after removing them from his ripest sneakers.

    Sure I was passed about as well. Many of their brothers enjoyed my reflexology skills. Sometimes I would massage the feet of over twenty frat brothers all with a similar appearance as Trey and Justin. They must have belonged to the skater's fraternity. One joker then decided that my own feet ought to be bared as I always had kept mine socked. Trey ordered me to take off my socks and then the joker as he requested had me present my feet to him but he didn't massage, he tickled my size 12 feet as then they all did. Held to the floor I was subjected to foot tickling torture gagged with a stinking sock and a torture privately Justin and Trey enjoy inflicting to amuse themselves seeing me out of breath, pleading for it to stop!

    It was Tuesday afternoon at about 2pm when my secretary told me Matt was out in the lobby and needed help unloading something from his truck. I rushed to greet him and see what he needed.

    "Oh I just need help removing a big package from the truck" Matt said.

    "Well I don't know what it could possibly be?" I said

    I really having no idea. We walked out to the brown truck and I stepped into the back. Matt pulled the door down and punched me right in the jaw sending me to the floor of his truck. What the hell was he doing?

    "I know all about you footboy" he said

    "Now its time you serviced a real man's feet, not these college punks."

    With this he removed his shoes and shoved two large size 14's in my face almost totally smothering me. I could hardly see anything as he rubbed his brown-socked feet in my face. They had a much stronger smell then Justin and Trey's feet. It smelled more of sweat but not foul like foot odor. This was a real man and this was the sweat to prove it. I enjoyed myself as he continued to massage his feet with my face. I begged him that I could work
    magic with my hands. He stopped and I began kneading away with my hands. Pretty soon I could not take it. I pulled off those socks and started licking all over his manly feet. They were not bad in appearance. Not as boyish as Trey or Justin's but not too manly which would turn me off. I looked up to discover Matt holding his huge dick in his hands, he had squirted cum in my hair. From that point on until his route was changed three months later this was a daily occurrence. Matt would get his feet massaged in the back of his UPS van and I made sure he got the best foot service loving his feet, their look, their taste and Mmm their smell.

    I had just gotten home from work a few minutes ago. It was two weeks after Matt's UPS route had changed and I had not a had any feet since the previous night. Neither Justin or Trey were in the living room. I knew they were both probably home since Trey's car and Justin's bicycle sat out front of the house. Their was some noise coming from upstairs so I decided to investigate. I ran upstairs to find Trey and Justin throwing all of my stuff out of what had become my bedroom.

    "What the hell is going on?" I asked.

    "We are getting another house guest Joe." said Trey. I was wondering which one
    of the frat brothers would be moving in now. I was also wondering where I would
    be sleeping.

    "Where the hell am I suppose to sleep now?" I asked

    "Well I have decided that you will sleep at the foot of my bed. That way if I need something in the middle of the night I can just kick you and I can piss you off waking you up tickling your feet without needing to go to your room to do it like I do as things stand." said Trey.

    Trey was really starting to worry me now. Although I appreciated his feet. He had total control over me now which scared me. Not only was taking care of the feet of Justin and Trey but now I found myself handling all of their other needs. I did all the cooking,cleaning, and all the laundry. It was a becoming a great strain on me and now I would be forced to sleep on the cold hardwood floor of the huge master bedroom, my feet horribly vulnerable. I nodded my head as if I agreed with his decision and began to help throwing my stuff out of the room. All of my stuff would be eventually moved to a downstairs closet. I began to wonder who are new roommate would be. I was hoping it would be Doug who also had a great pair of peds. He was also great looking as well. I decided to ask.

    "Is Doug moving in with us?" I asked.

    "No." said Justin.

    "Is it someone from the frat house?" I asked

    "No" said Trey. "Believe me it is someone you know." He said with a conniving smile. I tried to think of someone else we both knew. I drew a complete blank. The only person I could think of was that attorney who had made me sign that rental agreement when Trey moved in.

    I started dinner and then listened to Trey and Justin bitch about their day. As
    they rambled on the doorbell rang. I came to the door and peaked out the window
    to see Matt standing their. I barely recognized him since I had not seen him in
    awhile. How did he know my home address.

    "Hey Joe, hows it going? Did you miss me? Where are my new roommates?" asked Matt. I should have known it. It was Matt that we both knew. I knew him from the numerous deliveries he made to my office and Trey knew him because they both worked at UPS. Matt still had on his UPS uniform and pushed me out of the way. Trey told me to bring in Matt's stuff. While they all sat around and talked I brought in all of Matt's stuff. Just as I suspected he worked out as I strained to bring in his weights and lifting bench. I was utterly completely winded when I finished around an hour later.

    "What took you so damn long Joe, my feet need attention" commanded Matt.

    "Hey you are pretty good at that Matt, but around here we call him slave."

    Justin said. While they continued to talk I took my position at the ottoman. I removed Matt's shoes from his feet. His UPS socks were pretty damp from the humid day and carried a strong scent. After about fifteen minutes of working on his big feet, he shoved them both in my face and rubbed them around squishing my powerless nose. Matt loved to squish my nostrils together by gripping it with his two big toes. Justin and Trey thought this was hillarious how Matt controlled my breathing. This was soon followed by me giving Matt's feet a tongue bath. Justin and Trey were a little shocked at how friendly I was with Matt's feet. They became very upset that I gave Matt better service then their original masters and had me stop while they pulled off my socks and stuffing one of Matt's socks in my mouth gave my bare feet an horrendous, intense tickling.

    Matt smirking loving seeing me squirm and suffer but pretty soon I was doing the same kind of indulgent oral service to the lad's feet. It was a wonderful night even though Matt proved to being a sadistic tickler of my feet when all three of them took turns torturing me! I had no trouble falling asleep on the cold hard floor of Trey's bedroom later that night being exhausted. Trey had thrown his UPS socks from the day at me as he undressed. I fell asleep with them pushed against my face. Matt moved in and it became apparent to my owners that I could not handle all my duties at home with my current job so Trey told me I would have to quit my job. He told me that he would drop my rental fee but I would have to devote every waking hour to their needs. It was difficult to hand in my resignation. My boss asked if I wanted to take a leave of absence but I declined. He was puzzled that I was resigning with such short notice suddenly.

    The next few months were pretty rough. Their was a change in the living arrangements. Matt now lived in the Master bedroom. Trey had moved to the Queen size bed. Justin now was in the bedroom with the single bed. I was still on the floor in the Master bedroom. I assumed arrangements had been changed because Matt was paying most of the bills now that I was unemployed. He also was a lot bigger and had intimidated Trey and Justin. Trey and Justin did not argue and let Matt have his way. I now spent my nights kissing, massaging and licking Matt's feet while he slept. He insisted upon it. Now I found very little time to sleep. I managed to get four good hours in while they were all out of the house. Here is what my daily schedule looked like.....

    6AM- Fix everyone breakfast
    6:30-7:15 Put on every ones footwear before they leave the house.
    7:15-8:00 Darn any ones socks that needed repairs (This was Matt's idea)
    8:00-12:00 Sleep
    12:00-1:00 Justin arrives home, I fix him lunch and give him a foot massage in socks and barefoot, tongue bath sweaty feet before his afternoon class.

    1:00-1:30 Matt arrives home and takes his lunch at the house. I supply my face as a foot rest under the table as he eats in the dining room. Socks off his toes sucked and licked and in between all of his toes

    1:30-5:00 Catch up on all the housework! Laundry is my favorite, shoot off sniffing all the discarded and worn sweaty socks

    5:00-6:00 Trey arrives home. Fix him dinner Massage his feet in socks and bare and provide a serious tongue bath

    6:00-7:00 Justin arrives home. Fix him dinner. Massage his feet in socks and bare with tongue bath included.

    7:00-8:00 Matt arrives home. Fix him dinner. Massage his feet socked and bare and supply a tongue bath to his feet.

    8:00-11:00 Trey and Justin usually have dates. Spend rest of the evening as
    Matt's foot rest. Matt subjecting my feet to intense tickling to amuse himself!

    11:00-11:15 Help Matt remove uniform.

    11:15-6:00 Matt falls asleep while I kiss his feet, suck his toes and lick them and provide sensual foot massage.

    The new arrangement with me not working has made living in the house a lot more pleasant for my roommates. I however am more stressed out than ever. Justin and Matt graduated later that year. They hated to leave but they both had job offers out of state. You won't believe this but they were hired as shoe models for Vans. They would be perfect for modeling those skater shoes. With my decreased work load I have returned to work. I have told my parents all about my new roommate. Well not everything. We continue to live together. Since Justin and Trey moved out me and Matt have actually developed a nice friendship. He has even started me on a weight lifting regiment. Unfortunately he feels extremely guilty for what he did to me now. I tried to tell him it was all right and that I liked it but he did not believe me. He still lets me partake in pleasuring his feet every day after work. He has also discovered my fetish videos and really is being introduced to this whole new world. He always is trying new things with his feet but also with mine like testing my ticklishness with feathers, brushes and even sometimes paying a Tickle - Top to work on my feet but I guess thats all a foot guy like me can expect to receive from Master like Matt who knows my addiction to his feet means I will remain in loyal, devoted service to him for so long as he demands that I do!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Ian's Experience

    Ian realised that he was tied on a bed with his hands on one side and feet on the other side still wearing his black nylon socks as his feet felt warm and moist with the days foot sweat. He had gone to the bar discreetly after work and been chatting with the guy who he now saw smiling at him. "

    "Look where am I? Why have you brought me here?, Why am I bound like this?" Ian 27yrs old asked

    "I was talking to you in the bar, you drinking telling me your secrets, how you live a double life and like the idea of a guy taking control in your fantasies and here I am!" said the guy.

    "Yeah but like I said in fantasy!" said Ian Chantrill

    "Mmmm but now fantasy is a reality! You talk quite a bit with a drink in you and told me your size 11 feet are ticklish so let's see!" The guy leaned closer to both feet and deeply inhaled Ian's foot smell which he liked telling Ian so embarrassing the business executive even more than ever.

    "Noooohahahahastooopheeheeheehaha!" Ian reacted with his eyes widely open and giggling, getting even more confused.

    "Waithahahah, whats goinghahahahahaha onheeheehahah? What are youheeheehee doinghhahasnooostooophahahahaha?"

    The guy didn't reply but just kept inflicting more tickling on both Ian's sweaty feet as the intensity increased as the guy slowly having stroked both socked feet, slid his fingers down inside the black nylon socks loving the warmth and moistness of Ian's feet and began to peel off both socks with Ian getting hysterical. He is horribly shocked losing his socks knowing his ticklishness!

    "Whoa, what are you doing? stopithahahah thishahahahahahahaheeheeheestoopahaha".

    After the guy removed both of Ian's socks, he took a good look at both soles saying how much he liked the look and smell of them. The guy then began tickling both bare feet and Ian's face looked like it was trying to hold the laughter back getting contorted but the guy running fingers under his toes using a bit more force made him burst out in a manic torrent of laughter. Ian began to really sweat still in shirt and trousers, no jacket and tie due to consistent laughing from the insidious tickling which after seemingly ages stopped as suddenly as it had started!

    The guy then said "Now to begin the fun part for me as these hot, sweaty feet are gonna be so tasty to lick and suck the toes of and I'm hungry with an insatiable appetite!"

    The guy smiled at Ian and leaned closer to his secured bare feet as Ian protested to the man's added excitement

    "What? No dont do that, I hate having my soles licked". pleaded Ian

    "Great, now I know how to really tickle your feet" the guy responded winking at Ian seeing him getting very nervous involuntarily wiggling all of his toes in the guy's face as he began licking. Ian closed his eyes tighter to hold the laughing. After the guy again put more tickling force into practice on both soles whilst sucking the wiggling toes reacting to the tickles, Ian burst laughter even louder, in fact tears were in his eyes as well as even more profuse sweating as the guy took his time tongue bathing Ian's feet.

    "Stop itnooooocan'tstanditheeheeahha please..hahahaha..heeheeheeeahahha ....hahahahaha stoooopleeeezehahahahaahaha".

    Still the guy continued the licking even after a long time with Ian begging him to quit the teasing, the oral teasing of both feet which he really hated, too sensitive

    "I give up, I give upstooophehehehehahaha IGIVUUUPPPP...HAHAHAHA. Please I had enough of this, I beg you stop please".

    Finally the guy stopped and Ian breathed a sigh of enormous relief but then the guy showed Ian the electric tooth brush and its revolving bristles. As he stroked both soles and under and in between Ian's toes. Ian as expected was soon laughing and laughing and laughing.


    During this process, Ian's laughter was harder than ever and his 6'1" body was shaking wildly to try to escape. Hours later literally the scene was finished with Ian tickled out and warned to not say a word as the guy it seemed knew where he worked and even where he lived with his unsuspecting girlfriend of many years and promised Ian exposure which meant he would call Ian again when he wanted more fun with him .. Ian dreads the calls!

    Face down on the man's bed naked the latest enforced meeting and entirely exposed as the man stroked his back, his butt and his legs. Fingers run over his ass cheeks and up and down his legs as he squirmed but secured couldn't do much else. Then - and this is the best part - the man retraced his teasing path but with the palm of his hands, smoothing over Ian's baby-soft skin. Yeah into his sweaty ticklish armpits. The caressing of his bare butt is really arousing for the man and his big feet that have a srong smell and are so horribly ticklish! He soon just takes a sweaty foot in his hands and plays. He lightly strokes Ian's soles from heels to his toes loving hearing him slurring and giggling

    "Pllleeesh nooticklishheeheesshtop ithaha!"

    Saying things to Ian in response like ... "Yeah that's it enjoy the tickle, you're not going anywhere, all I am gonna do is play with your feet, don't worry just tickle them and lick them as I like to do ... yeah you know it and you got ticklish feet I know that's why I like them, they smell and taste good and they are so ticklish too .. look, see very ticklish!"

    Then he'll stroke Ian's feet, take his toes in between his lips and lick and suck them and then run his tongue all over his feet and be working over a foot, each foot in turn; usually sucking a few toes at a time. Then he will switch feet and suck and lick some more.Then work his lips and teeth all over Ian's sweet virgin ass. Licking into the crack, pushing his tongue in seeing Ian's puckered hole twitching in reaction to his giving him a rim job and pulling his dick before pushing him on to his back like a rag doll and then sucking Ian's dick, licking his balls.

    Soon again the man is back at/by Ian's feet just nibbling, sucking and tickling as he gives his fucked up head sensory overload as he sucks his toes shiny from his sweat, licks up and down the soles of both bound feet and then bites and licks them even more, licking up to the ankles around them and all over both soles from heels to his toes! Ian's feet lapped and lipped and laved and drooled and sucked on over and over again by him. Ian's feet have such a great smell to them, a natural sweaty smell so as the guy again licks Ian's dick and ass as he loves doing, he is happy moving his mouth back and forth between both delicious feet licking Ian's soles and sucking his toes all interspersed with an intense tickling torture so intent on driving Ian crazy which he succeeded as always doing!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories


    N.Y.P.D. Cops Travis Gordon 27yrs and Lyle Marx 25 yrs were in the night patrol car when Officer Gordon started rubbing his shoed size 13 feet on the car floor

    "Hey, what're you doing with your feet? It's like you're grindin' 'em into the floor or something." Lyle asked.

    "I've got an itch." responded Travis

    "On both feet?" said Lyle

    "Yeah. I don't know what it is, but my feet are itchin' like crazy. It's making me nuts, actually," Travis said. The muscles in his legs tensed and released repeatedly as he ground his feet in his shoes.

    "I gotta take off my shoes and scratch 'em dude."

    A minute later and Lyle let out a "phwaaaww!"

    "Hey, shut-up, man," Travis said. "My washmachine broke so yeah same socks two days."

    Lyle smiled.

    "You want to get down there and sniff 'em stud?" Travis asked with a grin.

    "No," Lyle said a tad defensively.

    Travis brought his left foot up and scratched with his fingers.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhh... oh that's better... oh yeah... much better... whoa, huh,

    He was having a slightly difficult time of it as the act of scratching was also sending ticklish shocks to his sweaty feet.

    "Man, itchy feet suck! Tryin' to scratch 'em just causes me to tickle myself... ooohhhh... ha!"

    "Uh, maybe you'd like me to do it for ya, Travis?" Lyle suggested.

    "Yeah, right. You think I'm letting you at my feet? No way, pal and anyway, how would that solve the problem? They'd be just as ticklish with you scratching them." responded Travis

    "Well, yeah, but... but you're havin' a hard time scratchin' yourself because of the tickle, right?" said Lyle

    "Yeah, so..." said Travis

    "Well, it wouldn't bother me, so I could really scratch 'em good... get that itch out," Lyle said.

    "Uh huh... and I'd be laughing my head off in ticklish agony. I'm not sure I like your idea Lyle," Travis replied smiling.

    "Sure you'd laugh, but it'd be over before ya knew it... and you would have pumped your body full of oxygen and got rid of the itch. At least, that's the way I see it," Lyle argued.

    "Humph... maybe.... All right, pull over somewhere." said Travis

    Five minutes later and Lyle had found a quiet-looking parking lot.

    "Okay... uh, maybe we'd better get in back so you can stretch your legs," Lyle said.

    Both guys pulled themselves out of the patrol car looking like they were on routine business and then, after they had checked that no one was around, quickly jumped into the backseat.

    "Put your legs out, across my lap... yeah... okay," Lyle instructed.

    Lyle grabbed hold of Travis's right ankle with his right hand and started massaging the smelly-socked size 13 foot with his left hand. Travis was breathing heavily. After a few minutes he said,

    "Thanks for the massage buddy, but it's not getting rid of the itch."

    "Hang on," Lyle said. He took the fingers of his left hand and started scratching vigorously.

    Travis instinctively pulled his feet from Lyle's grasp.

    "Hey, you pull your feet away, we're not gonna get anywhere." Lyle reached over and grabbed the ankles again, this time locking them in the crook of his arm, forcing Travis to recline on his side. He resumed scratching.

    "BWAAAH HA HA HA... HO HO HO... HA HA... STOP... OH SHIT... SSTTTOPP!" Lyle was laughing now too. "Look, we gotta do this... it's the only way!"

    "OH MAN OH MAN... OH IT FUCKIN' TICKLES!" Travis said trying to jerk his
    feet out from Lyle's arm-lock.

    Lyle stopped again. "Yeah it tickles, but how's the itch?"

    "Uh... uh... it's better... a little better... shit!" said Travis as Lyle resumed sratching and Travis continued howling.

    "Travis you're making one hell of a racket, man."

    "I... I... CAN'T HELPPP... ITTT... HA HA HA HA HA!" screamed Travis

    Lyle roughly pulled the socks off Travis's feet.

    "Wha... what are you doin', man?" Travis asked in a winded voice.

    Lyle let go of the feet, put them in his lap and reached over with the socks in his right hand. "Sit still," he said grinning. "We gotta muffle your yelps, dude."

    Travis looked at the foul approaching socks. "No... hey, Lyle...no, not that, not thammmpphhh."

    Travis's arms were free to swat Lyle's hands away, but instead he just lay there looking at Lyle as the hot hunky cop used two fingers to slowly and gently push the dirty socks into Travis's mouth. Travis whimpered and then groaned.


    "Yeah, that's lookin' good," Lyle said as his fingers kept pushing more and more of the socks between Travis's lips.

    Travis couldn't help himself. He reached down with his left arm and tugged at his crotch.

    "Hey, hee hee, get your hand off your dick. Here, put your arms behind your back." said Lyle

    Travis looked worried. He knew what was coming, but he did it anyway. Lyle pulled out his handcuffs and locked them around Travis's wrists.

    "There, cuffed and gagged, heh heh. Let's get back to the business at hand."

    Lyle again put Travis's feet in an arm-lock and started lightly scratching the bared soles. Travis went ballistic. His feet were frantically scrabbling, his eyes rolled back in his head, his fists clenched tight. He laughed, groaned, and gagged into the cruddy socks packed into his mouth.

    Lyle was loving wrestling with his partners muscular kicking legs and tickling the shit out of his feet. He was eating up the hilarious expressions on Travis's face and liked hearing his hunky partner laugh uncontrollably. That was really all Lyle had imagined doing, but after ten or fifteen minutes he asked Travis if he had had enough. Travis nodded, breathing heavily through his nose. Sweat was dampening his forehead. Lyle could see wet stains in Travis's armpits. He also noticed that Travis seemed to be about half hard. Lyle set Travis's feet down in his lap, noticing that his own constricted cock had plumped up considerably. He reached over with his right hand and lightly scratched the tip of Travis's cockhead through his trousers. Travis looked down and then looked up at Lyle.

    "We got rid of one itch, might as well make sure you are completely itch free, dude," Lyle said grinning.

    Travis grunted and squirmed a little in the seat. He could have kicked Lyle but he didn't. Rather, the good-looking muscle-stud lay there letting himself be made to suffer... exquisitely. Lyle kept scratching the increasingly bloated cockhead. When it swelled up more he started gently squeezing it. The squeezing got harder and harder. Using his thumb and index finger, he traced Travis's stiffening shaft through the trousers - back and forth and back and forth. He pushed down on Travis's crotch, mashing the cock into the stud's hairy bull balls, so unforgivingly confined in the tight uniform. Lyle did this several times, then tugged loosely on the shaft before returning to squeezing and scratching the spongy dick tip. After fifteen minutes, Travis was in sweet agony.

    "Pweeeze let me cum..." Travis pleaded, his words muffled by the gag.

    "You wanna cum buddy? You wanna squirt your hot stud load? I betcha do! It's gonna feel real good, ain't it? All that I cream blasting out into your pants..." Lyle teased running one hand under Travis's toes.

    "Nomphaahahaha... nottt my phants... pweeezeheeheehee... twake it owwtt..."

    "Uh uh. You wanna cum, you're gonna do it in your pants ticklish Travis."

    "Naaaww phhsiiiittt..." pleaded Travis

    Lyle kept squeezing and scratching, squeezing and scratching....tickling the toes loving being in total control of Travis

    "UNNNGGGHHH... unnngghhhhahahahaa... ooohhhhhhheeheeheehee... aaaawwwww... nnnooooohhhahahahahahaheeheeheeha...,"

    Travis grunted and sighed as thick gooey slugs of his jealously guarded cop juice unloaded into his briefs and trousers.
    Lyle reached over and pulled the socks out of Travis's mouth.

    "Aw dude, my pants... ohhh that feels nasty down there... shit..." moaned Travis

    After a couple minutes to recover, Travis took his legs out of Lyle's lap and tried to sit up.

    "Wait a minute... let me get these cuffs off ya," Lyle said.

    Travis sat up and rubbed his wrists. "Phew.. man. I... I think the itch is gone."

    Lyle laughed and put his hand out to shake Travis's. While the two were shaking hands, Travis grabbed the cuffs with his left hand and rapidly clapped one ring around Lyles right wrist before Lyle could pull it away.

    "Hey!" Lyle yelped. Travis now twisted Lyle's right arm behind his back, bending the surprised cop's torso forward. Quickly, Travis grabbed the left wrist and within seconds had that locked into the other cuff. He let Lyle sit up straight.

    "What the shit'd you cuff me for dude? I haven't got itchy feet," Lyle protested.

    "No, that's true, dude, you don't but you do have a problem and I'm going to help you with it."

    Travis reached down into Lyle's lap and cupped his big balls through the trousers. He flicked them a couple of times.

    "Ow... ow, ow... stop that!" yelled Lyle

    Travis took his index finger and started scratching Lyle's balooning dick knob.

    "Oh no... no no no, you wouldn't... aw man... you're not gonna tease and tickle my big cock are ya? No, man. Shit, you're gonna get me all worked up and make me cream my own trousers. Awww, duuuude, you're gonna get me aren't ya... your' gonna fix me up and make me mess my pants... just like I did to you, shheee-iiittt." screamed Lyle

    "Heh heh heh.let's now get these fuckers off and have a look at these feet !"

    Lyle was trapped as Travis forcibly pulled off both is size 11 shoes and socks and began tickling them both

    "Hhahahahahahaaaahhhhhh.Ya...you... you're not gonna... ooohhhahahahtiickle
    and... yeeaaahhhhhhhh... make me... uh uhhahahahahhahehehehehetiicklehahaha?"

    "Hmph..." Travis got a devilish smile on his lips and a sparkle in his hazel eyes loving the reaction of Lyle to having his sweaty and hot feet mercilessly tickled. Lyle wrestled a bit with the cuffs behind his back, but his meaty thighs involuntarily spread open wider, giving Travis greater access to his dick and balls. Travis kept the fingers of his right hand working on Lyles cock. His left hand teasing the fuck out of both Lyle's horribly sensitive feet.

    Travis then picked up Lyle's stinking socks and brought them to Lyle's nose. Lyle's feet stroked until he inhaled them. After he had taken a couple of good long sniffs, causing his cock to vibrate, Travis gently pushed the socks in the open mouth, locking eyes with Lyle as he did so... watching the hunky cop submit.

    When he finished stuffing Lyle's mouth, he moved his right hand back to Lyle's cock. The thumb and finger of his left hand now moved from Lyle's feet began pinching Lyle's left nipple.


    "Okay Lyle, you just lean back and relax while I get you all fired up and force you to make a hot steamy mess in your pants. ... say goodbye to those nice clean briefs, heh heh heh then tickle the fuck out of your feet and make them really itch too." said Travis, his tormenting revenge began as Lyle could do nothing but submit knowing what goes around, comes around !

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Remembering Dave

    At the University Hospital about three days into the rotation, we had our first lecture…eight of us and one attending meeting in a conference room to discuss renal failure. I remember this clearly for one simple reason; about five minutes into the lecture, Dave walked in. Apparently there had been a mix-up in his schedule and he had just arrived the night before. There was an empty seat beside me, so he took it and that was the last thing I remember about the lectures at Salem. You see, Dave was one of those people who "made himself comfortable" whenever possible. He had driven down late the night before, and I guess had been fairly tired, because within a few minutes he was sound asleep.

    Amazingly, before conking out he had slipped off both of his loafers and there before me were two glorious socked feet. Dave was preppy to say the least and had on dark blue socks with a red paisley patter on them. They came up under the leg of his pale Chinos, and my eyes took in every swirl, every inch of them. He had big feet probably size 12 or so. For almost one hour they were mine, at least mentally. One hour that went far too quickly as far as I was concerned. The lecturer wrapped up, and I pulled myself out of my fantasies and tapped Dave awake.

    This became my pattern, my obsession. Every day for one glorious hour, we sat in lecture. Dave always sat beside me, and I always stared. One day, about a week into this, I thought he caught me looking at him. I exerted more willpower than I could believe, and for at least the next ten minutes tried to pay attention to the lecturer but after those excruciating minutes, when I realized Dave was
    taking notes and paying me no attention, I joyfully returned to my fantasies. Believe me, though, I was a little worried about this addiction. With good reason, as it turned out. The next day I was post-call. I had dealt with four admissions the previous night and I was exhausted. I couldn't wait to finish my work and go to bed for the next 18 hours.

    Still, I wasn't too tired to enjoy the lecture. And lo and behold, Dave had picked that very day to wear loafers without socks! I spent the first fifteen minutes memorizing every vein in the ankle, the light dusting of dark hair not obstructing my view one bit. He was, as usual, taking copious notes and so I had a heavenly view, just waiting for the moment those loafers would come off but instead, he seemed to be steadfastly keeping them on, occasionally slipping his heel out—oh what a handsome sight, that heel with the firm sole visible underneath—but that was it. It was enough, though; I felt my erection dramatically pushing my scrub pants into the air. When, near the end of lecture, he actually crossed one leg over the other and inched the heel out, I could not resist…I dropped my pen to the floor and ever so casually bent to get it, bringing my eyes and nose within six inches of the naked flesh before me.

    When I sat back up, I realized pre-cum had actually wet the front of my scrubs through my boxers. I slid into the table to hide this, and noticed a piece of paper torn from a notebook right in front of me. My hard-on almost instantly vanished. I looked around, flushed but all eyes were on the speaker. I picked up the note and opened it, heart racing.

    "So, FAGGOT, you like my feet huh? Well, how `bout that? I've been watching you stare at them for a week now, and it is amazing seeing you unable to control yourself over them. Listen, and listen good. I want you to go to Pizza Hut and get a large sausage pizza and bring it to my room tonight at 7PM. I'd do it if I were you, or else I may just have to start taking my shoes off in private…"

    The lecture ended and I raced out of there, not even glancing back. I finished my hospital study, then went to my room and tried to think. Obviously I wasn't going to go, but what did he know? Truth be told, I convinced myself, I was safe. He would sound like an idiot telling people anything and I could deny everything. I finally calmed down and fell asleep. Until about 5:30PM when I woke up and knew I was going to be at his room. The thought of those feet had invaded my dreams, and I couldn't bear the thought of not getting them. So at 7PM sharp, I knocked on Dave's door with a pizza in hand.

    "C'mon in," he called, and only after I was in and the door shut did he add "You foot faggot." Up until then, I hadn't quite decided how I was going to handle this whole thing but listening to his malicious tone settled it for me.

    "Dave, I don't have a clue what you're talking about," I said. "I got that note and figured it had to be from you, but where the hell did you get this weird notion?"

    He just sort of shook his head and smiled. At this point, he was stretched out on the bed in the same outfit he had been wearing that morning, except he now also had on a pair of light gray socks.

    "So you aren't into my feet, huh?" he said.

    "What in God's name made you think that," I bluffed. "Yeah, right…"

    "So you don't stare at my feet every day in lecture." I tried to interrupt, but he kept talking, cutting me off. "You don't constantly think about how my feet look, how they would smell? I mean, these socks are the same ones I wore yesterday…but I guess you wouldn't know that, would you? I didn't even take a shower this morning, and slept in them all night. I only took them off before lecture so I could see how you would react to the real thing but you don't care about these two-day-old socks, huh? Imagine how bad they must smell, strong with a man's feet sweat…Just think about your nose being down there sniffing all the aroma out of them, knowing that as a reward my bare feet are next…Probably makes you sick to think about, doesn't it."

    His words just spun out, and like a sparrow hypnotized by a snake I couldn't resist…my eyes fell to his shoes, my tongue kept wetting my too dry lips, and my erection strained against my jeans. Dave suddenly reached up and grabbed my cock, squeezing it hard. He laughed a nasty laugh, and said

    "Stop fucking with me, boy. I own you…if you don't follow my orders every fuckin' classmate of yours will know your little secret."

    "They won't believe you," I stammered, trying to be convincing.

    "Like it wouldn't be easy for me to prove it," he snarled. "I got a scenario for you...you're out at the Bilt with your pals and a bit buzzed, and in I come. I've been watching and I know the time is right, and I come over and sit by you. Then I just kick off my sneakers and start rubbing my sock up your leg. You're drunk enough that you have zero resistance and start salivating at the thought. BINGO, I let everyone know while you're busy staring at my socks and sure enough they can see your boner or how about during the boards if I just manage to sit by you and slip off my shoes and you have to take the full exam with my bare feet facing you, toes wiggling so my foot stink gets you!. How well do you think you'll do on them? Such a pity."

    I realized he was right, I was without a choice. My face must have fallen, because he laughed again. "That's better, faggot. Now strip!"

    I tried to think of a way out, but there just wasn't one. So I stripped to my boxers while he sat on his desk, eating his pizza

    "Those too, I wanna watch you suffer and squirm!" he said winking at me.

    My boxers came off, revealing my half-hard cock. When he had been discussing his socks it had risen to full attention, but as my humiliation began, it started to shrink down again.

    "Oh we can fix that," he said. He just snapped his fingers and I obeyed. Dropping to my knees, I took my first sniff of a man's socks, and immediately felt my cock rise hard as a rock. He wasn't kidding about wearing them two days…they sure smelled awesome, sweaty and musky and more erotic than any cologne ever could hope to be. I took lungful after lungful of that smell, all the while knowing he was above me enjoying my humiliation.

    Suddenly, he pulled them away, crossing them on the desk in front of him. I started to follow.

    "Not so fast, faggot. These are now reserved for the moment so think about them in your face without the socks on."

    Dave was a master, there was no question about it. He had worked me into a frenzy in no time, with his words and the gift of a few moments of heavenly bliss. Now he would make me suffer.

    "I have this tape recorder, and I want insurance. I am going to get a drink and when I come back, I want you to have finished a recording convincing me I should let you smell my feet. You better make damn sure and flatter me but well and don't call me Dave, call me Sir."

    I started to protest, but he just shrugged.

    "Or, you could go back to your room and just remember for the rest of your pitiful life what you gave up." There was no choice."

    Dave was back in about ten minutes with a six-pack of beer. He didn't say a word to me, just sat on his desk again and pushed play. I was forced to listen to myself…

    "Sir, please let me smell your feet. You are so incredibly handsome and hot, and all the girls in the medical school want you. Half the guys too. I know you are far too perfect for me, but perhaps you will let me worship your feet, to show my willingness to abase myself at your lowest part. Please let me sniff their pungent bouquet, so I may live blessed…"

    Well, it went on and on. You can't imagine how humiliating it is to say that sort of thing, let alone hear it played back. When the tape was done, he stopped it and said,

    "You've earned three beers worth. Start sniffing."

    I knelt before him but he pushed me to the floor and then held his feet over my face. He then proceeded to chug one beer in about 30 seconds. I realized what he was doing and began to sniff earnestly, trying to cover every inch of the sweaty socks. Sure enough, all three beers were drunk within five minutes and the feet were gone.

    "Now it's time for round two," he said.

    "Now this is your choice. We can do one of two things. Either I tie you up and let you smell my socks for three hours, while sitting above you letting you see (but not smell or touch) my bare feet. The catch is that I plan to take pictures of you doing it, which added to the tape will make sure you do my bidding from now on and the other catch is that after we're done with those three hours I am going to bring your straining, erect, oozing cock to the edge for three more hours with the socks and my feet completely out of reach but in plain view. You will quite possibly be insane by the morning, of course. If not, I'll untie you and let you give yourself the orgasm of a lifetime IF you can suck me off twice in a row which may be hard for the babbling horny idiot that you'll be by then.

    The second choice will be easier on you, in a way. It involves letting you smell my feet and socks all night, as much as you want licking, kissing, and just having a ball over them, jacking off as many times as you wish to. I won't be able to resist making some comments, I'm sure, but for the most part you'll be left alone."

    "And the catch?" I asked.

    "Just a little one. You have to call Mike, Kurt, and Brad (three of my classmates who were at Salem) and tell them you want them to come over, and when they do you have to play that tape for them and beg them to let you smell their feet too. Four guys with you as their footman. I promise you that as long as you keep me pleased and obey me, I won't play that tape for a soul or tell anyone about our deal. I may make you face choices like this, where you have to decide whether or not to, but I won't sell you out. I can't promise what people you tell might do, though. So the choice is up to you."

    I wound up servicing four guys feet but suffering myself too throughout the night as Dave intent on finding a weakness to use to punish me had me bound to the bed having discovered it and my size 11' ticklish feet tickle tortured the whole night seeing who got me suffering the most and the answer all of them as I am hideously ticklish on my feet, tongue ticklish so a wild night !
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Pleasure Slave

    "By Jupiter, look at that!" Septimus said with some excitement as Claudius and he approached the next slave dealer's stall. Septimus stared at the handsome youth's face looking him in the eyes as he grabbed the shackled offering by his large dick. The light brown Syrian gasped as this new customer squeezed his prick but was unprotesting within his chains and remained rock steady for the anticipated inspection of his body. As Septimus pinched his nipples and squeezed his pectoral muscles with his other hand, the boy quickly responded and the swollen shaft spilled out from Septimus' grip to a full 12 inches of circumcised splendor.

    "He's been trimmed," Septimus commented as he rubbed the slit within the glans. "It's rare, but I like them trimmed myself."

    "The Arab race trims their male offspring in early childhood, I'm told," Claudius said. "

    Claudius turned to the boy and yelled to him

    "Boy, get those legs spread so we can examine your balls."

    As the boy instantly obeyed by spreading his legs as far apart as his shackles would allow, Septimus moved his left hand from the boy's tits to his balls and vigorously massaged the sac while the boy audibly moaned but never lost his stance.

    "He hasn't unloaded in some time," Septimus observed. "His balls feel good and swollen."

    "That's the way slave's balls should feel," Claudius counseled. "I'm surprised, though, he hasn't been milked by some other customers out here on exhibit and all. I know I'd never buy a slave without sampling their product."

    "That's because I just put him on display a few minutes ago," the dealer said as he approached the two potential customers. "You're quite right of course, Sire, that no person in their right mind would buy a boy without testing his cum, but this boy was just shipped in this morning from a merchant in Syria. He would have been shackled the whole way with his arms behind his back and in his own separate cage to keep him fresh, so I doubt if he's been drained in several weeks, unless the sailors bribed his keeper to use him during the trip - but I doubt it, there were hundreds in that shipment they could have used and most of them far less expensive than this one.They usually give the sailors slaves to use that won't bring much on the market anyway. The papers on this boy claim he's free of sickness and any faults, is biddable and willing, and was born into his station on a breeding farm there. Trained as a body servant, but looks to me like you could use him for anything you wanted," he added smiling.

    Septimus grabbed the young boy's chin and then stroked his cheek before running his hand through his thick black hair.

    "He won't be cheap, Masters, as you probably suspect but if money is a problem, I have some nice Thracians and Sicilians in the holding pens, and of course, the local Gauls can often be purchased at ridiculously low prices, what with no transportation charges and all."

    "I'll not be cheated by a scheming tradesman," Septimus said rather nastily as he and Claudius continued to stroke and fondle the boy's balls. Having teased the boy Septimus released the boy's balls and ordered him to bend over with his asshole spread wide for needed inspection. Without hesitation, the boy complied and Septimus inserted his middle finger up the boy's chute until the entire length was inserted with only a low groan from the obedient boy.

    "Tight?" Claudius inquired.

    "He's been well used, Claudius, but he's still reasonably tight for a boy his age"

    "He's got a good build on him," Claudius said as he pinched and squeezed the boy's calves, thighs, biceps, and neck muscles. And his chest development is outstanding for a Syrian, good tits and I notice large feet always appealing and saying this Claudius ordering the boy to lie on his stomach. The youth did as told and Septimus straddled the boys long legs as Claudius knelt by both large feet able to sense their smell, a wink to Septimus indicated it being appealing and then he ran his fingers up the youth's bare left foot and he instantly flinched as the same was done to the sole of his right foot. He flinched again as Claudius started to lightly tickle his feet.

    "Please no Sir" said the youth being really ticklish.

    The intensity of the tickling increased, tested for sensitivity under his toes, along high arches and in between his toes making the boy struggle which made him even more appealing. The tickling was still continued with the boy wailing between uncontrollable giggles that excited both Romans

    "Please stop. No. Please Sir, no more."

    The torture by foot tickling went on until seen by the slave trader who had been amused seeing this unusual test being done saw the boy's eyes watering as he uncontrollably laughed.

    "Sorry gentlemen may I ask is this slave of interest to you, it seems he will be perfect does it not?"

    Released and standing once again having had a few minutes to regain his breath from the torturous torment the lad looked at Claudius and Septimus secretly hoping they would not be interested in him as he was horribly ticklish and feared now this being something he would be subjected to.

    "How old are you, boy?" Septimus asked the slave directly.

    "I'm not sure, Master," the boy replied, respectfully keeping his eyes cast downward. "I think I'm around 19 or 20yrs, Master, but they never told us our age at the breeding farm, Master."

    "How many owners have you had, boy?" Claudius asked.

    "Three so far, Master."

    "Go on, boy," Claudius granted him permission to elaborate.....

    "I was first sold five years ago as a companion to my new Master's son who was about my own age. The son used me as his body servant and bed partner in that his father wanted no entanglements with offspring or potential marriages at that point but when the son was married off several years later, I was given to the bride's father as part of the dowry and he assigned me duties as a simple gardener and serving boy. He never used my body himself, I suppose due to his age, but I was frequently given to his dinner guests for their usage as part of his hospitality and dinner entertainments. He would voyeur or instruct particular things to be done to me

    After a couple of years there, I was sold to a dealer in Damascus who boarded me at a training school for personal servants where I was thoroughly and specifically trained to provide maximum pleasure to both Mistresses and Masters who might want to buy me as a pleasure slave.

    I was also trained in the arts of waiting table, serving bath, house management and cooking. When my training was completed, I was placed up for sale at the dealer’s stall in Damascus but he said the market was gutted and he got a better price by selling me to the dealer you see here."

    The slave looked apprehensive that he might be quickly punished for speaking so much in front of his betters, even with the granted permission and kept his eyes in a submissive downward glance his big feet whole time.

    "Just what you like, Septimus," Claudius joked, "A boy well trained in the arts," and Claudius grabbed the boy's still rampant shaft again to feel it himself and he seems able to maintain his attraction even when unattended," he laughed as he started stroking the boy's dick vigorously.

    "Let's see what his cum looks like before we decide anything, Septimus. Maybe with all that training he's pretty well worn out by now!"

    Claudius kept stroking the slave who had clenched his ass cheeks and arched his back to better position himself for Claudius' easy manipulation of his huge organ.

    "By Jupiter Septimus. You're got a whole stable of slave boys at home who aren't any better than this boy Claudius said as he continued pumping the young Arab, now covered in sweat with every muscle clenched, jaws firmly together, and trying his best to hold his forthcoming eruption until he was granted permission.

    "Master, master," the boy pleaded through clenched jaws, "May I have permission to cum?"

    "Not yet, slave boy. Let's see how well you have learned control," Septimus responded as he increased the ferocity of his stroking on the giant swollen shaft and with his other hand began churning the Arab's balls.

    "Ugh, Ugh, Master,.....Ugh, Ugh,.....I don't think I can hold it much longer, Master," the Arab panted desperately.

    "I'm trying my best, Master, but...."

    "Oh, all right, slaveboy, shoot," Septimus said softly as he continued stroking the shaft while moving his other hand which was churning the boy's balls to his backside and inserted his forefinger deep up the boy's ass to tickle his prostate.The boy arched even further and shot the first creamy load followed by outpouring of cum and then one final test.

    "Sit on the floor now quickly" Claudius said

    The slave boy obeyed and nervously when told to do so raised each foot in turn and Septimus and Claudius saw him bite on his lips as they had hold of a large foot each and the boy squirmed as his toes were nibbled and sucked on which clearly tickled the youth so he was bought and regularly found himself bound to beds and tables and mercilessly tickled all over his slim, fit body and often sandwiched between the two Roman men in a bed with one lying by his feet, the other by his armpits and simultaneously seeing who could make the ticklish Arab slave laugh the most but his big feet were favourite before and after fingering him,sucking him, licking him all over and making him cum when he'd be most ticklish but fucking him was a delight only indulged in by Septimus his Master!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Teasing Taylor

    One popular booth in the club was the “Jail Booth” and Master Gray had submitted Taylor his handsome 6'1" newest sub to be arrested and toyed with for the night out. Two on duty club police officers walked over to Taylor, Master Gray having told them his sub's weakness making them both smile at him as they put him in handcuffs and took him to the “Jail.” The jail had been constructed with 3 sides being made of wood and the front section of bars and it was sturdy. Taylor was put in the cell.

    The two officers cuffed his feet so that they were outside of the bars and his hands were cuffed about half way up the bars where there was a support bar running straight across. When Taylor’s hands were attached to the bar, his tight muscle shirt rode up past his belly button giving everyone a good view. Two guys Marc and Joey were told by the cops what to do and walked up to where Taylor had his feet sticking out of the bars. They took his “trainers” off and started slowly started tickling Taylor’s feet size 12 feet through his no show socks. It wasn’t really that bad and Taylor was okay with it for the moment.

    After 2-3 minutes Marc removed one of Taylor’s socks and threw it on the ground. He took his fingernails and ran them up the sides of his bare right foot. Taylor moved his bare foot back and forth to try to avoid Marc’s fingers. Marc moved his fingers to the arch in Taylor’s foot and gently scratched his fingers up and down. Taylor was starting to laugh a little. Joey removed Taylor’s other sock and started tickling underneath his toes. Taylor was moving his feet wildly back and forth trying to avoid their hands.

    "That's it lads enjoy him!" smiled Master Gray looking on at the ticklish sub's torment

    Joey wasted no time and pulled the front of Taylor’s shirt up over his head and tucked it behind his head, leaving his chest and abs on display. Joey dug his fingers into Taylor’s ribs and started tickling him without mercy. Taylor was hollering, moving side to side. A small crowd had gathered around the jail to watch Taylor’s tickling.

    “Why don’t we paint his toenails," another guy said with a laugh. “I’ve got some nail polish here!"

    “Hell no,” Taylor said.

    The guys watching the scene were laughing their asses off at Taylor and the guy with the suggestion took out a bottle of red nail polish and knelt down next to Taylor’s feet. He opened the bottle and began applying the polish. First to one foot and then the other. A couple of the guys in the crowd were shouting at Taylor that he would make a pretty woman. Taylor was getting more embarrassed by the second. When the guy was finished, he told everybody to come up and get a good look. For the hour they were there Master Gray made Taylor walk around just wearing a pair of sagging khakis and barefoot! He spoke to Joey and Marc and the other guy Devon and invited them all to return to his place with Taylor for more private fun n' games!

    On arrival at Master Gray's crib watched by him Marc and Joey soon had Taylor flat on his back secured to the play-table in the Master's playroom. Taylor was squirming but not as much as he would be as Joey got the bottle of baby oil and Master Gray seated smiled and winked at the lads to enjoy putting on a show for him!

    Joey squirted some oil on Taylor’s back and slowly rubbed it in all the way down to the top of his ass crack. He pulled Taylor’s ass cheeks apart and squirted some there as well. With one hand holding Taylor’s ass apart, he began massaging the lotion in. Joey’s hand was rubbing back and forth on Taylor’s puckered hole. Joey looked down at Taylor’s ass. It was slightly rounded and firm. Joey was thinking that at some point he was going to have to get some of that ass and tear it up. He squirted a little oil on his finger and drove it straight into Taylor’s virgin butt hole. Taylor knew better than to say anything. Joey wiggled his finger around then stuck another finger in. Slowly he moved the two fingers in and out of Taylor’s ass thinking about how good it would feel to fuck him. Man, Joey thought to himself, Taylor has a tight hole. Joey reached into his pocket and took out the butt plug that he carried with him for such times. He lined it up with Taylor’s hole and pushed all of it in at one time. Taylor tried to jump up but since he was tied down, he couldn’t.

    Joey made sure the ring was inside of Taylor’s ass so that it wouldn’t come out. Marc then picked up the bottle of baby oil and spread some on Taylor’s legs. He rubbed the lotion in from just below Taylor’s ass, down to his calve muscles, stopping at his ankles. Jason said that he bet he could get Taylor to smile. He knelt down next to Taylor’s feet and ran his hand up the sides of his feet. Taylor laughed for a second and tried to move his feet away.

    “Yeah,” Joey said, “I think we need to work Taylor over and give him a little tickle attention, Jason nodded but first he needed to be released and rebound on his back. Master Gray assisted them in this and then Marc paid special attention to Taylor’s nipples and started rubbing them in a circular motion and gently pinched each one until they were hard. This hurt like hell and every time he rubbed them, it only made it worse. Taylor had a nice chest with well-defined pec muscles. His nipples were standing up hard and just begging to be played with. Marc ran his hands down Taylor’s firm abs. He squirted some lotion on Taylor’s stomach and began rubbing it in, teasing Taylor’s tight innie belly button. He stuck his finger in as far as it would go and then he rubbed all around it. He rubbed all the way down to Taylor’s pubes.

    Marc's hands reached the base of Taylor’s cock and he squirted more oil onto Taylor’s shaft. He took his time slowly rubbing it in. His hand slowly inched up and down Taylor’s cock until he was hard. His dick was standing straight up. The purple head of his dick was large and Marc decided to rub his finger over Taylor’s wide piss slit. He rubbed some more oil into Taylor’s normally low hanging balls-but they were beginning to tighten up and were hanging higher than normal. He could tell that Taylor’s heavy nuts were full and that he needed a release.

    Devon then continued rubbed the oil down Taylor’s long, muscular legs deep into his thighs and worked his way down to his feet. When he got to Taylor’s feet, he worked the lotion into Taylor’s deep instep. He gently rubbed some oil in between each of Taylor’s long toes, making Taylor laugh in the process. Marc unzipped his pants and told Taylor to open up his mouth but Taylor resisted. Devon said that he could make Taylor open his mouth and ran a finger down Taylor’s deeply arched right sole. Taylor opened his mouth to laugh. Marc told Devon not to tickle him too much because he didn’t want him biting his dick off. Marc leaned down and put his dick in Taylor’s mouth. Taylor knew better than to fight this. Marc rolled his dick all over Taylor’s lips and then stuck his hardon deep into his mouth. Marc was pulling his foreskin back and forth while forcing Taylor to suck him off. With one hand Marc was rubbing Taylor’s painfully erect nipples and his other hand was playing with his own.

    Joey was was getting off on watching Taylor being forced to suck Marc and he then soon began jacking Taylor’s dick. He started slow, just jacking Taylor’s dick head. A wink from Marc and then Devon continued to play with and tickle Taylor’s feet. He was being gentle so Taylor wouldn’t bite down on Marc's dick. He very gently stroked under Taylor’s toes making him flex his feet. Marc was force feeding Taylor his dick. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out and shot a load on Taylor’s chest. Marc then zipped his pants up and leaned over and rubbed his cum all over Taylor’s chest and played with Taylor’s nipples, stretching and pulling them and rubbing them between his fingers. He was pulling on his own dick and quickly shot his load. Then Marc figured that Taylor needed a release and went to work sucking on Taylor’s dick. He ran his tongue up and down the shaft and then decided to finish him off. He took Taylor’s entire dick in his mouth and with one hand began to gently rub Taylor’s full nut sack. Joey could see that Taylor was just about to cum so he put a hand on Taylor's left foot as Devon concentrated on his right foot and both of them started scratching his arches with intense, torturous tickling and Taylor was jerking side to side trying to escape the tickling torture as he finally shot his load just after Marc had taken his mouth off it. Having come Taylor was mega - ticklish and Joey and Devon were still tickling his feet, Taylor couldn't take it, they were merciless and cruel with their tickles all over both of his feet! Finally they stopped tickling Taylor who was covered with cum, his chest was sore from the pinching, the nerves in his feet were still twitching from the tickling and his cock was going soft from the blow job that he had just gotten. He was sweaty and worn out be used and abused by them all and was given a break as with Master Gray further torments for him were suggested and discussed by Marc, Joey and Devon!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Game for a laugh

    The college tutor had made it clear to Marcus his student that he liked him and Marcus spoke to his friend Jake about this and a plan was set. He'd pretend he was interested in the tutor and they'd have fun with him but not the kind of fun he'd been hoping for. After the final tutorial the lads approached Mr. Kenton and suggested he might join them for a drink in town and then things could go from there, they'd decided to not be coy! John Kenton 6' agreed and the three enjoyed a drink or three, the lads plied him with drinks and soon they were all at their tutor's pad and were stripping him and he was squirming apologising for his ticklishness. The lads winked at each other at this unexpected and useful discovery, they'd milk it.

    Marcus easily convinced his tutor now stripped to his briefs to lie on the bed on his back and even to be secured to make things even more exciting. The drunken 30 yr old tutor easy prey for the 23 yr old chemistry students. They looked at their tutor's fit body and Marcus taunted Kenton saying that he would soon be being touched by him as he knew the tutor wanted but adding maybe not in the way he would have liked to imagine!

    "Hey Kenton seems your pretty tied up and kinda vulnerable being ticklish!" said Jake

    "I want his feet" Marcus said conspiratorially. "You get his upper body Jake!"

    Jake grinned and nodded. He wanted to hear wild, uninhibited laughter from Kenton as his weakness was exploited and he was tickled mercilessly.

    "Ready? Get him!" Marcus said suddenly.

    The tutor was shocked when the two lads suddenly jumped on him. Marcus was laying across his secured legs facing his size 12 bare feet.

    "Haha! What'cha doin'? John Kenton giggled feeling drowsy from the drink and too fuzzy to realize his vulnerability.

    "Having fun Kenton!" Jake said, grinning as he started lightly wiggling his fingers at the top of his tutor's belly.

    The tip of Kenton's tongue stuck out as he started giggling.

    "Stop it! HAHAHAHHAHAHA," he said almost immediately in reaction to the tickling

    "How about this Mr. Kenton?" said Jake wiggling his fingers rapidly along the bottom edge of his teacher's stomach

    "AHHH! Hahahahahaha!! Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!" the tutor laughed, rolling his head back and forth.

    Through the pleasant fuzz of his drunkenness, the tutor noticed that echoes of the tickling spread all throughout his body. Even the most basic of ticklish touches seemed now somehow amplified.

    "How about this Kenton?" Marcus called from down by the tutor's bare feet.

    "Wait no, no please not my feet?" John Kenton thought for a second as he kept laughing. Before he could put the situation together in his mind, bursts of ticklish sensations shot up his legs as he felt Marcus run his fingers up and down the sole of his right foot very gently. Double teamed he quickly burst into squealing laughter. Between the tickles, and his current tendency to laugh at things anyway, he was helpless to do anything other than laugh and wiggle as he was tickled helplessly.

    The lads felt compelled by their victim's sweet laughter to tickle torture the tutor mercilessly as Marcus slowly tickled the left foot and then both feet simultaneously making his laughter jump up in pitch and then jump again when Jake switched from his stomach to his stretched out armpit. The tormented tutor's laughter rang out, getting louder and more desperate-sounding as his two students continued the relentless tickling ordeal. It was like the simple act of scribbling their fingers over his skin was spawning laughter that shot directly out of his mouth. His brain turned to jumbled, drunken mush as he lost track of where he was being tickled and was only aware of the transmission of the sensations through his nervous system as a whole. He wanted to beg for mercy, but he still wasn't able to bring himself to do anything but laugh like mad.

    “HAHA! HEHE!! STOP THAT! NOOOOOO! HAHA! HEHEEEEEEE!” he reacted violently as Marcus's fingertips danced all over his soles and his toes fanned and curled, shaking furiously with the tickles. Kenton yelled as Marcus's fingers stroked along his arches, his tickling was maddening and Marcus intent on tickling thoroughly. Kenton pointed his toes and wrinkled his soles, trying in vain to escape the tickling. He bounced up and down on the bed as Marcus really tickled his feet. Kenton's head shook from side to side on the bed as he hated his feet tickled, had done even as a child, it was unbearable!


    Jake having stopped tickling so Kenton had to focus on his feet being tickled was lightly licking just the head of the tutor's dick making it harden and seeing this happen winking and smiling at him. He stroked Kenton's inner thighs making it harden more as Marcus stopped tickling his tutor's feet..


    Kenton reacted as he I felt Jake's fingers softly start to brush his balls. It tickled him like crazy until he was gasping for Jake to stop as the sensations got him fully hard! Jake's fingers danced all over his balls feverishly. Jake tickled and tickled his tutor's balls!


    Kenton then felt what Jake drew attention to; a drop of precum ooze out of the head of his cock and still Jake teased him more!


    Kenton screamed as Jake began to tickle his throbbing cock, his fingertips danced up and down Kenton's shaft, balls to head and back again for ages. Tears streamed down Kenton's cheeks as he cried and begged for mercy. Still, his cock pumped in the air at his Jake's devious tickling fingers and he watched helplessly as with no mercy in his eyes just a lust for dominance and control Jake tickled his throbbing cock.

    Kenton was a sweaty, crying mess as Jake intensified the torturous tickling! Moans intermixed with my laughter as every brush of Jake's fingertips on his swollen cock sent electric shocks straight to his balls as Jake and Marcus winked at him both smiling!Marcus made it even worse starting to lick both feet from heels to toes and sucking on Kenton's toes which sent him berserk as he showed


    Soon enough the tutor arched his back and yelled as waves of hot cum shot from him as Jake tickled his cock and balls all the way through the orgasm and Marcus kept his relentless tickling fingers teasing his tutor's feet. Marcus was enjoying working over both big, sweaty and warm feet. They wiggled and squirmed and clenched desperately in vain to escape the tickling intensity. Marcus felt like he could tickle his tutor's feet all night and he stuck his fingers between Kenton's toes making his tickle-toy squeal loudly in ticklish anguish.

    "You fantasised me being on your bed with you touching you Sir and you see dreams do come true, these feet don't smell or taste bad Sir and it seems you have just shot a powerful load for us Sir so that means you will be more ticklish Sir, that's my theory but a practical illustration will demonstrate if my calculations are right Sir!" taunted Marcus.

    As Jake ran his fingers inside both Kenton's exposed armpits, Marcus made finger-spiders dances on Kenton's arches. The tutor screeched as Jake' s fingers drove into his bare armpits and started kneading unbearable tickles out of them, reactions sent crashing into his brain to burst from his mouth as hysterical laughter. When Jake's hands tickled his stomach and sides he begged for mercy, unable to articulate any words in his current state of hysteria and inebriation. Even just the thought that the students were tickling his helpless, bare body made him laugh harder. When Marcus grabbed his toes and started tickling under and between them, he just lost all illusions of coherency and screamed his desperate laughter into the night as the devilish duo kept actively tickling him all at once making the night a nightmare beyond anything he could have ever imagined!

    Their tickling skills were amazing and Marcus loved tickling his tutor's toes and adding his tongue into the mix! Finally they stopped as he exhausted gasped for breath all tickled out and they no longer tickling him were telling him that he was not going into lectures the next day as he'd be a little tied up and was clearly game for a laugh as both lads lay on the bed beside him. Jake by his head so his victim's armpits were in easy reach, Marcus only too happy to remain beside both feet! The rest of the night and all next day enjoying teaching their tutor a ticklish lesson!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    The First Timer

    The guy had called me from his office and been honest said he was married but wanted a massage later if I was free. Early 30's I told him I was and he told me to realise it was his first time at anything like this and was curious my ad said dominant masseur so told him, it meant I was in charge. He agreed and so as arranged at 7pm I arrived at his office, door open and he at his desk. He took me to a side room with a single bed in it, for when he worked late but perfect. He was 6' and good looking, in shape and in the room he dimmed the lights and then closed and locked the outer office door. He had told security he would be late leaving and not to disturb!

    "Jacket, pants, shirt, tie, socks, shoes off and lie down" I told him

    He lay down with arms up as instructed, an obedient puppy and secured them with zip ties so his armpits an easy target and then zip ties on his ankles. He now limited to a slight sliding movement, but otherwise very restrained. Kneeling facing his size 12 feet I began kneading away on his soles as he moaned in pleasure. I am damn good at giving a foot massage as guy's feet are my thing

    "Wow, you are very good. That feels wonderful. I hope they don't smell too bad."

    "Nah, I don't even notice it." I said having a good sniff of his feet

    He just smiled and said "Good".

    I rotated my hands back and forth on each foot rubbing his feet again and again loving their natural moistness and sweaty smell! He on his back staring at the ceiling in secured position, not seeing me with his soles inches from my face. As he relaxed I told him that I liked his feet, their look and their smell and then told him I hoped they were ticklish!

    " Let's see how ticklish?" smiling as he shuddered

    I began tickling his feet randomly all over which caused him to bounce on the bed and laugh out loud.

    "Hahahah! Oh shit! Nooo hahahahahahahahahahahaha"

    "Pretty ticklish, huh?" I said as I stroked both soles lightly

    "Yes! Ahahahahahaahahahahahahaha!"

    Soon I was working different parts of his feet which he couldn't pull away from tickling fingers, he had no choice but to just shake on the bed and laugh as he had his horrendously ticklish feet tickled.

    "Ahahahaheeheenoooohahahahahapleeeezennnooo! Come on!" he managed to say

    "Come on what?" I asked, not stopping the tickling.

    "Tickle a different place or something! Ahahahahahahahhatooomucchhahahaha!"

    "No, I'm fine tickling your feet for now." I responded

    "Aahaha! Fuck fuck fuck ahahahahahahahaahaaha!"

    I kept teasing his feet, both tickled and tickled without mercy as he sporadically asked me to stop. I reminded him I was in control and then licked the salty soles and sucked on his sweaty toes which tickled him like crazy. I told him that licklish guys like him my favourite and now he knew why I was dominant. I wanted his feet and would have them and he not in a position to stop me!

    "I wonder how some oil would feel on your feet?" I asked him

    "Oh no no no no, hahaha! I caahahn't take it!"

    "Well, let's see if you can."

    I paused tickling his feet briefly to cover his feet with baby oil and then cover my hands with it. This took me a few minutes as I wanted him to mentally be tormented and then began tickling both of his oiled up feet and he went ballistic


    "You're taking it just fine to me." I told him as I slipped my fingers in and out of between all of his toes.

    "NO NO! HAHAHA! PLEASE! STOOOP HAHAHAHAHHA" he was flexing hard in the restraints which were keeping him secured

    "Please what?" I taunted him


    I ignored his pleadings just continuing to tickle both his feet. He was covered in sweat and breathless from the intense foot tickling. I then stopped but only to pull his underwear down and immediately saw a semi - hard cock and got the oil and coating my hands in it I began jerking him off very effectively. I knew that he would not be able to stop himself from shooting his load and how horribly sensitive he'd be having cum so really pumped him. Before even a minute of jerking he shot a huge load of spunk and I immediatly showed him the small make-up brush and faced both his feet asking him if he was ready for more tickling?
    He shook his head no madly but I told him that was his problem! He was soon bucking on the bed and yelling as I was working on his feet and having used the brush, I got the very thin but special string and began pulling it back and forth in between all of his toes, I telling him that I am a Master at the art of tickling as sawing it between his toes, I also ran it under all of his toes! Then I covered his chest and stomach in oil and so too his ribs and both armpits and tickled him furiously everywhere on his upper torso.


    "You're ticklish everywhere, aren't you?" I responded to him


    The executive guy was desperately trying to close his armpits as I traced my fingers inside them making him suffer

    "You know this isn't going to stop?" I told him


    I kept tickling in and around his armpits for another twenty minutes. He was so drained at this point, too weak to do much begging as I was merciless with his tickling, staying on spots I knew tickled so without warning switched to stroking up n' down his legs


    I went mad on his upper body, tickling his sides, stomach, ribs and armpits all viciously and expertly.


    "I'll stop if you can guess what color I'm thinking of?" I verbally teased him








    I stopped tickling and again began pumping his dick "

    I was expert at jerking him off until he exploded once again with a good size load.

    Immediately, I dived into his pits and began tickling his upper body again.

    "AHAHAHA FUCK NO HAHAHA STOOOP!" was the instant reaction

    I continued tickling him ignoring his begging and he was a total wreck when I stopped all the tickling and released him from the bondage but too exhausted to move I could not resist sniffing his feet and orally enjoying their delicious smell and taste! No less than five hours later I left the office with my agreed payment of $200 and took the subway home!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories


    Tim's friends were jealous. He had everything, a great apartment in an exclusive high-rise, a Porsche, the best clothes, money to burn. That would cool since he was their friend after all, and since they had all known each other since being at grammar school they each cheered on eachother's successes. However, Tim was the laziest one of the bunch. He barely finished high school, and that was with extensive help from his friends, and he never held down a job for more than a few months at a time. Now, however, at 25yrs he was living large and his friends, all but one college graduates and newly minted professionals, couldn't figure out how?

    He didn't have a trust fund, his parent's weren't wealthy, and he hadn't won the lottery or some big gambling purse. Where was his money coming from? When they found out, it blew their minds. One night they were hanging at Tim's place, which they had grown accustomed to doing since he had the nicest place nearest the hotspots in town and his kitchen was always stocked with beer and food. As usual, Tim was sitting on his throne as his friends jokingly called it. It was a massive black leather recliner situated in the middle of the living room and directly in front of his massive wall-mounted HDTV. While they were watching a football game drinking imported brews, and snacking on pizza, hot wings, and chips, a total stranger walked into Tim's apartment carrying groceries and more beer.

    The man, a little older than Tim and his crew and wearing an impeccably tailored suit and expensive shoes, made a slight bow to Tim as he walked by, and proceeded to put everything away in the kitchen. After he was done, he picked up a shopping list that some of the friends had noticed tacked on to the front of the refrigerator when they were helping themselves to its contents. A couple of the guys even added a few items they thought would be good for their next visit to Tim's place. The mystery man folded and placed the list in one of the pockets of his suit jacket, walked to the door, turned around, made another slight bow to Tim, then walked out without saying a word or even acknowledging the others in the room. Tim's friends all watched this, not speaking a word while the mystery man was in the apartment. Tim didn't even look up to acknowledge him, instead keeping his focus on the game and cheering on his favorite team.

    Who the fuck was that and what was he doing? Brian, the newly minted assistant district attorney, blurted out as soon as the door to the apartment shut behind the stranger. As the most outspoken of the bunch, he was usually the mouthpiece for the group, verbalizing their unspoken thoughts.

    Tim finally looked away from the game. He said smiling,"Nobody, just one of my slaves!"¯

    WHAT?¯ All five friends cried in unison.

    "One of my slaves. He does the grocery shopping for me, makes sure my fridge is stocked with beers, that kind of thing. He also pays for this apartment and my maid service. I could get the maid to do the grocery shopping but I figured I'd let him feel useful.¯ Tim shrugged his shoulders and returned his attention to the game. His friends, Brian, David, Tony, Shawn, and Terry, just looked at him, with eyes wide and mouths agape. Finally, Tony, the MBA graduate and stock broker, broke the silence.

    "What the fuck are you talking about, Tim?" Slave? Pays for your apartment and maid? ˜Let him feel useful?"

    All the others nodded their heads. They wanted answers to the same questions. The game was all but forgotten. What Tim told them shocked them, and even made them admire him.

    "You guys know I've dabbled in hypnosis right?" His friends all nodded their heads since they had seen him do some basic hypnosis at parties, like making someone eat an onion believing it was an apple and making someone cluck like a chicken all the usual stuff. However, none of them had ever volunteered to be a subject. Tim looked around at all his friends, and for the first time noticed they were all intently focused on him. He immediately thought he could turn this typical evening into something memorable.

    "Well, I've gotten pretty good at it. For example, I've hypnotized each of you at one time or other without you even realizing it."

    The young men's eyes widened.

    "Don't worry, I didn't make any of you do something stupid. I would need to practice, and since we're together almost all the time, you were available as subjects." "It's called conversational hypnosis or covert hypnosis, since it's kind of deceptive. Tim knew this bit of info and terminology would spark even more interest.

    "Using a few choice words, emphasizing specific words or phrases in a conversation or while telling a story i can implant thoughts in a person's head without them knowing it" "There's also a technique called a handshake induction, where I can put a person into a trance immediately!"

    ¯ All the guys glanced at each other nervously as each tried to remember the last time he shook Tim's hand. Tim smirked to himself, since only he knew he was lying about hypnotizing them, but he also knew that the mystery, myths, magic and¯ hypnosis were often enough to place people in suggestible states. He was going to use this to his advantage! He couldn't' wait to laugh at them when he finished, or see their embarrassment at what he'd make them do, but pacing, tone, and focus were important, so he had to keep going while he already had them in a pre-hypnotic state.

    "The great thing about hypnosis"¯ Tim continued "is that after I've hypnotized a person once, it's EASIER AND EASIER each time TO PUT YOU UNDER, and without much effort!"

    ¯He smiled at them knowing they were all now nervous and confused, trying to think of times they might have done something uncharacteristic while around Tim. However, he had their full attention saying

    "For example, JUST BY TALKING TO YOU NOW, I CAN PUT YOU IN A TRANCE!"¯ This was a direct suggestion, and one Tim's off-kilter friends internalized without realizing it. Tim continued immediately without a break, so his friends wouldn't have an opportunity to respond or process what was taking place.

    "Anyway, one of my neighbors in my old dump was hanging out with me one night and I noticed he kept staring at my feet. He was MESMERIZED, totally TRANSFIXED. I finally said˜What the hell, dude?" and he started babbling about how he had a thing for guy's feet and he would pay me if I let him kiss mine!

    Since I was broke I let him kiss and lick my nasty feet for $50. Believe me they were real nasty, since I had been walking around barefoot all day. By the time the idiot finished, they were squeaky clean!"Tim paused to let the image sink in. Seeing the looks on his friend's faces, he laughed out loud in spite of himself, and broke the spell he had been weaving. He'd have to be a little more focused himself.

    "After that time every Friday when he got paid, he'd come over, LAY $50 AT MY FEET, and go wild on my feet until I kicked him off them!"

    At this point, David, a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company, interjected, briefly out of the spell ...

    "That's gross dude. Was he a fag or something? I wouldn't let a fag even touch me. Besides, what does this have to do with your slave and hypnosis?"

    Tim chuckled before he continued, savoring the mixed looks of surprise, disgust, confusion, and admiration on his friend's faces.

    "I'm getting to that" " LISTEN. DON'T THINK, JUST LISTEN!" "Yeah, the guy was a fag, and if he wanted to PAY ME TO SUCK ON MY DIRTY FEET, I couldn't care less. It's not like I let him suck my dick!" Tim noticed a slight flushed look on Shawn's face. He quickly made a mental note to explore that later!

    "So anyway, after about a month, I told the creep to tell me about his fantasies and how he got to be a foot fag." " He told me all kinds of wild shit about he wanting to be a mindless slave just wanting and needing to worship a Master. " "How he'd always had a thing for other guy's feet as long as he could remember. He told me that there were a lot of other faggots like him, EVEN some STRAIGHT GUYS and that there were groups on yahoo and websites on the internet dedicated to feet, MASTER AND SLAVES, and other shit. So, I did some research, and found out he wasn't joking!"

    "There was a whole world of freaks out there who WANT TO BE CONTROLLED, WHO WANT TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF by another guy like ME!"

    ¯Tim looked around at his friends and saw he had their full attention again.

    "As I did more research, I was able to connect the dots. Really, if you think about it, most of OUR RELATIONSHIP IS BASED ON DOMINATION AND SUBMISSION. A guy KISSING MY FEET is the ultimate expression of it. IT'S NATURAL, really. So if the other person is or BECOMES OBSESSED WITH MY FEET, the rest is easy!"

    Tim's friends continued to be focused on him and his every word. Tim could see three of them had the look¯ that every hypnotist looks for. The other two were well on their way.

    "So where does the hypnosis come in? asked¯ Shawn almost whispering but in a voice slightly robotic, even mechanical tone. At this point, the game was suddenly something completely forgotten by all in the room although the volume was still blaring. Tim knew that the harder they had to concentrate and focus to hear him, the easier his task at hand.

    "JUST LISTEN TO ME AND ONLY ME. YOU'LL UNDERSTAND everything in a minute. Tim again smiled to himself. He hadn't planned on having this conversation with his friends but since they asked he got to thinking about the strong foot fetish of that faggot, and HIS DESIRE TO BE A SLAVE, and thought he could use his foot obsession against him in ENSLAVING HIM THROUGH HYPNOSIS. So, I convinced him to LET ME HYPNOTIZE YOU, and once under, I reinforced his fetish, and started making an association between his desire to slobber all over my feet and HIS INFERIORITY TO ME. It wasn't hard, since he had that fucked up fantasy anyway!"

    "Every day for a week I had marathon HYPNOTIC sessions with him and HAD HIM TOTALLY MIND-FUCKED by the end of it. He would PRAY TO ME, BOW AND SCRAPE, and even CALL ME HIS LORD AND MASTER." "It was crazy as I started to push it, and had him cleaning my place, washing my car, all kinds of shit!"¯

    None of Tim's friends said anything. They barely blinked. They were completely focused on Tim. He continued "Since I was successful with him, I decided to try out the same method on other faggots and SUBMISSIVE STRAIGHT GUYS, LIKE YOU. I placed an ad on craigslist offering my feet, and believe it or not got all kinds of replies. Apparently, I HAVE PERFECT FEET, plus the fact that they are size 14's and get sweaty, raunchy and ripe seems to TURN THEM ON!"¯

    Tim leaned back in his recliner, raising his feet to eye level, and all ten eyes of his best friends watched his slow, deliberate movements, unable to keep themselves from openly checking out their friend's feet. Since they had known each other for years, they had of course seen Tim's feet, but never really noticed before how perfectly shaped and large they were. Tim crossed his ankles and wiggled his long toes. He didn't speak for a few seconds, allowing his friends to study and contemplate silently just how beautiful his feet were. Shawn actually leaned forward getting a deep inhalation of their ripe smell.

    "Anyway, I had dozens of guys "ON YOUR KNEES KISSING MY BEAUTIFUL FEET", and as they did so, I began to "HYPNOTIZE YOU".

    They were so involved with what they were doing, his friends were unaware how in speaking to them he was empowering suggestions to them .. "LISTEN CAREFULLY TO EVERYTHING I SAY, BELIEVE EVERYTHING I SAY. Soon, I would HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND, and NO ONE CAN RESIST MY COMMANDS. By the time I finished with each of them, YOU WORSHIP ME.!"

    All five of Tim's long-time friends nodded their heads. They couldn't keep from staring at their friend's feet, which were displayed in front of them as true fetish objects. They listened and understood.


    Tim looked at all his friends. The blank looks on their faces was priceless. It was time. He then simply commanded

    "Kneel!" and all five of his posse slid from their seats to their knees on the floor, while keeping their eyes on Tim's feet.

    Do you submit to my will, slaves?"¯

    "Yes!" It amused Tim to hear them speak in a monotone in unison.

    "Do you worship me?"


    "Do I control your mind?"¯


    "Do I control your thoughts?"


    "Good, slaves. Now, as you adore my feet, feel how lucky you are. Feel pride in service to me. Feel awe at my superiority."¯

    Tim noticed the change over their faces. It was a look of rapture. His lifelong friends were at that moment literally worshipping him. They were his to command. Their minds were his to mould. Tim hadn't planned on doing this to his friends but once he got started and saw how easy it was to entrance them, he couldn't resist himself. At first, he was just going to hypnotize them and video tape them. Watching themselves groveling before him and offering him money for the privilege of kissing his feet would embarrass the hell out of them and Tim would have a good laugh at their expense. However, Tim found himself tempted to continue on track he had started. He should release them, he knew, since he had been friends with them since childhood, after all, and as great as it was to have worshipful slaves, one needed friends as well. He already had ten very wealthy slaves at his service, so why make his friends slaves also?

    What dude wouldn't take advantage of a more submissive friend? He and his friends were conning and manipulating each other all the time, and laughing about it. Getting something over on a friend was part of the male bonding experience. That' s why he hypnotized them in the first place, to laugh at them when he brought them out of the trance. This was becoming a challenge, though. He'd been successful making slaves of faggots with foot fetishes, all of whom wanted to be treated like slaves but could he really make his friends slaves, straight guys that as far as he knew didn't have any submissive fantasies? The answer to this conundrum came to him in flash of inspiration. He would make it a win-win situation. Tim would make his friends super driven and successful in their careers and lives, but he would reap the benefits along with them. Each of his friends would tribute half of his earnings to him in exchange for this focus and success. Their parents would be proud, their colleagues impressed, and Tim would be rich without ever having to work. This plan applied to all but Shawn, however. Shawn, like Tim, barely finished high school, and was really the sad sack of the bunch. He lost both his parents in a tragic car accident a couple of years ago, and had no other family.

    Tim and the other guys were his family, and they tended to look out for him, although it could be tiresome. He worked delivering pizzas, so his friends often helped him out financially. Tim had noticed before that Shawn never talked about dating girls, but figured it was because he made so little money and had always been shy. Maybe there was more to it. Tim decided to find out later in the evening. With his conscious assuaged and a plan in place, for the rest of the evening Tim continued to program his friends while they stared adoringly at his feet. He implanted post-hypnotic suggestions, false memories, and new desires in each of their psyches. By the time he sent them home for the night, Tim had them believing they had been friends since childhood because they were always meant to serve him. He made them believe that they indeed had always served him, and would happily and contentedly continue to do so for the rest of their lives.

    He implanted in them a desire for success and a drive to work hard. He created a trigger in each of them that only he had access to and at the mere mention of his feet, he could take them from their normal state and status as friend, albeit a deferential one, to a worshipful, adoring slave and they'd all perform barefooted and so vulnerable to tickling torment he inflicted on them for his amusement! Of course, Tim would have to follow up this initial programming with subsequent sessions but that was no trouble since they hung out together frequently. He could also call each of his friends on a daily basis and quickly bring them back to a waking hypnotic state and reinforce their persoanal programming. Also, he had the flash of inspiration to have Terry, the brilliant video game designer, make dvds and cds with subliminal messages that all the guys would be instructed to listen and watch on a regular schedule. Tim was amazed at himself. He went from just pulling a prank to developing a new life for his friends.

    When Tim was satisfied that he had mind-fucked his friends enough for the evening, he sent them home feeling happy, content, and energized. All except Shawn, that is. At the door, while his friends were filing out, he asked Shawn to stay behind. As soon as he shut the door, he put his right hand out as if to shake hands with Shawn, and when Shawn reached for it, Tim immediately grabbed it and placed it on Shawn's face while commanding him to sleep and placing him in a trance again. This was the handshake induction, which worked by interrupting a behavior that is done automatically, therefore placing a person in a confused state and open to any suggestion in order to escape the confusion. Of course, since Shawn had already been hypnotized by Tim earlier that evening, it worked flawlessly. Tim guided Shawn to the couch, sat beside him, and began the second phase of his plan, which he hadnt actually formulated, but was nagging at the back of his head:

    "Shawn, do you trust me?"¯


    "Shawn, do you like me?"


    "Shawn, is it good to always tell the truth?"¯


    "Tell me, are you gay?"¯


    "Are your feet ticklish?"


    "Do you like your feet tickled?"


    This is exactly what Tim had been suspecting all evening. Shawn was a faggot and happy to know he hated his size 12 feet tickled. None of his friends knew Shawn's secrets, not even Tim until tonight. Well, thought Tim, Shawn's life was about to change. Here was a fag who Tim had known most of his life, and could trust around his friends, since they were all part of the same posse. Shawn was not only going to be Tim's slave but his 24/7 slave. A slave who knew all Tim's likes and dislikes without asking, who knew his temperament, his favorite foods, drinks, clothing, everything. There would be virtually no training involved and the way Tim saw it, he was saving Shawn from a life of faggotry, but giving him purpose and direction. Who would question the arrangement? There was no family, Shawn didn't have a career and their friends were now under Tim's control anyway to believe whatever he wanted them to believe. Sweet. So Tim began the reshaping of his friend.

    "Shawn, go back to earlier this evening. What did you learn?"¯

    "I can't resist your will. It is good to be your slave. Being your slave gives me purpose. I worship you. You are my Lord and Master and I must always be barefoot and ticklish for your pleasure and to amuse you.

    "Very good, Shawn. Now get on your knees and say that over and over until I tell you to stop! and Shawn shoes and socks what?"

    "Off for you!"

    "Yes Shawn off and put them here by me so I can enjoy them in ways you will become adddicted to expecting from me and anyone I decide will play with, mess with toy with your size 12 feet."¯

    Tim stretched out, put his own feet on the coffee table and listened to his new slave chant. What an evening. What a fucking amazing evening which saw Shawn secured for a session of cruel foot tickling, his toes sucked and soles licked and feet sniffed as Tim's were pampered and adored by him!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Hotel Initiation in N.Y.C.

    I arrive at the hotel room a few minutes late. The scheduled time was at 5pm and I was to be prompt and specifically dressed in my best suit, worthy of gaining fraternity status. The pledge-master opened the door and inspects me from feet to head. I'm wearing polished my black loafers, sheer dark blue socks on size 12 feet, and my neatly pressed charcoal 3-button Calvin Klein suit. Under my buttoned-up suit, I am wearing my neatly pressed white Brooks Brother's oxford shirt, and silk baby blue tie. A thin cotton Calvin Klein t-shirt and my black and red CK briefs complete my undergarments.

    I am clean shaven, 6'1" hair cropped short, and the scent of Chrome cologne permeates the immediate air. Though working all day in the office the hot August day had my natural masculine aromas too.

    After taking in my impressive appearance, I’m allowed in. His demeanor is staid, so I can't tell if he’s upset because I am late, or even pleased to see me. Dressed casually in khakis and a dark polo, he tells me to sit and offers me a beer. I take a seat at the table, and while sipping my beverage, I survey the room. It's quite nice and has a lot of room, but I notice a decent size drop cloth under my feet, that fills up the space between the table and queen size bed. Suddenly, he takes the other chair and we begin chatting...

    After the small talk, the hotel phone rings. It's quick and coded, which gets me thinking. He asks me if I am ready to be initiated in your esteemed fraternity, and I tell him "yes". He approaches me, and in a condescending tone, I am commended on my attire. Before I can say anything, he gently grabs my tie and pulls it out from under my coat. I start to get a bit nervous, but turned on, as he caresses my silk tie (which is knotted perfectly in a Windsor against my button-down collar).

    Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. He gives me a sinister looking smirk, and asks me if I am sure that I'm ready. All I can do is nod my head, and quietly ask

    "Who's at the door?"

    My question is ignored, and he tosses the bottom end of my tie over my shoulder. The door opens to two guys, both resembling the typical frat boy persona, nicely built wearing college apparel. I begin to tense, and it is recognized. The pledge-leader, Patrick, introduces Mike and Rob, and tells me they are to observe, and assist if need be. The three of them approach me, and begin to stare me down. Patrick firmly announces some sort of initiation intro. I quickly try to adjust my tie and tuck it back into my coat, but his arm and palm shoot out at my chest, and grabs me by the tie and the front of my shirt. He leans in and asks why I was late. I'm quiet, yet aroused by the domineering presence.

    With his free hand, he smacks me across the face. I’m asked a second time, and I hesitate. He smacks me again. Again, he asks me. This time, it’s more demanding, and Patrick tightens his grip on me. I look down, and see my shirt and tie bunched up in his fist. I am extremely turned-on but regain my composure. I politely inform him that he’s wrinkling my shirt, which gets me another slap, and an ultimatum. I stammer, but tell him it was because of traffic (Or was it??) Patrick yanks me out of the chair, and pulls me up close.

    I can feel my shirt collar digging into my neck, and the seams under my arms stretching. He informs me that a pledge's tardiness is cause for extra paddling in the initiation process, I am hurled face down onto the bed. Mike and Rob step in, each grabbing a wrist of mine, and hold me down. My legs are spread, and my ankles tied to each of the bottom bed posts. I try to squirm, but a couple of smacks to my ass take care of that. I am instructed to remain quiet as my loafers pulled off, both my socked feet are stroked whilst comments made about them stinky. I'm squirming as being so ticklish, the teasing unbearable but must keep quiet. Two guys, two techniques, equally devastating! They all want to see more of my ass, but my coat tail is in the way. I feel the back side of my suit jacket grabbed, and suddenly ripped apart from the bottom to the collar. I curse whoever did that, but am told to shut up and the tickling continues but is more intense as both socks peeled off and shit they find under my toes is my worst spot! The sweat drenches my face and neck, and my eyes are watery and I cannot hold back and burst into giggles which are assisted by the expert ticklers now running fingers in between my moist and sweaty toes on my very warm feet.

    I beg them to stop which after a few minutes they do. Roughly pushed on my back Patrick rips open the front of my jacket, popping off each of the buttons. The three frats stare at me, and as I look down, I can also see the bulge in the front of my slacks. They agree that I am enjoying my initiation, and to finish off my jacket, he takes a pair of scissors to my jacket. I start to struggle, but am advised to stay still so I don't get hurt. I lie there moaning, watching in erotic humility as the fine material is cut and torn, until it is in shreds.

    Before I can utter a word, I’m forced to endure Patrick tickling my armpits and nibbling my nipples as Mike and Rob fixated, addicted even to my very ticklish feet begin teasing me under my toes and in between them, in the arches, and on the sides of my feet. Now I am being tickle tortured for sure, this isn't a game, these serious and sadistic ticklers! The two guys stopped to show me their "Foot Rakes" as they called them; forks with bent tines which proved devastating as they were used from my heels, up through the arches to under the toes and back to my heels again. Partick's licking my armpits was ticklish in another way.

    That's what both lads did next, they licked my feet really teasing my sensitive soles I was gritting my teeth and clenching my fists as I tried to last out through the first licks, only to break into uncontrollable laughter about ten seconds later as the licking continued with my toes sucked and nibbled, I can't stand that, too fuckin' ticklish but the bastards seeing this and loving my helpless reactions just carried on. Patrick eventually working over my feet orally and manually; three hours later I was a wreck but congratulated on passing my initiaton and rewarded with my dick sucked, my asshole licked and shooting two powerful loads but the problem being having cum being even more ticklish especially all over my feet, something all of them relished in illustrating to me!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Friends at a price

    Kelvin Dobbs 31 yrs lived alone since his Mum died and didn't socialise. He'd seen the four lads move in next door and heard their music pumping though his walls and their laughing and joking wishing he might join in the company and that's what happened. Gone midnight music blaring Kelvin knocked their door. He greeted by a drunken Nick who pulled Kelvin into the hallway when he'd complained about the music. Paul, Pete and Rob with Nick told Kelvin to join the party, have a drink and enjoy. Kelvin sat on the sofa and was handed a can of lager with the rufie in it. Within twenty minutes his head was spinning.

    "Yeah mate you ready to party, let's get you in the mood, laid down for some fun!"

    Kelvin tried to struggle but drugged up was taken to the bedroom and momentarily flaked out. He was naked except for his socks when he came round and was secured to the bed on his back.

    "Wakey, wakey it's playtime!" said Paul.

    Kelvin panicked finding himself surrounded by the four lads all smiling and winking at him.

    "Hello mate seem to have lost your clothes doncha!" said Pete.

    Kelvin squirmed and bit on his lips as he felt someone caressing his hot sweaty cotton-socked feet.

    "Still got your socks on though, fuck me they smell good mate and seems you're a little ticklish on these big fuckers .. shoes tell me size 11's Mmmm!" said Rob.

    The sight of the white-socked soles caused Rob's cock to twitch in his pants. The material of Kelvin's socks was molded to the shape of his soles with sweat. Each toe was outlined under the wet socks. The damp material hugged the rounded balls of his feet, tightly stretched over each arch and the contour of each heel was evident through the fabric as well. Kelvin's toes flexed as Rob ran a finger all around the socked toes.

    "Excuse me mate Rob, he get's off on guy's feet especially ticklish feet .. what's your name mate ?" said Nick

    "Kelvin .. please let me go, please!"

    "Sorry Kelvin no can do on that, party's just startin' and your it!" mocked Nick

    "Go for it Rob tease the fucker!" said Pete

    Rob winked at a squirming Kelvin as he went to the top of each sock in turn and slowly peeled them off the big bare feet staring him in the face. Rob held the socks up to his face, inhaling the strong masculine scent of Kelvin's sweaty feet as he appraised the newly bared soles trapped in front of him.

    "Mmmm fuck these socks stink good and what sexy feet, you ever had 'em licked heels to toes, ever had these hot toes sucked, guess not ... gonna be great initiating you and so ticklish ... when I nibble and chew them you'll know what ticklish means Kelvin!" taunted Rob

    "No look please my feet are ticklish, I hate them being tickled, please don't!" said Kelvin

    "Yeah beg boy ... beg like that !" said Rob

    He was licking Kelvin's toes in moments addicted to their taste and smell.

    "We're gonna experiment with your ticklishness and sexuality, our handsome captive toy to spend ages teasin' the fuck out of!" said Nick as he stroked Kelvin's dick hardening as both his big toes were sucked by Rob

    "Looks like you gettin' hard there Kelvin!" grinned Pete who then sniffed Kelvin's armpits and began licking them as he pinched his nipples.

    "Noooh pleeeze I'm straight stoooop noo!" yelled Kelvin squirming to avoid the touches but he was helpless.

    Rob buried his nose in Kelvin's bound toes, the hot moist flesh feeling wonderful as it pressed up against his eager face. Inhaling deeply at the spot between the big and second toes of both feet, he was overcome by the powerfully erotic scent and he could feel the pre-cum begin to ooze out of his own hard cock inside his underwear. Both big bare feet completely at his mercy the smooth soles, high arches, and thick, perfectly shaped toes. Rob inhaled again, the sexy sweaty smell making his cock grow impossibly harder
    as he took his time sniffing every square inch of his bare soles and toes. Kelvin well on his way to a full erection with Nick stroking his dick gently and Paul caressing his balls calling him queer-boy as he did so and Pete clamping a hand over Kelvin's mouth.

    "Yeah Kelvin feel overload of sensations, hey Rob add one tickle his feet man, make him squirm man!" said Paul.

    Rob began lightly running the fingertips of each hand very slowly up and down the exquisitely sensitive soles of Kelvin's trapped feet. Now the extremely delicate tickling of his unprotected soles had his lips trembling immediately. Rob could feel the muscles under the smooth, taut arches twitching uselessly as they tried in vain to escape his tormenting fingertips. Kelvin bit his succulent lower lip to hold back the building laughter. Rob's fingers continued their tantalizing stroll around the severely restrained soles in front of him, speeding up just a little. Kelvin bit his lip harder and sucked in air through his clenched teeth. Rob's fingertips traversed a particularly sensitive spot on the soles of Kelvin's feet making him squirm wildly as he suddenly lost it


    "You're getting hard because despite how much you hate this, despite how much you're praying for this torture to end, despite the unspeakable torment you're enduring right now ... somewhere deep inside you is a masochistic little boy who finds this to be the most mind-numbingly erotic thing that has ever happened to him. There is a part of you that is extremely aroused by being made helpless and subjected to other lad's sadistic pleasures! Isn't that right Kelvin!" teased Pete.

    "Answer me, ...NOW! Convince him to agree Rob!" said Pete who was licking Kelvin's nipples and lightly stroking both sweaty armpits.

    Rob gave up the gentle teasing for a no-holds-barred torture technique: scraping cruelly, rapidly, and unpredictably across the surface of Kelvin's sweaty soles as they began to vibrate in unmitigated ticklish agony.


    Excited Rob began moving his fingertips even faster along Kelvin's bare soles. He raked mercilessly with his fingernails along the tender arches, moving up to the unbearably sensitive area under his bound toes and Kelvin to his captors delights went absolutely ape shit, yanking frantically at his bonds and howling like a banshee. Rob continued the merciless tickling. When his fingers finally moved away from the warm, twitching flesh on the soles of Kelvin's big masculine feet, Kelvin's agonized laughter and unintelligible sputtering ceased in total exhaustion, sweat dripped even more copiously from him as if he'd just run a marathon. Kelvin involuntarily moaned softly as his cock became more rigid and Nick smiled to himself as he continued fondling him as Paul licked Kelvin's balls.


    "Fuck you got such a stiffy .. think you need lickin' Kelvin, yeah gonna suck the straight boy Mmmm here I come and soon as fuck you will!" teased Nick

    Nick slowly extended his tongue until it's tip made contact with the quivering tip of Kelvin''s dick. He swirled his tongue lightly through the precum there and then traced it delicately around the super-sensitive ridge of the glans. Kelvin's' tormented cock began to twitch even more frantically.

    "Oh Fuck ... Noooooaahhh! ... (gasp) ... OH FUCK, SHIITNOOOO ...c'mon, man STOOOP!" begged Kelvin totally humiliated

    Nick looked up, winked at him and at Rob licking both sweaty soles and opened his mouth wide and slowly devoured the entire length of the slick, over-heated erection. He let the warm wetness of his mouth envelop it totally. He opened the back of his throat and let Kelvin's delicious dick in as far down as it would go. Then he constricted his throat muscles around it, squeezing it until he could tell that it was just about to erupt, carefully drew the slippery shaft out of his mouth again through the tight circle he'd made of his lips, and then pulled away just before Kelvin's climax could be irrevocably triggered.

    "AAAAHH AH AH ... GOD ....OH GOD, NOOOOO!!!", Kelvin's face was contorted in a mask of pain and thwarted ecstasy.

    "Oh fuck ... sorry about that!"

    Nick wiped his lips off on the back off his arm, stared directly into Kelvin's suffering face and grinned cruelly.

    "I keep forgetting my promise not to molest you straight boys, amazing how your dicks just grow to the point of exploding in my mouth, these lips are so fuckin' expert at sucking and licking amazing hot dicks like yours, see it throbbin' as it is and look at the pre -cum but seems Paul's gettin' a good lick of those balls but reckon he should stick a wet finger in your hole Kelvin!" said Nick.

    Kelvin squirmed more as Paul's wet finger sought and stroked his hole teasingly running along it as Pete joined Rob and they worked over a foot each. Both of them voraciously devouring his toes, licking up and down the hot flesh of his tautly stretched arches, and swabbing his tender heels with warm, wet tongues, feasting on both horrendously sensitive bare feet. Their lips parted, warm tongues snaking out along the sweating soles and sucking each of Kelvin's toes as he grew hysterical and squirmed so much that Paul's finger slid up his hole and Paul began fingering him. Both feet were salty and delicious for Rob and Pete who slobbered over Kelvin's toes, greedily running wet tongues over them all, forcing them between each set of toes and running them along the balls of his feet. Pete then replaced by Nick who instead of licking Kelvin's salty toes now like Rob began nibbling insistently on them. This sensation was utterly intolerable for Kelvin in almost manic laughter but powerless to stop or avoid it happening, any of it!


    Rob lifted his face up from Kelvin's saliva slicked toes and asked with exaggerated innocence,

    "What's the matter, Kelvin? It seemed like you were liking this."

    "Here's the forks Rob, this will be fun!" said Nick

    He and Rob went to work immediately, using the pointed tines of the fork to scrape along both soles. If Kelvin thought his feet were ticklish before, his feet were now way off the scale of sensitivity! He had no idea that his nerve endings were even capable of such intense sensations! His laughter was mixed with wild uninhibited shrieking. After about five minutes Kelvin was a total wreck, his voice hoarse from screaming and laughing, every muscle in his body on fire from the prolonged, fitful strain but Pete now had a
    grip on Kelvin'. He then maddeningly loosened that grip with each stroke until he was barely grazing Kelvin's hardened shaft as it slid slowly in and out of his slackening fist. He let it go completely leaving the pulsing staff to ache urgently with unsatisfied need. Kelvin still being fingered by Paul whimpered in quiet desperation and his body shuddered once in the sudden loss of all genital stimulation. Albeit being enforced the pleasure dissipated completely without affording any release, leaving poor Kelvin with only the insistent ache in his cock. The load of cum broiling in his balls was reaching critical mass. His acutely tantalized dick felt as if it would split in half if he didn't shoot soon! Every cell in his brain was focused on his leaky cock as it throbbed hopelessly as Nick looked at it and licked his lips!

    "Mmmm so teasing, must resist!" Nick said

    Nick knelt down and he leaned in close to study Kelvin's trembling erection. Cruelly he ran a finger along Kelvin's balls and he delighted in the fact that a single fingertip tickling the underside of Kelvin's testicles would cause him to gasp and his desperately rigid penis to jerk erratically in the air. Unfortunately for Kelvin, Nick found his captive's uselessly twitching dick endlessly amusing. Over and over again Nick teasingly ran the tip of his finger up the straining shaft and around the edge of the glans, eliciting a deep, tortured moan from Kelvin each time. He forced drop after sticky drop of precum to ooze from the head of the captive's frustrated cock, keeping his handsome pleasure victim right at the brink of orgasm without ever letting him shoot. Nick lookiing at him in desperation as he toyed with his swollen cock. With a smirk on his face, Nick winked at helpless Kelvin and then parted his lips as he moved his head closer and closer to the poor guy's throbbing erection, maintaining eye-contact with him the whole time.

    "Oh yes...do it...do it, please..." Kelvin now panted through a haze of erotic torment.

    "DEAR GOD ... (pant) ... OH, PLEEEZE ... JUST LET ME CUM! LET ME CUM!!! OH GOD ... (grunt, groan, grunt) I W-WANT YOU TO TOUCH ME ... I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME CUM ... (grunt, pant, grunt) YOU HAVE TO LET ME C-CUM, MAN!!! (pant, pant) PLEEEEEZE?!?!! (gasp)"

    "I don't have to do anything Kelvin, I will if I want to but no ... not yet!" teased Nick who noticed both Rob and Pete were sniffing at Kelvin's feet but wanted to see him suffer more

    "Hey come on guys you can sniff 'em when he's shot his load but tickle the creep !"

    They immediately began to tickle Kelvin's feet with intensity, they did not miss an inch. They tickled his arches, his soles, his toes as he was hollering with loud laughter, screams and laughter. Then switched on the electric toothbrushes of the men had an electrical toothbrush, and used them on his feet causing him to flex his toes and uttering a demonic laugh. The bristles of the electrical toothbrush were hellish, Paul and Nick's hands were dancing around his armpits and he let up a scream that went beyond his vocal chords. Nick spider tickled his armpits and Paul used a single finger to make circular motions. Initial giggling didnt take long to turn into an all out real-live ticklish laughter. Pete and Rob toyed with his toes then trailed fingers along his ankle to his insteps and then his arches and scraped along the very soles of his feet from his heels to the balls of his feet. As Nick now jerked him off, Kelvin going crazy as Paul licked his armpits then suddenly he shot a powerful load and Nick said to Rob and Pete ... "

    "Now tickle the fucker's feet, Paul and I want to see this .. laugh it up Kelvin here's torture man real torture!"

    Kelvin's feet cringed, turned, flexed, and wiggled to get away now both so very, very ticklish but helpless to escape!


    Kelvin remained secured to the bed after the torture tickling as the lads toy and the whole night was licked, sucked, pinched, stroked, massaged and fondled by them all either individually or together and though not as torturously was tickled especially his feet but now spends nights with his neighbours knowing that having watched TV or eaten with them that they'll strip and tickle him but he's not alone anymore, he's got friends at a price and they have a friend with benefits in him and like exploiting it at his expense!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Father Leary's Penance
    Father Leary's Penance

    Our younger brother Terry told us of the abuse he'd suffered from the priest so now Father Gerry Leary was subjected to our revenge in his own vicarage on his own bed. Matt and I were set to enjoy teaching him a lesson and Terry had told us that the handsome 30 yr old priest was incredibly sensitive and Terry himself wanted to use his weakness against him. The 6' priest had wisely obeyed us so no need for using the base ball bat. It was 9pm and the Evensong for that night over, waiting hidden by shrubbery we'd grabbed him as he'd arrived home and made him strip off his vestments but keep the priest collar on. A short two-by-four kept the priest’s knees apart, and the ropes that secured his knees to the board of his bed, also secured him from collapsing down on his stomach. In this position, his ass was up and split. His newly bared and warm size 12 feet were top down on the bed, the soles exposed, and his ankles additionally secured to the sides of the bed so he could not move much, we inserted the earplugs are inserted he was then blindfolded and gagged.

    Now that he was deprived of sight and sound we tease touched his slim, fit body with light touches and quick pokes. We wanted him nervous, anxious not knowing what next might happen. To our amusement he flinched at every poke as we lightly stroked him and made him wriggle and squirm. Terry was at his bare feet licking the sensitive soles and sucking on the long toes making him moan and giggle at the lick tickles. At the same time Matt was lightly flicking at just the tips of his hard nipples. The priest grunting and groaning at every new sensation. The action intensified on his feet as Terry got into his stride, our 18 yr old brother clearly enjoying inflicting ticklish torture on both feet scratching and using his tongue along the arches, under the toes and in between them, sucking and nibbling the sweaty toes heightening the tickling sensations. I began employing circular strokes up and down the priest's sides to further intensify the tickling. The efficiency of these new sensations was signaled by louder moans, groans and muffled laughter coming from him.

    Father Leary jerked his head as perspiration had broken out on his naked body from all this physical stimulation and exertion. The electric tooth-brush Terry used all over the priest's big, highly sensitive feet really produced a helpless volley of moaning, groaning, giggling and pleading responses from him. Matt and I had two more electric toothbrushes which we ran up his legs giving particular attention to his inner and upper thighs. Father Leary visibly agitated to our delight, his body twitching and jerking and his head turning from side to side in response to our assaults. Terry liked sniffing the powerful aroma of both the priest's big feet as he engrossed, concentrated on tormenting both exposed bare soles, the high arches, the long toes, and wide balls of the priest's feet. He systematically began diligently tongue bathing both feet in turn so that they were covered with the natural lubricant of his saliva, he found the priest's feet intoxicating. He told us later that following one session of abuse, gaining the priest's confidence that Father Leary had confessed to him that he couldn't stand his feet touched being so sensitive, he couldn't bear the thought of any kind of attention being paid to them; so Terry had been determined to torture and rape them in every way he could think of doing!

    Covered with saliva the priest was soon howling into his gag whilst Terry then ran the whirling bristles of the electric tooth-brush all over both feet torturously and we stopped touching the Father so all he could focus on were the sensations of the insidious tickles his feet were receiving. We watched as his toes wiggled furiously as he became hysterical! Those toes of his flexed uncontrollably from Terry's tickle investigation with the electric tooth-brush. The moment that Father Leary would curl his toes of one foot in the vain hope of avoiding the bristles, Terry would move to the tease the other foot, switching and attacking without any rhythm or consistency, making the priest squeal with laughter as his big feet were subjected to every indignity Terry could inflict with the brushing. Then he concentrated on licking the priest's feet, thrusting his tongue between the long toes, and laving up and down the long soles and high arches. Father Leary went wild, almost bucking so hard as to desperately free himself but the bonds kept him tightly restrained. Terry licked insistently from one foot to the other ruthlessly enticed by vulnerable reactions then he stopped and removed earplugs

    "You bastard, having sick games with me, you're gonna suffer so much all over your feet, thanks for telling me your weak spot and when you shoot your cum, you gonna be even more ticklish and now I sniff and lick your feet coz I want to not coz you tell me to but best of all I break the fuckin' rules and tickle them you dirty fucker!"

    Matt began running the bristles of his electric tooth-brush in between the priest's ass cheeks, along his anal trench and teasing his ass pucker and as at the front his heavy nut sack now hung down between his legs I made an attack on them. So Terry took a break from enjoying teasing Father Leary's feet as he watched this happening and the priest's attention and concentration was to his asshole and testicles being teased which kept his dick hardened and leaking drips of pre-cum as it involuntarily was pulsing. I went to work on the priest’s cock, making sure his cock knob got a good brushing to make it itch and tingle. The priest panicked and began shouting for us to stop as he felt the salacious tongue of Matt slurping into his crack seeking out his ragged anus and then laving his bulging testicles and sensitive cock knob. Father Gerry Leary began to squeal from a combination of fear and the incredible, amazing sensations felt as Terry and I watched Matt orally tease and torment him and Terry pulled his gag out.

    “Oh my God…stop, boys, oh God…oh my sweet Jesus… oh, oh, nnnnoooooo….aaaaaaahhhhhh….. oh Lord…… oh my God….. aaagghhh, stop..stop, oh pleaaassse. No, NO, oh, OH…. Oh my God…. Ooooohhhh!”

    For the next half hour, Matt's tongue played target practice on the priest's dick and asshole. Matt's tongue wrapped around his shaft and licked the head until suddenly as Matt removed his mouth the priest shot a powerful load of spunk!

    After he had come the babbling Father pleaded with us to stop teasing him but Terry was behind him again and holding both feet licking up and down both soles then stroking them, his fingers sliding the length of them as the priest howled with manic laughter as I fisted the bound priest’s cock and began working him up to another ejaculation. Matt joined Terry and together their relentless tongues worked up and down Father Gerry Leary's very sweaty and smelly feet from his heels to his toes as I told him that we'd be toying with him all night and I still as yet was waiting to enjoy the taste and smell of his unbearably ticklish feet. The perverted priest gasped and squealed with constant tormented laughter in means of response to us and his feet were definitely addictive!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Playing Oscar

    Oscar from Tenerife was a sight for sore eyes. Tall, dark and handsome written with him in mind and desperate for cash though straight had answered my ad to be gay for pay and the fee $300 the 20 yr old lay secured to my play-table wondering what I might do to him and naked with a decent sized dick I guess assumed I would pay it attention but his feet had got my attention when slipping off the socks from them he'd flinched. I had pretended not to notice but now whispered in his ear

    "I am going to tickle torture you Oscar as that's my thing!"

    I went to work on the soles of both his size 12 bare feet at the same time and soon this was driving him insane. He was screaming

    "NHOOHOOHOO! NHOOHOOT THEEHEERE! PLHEEHEESE, NHOOHOOT THEEHEEHEERE!” as I went to work on his surprisingly tender arches. I found that a light touch on the arches worked best there, while lightly using my nails on his soles and the balls of his feet made his laughter go up an octave.Tickling both feet at once was really driving him nuts so while I continued my attack with my nails on the soles of his warm, sweaty feet, I started to nibble on his naked toes and slip my tongue between them. This was driving him out of his mind, as the screams began to become incoherent in his hysterical laughter,


    "Do you want me to stop? What will you do to make me stop?” I teased him


    "Wanna cum?" I asked sadistically, allowing my fingers to leave his soles and wander up to play with the pads of his wiggling toes.

    "YHEEHEES! PLHEEHEEHEESEHAAHAAHAAHAA!" was the immediate answer.

    I slipped my lips over his cock and stroking his nipples gently he was soon hard and desperate to explode which he did as I drew my tongue away from licking the head of his 7" cock. He was in a state of uncontrollable laughter real tortured laughter and cries of ecstasy as I milked him dry by jerking him off and stroking both armpits.He just laid there exhausted his bare chest heaving with each breath, his naked skin glistening beneath the mat of hair, which was also slicked down by the river of perspiration that covered his naked frame. After a short break I sat on a stool at the end of the play-table by his feet smiling

    "Please! Don't tickle my feet! Tickle me anywhere else you want, but PLEASE, not on my FEET!” but Oscar's pleas fell on deaf ears as I sniffed at his warm and moist feet remarking how great it was they were so ticklish and he was going to earn his payment


    I worked all over Oscar's bare feet like a true professional.I scrolled my fingers the length of both soles over and over, alternating the pressure with each pass to determine what worked best. I soon determined that a light stroke with my fingertips worked best on his arches, while stroking lightly on the soles worked best there, with a little more pressure needed to get the best result on the heels. I didn't just use my fingers. I applied my tongue to all of his deliciously tasty toes and was delighted to learn that slipping my tongue in between his toes drove him out of his mind with ticklishness and nibbling on his toes defiantly got a reaction but my tongue, licking the pads as well as the spaces between the toes caused him to fall into absolute hysterics. I stopped tickling his toes as this was very intense but my assault on his soles never let up, as I continued to stroke both soles with my index and middle finger, one on each bare sole. After twenty minutes the devil got into me and I proceeded to tickle Oscar's toes mercilessly.


    I kept on tickling with my fingers. I tickled the pads of all ten toes at once, and then tickled the base of his toes with my fingers whilst using my tongue to torment the spaces between them. I kept up this toe tickling for the next twenty minutes, until Oscar was totally tickled helpless, and just lay there on the play-table shaking, he was an hysterical mess!

    "I get a feeling that you're feather sensitive, so I have an assortment of feathers I want to try on your bare feet. I also have a nice soft artists brush that I think will work wonders between your toes" I said to him.


    I retrieved the tray and showed him the toys .. Stiff turkey, pheasant, and hawk feathers, and some silky soft ones, paint brushes of all sizes, a deadly looking artists brush, hair brushes, both plastic and hair bristled, a battery operated electric toothbrush, Q-Tips, long, fuzzy pipe cleaners that were set in groups of five, twisted together at the bottom so they could be used 5 at a time, and a rubber tipped dental pick.

    "These are the toys I'm gonna use on you and just on your feet!" I told him

    I then explained how I intended to use each one and began with the turkey and pheasant feathers, using the turkey feather to tickle the sole of his left foot, while I slowly drew the pheasant feather between each and every toe of his right foot. Oscar was instantly hysterical and desperately begging me to stop but was soon just roaring with laughter as the stem of a feather run underneath all of his toes proved ticklishly devastating. After a half hour of this, I switched to the pipe cleaners, placing one between each toe on both his bare feet. Then, holding them where they were connected at the base, I was able to slide them all over between all ten toes at once. He was literally being torture tickled.


    "Let's see what happens when a bit of spice is added!” I said

    I began licking the sole of first his right foot, then the left and all the time working the pipe cleaners between his toes so he was in Tickle Hell! I used each and every 'toy' on his feet over the next two hours. The handsome dude was broken, he had lost the power of speech so couldn't even beg me to do the one thing he desperately needed me to do; help me cum! Finally, after 15 minutes of the artists brush between his toes on his right foot while I tongue bathed the other I stopped. Oscar lay on the play-table laughing uncontrollably, despite the fact that I had stopped tickling him. I enjoyed sniffing and licking his feet, sucking his toes telling him he had earned an extra $100 already and then told him I wanted a last bit of fun!

    "NOOO!" he screamed, "Please! don't TICKLE me any more! I can't STAND any more tickling! PLEASE! Have MERCY!" he begged.

    "Calm down!" I said, "I'm gonna let you cum. You wanna cum, right?".

    "YES! I HAVE to cum! But PLEASE, no more TICKLING!" he begged.

    "If you wanna cum, you have to beg me to tickle your toes for an hour immediately after you've cum. I know that you'll be a whole lot more ticklish after you've cum and I want you to beg me to tickle your toes right after orgasm understood!" I said

    "No more pleeze I can't. I can't be tickled any more. You'll kill me!"

    I began to wave the feather back and forth, right over Oscar's totally vulnerable and exposed balls

    "I'm going to tickle your balls with this feather until you beg me to tickle your toes after you cum." he instructed.

    "NOOO! PLEASE! Not that! ANYTHING but THAT!" he pleaded.

    "Then beg me to tickle your toes after you cum!" I said and added, "Here comes the feather!"

    I slowly lowered the waving instrument lower and lower toward his naked, exposed ball sack.

    "It's coming closer. Closer. Closer and now CONTACT!” I taunted him and with that the feather made its first pass along his balls, right at the base of his swollen cock. The feel of it made Oscar scream and the feel of it stroking his ball sack, especially after I had had such a prolonged foot tickling, was a torture he had never felt before, and could only pray he'd never feel again.

    "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" I cooed as I stroked his balls, driving him back into hysterical laughter.

    This torment was not only tickling like hell, it was also intensifying his desperate need for orgasm. Oscar was slowly going mad, both from the tickling and the overwhelming desire for sexual release. Finally after ten minutes he couldn't take it any more, and shouted


    "What's that? You give 'UP'? "If you give UP, then say it! Say you want me to tickle your toes after you cum! Say it, or I'll tickle your balls more!”


    Grabbing his cock I began jerking it madly, stroking the shaft and the head and whoa did he shoot a powerful load but soon as he'd cum I moved down to the end of the bed, and tenderly began to insert the fuzzy pipe cleaners between all ten of his toes.

    "Please! Don't! Have mercy, man! Not NOW! Please don't tickle me NOW! Especially THERE! PLHEEHEESE!” he pleaded with me but it was to no avail, the toe tickling had begun.

    Telling him he was bought and paid for I tickled him all over his feet non-stop for the next hour. Finally, I started to let up on the tickling of his feet, moving from his arches to his less ticklish heels. Finally I showed him the can of whipped cream! I then proceeded to spray the whipped cream all over Oscar's left foot, all over the sole, the top, the sides, and between the toes. When I had covered the foot with the cream, I began to lick it off every inch off his helpless, ticklish foot. I licked up and down the sole, across the top, along the sides, then in between his toes as he went out of my mind with ticklish sensations. To add insult to injury, I used my fingers to tickle all over his right foot while I licked the cream off of his left. When I had finished with his left foot, I repeated the process on his right foot with the cream, while tickling the left with my fingers making Oscar hysterical again! I then used a three inch paint brush to tickle all ten toes at once and proceeded to lick all over his soles one last time and he earned the total sum of $500 from me as another hour later cursing me in Spanish, he left as fast as he could I imagine!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories


    Firstly my name is Aaron. I just turned 18. Up until that night I had thought I was straight. I liked snatch. Well that is not the point. I am an average teen with average looks, nothing spectacular. I am 6' and not fucking clue what I weigh but fit and I love wearing skin tight jeans, shows off my package nicely. I am on the swim team at school, and well the basketball team too. my body is completely hairless, except for my trail, and bush, I shave for the swim team. I have an average cock...well maybe a bit bigger...never measured. Okay guys Yeah...yeah...I am getting to the point of this story, hold on to your cocks or something...

    It was a Friday night. My buddy Kevin had gotten permission from his folks to have a party. They were going out for the weekend, and they trusted Kevin. Kevin asked me help organize the shindig. His girlfriend would join us later that week to help out with the final shit. So who is Kevin? Well we have been bud since grade one. Kev is a year older than me. He is majorly into sport and shit, on the football and basketball teams for school. Kev and I make an awesome team. Kev is 6'3! He is muscular...not overly, but more so than I am, definite has a defined body. Okay so I have seen him naked in the showers at school. No biggie. He is not smooth like me; he has hair on his legs and a small patch on his chest. Yes he has a trail and a bush too. His cock would be impressive. He is bigger than me. (I saw it hard one night, when he was about to bone his girl, and I accidentally walked in on them.) So yeah that's Kev!

    So yeah...we are straight as an arrow...well I think he is...me not so sure now... Back to the party...Friday night rolled around. I was in the mood to get pissed drunk. I was going solo, because the bitch I had been dating was not in the picture anymore; I had dumped her ass two weeks before. Well I was gonna stay the night, because mom would freak if I came home intoxicated, and Kev decided it best if I stay. I told him I did not want to hear him boning his girl. Well the party was in full swing by the time I got there. Mom decided to be a bitch. The basement was packed, and the booze flowing. I saw Kevin in the corner chatting to some of our friends. He saw me and waved me over.

    "About fucking time!!" He chided.

    "Fuck you...mom was lecturing me."

    Kev was already half drunk. I knew it would not take him long to pass out. I grabbed myself a beer and wandered around the room chatting with people. Well the party seemed pretty lame actually. Everyone got too drunk too fast. At one point I saw Kev and his girl arguing, and then she fucked off. Everyone else started to clear out about midnight or there abouts. I went looking for Kev after everyone left, and found him passed out in his room. I went back down and kept drink...I was not gonna let the beer go to waste! Now here is where things get a bit fuzzy. I remember passing out around three or four in the morning. I was awakened by someone undoing my pants. I sat up, and looked around. It was dark in the basement and I could not see much.

    "What the fuck?!?!"

    I lay back down and passed out again. I was again awakened by a hand in my pants. This time I just lay there. I moved enough to see Kev kneeling beside me. What the fuck was he doing?

    "What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded.

    "Shh...I am just looking."

    Fuck whatever; I was too blitzed to fight it. I think I lifted up when he pulled my pants and boxers down. After all he was just looking. I felt him wrap his hand around my cock. Shit this was too much for me. I jumped up off the couch. I ain't no fucking queer.

    "What the fuck dude...I ain't gay!!!"

    I could not stand and fell back on the couch. Fuck I was plastered. I tried to push Kev away, but really could not even do that. I fell back on the couch. Kev reached up and began play with my cock again. I did not really want this, but my cock had other ideas. It was getting hard. What the fuck. Man I swore I was not into guys. I watched as Kev stroked my cock. Fuck me it felt good. Shit I could not believe this was happening. Kev had moved and was now positioned somewhat between my legs, and on his knees. I watched as he leaned in and took my cock in his mouth. The fucker was sucking me off. I wanted to say something but it felt so good.

    "Mmmmm...oh...suck me...yeah that's it!!" I moaned.

    Kev was sucking on my knob and making me shiver. He was better than a chick. I guess the rumour about a guy knowing what a guy needed was true. Fuck I think Kev had done this before. He was up and down on my cock, and licking the shaft and tip. He would suck on my balls, and then go back down on my cock. I shifted on the couch so I could lie down. Kev had gotten my pants and boxer off. He moved himself between my legs. I was uncomfortable, so I did what I could. I put my legs on his shoulders. He went right back to sucking my cock. He kept moving forcing my ass higher off the couch. He moved down and was sucking on my balls. Fuck I was enjoying this shit.

    He stopped licking my balls and began licking the flesh underneath. He worked his way down. He was heading for my ass. He was gonna eat my ass, I think. I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart. Shit he was gonna do it...I was weirded out but at the same time I wanted to know how it felt. He began licking around my hole. It felt weird, but he was doing something right. His tongue flicked in and out of my hole.


    I reached down and started stroking my cock. Kev was eating and nibbling my hole. He kept running his finger over my hole. I felt his finger go in my hole a few times. I jumped the first time his finger slipped in. I think he was deliberately doing it to judge my reaction. I was too far gone to care at this point to give a fuck. The alcohol had numbed my common sense. Kev had gotten up and was no longer eating me out, but he was still fingering me. I looked and saw that he was not wearing any pants. What the fuck...was he thinking of fucking me?? No way did I want a cock in me. I struggled to get up right, but I could not. Kev had me pinned. I tried to fight but it was useless.

    "Fuck...come on Kev...I don't want it in me!!

    Kev was oblivious to what I was saying. It seemed like he was zoned out. I was stuck with my legs in the air and then Kev sucking my toes and licking my size 12 soles sniffing my feet, man what a sensation! He rubbed my hole with a wet finger as he sucked my toes and then nibbled my feet making me giggle. That was it he rested my legs on the sofa and began stroking them making me squirm and giggle but too wasted to stop him teasing me gently before sliding a wet finger inside me! I was quickly sobering up. I watched as Kev worked his finger in me. I was starting to enjoy this. I began stroking my cock again. Wow he was doing something...he was hitting the spot right on the button and sucking on my toes which was weird. I creamed all over me and him.

    "Oh...fuck me...so good!!"

    Kev was moaning still sucking my sweaty toes and jerking himself off faster and harder. Holy shit he was close. With one final grunt, he shot his load. He leaned down and whispered in my ear.

    "Promise not to tell?" This was all I heard as I passed out.

    The words rang in my ear as I went into a deep sleep. I awoke in the morning and had no idea of what had fucking happened. My pants were still around my knees. What the fuck? Images filled my head. What the fuck had happened? Bits and pieces filled my head, but nothing substantial except the wild sucking on my toes. I went in the can and cleaned up. I was coming out when Kev came down. He looked like shit. I was gonna ask him about last night, but from the looks of it I doubt he remembered fuck all. I kept my mouth shut. I made up some excuse that I had to go, but would come by later to help clean up.

    When I got home, I went up to my room. Lying on my bed I thought hard about last night. I remember getting sucked of by Kev. I think I remember Kev finger fucking me and my toes in his mouth. My hand subconsciously moved to my crotch. Fuck I had enjoyed it last night. Judging from the erection I was sporting. Fuck my mind was in turmoil. I had always thought I was straight. Now all those thoughts were out the door. I never did talk to Kev about it. Soon he and and I began to drift apart. He was in a new group of friends...more jocks like he was. I had begun to hang with a different crowd. I guess for the best as we'd made a mistake turning friends into playmates!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Earning Parole

    He wanted the parole I could give him to be home for his fiance's birthday and so he'd earn it and now in my private room which is soundproofed and away from the main building of the Juvenile unit the young offender's ankles were attached to the bar, and pulled back toward his chest which left his bare size 12 feet facing the ceiling. Gene Spence's youth and innocence were evident. His feet were smooth and soft, high arched and with the scent of 18yr old teen sweat...more appealing than anything for me are virgin feet to rape! He imagining maybe they'd be beaten as other lads before him have, many like him I guess wishing they had been!

    I drew my index finger up and down both moist soles of the young offender and I winked at the gagged 6' youth as his muffled giggling enticed me as my finger slid over his soles, up into his insteps, and under the long, thick toes. Spence reacting violently but totally helpless, he was real ticklish but I don't think anyone had ever played with his feet. His muffled appeals were almost comical as being soundproofed I ripped the duct tape gag from his mouth

    "Haaaaaayyyy whad'ya doin'! That feels weird, hey...now...stop that will ya? Hey stop that....haaaahhhhhaaaahhh, ha, ha, that tickles man...hey, will ya stop it....Jeez, ha, ha,ha,aaaaaahhhhhhhaaaa, that's makin' me feel weird, aaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaieeee, stop it man...stopppittttt!

    What was happening too was that his dick was beginning to drool big strands of pre-cum. His knob had fattened up, and his balls were rolling in their sack. I grabbed the top of his right foot, sniffed it's powerful aroma and stuck his toes in my mouth. Fuck yeah; Mmmmmmmmmmm....what a snack. I sucked the teen's toes, worming my tongue between the them all, sucking underneath them, and using my nails to scratch and tickle his exposed and helpless soles the entire time. He was trying desperately to get his foot out of my grasp and away from the salacious licking and tickling he was receiving, The damp scent of his foot sweat wafted from the long toes which was awesome and stinky. I held up one, ran my fingers under the soft, warm skin and tickled both the instep and under the toes.

    I was intent on making each nerve in his feet come to life so didn't stay in one place. My tongue moved up and down, all around, tickling every point on both his feet. My tickling increased in motion and speed. Not fast, just moving to a steady beat. Gene Spence was being sadistically tickled by me for my enjoyment! Facing his exposed soles i told him his feet smelled and tasted awesome and a real bonus he was ticklish. With good reports over the next two weeks, I'd swing it that he'd get parole and so he's agreed to my demands to meet me but not knowing what I'd do .. I guess figuring he might have had to suck dick or been sucked but he had no option but to submit his feet to me. I opened the case and looked lovingly at my assortment, all neatly laid out on black velvet, of feathers, vibrators, and assorted brushes. All of my tickling accessories accumulated over the years. Then I pulled out my pride and joy, my finest feather. It was long and white, just stiff enough, with a thin, pin-point tip with just enough flexibility.

    Spence's eyes widened with horror as I held it up in the air. His feet began wiggling, an almost imperceptible movement, so tightly were his toes bound, stretched back.

    "We'll start with the soles of your feet." I smiled and brought the feather slowly into contact with his soft, sensitve soles.

    "No, NO! Don't do it... PLEASE!!" he screamed.

    He started pulling at the straps about his wrists and squirming as much as he could under his bonds. It didn't do him the least bit of good. He was totally helpless. Then I began moving the feather, slowly, very slowly down the sole of his foot, then up again, slowly dragging the soft tip over the white, sensitive skin.

    "NOOOOO!! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha hahaha....." he started laughing, high-pitched and hysterical, a strained, grimacing smile on his handsome face.

    I took another feather, twin of the first, and pulled it up and down along his other sole.

    "OH NOOO! AAAAAH HA HA HAHAHA ..." he screamed anew as he realized I was now tickling both bare soles at once, dragging my evil feathers slowly back and forth across the underside of his immobilized toes, in opposite directions, then down to his arches, brushing the feather tips there, first back and forth, then up and down, then swirling around in slow, lazy circles inside of the arches of his soles, the skin stretched tight as a drum.

    When I pulled out still more feathers and began inserting them then pulling them out from between his splayed out toes, over and over and over again, sometimes spinning them between my two fingers, his horror at what was being done to his bare feet grew still more


    Spence was shaking his head back and forth violently. His mouth stretched open in hysterically mad laughter.

    "Just hold on Spence!" I almost had to shout over the screaming laughter he was reacting with as I told him I loved his ticklish feet
    and I laughed and continued tickling his feet!

    "NOOOOOOOOO...HA HA HA HA HAhahaha... gasp... HA HA HA HA!!!"

    Spence couldn't stand it, couldn't catch his breath. I discarded the feathers and brought my fingertips to bear against his arches, skitcha skitcha skitcha, like a spider, up and down the bare flesh of his soles, again and again, tickling his feet while he screamed helpless, hysterical laughter for a full hour I guess. When I finally stopped, his head sagged to one side and the short bangs of his brown hair was plastered to his forehead, sweaty. His chest heaved up and down, trying to catch a breath. I hadn't allowed him to catch one for over ten minutes.

    "No more... please.. I..I can't take it... let me loose... I beg you, pleeeease... " he gasped, exhausted.

    "Listen Spence a deal is a deal and right now I'm getting off on working over your feet and heels to toes not inclined to stop! You want that parole, you best get used to these hot n' sweaty feet being mine to enjoy if you want that parole!"I said

    I continued enjoying the taste and smell of the big ticklsh feet and continued orally raping them until I was fed having an insatiable appetite for their succulent taste and awesome smell, telling him to put up with this or have them tickled! Needless to say I was fed! Gene Spence got his parole and has behaved himself as expected as he would hardly want back here for a repeat performance right!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories


    I watched him for some time, desiring him from a distance. A blond-haired Adonis, 6'2" from the U.S.S.R. I met Mischa at the local gym and he kept pretty much to himself. Asking around, everyone had much the same thing to say,

    "Don't know much about him Nice guy. Real quiet. Always seems to keep his cool."

    From that moment, I knew my goal was to break down this man's dispassionate exterior. I finally got my chance one evening when, leaving the gym, I found him standing besides his car in the gym's parking lot. He had accidentally locked his keys inside his car and was on his way to return to the gym to call his motor club.

    "Don't you have another set of keys?," I asked him, after hearing his story.

    "Sure," he replied, with that annoyingly melodious calm voice, "My problem they at home so not much good right now."

    "Hey, " I jumped in, seeing an opportunity, "I'm not busy with anything at the moment. I'd be glad to run you over to your place then drop you back here, as long as you don't mind a quick stop by my house along the way so I can change clothes."

    He hesitated for a bit, but after some careful persuading on my part, he finally agreed. I could barely suppress my excitement at my luck. My chance had arrived. Soon I would have this hot man under my control, and I would test the degree of that haughty self-control. As we entered my house, I offered him a drink while he waited for me to change my clothes. It didn't surprise me to find out that he didn't drink. I don't think he would do anything that would disturb that stony wall he placed around him. He did accept a 7-Up, which suited by plan fine. The knock-out powder mixed perfectly, with only a hint of cloudiness which I hoped he wouldn't notice.

    "Drink up," I said. "I'll be ready in a moment, then we will take off."

    I closed the door to my bedroom, then stood quietly and listened. I heard him moving around my living room, inspecting the books on my shelves and so on. Every so often, I could hear him take deep sips from his drink. Finally, he settled down on the couch. After a few more minutes, I heard the sound of his empty glass fall onto the carpet. I entered the living room and found him passed out. I brushed the hair back from his forehead.

    "Now," I whispered, "Mischa you are mine."

    While it was difficult lugging his body to my bedroom, anticipation gave me real strength. The knock-out powder wouldn't last long, so I had to work quickly. Laying him on his back on my bed, I pulled off his tee shirt to reveal a hairless, fit chest. I yanked off his tennis shoes size 13 and socks, as I lie 'em sweaty and niffy then unbuckled his jeans and pulled them from his body. In keeping with the rest of his body, his legs were shaven and so hairless. All that remained were his white jockey shorts.

    Slowly, I slipped one hand along each side of the waistband and, after taking a deep breath, eased them down his legs. Soft, brown hair curled around the area that, in contrast to the rest of his body, appeared small, but beautifully formed . His balls rode up close to his body. At rest, his cock was somewhat small, and not very thick. However, my plans were to see just how much it could grow.
    My victim stirred slightly, breaking me from my dreaming to remind me that I didn't have much time. If he awoke before I could secure him in place, I would never be able to restrain him. I stretched out his arms and legs toward each of the four posters of my bed heavy oak bed. From a box underneath the bed, I pulled out an assortment of heavy leather straps I had purchased for this kind of situation. Quickly, I began strapping him down, first wrapping his wrists firmly to head posts. Another wide leather strap reached around the bed to cross his forearms, near the elbows. Another strap crossed his chest, just above his nipples, and I wound another over his waist, just below his bellybutton. Continuing my task, I secured straps across this thighs as well as below his knees. Finally, I secured his ankles firmly to the lower bed posts. For my final step, I placed a blindfold across his eyes. It would increase his fear if he didn't know where he was or what I was planning to do. He was effectively bound to the solid oak bed frame, unable to move an inch, and completely vulnerable.

    It wasn't long before my victim woke and he immediately began struggling against the straps, but his efforts were useless; they held him in an iron grip. I walked slowly about the bed, ignoring the questions he called out. My walls were thick and I had no close neighbors, so he could shout all he wanted. Leaning over, I dragged my fingernails across his chest and down his stomach. I paused with one finger on his calf. This is where I would start. First a solitary finger lightly dragged itself up and down his calf.... then two.... three.... Soon both of my hands were gently massaging his firm calves.

    "Hey! " he demanded, struggling fiercely in the leather straps, "What you think you doing! Get hands off me! Leave me alone!"

    I moved my hands slowly up his body. Up his calves, past his knees, to his thighs, moving slowly towards his genitals. I experienced a demon-like desire to toy with him and nothing was going to stop me. As my hands approached his balls, a sly smile crept across my face and I stopped moving up his body. I watched as he squirmed uncomfortably, trying to find a position that relieved the tension he tried to deny building up within him. He tossed his head about in shame as he sensed his body's unwilling response to my touch.
    I drank in the feelings of power and control, letting them surge through and intoxicate me. With the tip of my tongue, I lightly circled his nipples, listening to his curses, loving the sweaty taste and fully enjoying the tone of desperation that was gathering in his voice. I'm was not ready to end too quickly. I still wanted to break down his cool facade. What else could I do to him? I walked about the bed again and paused near his right foot. With one quick motion, I ran my index finger from heel to toe, causing his body to jerk violently in its bonds.

    "DON'T DO THAT!!," he called out, wriggling and twisting uneasily. I watched him nervously and wet my lips and smiling mischievously, I knelt facing both sweating feet and stroked the soles of both feet.

    I heard the sharp intake of breath as he tries to restrain himself, gritting his teeth. I laughed aloud at my fortune. Here I had this Adonis, bound helpless and at my disposal and I discover he's incredibly ticklish. Setting to work, I tickled his bare soles unmercifully, slow strokes under all his toes and Mmmm his feet had an awesome smell. After a few minutes of listening to incoherent grunts and demands to stop delivered through clenched teeth, on level with and working his feet I soon had him laughing uncontrollably.

    "Ha-ha-ha-hhhheeee. Don't, pl-please! St-stop ti-ti-tickling! Stop it! Ha-he-he-hey-no- no-nooo-oh, my god! Ha-ha-ha-he-hey-he!"

    His feet appear were especially vulnerable and I began tracing small swirls with my nails to extract the maximum benefit from each stroke. He howled in laughter, interspersed with the occasional oath and dire threats of retribution. I couldn't bring myself to stop and continued tickling his feet, driving him into a fit of contortions and convulsions, wriggling, squirming and writhing as much as the leather straps allowed. He tugs desperately at his bonds, gasping for breath between every shuddering laugh. What a giggle to hear!
    After about fifteen minutes, I stopped to let him catch his breath and moved to kneel across his chest. His hands clenched into fists and jerked at their straps as he guessed at what was coming next. Leaning forward, I tickled his exposed armpits. The result was instantaneous.

    "AH, NO- NOOOO!" A shriek of laughter erupted from his lips. "HA-HA-HA-HE-HE-HEY-Oh-Oh-HA-HA-HA!"

    Mischa asserted his full strength against the straps holding him, but they held him tight. He sobbed, screamed, cursed and threatened me, all to no avail. I bounced on top of him as he arched his back endeavoring to twist himself away from my probing fingers but the straps do not provide him the room. He could do nothing! I was caught up in my desire to breakdown this man completely. The more he cried out, the greater the pleasure I felt. I teased over his entire body, seeking out every little spot that he might want to hide sensitivity of and lingering the longest where the scream of his laughter was the loudest. He was fast being driven to madness by this terrible tickling by me. Finally, as I noticed tears running from beneath his blindfold, I paused again to let him rest and regain his breath. Soon his breathing began to steady, although he was obviously still weak and he struggled to regain his shattered dignity.

    I changed my tactics. Slowly, my hands crept closer and closer to his balls until my fingers began to lightly brush against his scrotum and I tickled his balls with my fingertips. His deep groans take on an even more desperate tone.

    "Oh..um ...no! Pl-please! Um..Oh-oh-no....um...Don't--don't do this to me. Stop it!"

    His writhing became more frantic as he gasped and worked to regain control over his own body. I gently licked, stroked and I slowly massaged his cock and balls until he was at the very edge of an orgasm, then stopped. I laughed as he thrashed about helplessly, uncontrollably and thrusts his hips up into the empty air. Waiting until I saw that he had begun to lose his erection. Again I started licking and stroking him once again loving teasing him. Over and over I dragged him to the brink only to leave him teetering on the edge. Sucking his big toes as if they were his dick was fun! After a few aborted orgasms, his body was jerking and thrusting to my every caress. Pushed to the extreme point of endurance, he was nearly in complete hysterics, just as I planned and ensured happened teasing his feet from heels to toes again and again and again.

    I leisurely got nto a comfortable sitting position between his outstretched legs and took hold of his cock in one hand. Meticulously, I poured some oil into the palm of my other hand. Making sure I had a good grip, I gently, but firmly placed my slick palm on the head of his cock, then slowly begin moving up and down the very head, rubbing with the tiniest little circles... slowly increasing the action until he was writhing madly as I knew he would. I laughed fiendishly as he strained wildly against his leather bonds. I really edged him closer, closer and closer to the point of orgasm.

    "Plleeeeaaassse," he moaned between clenched teeth. "Let me cuuummmm!".

    His body strained against the bonds holding him, arching so that the straps bit deeply into his flesh. Just as the moment arrived, I violently tickled his sides.

    "Ah-h-h... hee-e-hey-ah-oh-oh-hee-hee-haw- haw-ah-h-h!... AH-H-H-H-H-H...!"

    As the last of his self-restraint fell into tatters, he surrendered to a sweat-soaked climax of shattering intensity, erupting high into the air. He fell back against the bed, blubbering in helpless ecstasy.

    "You're strong," I whispered in my hot captive's ear as I lay across his still shuddering body. Then got off him and walked to the end of the bed and silently knelt down and just blew on both feet I faced saying

    "It may take longer this time but the night's still young Mischa and these feet are such a temptation for this boy from the U.S.A!"

    Then I slowly began to caress the soles of both feet lightly and gently from his heels to the toes and once again he tossed back his head against the pillows and the contagious giggles began ......

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories


    In the centre of the hay-covered floor of the stable sat their Master in blue jeans, cowboy boots and checked shirt. He was leaning against a straw bale and reading a newspaper. At his feet, lying side by side in the straw were three naked youths. Each was gagged and blindfolded, each had his wrists tied behind his back and his ankles strapped together, and each had the black rubber mouth of a milking machine enveloping his cock. There was a quiet chugging sound as the machines rhythmically worked, the cylinders riding up and down very slightly as the vacuum caused sucking waves to run along the soft rubber sheaths inside. The boys Mick aged 20yrs, Luis 18yrs and Rob 19yrs were moaning into their gags and, as always, struggling to resist the mounting pleasure the machines were inducing.

    Every day the youths were milked in this way, and every day each one swore that this time he would beat the machine, this time he would not allow his spunk to be extracted by such an emotionless, clinical and humiliating device knowing the torment each faced having shot their loads. Everyday, once their Master had got them tied helpless, gagged and blindfolded, and the soft rubber-lined cylinder was sucking and massaging their horny, erect teen-cocks, it was only a question of time. The milking machine was designed to be irresistable, and it was also tireless.

    With a strangled cry, the first boy Mick came. Thirty seconds later the second one Luis shot his load, followed by Rob usually but today Rob seemed to hold out. As each teenager lost the battle against his milking machine, the Master leaned forward and switched it off frowning. Rob hadn't yet cum - he was holding out against the teasing, sucking machine. With a sigh, the Master picked up a sharply-pointed, stiff feather which he kept for exactly this purpose. There was an expression of intense concentration on the teenager's face - or as much of it as was visible beneath the shiny black leather blindfold. With practised skill, the Master knelt beside Rob and applied the feather to the boy's balls, tickling lightly and quickly - the feather dancing expertly over the young, naked, sensitive testicles.

    Instantly, the boy lost control - and with a cry that was half humiliation and half fury, shot his spunk helplessly into the hungry rubber mouth of the machine. The man switched the device off went back to the boys feet all sweaty from their exertions and with the feather the torment he so relished inflicting began. A crecendo of helpless giggling and the usual pleas for him to stop as he diligently began tickle torturing Luis's size 11's, Mick's size 10's and Rob's size 12's. All the lads hideously ticklish all over their feet, it would be a punishment session lasting one or two hours depending on the Master's mood and this determining if they had their soles and toes sucked, licked and nibbled to increase the teasing that the Master so enjoyed subjecting his young submissives to. Many nights they wished they were back in the secure unit but there at the auction of young offenders they had been bought by the kinky pervert and there was nothing they could do but dream of escaping! Little chance of this happening with the Master's private compound heavily guarded and as happened every night two guardians taking their own pleasures with the lads so their incarceration within the compound was completely guaranteed as the guards would not allow their fuck boy toys to be missed by them or indeed their audience, the Master who enjoyed watching the scenes of torment acted out in front of him!
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    Emile's Ordeal

    The two soldiers roughly sat Emile Dubois upon a wooden bench at the rear of the stocks. His legs lifted and his black size 12 boots removed and his ankles were yanked up and placed roughly in the stocks padded holes. The soldiers then secured his wrists which were held in similar holes above but out of reach of his feet. The wooden brace was slammed down locking the captive handsome 6' 26yr old French Resistance Fighter in place.

    The Military Captain spoke

    "Now you will tell us the information we want as Lt. Gunther Schneider here will prove. He is a member of the S.S. An officer who specialises in torture and knows many techniques perfected in Berlin."

    The Nazi torturer slowly walked to the foot of the stocks and slowly ran a finger along the socked sole of the French Resistance fighter's right foot. Emile jumped but was unable to move his foot from the officer's making him smile. Emile's toes scrunched down as he wrinkled and unwrinkled his socked sole to escape the officer's tickling touch. Gunther smiled and dragged his finger up and down the defenseless sole. He stopped and drew little circles on the heel, arch, and ball of Emile's foot. Emile fought to supress his laughter but when Gunther tickled at the base of his toes the Frenchman went wild and broke down laughing and begging for relief.

    The S.S. Officer stopped and waited for Emile's helpless giggles to subside. The soldiers watching smiling themselves as Gunther spoke

    "Tickles? Not all tortures necessitate traditional pain! How does the hot, sweaty sock feel on your foot?" Gunther giggled.

    Emile had always been well aware of his weakness when it came to tickling but his feet were the absolute worst when it came to being ticklish. Emile could not stand to have his feet touched. Now he was helpless and his socked feet were trapped, Emile was in deep trouble. Lt Gunther Schneider was 6'2" handsome and fit aged 27 yrs, blond hair, blue eyed, a product of the Third Reich. Gunther signalled the soldiers to leave the room as he would work on Emile better! They left and Gunther peeled off both socks as Emile protested and was shocked as Gunther began sniffing Emile's hot n' sweaty feet and especially around all his toes. Emile was sickened but knew that showing so might encourage his tormentor more so stayed quiet. Gunther in no hurry enjoyed sniffing under all Emile's toes.

    Then he ran his fingers up n' down Emile's ticklish soles making sure to pay special attention to his high arches and wiggling toes. Emile screamed with laughter and begged for the torture to stop. Smiling at him Gunther continued to stroke his sensitive soles without mercy remarking on their ticklishness and awesome smell. Gunther the expert played havoc on Emile's ultra ticklish feet. His toes wiggled and curled. His soles gripped in ticklish agony. Gunther just laughed and then he scrambled his finger nails across both soles. He gripped Emile's right ankle and leaned in very close to the sole while he continued to tickle with his free hand. Emile's obvious torture was making the vicious SS officer very excited. Emile then saw the S.S. Officer take in deeply both his feets rich aroma and gently bite the big toe of his right then left foot causing him to gasp between his hysterics. Gunther smiled and looked upon the sweating face of his captive. The French Resitance Fighters eyes shed tears and pleaded for the tickling to stop. His dark, curly hair was matted and he could barely catch his breath.

    "You are so very ticklish and the smell and the taste of your feet appeal to me." Gunther said winking at the teased prisoner

    Gunther maintained the grip he had on Emile's ankles. He continued to nibble his way up and down Emile's squirming toes. He could taste the salty sweat of both really ticklish soles and the toe nibbling was truly unbearable and driving Emile demented as both feet were sniffed at and constantly reminding Emile having seen her photo in his wallet that he must imagine how his girlfriend might feel seeing him getting his feet serviced or is that abused? Gunther laughing seeing Emile's face scrunch up as he clearly played the scene happening in his mind! He could never tell Monique! The S.S. Officer then saying Emile's feet appealed because he was clearly such an alpha - male, the humiliation of another guy working over his feet must, would have to be so truly humiliating and a guy who got off on his foot stink and taste and exploiting his ticklish weakness.

    Emile's hysterical screams of laughter were music to Lt. Gunther Schneider's ears as the tickling of both of his feet simultaneously was too much! Emile shrieked with laughter as his toes got sucked into Gunther's mouth and to make them wiggle in it, the sole of the foot being orally raped stroked from heels up to toes. Toes of both feet which Gunther took pleasure sucking, licking and nibbling, spacing each toe and slipping his tongue between them all. Emile was lost in hysterical hell as the S.S. Officer gave him a break and then winked at him saying that Emile best prepare himself for a long night as the Frenchman's hot n' sweaty feet appealed to his insatiable appetite and twirling the plumes in his fingers Gunther showed Emile the black feather and placed it right under Emile's toes telling him to ask him to run it under them very slowly and Emile now broken pleaded

    "Please. I'll do anything you want. No more tickling!" Emile sobbed.

    "Guess what I am going to do to you Emile Dubois?" Gunther laughed.

    "I intend on tickling you nothing more and nothing less so humour me and laugh!"

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Hi zanadu, i've read over 50 of your stories now, marvellous work.

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Roger Controlled

    Roger had not seen his ex Errol for 6 months and now here they were in the Italian bistro they'd frequent as a couple but Roger had strayed and tonight Errol wanted revenge and would get it having taken a course in hypnotism, the 25 yr old was fully confident he'd easily get 22 yr old Roger under his spell. They sat opposite each other and discussed their lives up to date and Errol curious if Roger was still seeing the guy that he'd shagged whilst Errol was out in Afghanistan. Roger told the soldier no he wasn't but there was Danny in his life who he'd been seeing the last three months.

    “Danny eh so what's he like?” Errol asked

    Roger hesitated a moment before answering as he did not want to hurt Errol by talking too effusively about Danny but wanted Errol to know that Danny made him happy and that he loved him very much. So he started painting a quite positive portrait of Danny, from appearance to intellect, trying to avoid any comparison with Errol though both were 6' as Roger favouring tall guys! As Roger did this Errol kept grinning and when Roger had stopped speaking about Danny there was a bit of silence and then Errol asked about their sex life?

    “Sex life?”, Roger choked.

    “Yes. Sex. How is it between you two?” asked Errol

    Was it normal for an ex-boyfriendto ask about that? Especially on the first meeting for a long while?

    “It’s… good. It’s good. Everything is fine between me and Danny”, Roger said, trying to be evasive but sounding defensive.

    “Good? Not great?” queried Errol

    “Yes, no, I mean, yes, it’s great. It’s great between me and Danny. Sex, I mean. Great sex”. said Roger a little angrily

    “Does he do everything you want? Does he do everything I used to do to you? Everything?” asked Errol

    That was definitively inappropriate and Roger was about to stand up and leave, when he felt Errol’s size 13 socked foot firmly pressed against his knee.

    “Don’t stand up. Answer the question. Does he do what you want him to do, in bed? Does he do this?” Errol slid his right foot up Roger's thigh, and his body, almost unconsciously, responded by moving forward on the chair, giving easier access to his crotch.Errol knew that Roger liked guy's feet, in fact was mesmerized by them, enchanted by them, consumed by them loving touching them, licking them, pressing them against his body and what really got him going and what really made him howl and scream. Errol knew it; Danny didn’t! Roger had thought of telling Danny at one time but he had started talking about “those weirdos and perverts” who “like to do strange stuff in bed”, so Roger kept his mouth shut and made the most of the few opportunities he had to touch Danny's feet.

    After months without any proper foot action, he could feel Errol’s warm, moist socked toes caressing his inner thigh. Roger didn’t want it to stop and Errol knew it.

    “So? What do you say? Does he do this?”, he repeated.

    “That’s not… you shouldn’t…”, Roger mumbled.

    “Just what I thought. He doesn’t know about your little ‘kink’, doeshe?”

    Roger wanted to reply “That’s none of your business”, but at that point Errol's right foot finally made its way to Roger's crotch and pressed it firmly. Roger almost jumped off his chair… but I didn’t. Instead, he closed his eyes and swallowed, overwhelmed by a rush of pleasure and lust.

    “Don’t close your eyes. Look at me”, Errol commanded and so Roger did. Errol's eyes… how deep his eyes looked? How they seemed to capture all the light in the room and make it twirl in spirals and circles and stars? Roger was soon being hypnotised!

    “Yes, that’s right” Errol continued, while his foot started tracing circles around the tip of Roger's erect dick. “Look at them, look into them. Look deep into my eyes. Look deeper and depper into my eyes. Feel the power of my eyes and of my soothing voice. You know that you can trust me and my eyes and my voice. Now, tell me the truth, does Danny ever let you touch his feet?”

    Roger felt dizzy: the wine they'd consumed, the heat, Errol’s foot rubbing his trousers, his penetrating eyes fixated in his own…

    “Huh”, was all Roger got to answer.

    “You miss touching a man’s foot, don’t you. You don’t need to answer; I can feel it by the bulk in your pants. Look into my eyes. Keep staring into my eyes. I want you to look into my eyes and listen to my voice, listen to my voice and feel the pleasure that comes from looking into my eyes and listening to me.” said Errol as his foot kept pressing Roger's dick at regular intervals, not too fast, making the pleasure grow but not go over the top.

    “I want you to remember all those times that I let you touch my feet, smell my feet, lick my feet, worship my feet. I want you to remember every footjob that I did to you. I want you to fill your mind with images of my feet and all the pleasure they gave you.”

    Roger looked into Errol's eyes but instead, in his mind he saw his sexy, perfectly arched feet, with playful and skillful toes (the same toes that now were playing with his balls under the table).

    “I want you to focus on my voice, on the pleasure that my voice and my eyes bring to you. I want you to lose yourself completely in my voice, and think only about me, and the pleasure I give you, the immense pleasure my feet can provide”. Errol said

    Roger kept looking into his eyes and feeling the pressure of his foot against his dick, rubbing it up and down, in circles, playing with it but never stroking it too hard or too rapidly. He was in bliss; he was in hell! Errol was still talking about how Roger could trust him, how he should trust him because only he could give him pleasure like this.

    Suddenly Errol stopped the sensual attention. Roger almost immediately cried in agony as he'd been so close to shooting his load!

    “Now” Errol was saying, “Think about that Danny you are seeing”

    “Please” Roger said “ Errol don’t stop what you were doing, you can't!”

    “Shut up” Errol sneered sharply. “Think about Danny, think about him and the pleasure he is taking away from you. How he doesn’t make you happy, how miserable he makes you in fact, how his feet are out of bounds to you”.

    Roger didn’t know, was he miserable? He was miserable at that moment, wishing for Errol to keep caressing him with his foot and it was all Danny's fault. Yes. It was all Danny’s fault! Danny was making him miserable. Danny was taking pleasure away from him!

    “Say it”, Errol commanded. “Say that you hate Danny”.

    “I… I…” Did I? “I…” Roger stuttered and stammered in immediate response

    “Look into my eyes. Look deep into my eyes. Say that you hate Danny or you will never touch my feet again. Say it!” said Errol

    Roger found that he couldn’t resist those eyes, those sparkling, alluring eyes.

    “I hate Danny”, he said, finally.

    “Again” repeated Errol

    “I hate Danny” responded Roger

    “Again” replied Errol

    “I hate Danny” said Roger

    “Very well, my slave” Errol said and placed his foot once again on Roger's crotch, projecting him into pure and almost painful ecstasy.

    “Don’t cum yet”, he commanded, “ keep looking at my eyes, I am going to let you touch my foot. That’s right, you can grab it. You can grab it and rub it against your dick but you can’t cum yet. Go ahead, do it and place your right foot in my lap too” Errol ordered

    Roger did and he felt pleasure and pain like he never felt before. Errol's socked sole was tender, moist and warm felt by Roger who had grabbed the right foot by the ankle and firmly pressed it against himself almost making Errol fall from his chair. He pressed it and pressed it. Roger was way passed the point of no return, way passed his usual cumming point.

    “That’s right, feel it feel the pleasure that only my feet can give you, feel the pleasure that only I can give you, the pleasure that Danny is stealing from you. Look into my eyes. I will let you cum in a moment but first, you have to surrender completely to me. To my eyes. To my voice. To my feet. Say it. Say that you are my slave and my pleasures and delights are your duties, obligations!”

    Roger gasped for air, tried to focus.

    “Say that you are my slave and feel this, my fingers stroking along your socked sole, it tickles but you are silent as you are tormented on your ticklish foot for my lustful pleasure and then I will let you cum” Errol told Roger

    “I… I am your… slave”, Roger said squirming from the tickling sensation marking every word with a new rub (up, down, up, down) of Errol's foot on his dick.

    “Say that you surrender yourself to me!” said Errol as he maintained caressing Roger's socked foot seeing him cringe as it tickled

    “I surrender… to you” Roger said with a smile as he was hideously ticklish and suffering

    “Say that you will obey me and worship me” said Errol stroking under Roger's toes, his most sensitive spot of all

    “I will… obey… you. I will worship… you” responded Roger, his toes wiggling held by Errol's left hand as the fingers on his right stroked

    “Say that you are my slave and you submit to me from head to these toes”

    “I am… your… slave and submit to you from my head to my toes”

    “Say that you are my slave and will suffer to please and delight me!”

    “I am… your… slave and will suffer to please and delight me”

    “Say that you are my slave and you will always hate myself and others playing with your super - sensitive feet!”

    “I am… your… slave and will always hate you and others playing with my super - sensitive feet!”

    “Very well, you can come now, slave” said Errol as he stroked Roger's socked sole seeing the immediate contortions in his face

    Roger came and it was the strongest, longest, more powerful orgasm he had ever felt. Errol kept pressing his foot against him and shouted Errol’s name over and over again without my control. At that instant Roger's mind permanently melted: it became a shrine to Errol’s feet, to Errol’s body, to Errol’s voice. Errol his true Master.

    Roger's pants were soaked in semen, the stains showing through his trousers and a waiter Gino was politely but firmly asking Errol and Roger to leave the restaurant. Errol made Roger pay for the wine and leave a generous tip for their waiter as Errol whispered into the young man; Gino's ear and gave him his cell number. Errol was grinning and he took Roger back to his apartment where he kept talking to him having made him undress and lie on the floor. Errol sat on the sofa and placed his socked feet on Roger and ran them all over him, pressing his moist, sweaty socked soles against his nose making him inhale his foot - stink while waiting for the young waiter's arrival! Gino and he then both happily indulged in teasing Roger with their socked and bared feet and subjected him to a night of tickling torture teases and torments in punishment for straying from Errol and their relationship of 2 years! That same night he'd be tickled into dumping Danny by text! Errol would see there was a night that Danny punished Roger for dumping him subjecting him to an horrendous session of tickling torture!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Sealed Deal!

    “Get down there!" Greg ordered Donny having found me sucking on his discarded sports socks. "Evelyn will be shocked when she hears her fiancee's a sock sniifin', lickin' perve so kiss goodbye to her Daddy's millions!" Greg my room mate he sat back in his chair as he sneered at me.

    “I ain’t no faggot like you, boy, but if you like my stinkin' socks, massage my feet I’ll let’cha.”

    Greg shoved his right foot under Doony's face, then pressed the other down on his head to keep me in place. “You just start lickin’, an’ don’t stop ‘til I tell ya. I wanna hear you sniff 'em boy so get to it!”

    Donny did instantly overwhelmed with the smell of 23yr old Greg's sweaty feet and socks. Greg shoved his empty shoes beneath Donny's nose as he rested both of his sweaty, socked feet on his head.

    “Get yer tongue in there an’ clean the insides boy.” He ordered and Greg obeyed, burying his face in his shoe. Donny felt him cross his ankles and lean back in his chair as he worked watching him and enjoying it all; Donny's humiliation, his new found power over him and the attention even. Donny licked at the stains of sweat that lined the insides of Greg's size 13 shoes. He made the insoles shine with his efforts, forcing his face as far into the shoes as it would go, stretching hid tongue to its limits. It tasted foul, and part of him wanted to retch but Donny could feel his cock getting harder and harder with every lick.

    Greg pushed down on my 23 yr old Donny's face and head, pressing his head to the floor under his feet. He wormed his left foot under Doony's chin and put increasing pressure on his throat, cutting off his air as though daring Donny to struggle and be heard. At one point he started pressing his socked feet against Donny's lips and pushed his toes into Donny's mouth. He kept pushing until his foot was filling his mouth and Donny was starting to gag. He began sucking on Greg's left foot which he did for an hour with him servicing both socked feet. Then a short break when he had to tell Greg how he loved the smell and taste of his shoes and socks and ask to service his bare feet and all taped by Greg!

    Donny soon smelled of Greg's feet and Greg was relentless in his torture, ignoring Donny's moans and whining by simply pressing him under his feet, applying more and more weight until Donny fell silent. He had him continually sucking his socks clean for some time when he finally ordered Donny to stop and remove them. For this he made Donny lie facing his feet and put his own size 11 feet in Greg's lap which he hesitantly did. Greg peeled off Donny's socks and told him as he knew he was ticklish that if Donny did not do as told or did a bad job his feet would be tickled, this made Donny shudder! Greg's left foot was deep in Donny's mouth and he withdrew it until his toes rested on Donny's teeth. Donny slowly pulling the sock from his foot with his teeth, only to be rewarded with the other foot being pushed into his mouth to repeat the process. When it was done Greg shoved his bare right foot into Donny's mouth so that he could resume cleaning and rested the other on his face, holding Donny down again. His bare feet smelled rich as Donny washed them with his tongue. Then he was told to stop and obediently did.

    'Now let's see you fuckin' teased you perve!" said Greg as he stroked Donny's soles making him immediately react

    “Please hahahhahahshhit ittickleshahahhahstooop...” he begged

    “Pathetic little shit keep your feet still, yeah that's it fucker under all these toes you dirty cunt!” Greg cursed and told Donny to chew on his sweaty socks and shut up so Donny stuffed Greg's socks in his mouth as he endured Greg tickling his feet, each in turn from heels to toes.

    Greg then stopped the torturous tickles and just fondled Donny's feet liking the control as he looked at Donny lying on the floor just sucking on the dirty, smelly, sweaty socks as he had been told to do. Greg smiling at him and then telling him to take both socks out of his mouth which Donny did he told him that there would be more fun like this if he wanted Greg's silence and what choice did Donny have as for him money talked and Evelyn's Dad Morgan Holmes was C.E.O. of the Bank that he intended inheriting so he agreed to Greg's demands and to seal the deal he submitted to Greg tickling his feet; his helpless laughter echoed in the apartment.

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Ewan's Story

    About a month ago I was walking home from a friend's house at night (about 9:00pm). As I turned into my road I saw a small group of lads in the distance. As I approached them, I realised that I vaguely knew two of them from school several years ago. They are two or three years younger than me, I am now 23yrs. There were another two that I didn't know. They stood in front of me and didn't move as I got closer. Dan (one of the boys I knew) looked up and said

    "Hello Ewan!".

    I got closer and they still didn't move. They huddled together and started whispering. Dan looked at me and said

    "Look in here", holding up a sports bag.

    I looked in and saw loads of rope, four pairs of handcuffs and a roll of duct tape.

    "What's that for?" I asked.

    Dan said that they were bored and wanted to experiment with some bondage games.

    "Why are you telling me this?" I asked.

    They looked at each other and Dan gave mike a nudge.

    Mike said

    "We were wondering if you'd let us tie you up?"

    My immediate answer was "No way!".

    They looked at each other again and Dan said

    "Put it this way, there are four of us and one of you - we'll do it anyway, it would just be easier if you let us do it".

    I was a bit stunned. I thought about it and they were right - despite being older than them, tall and quite muscular (I study sports science at college), I could not hold off four of them. Again I declined the invite just to see if they gave in and let me go but they didn't. They grabbed hold of me and Mike gave me my choice in a different way - either I went with them back to his house because his parents were out, or they tied me up there and then, in the street and left me.

    "OK" I said "I'll go with you".

    When we got to Mike's house I was rushed up to his bedroom and pushed on to the bed. They positioned me in an x-shape lying on my back. They all went to a different corner of the bed and began binding my hands and feet to the head and foot boards. I was surprised how securely they did it. Once bound I could not move at all. Just to be sure I was held tightly they each took a pair of handcuffs and cuffed my wrists to the headboard and my ankles to the foot board. Next, Mike went to his sock drawer and got out a pile of socks. One was stuffed in my mouth and duct tape was put over my mouth to stop me pushing it out with my tongue. Another long sock was wrapped over my eyes so I was blindfolded. I suddenly realised how serious the situation was - I was completely helpless! So there I was surrounded by four teenagers looking for ways to relieve boredom - they could do anything they wanted to me.

    I heard them walk away, switch the computer on and start to play computer games. I thought I was relatively safe now and they would let me go when they got bored with me. However, after a about half an hour playing computer games, one of them whispered

    "Are we going to do anything to him?"

    I strained to hear what the reply would be.

    "I guess so - what do you suggest?"

    There was a short discussion before the subject of tickling came up. They agreed that they would not be too harsh on me, so they tried to work out some ticklish spots on the body and then choose one of the less ticklish ones. It was agreed that the stomach and sides were most ticklish, followed by the underarms followed by the feet. They decided to therefore tickle my feet.

    "Oh shit!" I thought.

    In an attempt to be slightly considerate to me they had actually found my most ticklish spot. I am sure I have the most ticklish feet in the world. I tried to console myself, thinking that because they had tied the rope tightly over my socks, they would have difficulty removing them. Also the socks I was wearing were white sports socks and therefore quite thick so it would not tickle as much. I heard footsteps approach me. They pulled off my size 12 trainers (sneakers). One of them ran his finger down the sole of my right foot. My natural reflex was to curl my foot as the finger ran from my toes to my heel and give a small giggle. That was it - they'd found my weakness! Immediately my warm, sweaty socks followed so my vulnerable bare feet exposed!

    Although I was blindfolded and they didn't talk much, I am sure that Mike and Dan took one foot each. They carefully tickled every part of both my feet, the tips of my toes, around the heels, down the outside edge, across the tops and up and down the soles. They did it slowly and lightly at first, which was bad enough and then they tickled quicker and harder. All the time I was thrashing around, hideously ticklish and desperately trying to break free, but I couldn't. This continued for about 30 mins, then they stopped and the room went quiet.

    They were still there because I could hear them breathing. This is where it gets a bit strange. Some of them climbed onto the bed. They lifted up my sweatshirt and began to stroke my stomach, sides and underarms. It did tickle but they weren't really tickling me. It was like they were caressing my body - almost sexual. My nipples lightly pinched and stroked and my armpits caressed softly fingers running over the hairs and my belly button stroked. For those of you thinking they must be gay, I am certain they are not. I think they were just teasing me and playing with my mind, it was a mind - fuck for sure as the guys were taking their time. A couple of them went back to my feet and from the touch I sensed it not being Mike and Dan, these teasers did to my what they'd done to my body. It was the two lad's I'd not recognised. They were lightly stroking and caressing my feet from heels to toes.

    Then they began to kiss my soles and suck my toes and stroke my soles with their noses. I was pretty freaked out by this. It was a lovely sensation and I would have been entirely comfortable with it if a girl was doing it to me but knew it was guys who were liking my foot smell and taste. Every toe was sucked, spaced and licked in between and my soles given a thorough tongue bath with no words spoken which made the scene even more surreal. I knew from having worked out hours before and the leisure club shower not working and then having been in my socks and trainers my feet must have smelled strong and tasted very salty and sweaty and these lads clearly appreciated this having it seemed insatiable appetites. It did not tickle but being straight was like I say for me pretty uncomfortable and tried to imagine it was girls doing it when suddenly they stopped the oral ministrations and Dan whispered in my ear.

    "Fuck Ewan seeing your feet gettin' tongued by the lads something else and saw you enjoyed it too, sort of!"

    Then the same lads again with a different touch to Dan and Mike started to manically tickle my feet. I started to wriggle around again like crazy and then sensed Mike and Dan tickling my upper body especially my armpits but they all tickled me more and more all over my body. One of them must have gone to the kichen and fridge at one point as I sensed an ice cube being run over the soles of my feet which instantly had me begging for this torture technique to stop as it was used under my toes which was hellish. Then it stopped and my toes were sucked and nibbled as so now Mike and Dan were sucking my nipples and now telling me they were going to all tease me until I shot my load in my briefs.

    They worked me over never touching my dick and balls or arse but my levis pulled down running their fingers on the insides of my upper thighs did it and my load was shot to their delight seeing my briefs wet and for sure the outline of my dick but having come loving the fact I was even more torturously ticklish and all of them subjecting me to more intense tickling torture with the emphasis being on my feet which all four of them took turns at abusing with me being told their names having to guess which one of them was working my feet over with his tongue and fingers and finally having to say who tickled me the most and that honour went to Marcus one of the lads I didn't know but who got to know if not me, my feet very, very well! Still blindfold I never saw him so was spared that final humiliation but his reward being an hour alone with my feet and something he relished taking absolute complete advantage of!! The whole ordeal lasted about five hours. When they untied me I could hardly look at them due to the mixture of emotions I was feeling - partly turned on, partly embarrassed, partly angry, partly excited but knew I had to leave and I did immediately and have not seen them since.

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    The Agreement

    Antony my newest assistant was a prize specimen who was on probation from the local juvenile remand home, just 18 yrs the 6' tall and attractive lad had been working for me 6 months but I caught him stealing from me and so threatened to have him sent back to the home and had him begging me not so instead he reluctantly agreed to my other option, to have some fun with him! Straight he was not happy with arrangement but saw the option so submitted and found himself stripped off and secured to the punishment bed. I then blindfold him so the sensations would intensify and had a good sniff of his size 11 feet which instantly squirmed when I asked him if his feet happened to be ticklish. He stayed silent so I began smearing his feet with the chocolate sauce and smiled as rubbing it in well made writhe and gasp as the intense tickling sensations of my slippery hands fondling his feet sent exquisitely unbearable tickling sensations up both his legs. I smeared a little on his anus too and ran a licked finger over his secured armpit hollows causing more tickled squeals of anguish from him. I then told him that I liked to lick the soles of guy's feet and that I would make it a truly unbearable experience for him and would be taking my time.

    Antony then begged me to not touch his feet as he really couldn't stand it even telling me that his step dad had often abused him this way; an effort I presumed to gaining my vote of sympathy but he was wasting his time having taken advantage of me, he now would learn how it felt. I told him that his screams would not bother me and I would show him no mercy! My tongue slurped across his right sole and he screamed aloud and laughed with such force and twisted to try and get away with such might as he dissolved into yells of ""AHH NOOO get off me NNNnnno...." before he ceased to be coherent as I continued licking all over the foot. The sound of his hysterical laughter was very loud but I settled down to a routine licking and nibbling both of his ticklish feet until they were cleansed of the sauce. I then began licking the chocolate sauce smeared over his anus as on his stomach he was such a vulnerable target for me and my lusts! He was soon gasping and reaching under him I loved making him curse holding his involuntary hardening dick just teasing and edging him still licking in between the cheeks of his ass. He shuddered at the sensuality of the sensations used on him expertly. At the point of my sensing him getting close to shooting his load, reverting back to toying with his hideously sensitive feet driving him deliberately crazy. After two hours he was physically and mentally exhausted as I looked at his sweating body

    Apart from being soaked in sweat and exhausted he had not been marked but intensely tickle tortured by me without mercy. I asked if he had learned his lesson and he managed to say

    " No mmore...ppllease I can’t bear it I’ll die...plplease no more tickling..."

    I told him that I would stop in a while but not quite yet as I needed to be sure he would not try to cheat me again and he began squirming and laughing begging me to stop as I very gently began to tickle him, gentle tickling across his upturned soles as he shrieked shouts of "NoNONO" before breathless giggling took over as my fingers were lightly brushing all over his feet from heels to toes in maddening tickling torment.Using a slow and even pressured scrapping of his soles with just first two fingers of each hand on each sole I started at the base of his toes and using a downward spidery motion with my two fingers as he tried to pull his feet away from the tickling sensations on his soles. I slowly moved my fingers up n' down his soles, keeping the scraping motion at an even pace, covering the entire area of the soles from left to right. I paused right at the center of his arch for a few minutes longer then the rest of each foot as this seemed to be an even more ticklish area then the rest. I continued on slowly down the soles until I reached the heels. When I got there i turned my hands upside down and started back up the soles in an upward tickling motion covering both entire feet from side to side.

    "AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! Antony yelled and yelled to my sadistic delight.

    He could not even laugh properly becoming breathless as the scraping on his soles would not stop and over and over my fingers scraped ever so lightly but constantly all over both of his feet driving him insane. I am a master tickler and so carefully and so too creatively tickled up and down his soles over and over again using only using two fingers in each sole. Then I employed the use of the firm stiff toothbrush. Placing the brush inside the area between his toes in order, I began a slow scrubbing motion back and forth on his toes, in between and under all his toes. Screams erupted from Antony and I smiled as I knew this was driving him berserk so I stayed in this rhythmic motion tormenting and teasing all of his toes This madness went on to each toe crevice on each foot before I stopped for just a second. He was breathing heavily and sweating like a pig now as I began to make small circles with the brush all over his toe pads scrubbing and scrubbing round and round on the meaty toe pads. Antony never knew his toes were so ticklish and rhythm was so slow and constant he screamed and screamed and gave him a break after torturing all of his toes. Then back to work and I began sucking and licking his toes, using my tongue expertly sucking and licking then started to drag the same two fingers of up and down the soles of Antony's feet as I sucked and sucked his toes and licked both soles for another two hours until then I released him and put him on my probation and he didn't let me down for the next 6 months he worked for me before he died whilst on another job for me when he trod on the wrong person's toes!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Ahmad Hussein's Tale

    The handsome suspected Iraqui terrorist was secured to the interrogation table and left with Lieutenant Miles who smiled looking the 22 yr old lads body over. Ahmad Hussein was understandably nervous as the U.S. lieutenant began probing his 6' body with his fingers down the center of his back. One finger went into his anus! Ahmad gasped as it hurt and shamed him especially when the lieutenant kept jiggling his thick index finger, and then his middle finger, up into Ahmad's rectum, again and again. As his prostrate was being massaged, the captive felt his dick involuntarily hardening. Lieutenant Miles's finger continued along the back of his thighs, touching and occasionally pinching but not pinching to cause serious pain. The probing massage continued on the back of Ahmad's knees, and on his calves and finally on to his size 13 feet when his captor seemed to become more interested and spent an inordinate time touching his feet and Ahmad was sure he heard them being deeply inhaled which made him even more nervous!

    "I am going to free your feet for the moment Ahmad. If you kick me with your feet, you will be shot!" Lieutenant Miles told him

    Ahmad shivered involuntarily but otherwise kept his feet still and docile so the U.S. captor could examine them. The lieutenant picked up and began fondling Ahmad's left foot and massaging it exerting firm pressure with all the strong fingers and then a light tickling, from toes to heel, like a spider's touch. Ahmad giggled as his foot was lightly tickled more. The lieutenant took notice of this and he brought Ahmad's left foot up closer to press its sole and underneath the lad's tender toes to his own face. Ahmad felt the bristles of the man's beard, one day's growth, slightly scratchy but not under his toes and on his sole and squirmed at the humiliation as Lieutenant Miles began licking his big toe and Ahmad feeling the moistness shivered as the U.S. lieutenant's tongue began exploring the adjacent spaces between Ahmad's sweaty, dirty toes. It tickled slightly, especially where the man's one-day unshaven bristle brushed against Ahmad's soft skin. Suddenly the lieutenant became more aggressive and began using his teeth. Beginning with the large toe, the lieutenant was soon nibbling Ahmad's toes and his toothy massage continued all over Ahmad's left foot. He then put the left foot down and picked up the right foot and began the identical foot worship ritual on the right foot. Again, the fondling and firm pressure, followed by the light tickling, like a spider's touch, forcing an involuntary giggle from Ahmad. Eventually, the licking, and the nibbling on his toes. Then he released Ahmad from the bed but momentarily as he ordered him to lie back down again but this time on his back. Resigned to his fate Ahmad reluctantly extended his wrists over his head so that they might be re-fastened and his ankles were re-fastened. Ahmad was soon spread-eagle nude on his back, once again at his captor's mercy.

    The lieutenant began touching him again, a firm kneading of his shoulders and collarbone area and down each arm to his manacled wrists and hands. The massage started to get serious on Ahmad's chest, near each nipple, and then the tickling along Ahmad's ribs and sides. Lieutenant was excited by the odour of man-sweat under each of Ahmad's arms and deeply sniffed them as he was tickling in circles above and around both Ahmad's nipples and then gently touching them as they hardened! Lieutenant Miles then began licking Ahmad's naked chest, his tongue snaking out to moisten his left nipple, and then came his teeth gently nibbling and this routine repeated on his right nipple. He then saw this produced Ahmad's erection and held his hardened dick between his thumb and forefinger and examined it closely, his face only inches away from it which Ahmad hated but could do nothing to prevent it being so. The lieutenant let his captive's dick go and began licking his lower belly just above his pubic hair. The lieutenant's wandering tongue skipped over Ahmad's dick and balls to lather with his saliva both inner thighs, left, and then right. He went back to lick each of Ahmad's nipples. Finally, he zeroed in on Ahmad's erogenous zone. Lathering with his tongue his balls and then his dick, already erect and nearly vertical. The fellatio was expert, and despite his best efforts to avoid being aroused, after a very few minutes Ahmad's dick developed a sheen of pre-cum, began pulsing, and finally produced a most copious ejaculation. Immediately Lieutenant Miles began licking and tickling each of Ahmad's bare feet, sliding his fingers and tongue up and down his sensitive soles, spreading his toes and sucking on each of them in turn.

    Lieutenant Miles gave Ahmad a short break but then he held a feather that he ran between Ahmad's toes, which got a strong reaction and he used the pointed quill end on the soles of Ahmad's feet making him scream with laughter. Once getting both feet even sweatier Lieutenant Miles sucked and nibbled on Ahmad's toes, eliciting wild streams of laughter and he used an artist's brush on them and also on his balls and the head of Ahmad's dick which was an horrendous,half-erotic, half-tickling sensation! Once the captive was at the point of cumming the U.S. lieutenant just turned his attention back to Ahmad's feet. He didn't neglect his toes and the spaces between them just gentle stroking building up in intensity slowly and then using all his fingers indulge in subjecting Ahmad to maximum torture which had him laughing hysterically almost immediately. Ahmad couldn't even beg him to stop because he couldn't get any words out. After this Lieutenant Miles utilised the two identical palm-sized plastic hairbrushes, with plastic bristles, the kind used to comb the hair back and stimulate the scalp at the same time and he scrubbed those against the soles of Ahmad's feet making him scream with laughter.

    Another deadly torture tool favoured by Lieutenant Miles was an electric toothbrush with a flosser attachment. The flosser was one long flexible bristle that spun very fast and could be forced against ticklish feet like Ahmad's had proven being. The lieutenant found that using it against the base of Ahmad's toes, especially both big toes drove him totally wild n' crazy. Then to conclude the session the lieutenant put on his torture gloves with bumps on them, gloves worn allowed for a sturdy grip and proved to be devastating on Ahmad's feet. Gloves supple enough to allow Lieutenant Miles's hands to reach any place on Ahmad's feet and especially in between his toes; their deadly abrasiveness could conform perfectly to bared arches and balls of the feet and soon Ahmad was screaming and begging for the lieutenant to stop! Ahmad's soles even more sensitized now by the merciless brushing, the gloves were deadly especially when the U.S. lieutenant worked them between both the Arab's arches, squeezing and rubbing them a way that turned him into a solid core of screaming agony. It was then that finally Ahmad was released but his ticklish fate having been decided upon!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories


    Hi and I am Peter Falk 27yrs old and from New York and recalling something that happened three years ago which I've never forgotten. I knew this guy Trent in his 30's from the leisure centre for a few months and I felt like I could trust him and so we'd admitted we were both bisexual and decided that we'd go for it and have some fun the coming weekend so beginning when he'd pick me up from work friday evening still in my business suit. I agreed it would involve bondage as I was keen to try it out, having him dominate me so at his house I used the bathroom as he told me I'd be secured to the play bed for a while.I sat down on the bed as he pulled a box out from under the bed. It had bottles of gel, handcuffs, blindfolds, rope, and other bondage toys. He told me to get naked and lie down as he admired my slim, fit 6'2" physique mentioning my big size 13 feet being stinky and smiled

    "Yeah fuckin' sensitive too!" I said and then wondered why I had as my feet are too sensitive but he seemed to ignore the comment I'd foolishly made and started tying my ankles with the rope from the box.

    He then pulled my hands over my head to the bedposts. He tied each of my wrists to each of the bedposts, and then he handcuffed each. I was comfortable but not able to get free. He then said that I was in for a weekend of pleasure. I started getting excited when he said that but little did I know that his pleasure was torture to me. I did not know this but he'd invited a friend to help get me off. By now, it was around eight or nine in the evening. He got an s.m.s. on his cell' phone and leaving the bedroom answered the door then I heard voices and Trent came in again this time with his friend who smiled telling me his name was Scott and looked to be about my age. Then I was blindfolded. Trent said that he and Scott would be working on me for a few more hours and gagged me with the leather mouth gag.

    "Scott he told me earlier he's real ticklish on his feet" I heard Trent say and I gasped instantly as Scott started to massage my feet Trent started sucking my already erect cock. It was double torture. While Scott's hands explored my feet, Trent just continued sucking my cock. He took slow licks up and down my hardened shaft. He took in my entire dick and sucked it up and down. He paused and poured this sweet stuff on my dick. It smelled like strawberries. It was a flavoring used for giving blowjobs. So to Trent, it was like he was sucking a strawberry. It must have been for about 35 minutes, Scott was still feeling up my feet, not tickling deliberately but massaging them all over lightly so it tickled as Trent was still sucking my dick. The feelings were driving me crazy. The hands on my now very sweaty feet and Trent sucking my dick was too much, the pressure was mounting up. I came, shooting a powerful load. Then was allowed about 10 minutes break. I was busy catching my breath back. Trent asked Scott how they should get me off next? Scott said they should flip a coin. Heads, I get blown again, tails, I get jacked off and Scott teases me horribly. Scott tossed it and it was tails. Trent was going to jack me off. He got the lube out and poured some onto my cock. He started to jack me off while Scott was feeling my feet again and he was sniffing my foot smell as I heard. Trent whispered to me to just take in the pleasure. He asked me how it felt. I groaned into the gag and they continued. Scott felt up my feet and told me to relax and enjoy the sensations as Trent reapplied the lube and continued stroking his cock up and down. He had a tight grip and forcefully continued jacking me. Trent then started sucking my nipples. While he sucked my nipples, his hands explored my nipples. The two of them kept this up for about another 35 minutes. I was wondering if they were ever going to stop. The feeling was intense and I tried to lay still. Trent paused and lubed up my dick again and even after being forced to cum, my dick was still rock hard. Trent whispered again reminding me not to fight against the sensations.I felt like cumming and I did. Scott said having come twice my feet would be mega - sensitive and encouraged by Trent he began to stroke my soles lightly from heels to toes. That did it, I immediately broke into hysterics begging in between giggles for him to stop but to ears that were not listening.

    "That's it under his toes, in between his toes, yeah up n' down his soles like that Scott!" said Trent as I went berserk squirming around on the bed trying to escape the torturous tickling.

    After 20 minutes the torment of my feet stopped as Trent said he wanted to get me off again. He flipped the coin and it landed on heads. Trent got on the bed and straddled me as Scott remained by my feet, he was addicted to them.They both worked on me. I started to bounce up and down and then started to moan. I did anything I could to make them stop. I picked up my head but Trent pushed it down again saying that I had better relax. Scott continued sucking my toes as again he felt up my feet making me wriggle and he told me that I just had to accept the treatments given to me. My dick was still hard and Trent began sucking on it and feeling my feet all over, Scott told me that he and Trent were in control. The sensations my cock was getting was great. I felt like I was ready to shoot. Trent sensed this and stopped orally working it. Scott continued feeling up my feet and Trent went back down on my cock. Again though having worked me up, he again stopped just as I was ready to cum. He waited about a minute or so and then he started jacking me off. He jacked me while licking the head. I came as he took his mouth off my dick.

    Scott sat on my right side while Trent was on my left down by my feet and they copied each other so both began sucking my big toes on both feet, then licking my other toes smiling and winking at each other as my suffering increased. They began deeply inhaing my feet telling me how ripe they smelled then began licking my soles and finally indulged in ticking my feet to see who got the best response and agreeing equal as my feet deathly ticklish, my laughter was manic! Scott stayed by my feet, their smell and taste intoxicating to him but Trent squeezed gel on my dick but what I didn't know was that this was a special gel that prolongs the cumming. He winked at me saying that when people use this gel, it takes them about two hours or so before they cum. He massaged the gel into my dick and it was slicker than the usual stuff and It felt cool and wet. Soon enough this gel was driving me crazy. It made me feel like I was cumming but I wasn't. I was wondering when I was going to cum as Scott's hands were lightly massaging my very sweaty feet and teased me as now even massaging them tickled but Trent was pumping my dick and kept a steady pace, not too quick, not too slow. I really wanted them to stop as the simultaneous sensations were too much. I moaned to get their attention but was ignored. It was clear neither were going to stop. My dick felt like it was going to explode and my feet were so horribly sensitive I started to squirm around and Trent told me to lay still, that I must be obedient by laying still and accept the feelings. All I could think about was when were they going to stop. Didn't they get tired? Another hour went by and I felt like cumming but never did. Trent content to continue to stroking my dick up and down and Scott using his mouth exploring my feet really enjoying their sweaty taste.The gel kept me hard and slick. Trent now started to take slow strokes up and down. He gripped my dick harder now and he really massaged more gel onto my dick. This just drove me nuts.

    He then began sucking my cock-head and again I felt like I was going to cum. He stopped. I just laid still and relaxed. Then as he'd stopped when Trent had sucked me, now Trent stopped playing with me, Scott really tickled my feet mercilessly making me lose it in seconds but during this sadistic tickling frenzy, Trent gripped the base of my cock again and continued sucking my head. He started to forcefully suck and it was driving me crazy. He stopped again and I lost it. I started to moan and I rocked my head from side to side. He said I was doing good but not good enough. He said I needed more practice, which meant he was going to play with my dick all night and my feet would be Scott's toys. Trent gripped my dick again and went back to work. I tried to relax as he sucked my cock-head and he finally let me cum. Super sensitive having shot another load, Scott took full advantage ticking my feet, licking my feet and sucking my toes telling me how awesome my feet smelled and how raunchy they were with a great taste as Trent stroked my balls a few minutes more before telling me to get some sleep as the tortures would begin again in a few hours. I remember woken by tongues, Trent licking my balls and dick and Scott sucking my toes as I heard the words

    "We're back!"

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Paul in Thailand

    Paul Jarvis the English 20 yr old student backpacker on his Gap year was touring south - east Asia and was arrested by the Thai police in Pattaya with drugs on him and sentenced to two years prison and on arrival was taken to a small room and ordered to strip. The attractive 6' lad was soon standing, naked, against the wall facing it. His fingers were tightly interlocked behind his head.

    "Here are your instructions, boy. One, you not to talk to other prisoners or try to communicate with them by any means.
    Two, you speak only in response to a direct question by one of the guards. Three, when guard enters the cell area, you go to the back of the cell and stand nose and toes to the wall. If your arms are free, you interlock your fingers tightly behind your head and he want to see the whites of your knuckles. If your hands are cuffed in front of you, put them over your head where guard can see them. If they are cuffed behind you, there is no problem. Failure to obey these rules will result in punishment. Do you understand me?"

    "Yes, Sir!"

    "What happen if prisoner talk to you?"

    "Sir, I will ignore him, Sir."

    "What happen if you talk to prisoner?

    "Sir, I will be punished, Sir."

    "Good, I see we understand each other. Go to table, get up on table!"

    Paul did as told and lay down on the table to which he was strapped on his back. The table was made from a series of long boards that were separated, so the straps could go between the boards and fasten him tightly to the table. The two policemen smiled as him as first they locked his hands to the table so he couldn't move them. Each ankle was strapped down next, so that his limbs were secure. Straps were placed around each thigh, securing his legs. Paul's biceps were strapped down, then his hands were unlocked, but straps were attached to his wrist cuffs, securing them tightly to the table. Finally, a strap was placed across my chest, holding his body tightly to the table. Then the two policemen started tickling him. It didn't take long for Paul to start laughing. They indulged in tickling his ribs, armpits, legs and especially his size 12 feet.

    "We amuse ourselves with you!" one policeman said as both the policemen's fingers danced lightly on Paul's body which drove him nuts.

    He was thrashing on the table desperate to escape giggling his head off much to his torturer's delights. Concentrating on one each the policemen loved his reactions tickling his feet. One of them then used his fingers to tickle Paul's armpits while the other tickled both his feet. Paul was being stimulated so much his body started to convulse involuntarily. The policemen really liked this and the tickling lasted until Paul's throat became so dry, he needed a drink of water. After the drink the tickling continued for another ten minutes until it was time to take him to the cells. Paul was taken to a single cell which was unusual as normally up to 17 cons shared a cell but he was to be alone. Paul was told to lay on the bed with his feet through the bars. His ankles were locked to the other side with a lock and pads were placed between the tops of his feet and the bar to protect them from hitting the steel. A webbed belt was wrapped around the bed at his thighs and pulled tight, keeping his legs straight. Paul's cuffs were locked together in front of him and a webbed belt was looped around the lock and the bars. The belt was shortened to stretch his arms above his head. Paul's feet through the bars meant them being very vulnerable for tickling so he thought he knew what was coming but he did not know as it happened.

    He heard an adjoining cell door being opened and Thai spoken and then he saw two Thai lads looking at him through the bars as they were given stools and sitting down were shouted at and Paul's feet tickled, then after ten minutes they taken away and another two lads brought to replace them and Paul's feet were tickled, nibbled on, licked and sucked for what seemed like hours, and whenever he moved the tickling intensified and the boys kept altering so Paul laughed differently according to the tickler's techniques.

    Finally after hours of torment the tickling stopped and he was rewarded with a bowl of cooked rice as the policemen released his feet and let him sleep telling him that soon enough another cell door would be opened and the tickling begin again. Totally exhausted Paul was soon asleep but an hour later awakened sensing wetness on his toes seeing two Thai boys orally enjoying his feet but awake this assault then became another ticklish ordeal for him to endure. Paul's fate sealed as they were teased and tormented nightly the duration of his sentence with guards also liking the fact that he was so horribly ticklish all over but especially on his feet!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Eduardo's Experience

    Eduardo Ronaldio the famous handsome footballer had been in hospital for tests but was due for release next morning but during his weeks stay had displayed arrogance and rudeness to the staff and one doctor had decided enough was enough and the patient would be taught a lesson that night. Being in a private room and with two nurses assistance the operation ran smoothly and he'd been administered the strong sedative when Dr. Richards came to collect him. In a wheel chair he'd been taken to the soundproofed observation room and woke to find his ankles were bound to either post of the twin-sized hospital bed, and his arms were bound in the same fashion.

    “Ah, so you’re finally awake Eduardo. Good!”

    Dr. Richards walked around the bed and as usual he had his face glued to a clip-board.

    “Where in the hell am I? Where have I been and what is going on!?” Eduardo felt his voice shake and begin to rise in anger. There had to be some kind of explanation to this…"

    “Now now, lets not get too excited,” Dr. Richards spoke. “You’re still in the hospital, you never left. I just had you moved down here. This section of the hospital is going under renovations next week and we had everything cleared out a while back. It’s nice and secluded here. Not a person near this area. You’ve been asleep for an hour or two, I interlaced a pretty good sedative into your anesthesia.

    “ Why!?”

    “I wanted us to have some…private time…”

    Eduardo saw the doctor grin as he set the clipboard down on a table close to the bed and realising he was secured to the bed he was panicking.

    “Just tell me what in the hell you plan to do, and why you’re doing it!” he yelled

    “Oh I don’t think you’ll have too many objections to what I’m going to do. At first at least. When I saw those feet of yours Eduardo, I could hardly keep my eyes off them. I wanted to see them, to feel them, those famous feet. When we were in the hospital room and my hand brushed up against them, and I saw your reaction, I knew that I had to have some fun with you and them. I have since read you are very sensitive on your feet and you also have been rude and demanding to staff since your admittance here."

    Dr. Richards lifted the sheet and blanket up at the end of the bed and began raking a single finger nail up and down the soles of the footballer's feet. Both feet felt slick with natural sweat as the famous footballer began to giggle immediately.

    "Ticklish feet for sure Eduardo? How do you like the lotion I added to them? It makes the sensations a little worse, don’t you agree?” smirked the doctor.

    He began scribbling all five nails up and down both the Portuguese footballer's arches, in spider-like motions, as Eduardo clearly felt his nails hit every bump and line on the sensitive soles of his 10 feet. He threw his head back and chuckled in earnest.

    “See Eduardo you’re not going to mind this at all, laughter is the best medicine.”

    The doctor added his other hand to the mix, scribbling up and down both ticklish feet, while one set of nails dug in right under Eduardo's toes (His absolute worse spot), the other hand was focusing on the balls of both feet, seeing which one would make the striker laugh harder, as he alternated. Eduardo began chuckling heavier as his breathing picked up.

    “Whaha..whahat areheha youohoho going tohoho dohoho!?” he laughed at the doctor's merciless raking of his feet.

    “Oh, isn’t it obvious?” the doctor said, his voice lifting with gentle innocence. “I’m going to keep you here most of the night and tickle every inch of you. I’ll tickle your feet, your thighs, your pits and your sides and whichever spots tickle the most, I’ll be sure to tickle twice as much. I’ll have you laughing and sweating like crazy by the end of the night, and judging from that rather noticeable protrusion swelling from your pants, I don’t think you’ll fight me too much on it."

    The doctor stopped tickling the footballer as Eduardo began panting lightly, closing his eyes, wondering now what was to follow and saw the doctor pick up an instrument, the Wattenberg wheel, twirling it slowly in his fingertips.

    “If you’ve seen old medical movies I’m sure you’re familiar with this little gadget. I don’t think waiting around to explain in more detail is needed, so I say we dive in.” said the doctor.

    He lowered the device and began fiercely raking it up and down Eduardo's soles. That did it. the handsome footballer threw his head back and began bucking in laughter as Dr. Richards smiled as he figured out the weakest spot being under Eduardo's toes was the best means of attack. The doctor held them back with one hand and ran the device up and down them with the other, back and forth, sawing over that spot until the footballer was hysterical. Then he stopped but for only a moment to do the same to the footballer's other foot. Alternating back and forth.

    “Ticklish under these sexy and famous toes, aren’t we Eduardo?” Dr. Richards said grinning seeing them wiggle helplessly.

    “OHohogodhahahah yehehehashshehahahahahahaa!” the handsome footballer was laughing his head off head off being at the doctor's mercy. Eduardo squirming around on the bed in ticklish agony fueled the doctor to attack more wildly.

    “That’s right Eduardo, laugh!”

    The doctor increased intensity as he had now drawn a stool up to the end of the bed as opposed to standing and so seated on level with both sweating feet began going up and down Eduardo's left arch with the wheel while running his smooth hand up and down the right one stroking slowly while the wheel attacked fiercely.

    Then Dr. Richards got up and stood behind Eduardo and suddenly the footballer felt the doctor's warm hands being placed directly over his darkly haired armpits.

    “You know what I think?” the doctor whispered into his ear.

    “I think that you like this secretly, I think you can’t get enough of my dark hands running up and down your body, the images of it are driving you wild. I can hear that just from the panting, and I’m not even tickling yet but even if you don't you can't stop me.”

    Eduardo felt the doctor's fingertips reach into his pit hair, resting there with firm pressure, as he shuddered and gasped not liking the sensations being ticklish and from another guy but helpless to resist.

    “I think I could tickle you all night and get away with it. I could have you begging for anything by the end of tonight, and if I had to place money on it, it’d be more tickling. Eduardo let me re-assure you. By the time I’m done, you’ll do anything to make me stop.” said Dr. Richards menacingly.

    The physical and verbal teasing was driving Eduardo wild as the doctor's hands glided along his sides and up and down his chest with expert tickle play.

    “Tell me you want it”. Dr. Richards spoke with control in his voice, and a hint of satisfaction as he whispered it into Eduardo's ear.

    “ Come on say it now .. say please, tickle me! Tickle my pits and my sides, run your fingers up and down my feet and don’t stop! Please, tickle me senseless!”

    Eduardo was petrified and vulnerable but silent as he felt the doctor's fingers dig full force into the hair of his pits, swirling in circles around and around, and as he once again threw his head back began laughing uncontrollably. Dr. Richards was not a gentle tickler by any means, he went for full-brutal-force. He relentlessly stroked his hands professionally around Eduardo's sweating pits, up and down, scribbling with his nails, pulling at the curled pit hairs. He kept provoking the and teasing me Eduardo hoping to make his situation worse- which he was very good at doing.

    “Woah, someone’s got some ticklish pits, heh?”“Tell me where it’s worse, in the center, or on the sides!”“I’m not gonna stop Eduardo. I’ll tickle you all night long!” verbally taunted the doctor.

    After the attack on his pits, he began working his fingers and nails along the footballer's sides, digging into him with no mercy.

    “Nohohohehaha stahahahaplehehaha plhehehehleeheheaseheahahaa!” Eduardo screamed, his body now coated in a thin layer of sweat as he felt the sheets begin to stick to his backside.

    When the doctor dug into his hips, that’s when Eduardo arched completely off the bed, and screamed louder than he had the entire night. It was like a light bulb had gone off in his head. Then from his medical coat he withdrew the feather which he showed to him

    "Not too many guys are feather ticklish, but that waistline of yours might be the golden ticket!" Dr. Richards said.“Let’s just test out how sensitive this famous waist of yours is with this feather stroking up and down it.”

    The soft plume stroked around Eduardo's waist slowly, teasingly, making him writhe and squirm under the now gentle touch. Dr. Richards smiled at the instant reaction began dusting Eduardo's waistline, side to side, each time he passed over his bellybutton, swirling the feather a couple of times in it. Eduardo couldn't bear the consistent torment and began to chuckle in earnest, giggling like crazy and then Dr. Richards placed the plume to his right side, right on to his hip bone and immediately Eduardo lost it.

    “Shihihihihththehahahaha!” His laughter increased as the feather was stroking up and down along his hips, back and forth, left to right, small tight circles, then small strokes up and down, side to side. He was completely at the feather’s mercy and under Dr. Richard's control.


    Eduardo was suffering from the feather which was sending him over the edge. “NOHOHOHOHOMOREHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!”

    Eduardo screamed between hysterical sobs of laughter totally tickled beyond the limits of his endurance and it contnued.

    “Beg for it to stop and for me to lick your feet, suck your toes!” teased Dr. Richards as he placed the feather in Eduardo's pits, under his pits.


    The feather tickling under his arms stopped and Dr. Richards soon seated by both now very sweaty and richly aromatic feet of Eduardo Ronaldio, the doctor was in awe of his position and showed Cristiano the electic sonicare toothbrush and then switched it on telling him that natural sweat made a great lubricant. Eduardo felt the stiff whirling bristles of the toothbrush begin raking up and down his soles, with special attention to the toes.


    Once really sweaty this torment stopped and almost in relief although when his toes were nibbled, Eduardo Ronaldio almost welcomed the doctor's costant oral attention to his feet. He knew it was a man but just about withstood the sensual licking of his soles and sucking of his toes and hearing his foot smell being inhaled imaging the ministrations were coming from a beautiful girl adoring him but then Dr. Richards realising this would purposely ruin the illusion saying aloud

    "Mmmm fuck Eduardo when I next see you play on T.V. I'll be imaging these feet sweating in your socks n' boots but right now mine to rape!"

    For the next three hours the footballer subjected to the kinky lust of Dr. Richards for his famous ticklish feet with awesome smell and a great taste!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Nero's Secrets

    History tells us that Nero was a brutal emperor who exacted cruelty on his slaves and prisoners. What history doesn't tell us is that Nero was hopelessly, excruciatingly and insanely ticklish.. ticklish over his entire body but especially on his large feet rumoured to be size 13. Even the slightest touch sent him into a fit of giggles, often mistaken for insanity. He was insane, though, ticklishly insane. His ticklishness was even more enhanced by his alcohol consumption. His secret was that he liked to tickle his male slaves. In fact when new slaves were brought to him for inspection, he demanded that the guards leave him so he could inspect could them privately. He would strip the male slaves and tie them one by one to the marble pole in his chamber. Then he would stroke their naked ribs with his fingertips to see which slave was ticklish and how ticklish they were.

    This particular group had only one ticklish slave... one very ticklish slave. All Nero had to do was taunt him about tickling and the slave started giggling. Nero liked this about the slave and decided to keep him close. This slave was known as Av'ram. An Egyptian, a handsome and tall young man of 23 yrs he was favourite. On the first inspection Nero had him presented to his own personal tickler, Senatus in the tickler's quarters. Nero walked around Av'ram, eyeing him up and down. Then he whispered to Senatus to strip off Av'ram's clothing. Senatus stripped Av'ram, who became very nervous. Av'ram was well built and fit from working in the fields with large hands and feet, compared even to Nero's so perhaps 14 or even 15's.

    Av'ram looked at Nero and began to plead with him... "Please..PLEASE! no more tickling! I -I can't stand to be tickled!!"

    Nero walked up close and stared in Av'ram's face. "So... You don't want to be tickled,, eh! Tell me..Slave.. Are you so ticklish that Senatus and I should be denied the sound of your laughter and the right to watch your ticklish body writhe?

    Av'ram nodded slowly. "Please sir.. I am so ticklish! Please.. no more!!"

    Nero turned away from Av'ram and then looked at Senatus, who was laughing

    "Senatus.... This slave doesn't want to be tickled.. says he's too ticklish!" Senatus laughed and nodded his head.

    "Emperor.. I think I'd like to see how ticklish he is..Shall I tie him and prepare him for my tortures?"

    Nero smiled broadly. "Yes! Prepare this impudent slave for tickling!! Let's see how ticklish he is!!"

    Senatus grabbed Av'ram and massaged oils over his entire body. As Senatus massaged Av'ram, the slave began giggling. Hearing his giggles, Nero began to feel tickly shivers up his back and wiggled in his chair. After Senatus finished massaging Av'ram,he tied him with his arms up over his head, exposing his underarms. Nero sat anxiously, waiting for the first giggles from Av'ram. Senatus began tickling down Av'ram's inner arms to his underarms.. his fingers tickling through his thick armpit hair. Av'ram began giggling and straining at the ropes. Senatus ran his nails down Av'ram's ribcage. Av'ram shrieked then began laughing and struggling harder. Nero watched nervously then began to wiggle around in his seat, holding in his urge to giggle.

    Senatus watched Nero's reaction and smiled to himself as he knew he would be tickling Nero soon and that Nero would return the favor to Senatus. Nero got up from his chair and walked over to Senatus and whispered in his ear, then tweaked Senatus's ribs. He squealed and then got a feather from the basket and began tickling Av'ram's nipples and then his waistline. Av'ram became hysterical with laughter, wiggling and thrashing around as his naked body was tickled mercilessly.

    Av,ram felt himself becoming aroused by the tickly touch of the feathers, but was not able to hide it from Nero. Nero was also becoming arroused and giggly as Senatus kept up the tickling. When Nero saw how arroused Av'ram was.. he asked Senatus to step away and took the feather from him. Senatus knew immediately was Nero was up to and stepped away.

    "So you like to be tickled I see!" murmured Nero in Av'ram's ear.

    Av'ram became even more nervous as Nero got closer to his manhood with the feather. Once Av'ram saw what Nero was going to do, he shook his head and began babbling...

    "No! OhNo!! PLease .. Not the feather! Not there! I-I'm so ticklish there!! Please.. PLEASE.. do---- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. HEEHEEHEEHEEE..HAHAHAHAHA..HAHAHA."

    Av'ram arched his body and went into a fit of wild, hysterical laughter as Nero began tickling his genitals with the feather teasingly.
    Senatus was squirming in his chair and had to stifle a giggle or two while Nero worked the feather into all the ticklish crevices around Av'ram's genitals. Feeling out of control and overwhelmed by his ticklish arrousal, Av'ram finally threw his head back and screamed loudly as he shot out his warm seed.

    "Good man and you realise one part of you not yet explored by myself and Senatus but now time for this as you will be more sensitive than ever so these .. Nero touched the slave's big feet.

    They were a beautiful olive complexion, with nice arches and beautiful curved toes! Both ticklish as hell as Nero would soon find out. Nero asked him where his feet were most ticklish. He answered reluctantly.

    "My soles and arches and under my toes."

    These would be the areas Nero would then concentrate on these specific areas. Nero picked up a feather smiling at Senatus and the slave. The very first stroke of the feather on the soles of his feet brought peals of laughter as Av'ram struggled to stay still. Nero then then tickled the slave's arches as he laughed furiously clearly suffering to Nero's amusement. He kept begging Nero to stop so he did but handing over to Senatus wanting to voyeur the slave suffering at the hands of an expert tickler. Av'ram was laughing so much in seconds and wiggling his toes being tickled by Senatus, the more he wiggled his toes, the more Senatus tickled them. Senatus remarked on the powerful smell of Av'ram's feet and then began licking the slaves soles and sucking and nibbling his toes. This meant unbearable tickling as Senatus was expert orally at tickling as Nero knew and he encouraged Senatus to subject Av'ram to the most excruciating experience and assisted spacing the slave's toes himself so Senatus could slip his tongue between each toe. Both Nero and Senatus loving inflicting the merciless tickle torture. Nero then saw the hungry look on Senatus' s face and no words necessary.

    "Senatus.. untie him, he will be taken to my room for my pleasure later as I am in need of your special service!"

    Senatus called for the palace quard to cut Av'ram's sweaty and overly ticklish body down and taken to the Emperor's quarters.

    Nero went to Senatus's bedchamber with Senatus followng.

    "Please.. Senatus.. I am so ticklish right now!"

    Senatus smiled and stripped Nero and tied him spread eagle to his bed.

    "My tickly Master! I'm going to make you laugh and wiggle!" teased Senatus before he started tickling Nero.

    Nero giggled and played as if he had mock fright as being tickled. Then Senatus began randomly tickling Nero, first his belly button, then his ribs working ot his sides. Nero squealed and giggled like ticklish school boy. He thrashed and pulled his ropes taut as Senatus worked his way to Nero's ticklish feet. Of all his ticklish places, Nero's feet were his weakest, most ticklish spot and to have them even washed by his eunachs would make him laugh. If a Eunach tickled him too much or just because he appealed to Nero then he would be tickled by Nero. When he saw where Senatus was heading, he played the mock fright and make believe pleading for his feet to be left alone. Senatus knew better and began tickling Nero's toes with his tongue then began nibble tickling his arches. Nero became crazed with hysterical laughter and soon became nearly orgasmic.

    "Emperor the smell of these feet, the taste of these ticklish feet ever intoxicating to me!" said Senatus

    "Sen-Senatus... " Nero pleaded, " Please.. You know how unbearably ticklish this is making me! I=I ca- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE... HAHAHAHAHAH.... TIC-TICKLES.. TOO MU=MUCH!"

    Nero screamed and threw back his head and shot warm jizm down his inner thighs. Senatus, breathing just as heavy as Nero, also climaxed and stopped tickling Nero. He himself lay next to Nero on the bed, feeling so very ticklish by now.

    "Regulus!" called Nero

    Unknown to Senatus this would be happening, the Chief of the Imperial Guard Regulus slipped in and waited for his orders. Regulus was also a master tickler and provided both tickling as punishment and as his pleasure for those in the Imperial Guards that were ticklish. He walked over to the bed, Senatus lifting his head up spoke first.

    "What are you doing here Regulus?"

    Regulus smiled evily. "Why Senatus at my Emperor's request I am here as you are ticklish and he has heard about my torturing members of the Imperial Guard and wants to see me operate!"

    Setanus began giggling, then his giggling turned to hysteria as his own size 12 feet were mercilessly tickle tortured. Nero ordering Senatus to lay still which he did as Regulus first used his fingers all over Senatus's feet and then used the feather. He then began using his mouth nibbling on all his victim's toes and licking his soles as Senatus begged mercy. An hour later Senatus was rewarded as Regulus found himself bound to the plinth that Av'ram had suffered on and stripped Senatus was intent on showing no mercy on Regulus as he studied the warm and sweaty size 11 feet facing him. Nero watched smiling and knew he would soon be assisting in the torture of Regulus which later he was with both delighting on working on a foot each. Later he would find himself volunteering names of the guards he'd tickled and they invited to exact revenge on Regulus themselves and then be punished by Regulus themselves and any of appeal to Senatus and Nero find themselves with extra imperial duty, to be tickle toys of them both!

    Crazed, hysterical, ticklish laughter was heard all over the palace that night from Nero's quarters as Av'ram was enjoyed by his Emperor until morning light.
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Tickle Top Tells Tale

    Simon and I had chatted to the guy a while and gettin' the drinks in which Nathan was accepting. He telling us how it was his first time in a Gay bar, early 30's married and just curious and glad he'd met us. We glad to meet him, tall, dark and yeah handsome with nice big feet. We all eventually left the bar and having had a ruffie slipped in his beer, he was ours and was easily manipulated to be stripped off and soon secured to the bed in just his black socks on his size 13 feet. He wondered what we would do and then we began stroking his feet slowly and lightly, going up and down both feet from heels to toes, and toes to heels. Nathan soon enough shaking and giggling as we kept stroking a foot each.

    "AHHHHHHH!" he yelled as we both gave focus on his high arches making him laugh even more


    Overwhelmed by our tickling, we became more aggressive spidering all over his vulnerable feet."STOOOPPPPPPP!" he yelled

    Grinning at him we peeled off his socks slowly and began stroking both soles of his warm, sweaty feet as he was bucking and screaming

    "AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA NOOOOOOOOOO!" he pleaded desperately for us to stop.

    Simon instead pulled out a hairbrush and began brushing the bristles on the right foot he was torturing which drove Nathan ballistic to our amusement. The stiff brirstles caressing his wildy sensitive foot was a killer. I used the feather I favoured weaving the feather end in between all the toes on Nathan's left foot.


    Then we used the baby oil and started rubbing it all over both of his feet telling him we loved the awesome smell of his feet and a real bonus that he was so horribly ticklish and how in the bar when Simon had dropped his lighter that he'd checked out his feet in the loafer shoes, managed to have sniff and it resulted in "Game - On"

    "Ahah ahhaha" giggled Nathan as even us just rubbing his feet made him laugh.

    We then began brushing the soles of his feet as hard as we could and alternated between brushing and stroking his feet with special concentration on his soles and high arches driving him insane! More oil was applied and we employed the use of forks to tickle his feet.

    "AHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOO NOOTTTT AAAA FOOORRKKKKKK STOOOPPP GEETTTTT AAAWWWAAAYYY FROOOOMMM MMYYYY FEEEET!!" screamed Nathan as we indulged in his agony and again I weaved the feather in between all of his toes so a less intense tickle than the forks but equally effective! Simon then hit on using the electric tooth brush. He began using it to scrub every toe on both Nathan's feet with care. He ran it under the toes, between the toes, and even on the tops. Every spot he touched made Nathan squeal in laughter.

    "AHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAAHA NOOOOOOOOO PLLLLEAASSEEEEEEEE STTOOPPPPPPP" screamed Nathan as I told him that he best just accept we were tickle - tops and he was our tickle toy and we found his feet our nemesis so he'd best get used to it! Simon went in for the kill and raked all ten of his fingers up and down both soles continuously. Nathan laughed as loud as his body would allow him


    Simon again switched on the toothbrush "AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA STTTTAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAPPP!" Nathan exploded into shrieks as he drove the electric toothbrush up and down both vulnerable soles."AAHAHAAHA SSTTTOOOOP PPPPPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE" screamed Nathan as Simon placed the brush on each toe, leaving it there for about a minute, letting the brush do all the work for him along both arches and right under his toes. "AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOHOHOHOHOHO PLEASE NOHOHOT THERE NOHOHOHOHOHOT THEHEHEHEHEHEHERE GAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! yelled Nathan.

    I then winked at Simon and told Nathan what I liked about guy's feet were their smell and taste, his face had to be seen; the look of horror in his eyes as winking at him I licked my lips and began licking his feet, wiggling my tongue under and in between all of his hot, sweaty toes and all over both sensitive soles which his reaction told he hated. Simon told him a first time for everything including having his soles licked and toes sucked and nibbled by another guy and Nathan's protestations increased my determination to give his feet a thorough tongue bath!


    That was it, Nathan was tickled out and Simon and I had achieved our objective and abused another victim, it was time to release him and give him a coffee and call him a cab to take him to his hotel in N.Y.C. during his weeks stay here for company meetings and then flying home to his wife and kids in Boston! I suppose you have to feel sorry for the dude as he still waits for a taste of Gay sex!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Game - On

    The lads arrived from college at the digs they shared off campus and relaxed kicking off their shoes and picking a spot on the couch or a chair. The living room was laid out with a long couch facing the T.V. and a recliner on each side of it. Blaine sat in one of the recliners, and Ryder, Jake, and Sam flopped down on the couch.

    "You guys want something to drink?" asked 19yr old Finn. "Sure man" answered 21 yr old Ryder. He brought everybody back a coke and the guys fired up the Xbox. A few minutes later they heard a knock at the door. Finn answered it,

    "Hey man, I'm glad you could make it" he told 20 yr old Puck as he came through the door. "What's up dudes" said Puck to the other guys.
    After about 30 minutes of the guys playing the Xbox, Puck slipped his shoes off.

    "Ohh man, what is that smell?" asked 18 yr old Sam. Finn looked down to see Puck's socked feet.

    "Uh, I think I know" as Finn pointed to the feet.

    "Dude that is awful" added Ryder.

    "Oh, you like that?" teased Puck. He pulled off his white ankle sock and flung it at Sam.

    "Ahh gross!" he shouted.

    "Oh so that's how you wanna play Puck?" challenged Sam.

    "Bring it on man" retorted Puck.

    Sam lunged toward Puck. They wrestled around until they rolled off the couch and hit the floor. Puck was winning until Sam put him in a full nelson. "Get him Finn" he yelled.

    Finn jumped up and started prodding his sides. "AHAHAHAH FINN STOOPPP" shouted Puck.

    Sam was surprisingly strong, keeping him from breaking out of his hold. Finn kept tickling the tough guy as Ryder, Jake, and 20 yr old Blaine laughed their heads off. 21 yr old Jake got the idea to help his brother so he surprised Finn and jabbed his sides, causing him to stop tickling Puck.
    "AHHH" shouted Finn. Then the younger Puck and Finn launched a new battle. Finn slung Jake down on the couch and started scribbling his fingers all along Jake's tender stomach.

    "I've got him Finn" said Ryder.

    He grabbed Jake's hands and held his arms down while Finn started digging into the dark haired armpits. All the while Puck had gained the upper hand on Sam. He had his leg in a leg lock. He slipped off his sock and was going wild with his nails on the smooth sole.

    "AHAHAHAHAHHA SSTOOPPPPP DUUUDEEE NOOTTT MYYY FEEEETTT" screamed Sam, as he was pounding into the carpet with his fists and laughing like a crazy person.

    "Blaine get his other leg!" shouted Puck.
    The usually reserved Blaine thought it would be fun to let loose and have fun so he grabbed Sam's other ankle and held it between his side and his arm, locking it in place. He pulled off the black ankle sock and scribbled his fingers all over the super soft foot. He focused on the toes, getting an even better reaction.

    'AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA BBBLLAAINNNEEEE DOOONNTTTT NOOOTTT MYYY TOOEESSSS PPPLEEEAASSEEE" begged the now sweaty guy Jake wasn't in much better condition. Finn had his shirt pulled up over his head and behind his neck, and was using all ten fingers to tickle Jake's ribs and armpits. He was really getting into it now, taking joy in making the younger boy scream with laughter.

    "AHHHHHHHHH SSSTOOOOPPPPPPPP AHAAHAHHAHA". Ryder was now sitting on his arms and tickling his sensitive neck, adding to the torture he was experiencing.
    Jake some how slipped out of Ryder's grip and pulled him to the floor. Finn was still straddling him but thought it was time to show Ryder some "attention". Ryder landed on his back and Jake straddled his stomach and faced his legs. Finn pinned the younger guy's arms down and started exploring the tender looking armpits. Jake had brought Ryder's leg toward him and stripped the foot of the white sock, revealing a soft, smooth, and very ticklish foot. He knew from experience how ticklish Ryder was, but had made up with him since their run in together in gym.
    He wasted no time and began running his fingers along the pale arches, concentrating on them and the tender middle part of his foot, seeming to be the most sensitive. Ryder was screaming and laughing as loud as his throat would allow him to and tried his best to get away from Jake and Finn's vicious fingers, that were digging into his super ticklish pits, driving him up the wall.

    "HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA NNOOOOOOO MMOOOREEEEEEE" screamed Ryder in between laughs. He jerked and wiggled to try and escape but their hold was to good.
    Sam by now had kicked Blaine off and barely gotten out of that leg lock. He and Puck went at it again but then saw Blaine and decided to give him a taste of it. Puck lunged at him and pinned his arms over his head with one hand. Sam sat on his legs at the ankles and pulled off his multi colored socks. His feet were very nice, looking to be freshly pedicured. Puck straddled his waist and began poking around his ribs and stomach. Blaine had always been really ticklish and the guys were discovering that secret now.

    "AHAHAHAHHAAH PPUUUCCCKKK STOOPPPPPP TTIICCKKLLLINNNGGG MEEEEEE SSAAMMMM STOOOOOPPPPP!!!" screamed the gel headed singer. Sam was going full force on the unrealistically soft soles. He used his nails to scratch all over the heels and balls.

    He kept that up until Puck caught his attention.

    "Hey Sam, try this" said Puck. He had found Blaine's comb he always kept in his pocket and tossed it to Sam.
    Sam began raking the comb up and down the sensitive soles. It worked like a charm. Blaine was shaking and bucking with all his energy. He was in tickle hell at this point. Puck was now digging into a bare stomach, making Blaine's laughter go up an octave. He was wiggling his nimble fingers all over the tummy until one went into his bellybutton and Blaine jumped hard.

    "Ahh, I think we found a sweet spot." announced Puck. He then started wiggling his fingers in the bellybutton, driving Blaine to tears.
    Jake now had both of the ultra ticklish feet in his grasp and was holding them with one hand and using his other to scribble along the feet. Finn looked to see a vulnerable socked foot on both sides of Ryder. He wanted to know if Jake's feet were ticklish. In one swift movement, he slipped the sock of one foot down and dittled his fingers along the heel. Jake jumped a foot in the air and shouted.

    "AHHH". "So you're feet are ticklish too" said Finn with a sadistic grin.

    "Don't even think about it" threatened Jake.

    The younger Puck noticed how Ryder's feet were wrinkling so much and thought that might be hindering the sensation he was trying to evoke. He pried back the long toes and started scraping the tender flesh under them.


    This gave Jake a reason to stop. "I knew I'd get you" said a satisfied Jake. Finn stopped too and looked over to see Sam and Puck torturing Blaine.
    "Wanna get in on that?" asked Finn to Jake and Ryder.

    "Let's do it" answered Jake. All 3 guys went toward the other set of guys. Finn tackled Puck, Jake attacked Sam, and Ryder helped Jake. Finn got Puck in another leg lock and began attacking his tanned barefoot. He scribbled over the sole with all his energy.

    "AAHHAHAHAHAHA SSTOOOPPPPP HHUUDDDSOOONNN" shouted Puck, jerking and laughing his ass off.

    Jake and Ryder had Sam on his stomach, and they each had a foot and were going wild on the baref eet. Sam had insanely ticklish feet, which only a few people knew. Usually when he did get tickled there he could try to hold it in, but now he was too tired. They scribbled and scraped along the smooth soles in earnest. Ryder was focusing on the wiggling toes and scratching the tender skin between them. Jake was using the comb he found to rake up and down the super sensitive foot. Sam was bucking and screaming and laughing like never before.

    Blaine finally recovered and helped Finn by getting Puck's other foot. He sat on his ankle and began running his nails along the surprisingly soft foot. He scratched and wiggled them over the arches and heels, getting a crazy response from Puck who was now laughing uncontrollably. He was on the brink of losing his mind, when suddenly the tickling stopped. "I think you've had enough, I just wanted to see the great Puck cry like a baby." explained Finn. Jake and Ryder had stopped too, realizing Sam was at his breaking point.
    "You know there's only one guy who hasn't been tickled today" said Ryder, looking at Finn.

    "You're right" added Blaine. All the guys looked at Finn.

    "Get him!" shouted Puck. They all lunged at him, Puck and Sam each grabbed an arm, and Jake and Ryder each grabbed a leg. Blaine straddled his waist. They all began torturing him at once. Blaine was digging into his stomach and flanks, Sam and Puck were wiggling their fingers into his brown haired pits. Ryder and Jake removed the grey socks and began raking their nails up and down, in every direction really. Finn's feet were big and meaty, with long toes and smooth, soft soles.

    "AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA GUUUYYYSSSSSSS NOOOOOOOO SSSTOOPPPPPPPPPPP!" shouted Finn, knowing he couldn't fight off this many guys, or escape.
    Puck and Sam's fingers were going wild in the sensitive armpits, driving Finn mad. Ryder and Jake were also getting the best of Finn. They both had taken shoelaces out of shoes that were close to them and were running them through the tender toes, sending electric sensations up Finn's body, causing him to buck and hit a new volume of laughter. Blaine was blowing rasberry after rasberry on the pale stomach, getting possibly the best reaction from the glee club leader.

    After about 20 minutes of driving Finn insane with tickling, they stopped and the tickling fight ended for that day anyway!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Virgin Feet

    College student Martin had no chance as the guys he'd met in the bar got him drunk and home with them. The 20 yr old plied with drink Simon and Matt were used to picking up guys to abuse and now Martin secured to their bed each of them unlaced his size 11 nike high tops and made lewd comments about his socked feet stinking as they stroked both socked soles as he immediately laughed.


    " Yeah Dude your funkin' feet which smell awesome and reckon we need to take things up a notch or two and have a look at these feet so time to lose the socks!" teased Simon

    "Oh man you're gonna be in deep shit when I've peeled off this right sock, love your foot-stink,brings out the animal in me!" Matt said as both of Martin's socks came off.

    "HHHHAAAAHHAAAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!" laughed Martin helplessly as Simon and Matt started tracing every line on the hyper sensitive soles of his feet

    Simon using one of Martin's own laces began running it in between all of the lad's unbelievably ticklish toes as they wiggled madly at the assault on them but Matt was going one step further guessing this sensitive on his feet that there was no way Martin would handle having his feet licked and toes sucked! Sure enough Martin completely lost it when Matt began to orally enjoy his stinky, sweaty feet from his heels to his toes and licked in between each toe


    Martin's reaction illustrated immedately that a tongue tickled worse than anything else. Simon taking his left foot and Matt his right they both licked and tickled his feet like crazy! Then reverted to more tickling wanting Martin's feet even sweatier and smellier feeling lustful and dirty knowing his were virgin feet that they were raping giving them both such a fuckin' buzz!

    "AHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHH DDONNTTT NOOOTTT MYYYY FEEET PPLLLEAASSEEEE!!!". Martin bucked and thrashed about on the bed as taking a foot each Simon and Matt ran their fingers all over his feet mercilessly tickling him

    "Nothing like a college dude after having his dick sucked for the first time and instead having his toes sucked and his feet tickled to fuck is there mate .. Mmmmm your feet smell fuckin' awesome and yeah they're really ticklish mate so looks like you're in trouble!" said Matt

    Simon and he working on a foot each pulled back his toes after seeing him try to scrunch them up and curl them in response to being touched so with soles taught they both stroked the centre of his soles, every ticklish touch arousing tremendous laughter from the ultra sensitive boy. The experienced Tickle Tops diabolical fingers attacking the base of his toes, all toes at once, making his laughter shoot up an octave. Both alternating between rapid fire tickling to concentrated stroking on each long toe at a time, just to keep Martin guessing what technique next?.


    "You know Matt his feet need oiling up, what do you reckon as seems he might have brushed his teeth this morning but forgotten to brush his feet, we can help him out right!" taunted Simon and he and Matt smeared both Martin's feet with baby oil and then showed him the hairbrush. Martin's laughter reached a new octave and he jerked his legs violently, desperately trying to free his feet from the sadistic tickling as Simon and Matt smirked at him tickling his feet with two hairbrushes and a focus on the middle of both soles.


    Matt let Simon carry on with the hairbrush as he took his feather and weaved it in between all of Martin's toes and the pointy quill end to scratch up n' down the length of both soles. Simon then showed a mystified and exhausted Martin the black fibre tip marker pen and on paper that it did not write adding no ink necessary
    Simon started drawing all over the super soft skin, just scribbling along both soles and getting an immediate reaction from Martin

    . "AHAHAHAHAHAHA SSSTOOPPPPPPPP PPPLLLEAASSEE SSSTOOPPPP" he shouted in tickle hell, as the pen tortured every part of his foot it touched, driving him crazy. After a few minutes with the pen, on his soles he was ordered to say things to be written on his soles like ... "I hate my feet tickled", "My feet were licked by another guy" "My toes are suckable and my feet lickable!" etc etc

    "I think we should clean his stinky, sweaty feet before he leaves" said Matt who went into the kitchen and came back with a bowl of ice cold soapy water, the ice cubes floating on the top and two small scrubbing brushes. Both guys then dipped each circular brush in the water and went to work. Each time the freezing bristles of the brushes touched Martin's soles he freaked thrashing around like he was losing his mind and screaming loudly


    Finally both feet clean Matt and Simon started running their tongues all over both sensitive feet, they licked in between the tender toes and all over the soles making Martin involuntarily laugh his ass off and there was nothing he could do to stop them until they decided enough was enough and stopped of their own accord and ordered a cab for him back to the college campus they paid for!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Taunting Jordan

    Love the fix my elder brother Jordan is in. Nineteen and been in the detention centre for two years and now on parole but the idiot is up to his old stuff again and I have an arrangement with him that keeps my silence and Dad a cop, I am safe from reprisals but anyway when we're alone I call the shots, other reasons he submits to me too but not necessary to mention but he finds himself under my control as he'll lie on his bed as I remove his size 11 nikes. Then have a good long sniff of his ripe feet, Jordan's feet always smell great and then the session starts with my pulling a sock off as he begs me


    I kneel at the end of his bed facing both feet, one One still socked and one bare. Jordan dreads what happens as he will be in wild hysterics as his feet will be tortured by his younger brother so pretty embarrassing especially for a 6'fit lad with street cred like Jordan. I slip his other sock off and appreciate his feet telling him they are such great feet with an awesome smell and taste I'm inexplicably addicted to and a bonus always warm, sweaty and so hideously ticklish! The mental torment is vital too!.

    I then hold back back one set of toes to tickle under them, driving Jordan wild with laughter. I've proven to being a great tickler and love to do the worst thing I can to his feet, it is devastating for him to realise is happening as so dirty and pervy, he'd never allow his girlfriend Alicia to do it! I am soon running my tongue up n' down the length of his soles and licking in between his overly sensitive toes, sucking and nibbling them all. The rough yet wet tounge obliterates all of Jordan's self control.


    I keep him on the edge of losing his mind from the worst tickling imaginable as he is trapped in the blanket he is rolled up in with only his head and feet showing and then I run my fingers slowly over his saliva lubricated soles and toes making him buck and yell. I know all his weak spots on his feet so not long before he's lost it especially using his own tooth brush scrubbing at all his toes


    I use the brush all over both feet as I love seeing them wiggle and squirm only stopping to lick both soles and suck on his toes Then I will just gently tickle his feet telling him how warm, sweaty and smelly they are and so appealing to me perhaps telling him that he'll leave his bedroom door open tonight and not wash his feet before bed as they will get a tongue bath from me .. like I say he knows better than to question my requests or is that demands!

    I then started scribbling all over his soles like a mad man with my fingers or a brush.

    "AHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he lets rip as I concentrate on the most sensitive areas of his feet which for Jordan are his soles so they are a focus of attention but so too is weaving a feather through his ultra sensitive toes. He cannot believe how ticklish he is, I mean he knew he was ticklish but not as off the charts ticklish as he actually is. I will keep wiggling my fingers along his squirming soles as Jordan bellows with laughter as I make the tickling of his feet very intense

    "P-Please! Sta-ha-ha-ha-hap!! You won, you won, you won! Hahahahahahaha!! No more tickling!!" he squeals, shaking his head about in a vain attempt to dissipate the unbearable tickling sensations streaking up from his soles and when my fingers get into his toes though he'll soon be babbling incoherently between his bursts of laughter as for one final time in this session I will lick his soles and suck his toes hearing him gasp and seeing him cringe at the perversity of it as I tell him his feet stink and taste so hot to me!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Meir's Ordeal

    Meir Salem the suspected Syrian terrorist was not talking but he'd spill I knew it. The handsome guy in his late 20's about 6'2" lay secured to the interrogation table stripped to his briefs and was very anxious as I tied his two big toes on his large feet together and gently pullled them back and tied them to the ankle cuffs. His discarded Nike sneaks told me size 14's. He looked even more shocked when I drew a stool up and sat facing his feet. He unsure what to think as I kept looking at his giant feet then at him and smiling, then leaning closer to his feet sniffing them and winking and smiling at him. Mind games are so effective and and continued a few more moments and then I spoke knowing he spoke and understood English.

    "There now you can't wiggle your toes and if you are thinking I am about to beat your feet Meir then you are wrong but information has come to me that you are a sensitive giant!"

    I began lightly stroking his soles from both heels up to his toes seeing his bound toes desperate to wiggle so reaching the top of them I lightly stroked under them seeing him bite on his lips fighting reactionary giggles. I smiled as I showed him the feather and began to insert and saw it in between his toes and taking my time. He smirked eventually and then laughed more than giggled; he was horribly ticklish. After about 15 minutes I exchanged the feather for a brush, a brush that's small with stiff bristles and lightly I stroked his huge soles with it, exploring along his arches and getting him to really laugh telling him the size and smell of his feet awesome and how amazing a big man like him was such a weak pussy when he was tickled on his macho feet! The taunting insults were added to further his humiliation and embarrassment which they did successfully.

    Middle Eastern guys consider the feet dirty so attention to them excluding beating or falanga/bastinado not something encouraged so a buzz speaking about his feet being smelly and sweaty but adding as I sniffed them that this was appealing to me, another man liked his straight manly feet. As I ran the brush under his toes Meir was laughing so hard that I stopped to let him catch his breath. The lad was sweating and clearly suffering but I had a job to do and so soon ran the feather between his toes but nothing I like more than manually working over a guy's sweaty feet so began tickling both soles with my fingers. Just light but tickly slow strokes which succeeded in making Meir laugh even harder and then I grabbed his big toes with one hand and continued stroking the soles of both his feet! This drove him crazy and loved the warmth and moistness of his sweaty toes held by me.

    I then decided to focus on each foot in turn beginning with his left foot. He was now giggling and rocking on the interrogation table as I began teasing his foot with slow strokes especially under his toes, he hated this the most as he made obvious giving a violent reaction so enjoyed using the feather again sawing it more rapidly between his toes telling him that his sweaty, dirty feet would soon be washed as I licked my lips, giving him food for thought. He was really laughing from the toe tickling as winking at him and as his reaction of squirming which really excited me;he looked at me with pleading eyes as I leaned much closer to his feet, their powerful smell intoxicating for me and sniffed them and his toes as wiggled my fingers along his soles and under his toes. My face close to his feet when his toes wiggled a little they brushed my face involuntarily on his part; I then stopped to give him another needed break!

    Meir needed water, I had an iced cold cup of water ready and gently tipped it down his throat to stop him becoming too dehydrated. Then as a little tease I ran the cup on his belly and along the soles of his feet but not much as I liked his feet warm and sweaty. I lightly ran my fingers along both soles and again wiggled my fingers under all of his toes as he was giggling continuously as the tickling of his feet drove him crazy!Then the oral assault by me as his feet proved too tempting to not indulge and it was such a bonus to discover he was tongue ticklish as I slowly licked both soles and sucked all of his toes finding their taste so ripe and saying his feet needed the wash I had prmised him; then subjecting him to a thorough tongue bath which he totally hated making me doing but I was absoluely determined to take my time subjecting him to this complete humiliation! I told him just how delicious they were all warm and moist with his natural foot sweat, guessing I was the first guy to ever suck on his toes, nibble them and lick in between and under them all and loving the look of disgust on his face as no tickling to distract him, he felt the sensations from the guy he saw feasting on his feet,an image he'll never forget and I doubt speak about every having happened! He was released after a few hours a tickled wreck and questioned interrogators freeing him after five hours convinced he had nothing to confess to having done!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Titanus's Torments

    “You are now my obedient servant or you will be killed Titanus." said the Army General to his captive the 18 yr old handsome lad who appealed to him having clearly large feet. The General gazed at the tall young man still in battle dress including the sandals. The captive Titanus secured to the wooden plinth on his back recognised his fate and was glad his life had been spared. The General placed his hand on the lad's bare chest having slipped it under his short tunic. He saw the lad squirm and told him to escape torture and death he would submit to him and the young naive soldier boy immediately responding

    “I am yours in any way you wish Sir!"

    The General moved to the end of the plinth and said,

    “My Titanus, look how enormous your feet are!" as he removed both sandals.

    The aroma of both warm and sweaty youthful feet immediately appealing to the 30yr old General. Both well shaped with a pronounced arch and a line of equally descending toes”

    Titanus wasn’t sure why the General was remarking on his feet? Perhaps he was sizing him up for some type of strenuous manual labor.

    “My size 14 feet, like the rest of me, belong to you now Sir.”

    “Indeed, indeed they do Titanus and smelling so wonderfully, I wonder, could feet as large as these be ticklish?”

    “Ticklish?” Titanus asked, seeing the General reach toward his right foot and suddenly realizing what he intended to do. Before he could say another word, the General ran his fingers down the entire length of the right bare sole.

    The General's full hand stroke sent a real sudden shock of sensation up his leg and straight to his brain. Instantly, he let out a loud laugh and started to wiggle his toes frantically.

    “You bare sole is so soft and warm and very ticklish Titanus which pleases me and spares your life.”

    The General was rolling his fingers up and down Titanus's’ arch, making the Titan boy soldier hysterical with laughter but firmly secured impossible for him to pull his vulnerable foot away. He toes splayed and crunched in a desperate attempt to get free of the tickling.

    “Please Sir HAA HAA HAA! I am. HEE HEE HEE. I am very ticklish. My feet are very ticklish. HAA HAA HAA! Please stop.”

    Now instead of stopping the General reached his other hand out to Titanus's left foot and started to tickle both soles at the same time and the new slave's laughter became even more manic and desperate.

    “It appears my youthful, handsome Titanus servant has indeed very ticklish feet I am going to enjoy playing with for hours on end. Doesn’t that sound like fun Titanus?”

    The General's fingers began wiggling and stroking his arches and for a few seconds Titanus tried to defy the General and stifle his
    laughter but undaunted the General increased the speed and pressure of his fingers dancing on Titanus's arches and the lad suddenly exploded in loud, shrill laughter again. Again, his whole body jerked and squirmed, and his feet wiggled convulsively as they sought escape from the torturous tickling of the General's fingers. The captive's laughter became even louder and more shrill as the General's fingers attacked the balls of his feet and the base of his long toes as Titanus descended into tickle hell, shrieking out uncontrollable peels of harsh laughter. The General so pleased to find Titanus so intensely sensitive to tickling, he kept tickling both of his large feet for several more minutes until Titanus's laughing was hysterical and totally beyond control now and the General stopped tickle-torturing his twitching feet.

    Titanus had never felt a sensation such as this maddening tickling. His whole body was on sensory overload. He realized to secure his life that he had sworn his undying allegiance to the General and agreed to serve gladly and faithfully. Despite his ticklishness, he could not plead for mercy, he had given his word. Titanus reluctantly managed to stammer a few words recovering from the torture

    “If my ticklish torment brings my Sir pleasure…then I gladly submit my ticklish feet to him if he'll spare my life please Sir!”

    The General in response picked up a couple feathers from the table close by and started to draw them across the base of Titanus's toes, causing a new wave of hysterical laughter.

    “It does, it does bring me pleasure to see these gigantic feet laid helpless by a pair to feathers brushing your toes. It brings me great pleasure to feel the soft warmth of you bare soles as I roll my fingers mercilessly across your ticklish foot flesh. I have many plans for these ticklish feet Titanus. Many plans.” said the General

    He continued to tickle Titanus's feet for an hour, the tickling was driving the young lad to complete exhaustion but he was not actually being harmed in any way. The General found it difficult, even after hours of non-stop tickling, to finally back away from Titanus's now very sweaty soles and toes and to let Titanus his captive rest. He began deeply sniffing both naked soles dragging his nose along both feet soles from heels to toes and side-to-side, smelling different parts of them.The General then pressed the tip of his tongue to both sweaty, smelly feet and licked slowly all over both feet and then began sucking on all of Titanus's toes. Doing so he was also massaging them as he sniffed and tasted them but in control of both feet, there to serve his lusts and perversions! He then began to rake his fingernails across both tender arches. Titanus burst out in peals of uncontrollable laughter as the General took great care in tickling every square inch of his ultra-ticklish soles and toes. Laughing hysterically Titanus found the tickling torment was completely overwhelming to his senses. Certainly the General would be tickling him daily and nightly probably hours upon hours at a time and sometimes as now he smiled telling Titianus assisted by someone else!

    Titanus was then spared more tickling as he was told the rules he'd obey by to stay alive .. he would be barefoot at all times in the sprawling "Villa Trocadero" He'd sleep in the master bedroom with the General and on his stomach on the huge bed'd resting on the floor with no legs. At the end of the bed, was a pair of stocks and just below that there was a smaller mattress. It didn’t take long for Titanus to discern the design of this bed. He'd lie on his stomach so his ankles could be secured in the stocks. In this position, the tops of his feet would be resting on the smaller mattress. He told that the General would use his upturned soles as his pillow. The General showed him the small loops of rope feeding into the mattress, told that these would be used to tie down his big toes when the General wanted to tickle his pillows silly.

    An hour later the arrangement tested and the General closed the stocks down over his ankles and then Titanus felt his the General's head rest upon his left sole. He'd expected the tickling to begin, but instead the General reached out and started to caress his right sole. He stroked and kneaded the sole of his foot so caringly that it was almost pleasurable and the slave fell asleep. He didn’t know how long he’d been asleep only that he started to feel light strokes across his bare soles. His feet twitched, but something was pulling on his big toes. At first, Titanus was groggy and unsure of where he was. Then he felt the squiggling across his soles again and he realized he was in the tickle bed made by the General and that he had secured his big toes with the ropes while he slept. The General was now starting to slowly tease his defenseless soles with light tickles.

    Titanus started to giggle and the General knew he was awake. Titanus felt the tip of a feather run from his right heel down to the ball of his foot. As it slid across the center of his sole, Titanus's sole wrinkled and his toes wiggled and he let out a little laugh.

    “Good morning,” the General said, I wanted to let you sleep, but I couldn’t resist these adorable feet any longer. Their smell, their taste, their ticklishness” he said stroking Titanus's soles more vigorously.

    “My tickling of your defenseless feet must be pure torture.”

    Titanus reacted perfectly and it was genuine as the General knew as Titanus started to laugh louder,

    “Please, Master, no. Please don’t tickle my feet, I’m just too ticklish.”

    The General confirmed this by replying, “Oh, I’m sorry Titanus, are your feet ticklish? Then I bet you won’t like it if I do this.”

    The General started rolling his fingers up and down his arches. Titanus became hysterical, and it wasn’t an act. He managed to sputter,

    “Please Sir, no, not the tickles. Anything but the tickles on my poor feet!”

    The General obviously liked Titanus's frantic protests, for he became more intense in his tickling, really making the Titan howl with laughter. Titanus continued to beg the General to show mercy on his poor, ticklish feet, which only made the General more and more excited.


    Titanus jerked instantly on the restraints as the General's fingertips swirled all over his bare soles. Titanu's toes fanned and curled, shaking furiously with his tickles. The lad screamed as he felt the General's fingers dance on his arches and heels. Titanus wanted the General to stop teasing him so badly. The tickling was maddening. The General tickled his heels, arches, soles, and toes thoroughly. The General was a skilled tickler and he had his handsome young captive's ticklish bare feet right where he wanted them. Titanus pointed his toes and wrinkled his soles, trying in vain to escape the tickling. He soon bounced up and down on the bed as the General tickled his feet and made certain Titanus hated it. Titanus hated being controlled by the tickling of his bare soles at the General's sadistic will. Titanus's head swung side to side as he laughed and tried to kick his ticklish bare feet. Titanus pulled hard on the restraints that bound his ankles, but there was no escape. There was only the tickling to endure.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEEHHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHEEHEHEHAHA HAHAHHAHEHEHAEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Titanus laughed and screamed at the top of his lungs as he felt the General's fingertips start working his hideously ticklish toes.

    It was unbearable and Titanus tried to beg for mercy but laughter was all he could manage. Panic set in as the General was joined by a Eunach and three guards secured him on his back and then the General told the Eunach to tease Titanus in ways he wished and he tickled up both the captive's inner thighs. Titanus squirmed as he realized that the Eunach tickled closer and closer to his cock but was shocked as it was starting to harden. How could this be? He couldn't stand the erotic tickling and wasn't gay. Embarrassed he noticed the Eunach and the General watching his erection grow with evil grins creeping over their faces. Titanus didn’t want to get hard for them but the Eunach kept tickling his inner thighs tickling slowly up his thighs so his erection was soon full.


    Titanus felt the Eunach's fingertips softly start to brush his balls. It tickled worse than anything possible or so he thought. The Eunach was tickling his balls like crazy and Titanus screaming for him to stop but his cock was fully hard and he was really embarrassed, but could do nothing as the Eunach's fingers danced all over his ballsack feverishly. He tickled and tickled Titanus's balls before things got worse.


    He felt horror as his fingertips began to swirl through Titanus's pubes


    Titanus screamed as the Eunach began to tickle his throbbing cock, skilled fingertips danced up and down his shaft, balls to head and back again for ages. Tears streamed down Titanus's cheeks as he cried and begged for mercy. Still, his cock dry pumped in the air at the Eunach's devious tickling fingers. Titanus watched helplessly as he was tickled and teased on his throbbing cock much to the delight of the General. There was no mercy in the Eunach's eyes and only lust in the General's. Through tears of enforced laughter Titanus's gaze was fixed on the Eunach's fingers as they mercilessly tickled his cock and didn’t want to cum but that was out of his control now. Titanus knew the tickling wouldn’t stop until he shot his load as he was tickled on his cock relentlessly and as the tickling of his cock intensified the Eunach knew he was breaking him.


    Moans intermixed with Titanus's laughter as every brush of the Eunach's fingertips on his swollen cock sent electric shocks straight to his balls. He was beaten and couldn’t stop it now. He fed the General's lust as the Eunach teased him to breach the point of no return. He had Titanus and he knew it. Titanus began to give in to the erotic tickling


    Titanus I arched his back and screamed as waves of hot cum shot out of his horribly ticklish cock.Unfortunately for Titanus the General's appetite was insatiable and he had no real concept of time, so having cum the General knowing this captive would be even more ticklish began teasing his feet again with light strokes and then took him on a tour of the villa he now would be kept in for the
    General's pleasures. Every piece of furniture was constructed just for tormenting and teasing him, everything was designed to give the General full access to his bare feet. Long couches ended in stocks, walls and landings were designed for him to rest his enormous heels, giving the General unique aspects to view or touch his bare soles.

    There was a second bedroom where the young lad would lay on his back, his legs strapped to the wall and his feet fitting through a hole up to a loft where the General could sleep upon his trapped soles. There were even restraints on the outside walls where Titanus could be hung upside down and the General could step out onto a balcony on the roof and tickle his soles.

    Titanus was then instructed to lay on a divan on his stomach and the General pulled a cart to the end of the divan. There were many decanters of oils and jars of creams, soft, animal-hair brushes, and feathers.

    “I enjoy deploying the feathers very much, but I know how they'll drive your feet mad with tickles, so I'll not be using the feathers for now. Let me show you the extent to which your feet can bring me unspeakable pleasure.”

    The General used the oils and creams to massage and caress Titanus's feet. Titanus was writhing on the divan in pure torment as the General was really teasing in his touches on the secured feet facing him. Once Titanus's feet were oiled and unbelievably soft and supple, the General clamped the top bar over his ankles. He picked up two ornately carved wooden sticks. They were carved to look like little arms, ending in two hands in a clawed, "I’m-going-to-tickle-you" posture. Titanus looked past his huge feet as the two wooden hands approached his trapped soles and he knew it was time for the tickling to begin again but this would be torture enticed by the General.

    "I will now enjoy your feet Titanus and torment and tease every inch tease so that your suffering amuses me and your smelly and sweaty feet are teased and tormented with my mouth."

    Titanus disliked the oral attention to his feet most but this fact the General liked as his huge feet even oiled with the Japanese oil that was colourless and odourless; the fact that Titanus's feet smelled strong which enticed the General to enjoy them with his lips, sucking and licking knowing Titanus so intensely disliked this unbearable tickling torment technique. Then the General started drawing the wooden hands down the centers of Titanus's soles, the handsome youth let out a loud bellow. This was unlike any tickling that he’d endured to this point, this was suddenly different. The wooden hands tickled like mad, and his feet were even more ticklish from all the oils and creams, the tickling felt absolute torture. Titanus was laughing hysterically and flopping about on the divan like a mad man, he hated every ticklish scratch and stroke. His bare soles and wiggling toes were desperate to escape the tickling and he begged the General to stop again and again.

    Instead the General made sure the tickling became more and more intense, more than anything Titanus had experienced so far. He was screaming with laughter so loud that the Eunach stood smiling seeing the captive getting ruthlessly tickle tortured by the General who had switched to using his fingers and was capitalizing on all the ultra-sensitive spots on Titanus's’ feet as the General licked and gnawed at both over-stimulated soles and nibbled and sucked on his toes and then spoke of his intention.

    There is a new slave keen to impress me Titanus and tonight he will join us and will torture your feet well and before this I will see you exercise, you will run around the sports arena under guard in sandals to sweat these feet up so they will be salty and tasty and he will give these delicious feet I have savoured to a thorough tongue bath. He will be told by me how and where to employ his tongue to tease and torment you the most!"

    Later that night following the intense suffering of the enforced tongue bath the servant then drew long lines down the soles of both feet of Titanus as he wriggled helplessly but the servant boy deployed a real intense tickling lasting until Titanus was tickled out and exhausted and then the General congratulating the slave boy started tickling Titanus's bound soles some more, running his fingers devilishly in between all his toes making Titanus in seconds hysterical and desperately trying to pull his feet away from the General's tickles!

    “Such a wonderful laugh, and such adorable feet, your bare soles wrinkling in such a delicious way and your toes frantic with ticklish energy. Oh what a perfect design are your feet, sensitive to the lightest touch but when restrained so utterly unable to defend again the tickles. Wiggle and squirm all they want, you feet cannot escape me as I tickle you as long as I wish and indulge in my lust for their taste and smell Titanus and this slave boy seems to enjoy them so he will regularly join me in caressing, licking, sucking and
    tickling your feet which have a smell so appealing to us but your life will be spared as you begged me!"
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Arrogant Davide

    Davide was from Lyon, France arrived at my apartment and 21 yrs old was arrogant so it was good to be the one paying him as he had so tried to be the controller flopping down on my cream leather sofa propping his sneakers on the armrest telling me his feet needed a shower glaring at me straight faced. I knelt by them and untied the laces on his black size 12 Airwalk sneakers. Removing first the right sneaker and then the left, I was greeted with the scent of sneaker feet. Davide had managed to work up quite a sweat and did need a shower, he sneered and pushed his socked feet closer and wiggled his toes in the thin white nylon socks and I gently touched them and was happy to sense a little flinch though Davide tried to disguise it and I certainly wasn't deterred from their scent! I then proceeded to remove Davide's right and then left sock. I revealed Davide's now naked feet. His toes were long as I like and I started slowly rubbing my thumbs in concentric circles over the fleshy pads of his right foot then pushed my thumbs back and forth in the spaces between his biggest and next largest toe and the space between his second and third toes, rubbing them back and forth seeing him now eyes closed bite on his lips and taunted him just whispering since no words had been spoken.

    "Just think of the £200 Davide and makes this all worth it and what you are paid for!"

    Silence from Davide as I then pushed my thumbs in between the remaining two spaces between his toes, working them back and forth, sliding them between the two fleshy digits and then resumed massaging the pads of the upper part of his foot with my fingers working them down to his ankle. I couldn't escape the stench of his feet which was really intoxicating.There was something heady and enticing about the aroma of Davide's feet which became more appetizing an odor. My fingers tracing up and down his right foot and I sensed Davide was nervous as I did so, the arrogant lad was ticklish. I continued moving my fingers through the gaps in between Davide's toes now on his left foot like the right very warm and sweaty and deeply inhaling the aroma of Davide's sweaty feet.Then he opened his eyes as I started sucking on his toes almost relieved but short lived relief as whilst sucking on his toes. moved my fingers up and down Davide's left foot, running them along the sole and kneading the flesh tenderly. I traced a finger up alongside Davide's littlest toe, ran it over the top of the toe, then slid it back down in the space between his littlest toe and his next biggest toe, and then repeated the process for the remaining toes on his foot. I traced my fingers underneath his toes and he giggled!

    "Mmmm such hot, sweaty sensitive feet Davide!" was all I said as he grimaced with eyes closed.

    The longer I kept this up the more he flinched so I stopped but took Davide's right foot in my mouth, sucking on his big toe. I then slipped my mouth off his big toe and then, one by one, sucked all of the rest of Davide's toes on his right foot in succession and ran my tongue underneath his toes and wedged it into the spaces between hist toes and ran my tongue all the way down his sole and
    sucked on the bottom fleshy pad. I ran my tongue along Davide's ankle and then ran it back up along the contours of his right foot. Smiling as his foot flinched again. I lapped up my trails of spittle and allowed them to dribble down over Davide's feet,letting the saliva collect between his toes and drip down over his soles again and sucked on his toes with reckless abandon and ran my tongue along the contours of each of his feet in turn as he tried desperately to not react but his face showing me he wasn't liking this at all, used to dominating guys with his stinky feet but now the boot was on the other foot relishing in the taste of Davide's sweaty feet.

    "Use this agency a lot Davide so they sent me you with great feet, sweaty, smelly and tasty, arrogant with attitude so will put in a good word for you or not depending how these ticklish feet perform for me but so far you're doing a good job! YES Davide told them not to tell you my predilection for tickling but was told for you money talks!" I said letting him know he was mine for the duration if he wanted a reference.

    I sucked on each of the toes on the left foot one by one and wormed my tongue in the crevices between his toes and kissed all the way down along his sole continuing same attention on his other foot and then basting both feet with my saliva, running my insatiable tongue up and down and all over his soles and toes. His feet tasting and smelling so ripe but then soon the session time was ending with ten more minutes. Davide had squirmed a little throughout the oral and manual teasing but had kept his eyes closed but opened them wide as I told him to or I'd complain to his agency.

    "Good boy Davide now keep them open don't you dare close them for this finale, warm, hot, sweaty feet soaked in spit means fingers slide up soles, under toes, in between toes so torturously right!"


    "Good boy Davide yeah really squirm, wiggle those toes that's it, suffer for me Davide Mmmm yeah good boy now feel tickles and tickles and more tickles!"


    The session ended with Davide having lost his one time arrogance trying to gain breath and shaking and more so as I told him that I knew Collette in his Boss and was so happy with him that I'd be speaking to Colin this night and booking him the following night but adding that he'd wear the same socks again and to prepare for his feet to be tickled! Davide with severe financial problems I'd been told; so Collette had guaranteed even against his will Davide to return and he did but that's another story but let's just say tightly secured to the bed and so ticklish on both big, hot sweaty feet he was bound to laugh!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Norton's Ordeal!

    The four senior jocks were a bit drunk and had called Pledge Norton into their room and forced him to strip naked and lie on the floor at their feet. The naive 18yr old complied fearing a beating if he didn't!

    "What's this here?" Sean said as he raised his size 13 socked foot and slowly lowered it and rested it on Norton's dick and gently smeared it over the pledge's dick until it began to erect to being hard and throbbing

    "I apologize sir. I don't know why this has happened." Norton said embarrassed with fear in his voice.

    "I do." Clint said. "It's because you like it you perve." He moved his own size 12 right foot over Norton's face and forced him to smell his sock and lick the bottom of his foot. Clint rubbed his moist,sweaty socked foot around Norton's face and forced his foot into the pledge's mouth and he was ordered to suck the sock. Norton hesitatingly sucked Clint's right socked foot and the flavor was very strong. Between Clint's foot in his mouth and Sean rubbing Norton's dick with his foot, Norton was sure he was going to explode in a short time. Clint removed his right foot and quickly jammed his left socked foot into Norton's mouth. Norton sucked on it as told to do voicing no objection.

    "Grab his legs Nick and you Paul." Norton heard Sean say.

    The next thing Norton found himself on his back with his arms secured together and his ankles and his loafer shoes having been pulled off by them, Paul and Nick got in on the game. In turn Nick and his size 12's and Paul and his size 11's were stuck in Norton's face and he forced to sniff at and lick their socked feet. Sean also stretched out beside Norton so he could having pulled off his own socks; place his bare feet on Norton's stomach and chest.

    "You like that don't you?" Sean said and covered with a pair of sweaty feet over his mouth Norton could only nod.

    "Yeah we thought so." said Paul

    Nick removed his feet from Norton's mouth and took both of his socks off. He dropped them onto Norton's face and began working the discarded socks into Norton's mouth with his toes. "Suck on those socks for awhile." he said and no choice Norton did!

    "All right you apparently like sweaty socks Norton, so now you are going to get my sweaty sock in your face" Paul said and the smell was quite rank and awful. For the next ten minutes or so Paul rubbed his smelly socked feet on Norton's face. After the ten minutes his face was saturated with Paul's socked foot sweat

    " I can't believe he survived your feet Paul, I was getting gettin' knocked out from their smell and they were not even close to my face." said Sean.

    The next half-hour all four of the jocks got the foot treatment. Their feet were orally massaged and serviced by Norton's helpless face excepting Paul who kept his socks on! Then Clint culminated it all by insisting that Norton lick the sweat from his bare feet. Norton obediently licked up and down each sole and then sucked each toe individually as Clint just moaned. The rest of the guys now wanted this done since witnessing how much Clint enjoyed it, so the other guys got their feet licked.

    "Now what about you eh Norton?" said Paul

    "Phew! Your feet smell!" he said as he peeled off Norton's socks. "Mmmm! Fuck yeah they smell!" he said and then picking up one of Norton's cascaded socks inhaled a big whiff from Norton's moist socks before pressing his face to them and then towards the pledge's bare feet, finally licking his soles and sucking on Norton's toes.

    Clint then trailed his fingers down one leg, across the right ankle over the soles of Norton's bare feet and then up the other leg The tickling sensations of his fingers caused Norton's cock to swell each time Clint touched both soles. Clint swirled his fingers over Norton's left foot and moved the pledge's right foot slightly back and forth over his lap. Norton felt his own and Clint's own erection get bigger and bigger! The feeling of Clint's fingers moving over his feet was a teasing, tormenting torture for ticklish Norton. Clint was trying hard not to let his pleasure show on his face in front of his fellow jocks but it could seen that he was biting his bottom lip in arousal. It was noticed that Clint put one of his hands up to his nose while the other stroked Norton's feet. As he deeply inhaled and momentarily stopped caressing Norton's feet, his body shook as he pressed his eyes closed reacting to a private, intense pleasure mixed with the pain of having to keep it hidden from his fellow jocks.

    Paul's bare feet wiped across Norton's forehead as their musky aroma began to waft around Norton's head. The smell was intoxicating! Paul wiggled his feet in Norton's face, arches of his feet wrapped themselves on either side of Norton's nose, his heels resting against Norton's chin, his face encased in the strong aroma of his sweaty soles. With his face literally buried in Paul's feet, Paul himself then retrieved one of Norton's socks and began inhaling the unbelievably strong and moist aroma of Norton's socks, fresh, damp and still warm, filling his head with a sock smell that was pungent and strangely addictive. Paul was smelling, sucking Norton's socks as the feel Norton's socks on his face, the wonderful smell filling his head, the feel of his mouth and nose against the socks and inhaling the smell of them sent Paul to total sock delirium.

    Quickly Sean lunged at Paul and he and Nick held him down and roughly unzipped Paul's jeans and together pulled them and his shorts down as Clint placed his right foot on Paul's crotch and began to rub it all around his newly exposed dick then Clint replaced his own socks and proceeded to place both feet in Paul's face so he inhaled his foot odor. Clint rubbed his feet all over Paul's face. He forced his right foot into Paul's mouth and told him to suck the toes of his socks. Sean then started stroking Paul's dick with both of his now again socked feet and Clint removed his right foot from Paul's mouth and stuck the other one in. Paul sucked on it and was told by Clint to pull Clint's socks off with his teeth and Paul quickly did as he asked and Clint placed his feet in Paul's face. Clint grabbed Paul's nose with his toes and instructed him to smell them close up. He rubbed his other foot over Paul's forehead and face. Clint continued to jerk Paul off with his socked feet.

    "Umm hummm" and a moan came from Paul

    Nick then started jerking Paul off with his bare feet and Paul could no longer control himself and shot a pretty powerful load and the lads knew then he would be horribly ticklish and held Paul's feet telling Norton to get some revenge and tickle them which Norton did and finally was horribly tickled all over his own feet by them but especially by Paul who was merciless tickling until Norton cried!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Boy's Night In

    The movie was already playing and we all sat down on the sofa in Dave's place. Three straight jocks watching a blue movie. Mike put his socked feet up on the sofa and Dave and I remarked his size 11's being niffy but he wasn't bothered and passed around the spliffs so soon we were all high as he had been and chilled watching the movie getting horny! Watching the movie my mind started to wander towards Mike who was moving his feet absent mindedly back and forth and showed exactly how they were shaped. Before long I was paying no attention to the movie but looking up and down Mike's legs. I could feel myself beginning to harden slowly, but I didn't make a move on Mike for fear of what he might think.

    More time passed, then Dave stretched out hs leg draping it over mine. The contact made me jump! With his leg pulling mine apart, he noticed the bulge in my pants. Before I could react, he had put his hand down touching the inside of my leg moving slowly so that Mike would notice. Dave began to rub slowly on my hard-on through my pants and then opened up my fly so he could slip his hand in. I couldn't believe what was happening, especially when I saw his hand slip down between his own legs and start stroking himself slowly. Suddenly, Mike moved. I jumped and looked at him. He made eye contact with me and then looked down at my pants. I couldn't think of anything to say so I just looked forward. Mike soon broke the silence with the words

    "I'm so out of it guys!"

    With that he placed both his feet right on Dave's hand where it laid in my pants. I looked down and saw both of Mike's feet in his niffy socks and I held my breath waiting for something to happen. Dave was startled and moved his hand away. Mike took the chance and immediately started to rub my cock with both of his feet, he flexed his toes against my cock. He moved them perfectly
    moved them perfectly and taking the chance I touched them feeling their warm, sweaty moistness through the socks, and pressing them harder against me. I decided to take part and reached down to help Dave out. He tensed at my touching him in between his legs and started moving rapidly with my hand. He soon was very hard and reached over and unbuttoned my pants to get a better look at my cock. He pulled it out and Mike kept rubbing it with his socked feet. Then Dave leaned forward until my cock was right in front of his face. To my surprise he took Mike's right foot and pressed the toes up against his nose taking a deep breath.

    "Yeah that's it... take in the aroma of my sweaty socked feet, how do they smell?"

    Mike began rubbing his feet all over Dave's face to make his whole face smell of his feet. He then ordered Dave to take off his socks and kiss his feet starting with his heels and he started kissing the heels and worked his way up his soles to the balls of his feet and Dave kissed his feet repeatedly. He was doing this to ensure the smelliest part of Mike's feet - the part between his toes and the ball of his feet - stayed right over his nose. Dave then kissed each one of Mike's toes. Mike slid his right foot into Dave's mouth. Dave had about three of Mike's toes in his mouth as Mike ordered him to suck the sweat out of them. Dave began to suck them and he then took Mike's left foot and began rubbing my cock with it. It didn't take long of Dave sucking on his toes and him rubbing my cock for me to blow my load in my pants and he could tell I did by the groans I made.

    After that Dave pulled off my socks stuck his tongue out, and moved it around between my toes then moving up and down, getting all of my shaft and each of Mike's toes. Mike got off on this happening, he loved it and moved one foot from my cock to put it in Dave's mouth. Dave was surprised but took to it easily and sucked each toe as he got into it more and more as Mike put more of his foot in Dave's mouth. Mike had his hands down his pants and was now touching himself in unison with the motion of his foot pressing on my cock. I was ready to cum, I could feel it. Before I could lean forward, Mike took his foot from Dave's mouth and slowly slid it up my chest into my mouth. It tasted great and his toes were still wet from Dave's tongue. I could feel Dave's dick now rock hard and unzipped him and pulled out his dick hard in my hand. Dave slid his lips around my cock quickly, stifling moans and shuddering hard as started to cum on my hand. I licked Mike's right sole clean and before I knew it I was cumming hard into Dave's mouth.

    Dave was surprised and spit my cum out, getting it on Mike's foot. Mike moved his other foot from my mouth, and used all of his toes to jerk my cock harder and get all my cum and then, rub it between his toes. Dave decided he wanted it back and began licking all the cum from Mike's feet. I could feel Mike's leg muscles tense as he came! Dave licked each toe until they were clean enough for Mike to slip his niffy socks back on. I still had the taste of Mike's feet in my mouth and the smell in my nose. Mike's socks did not stay on as Dave and I got him on the floor and enjoyed a foot each orally and then made him squirm as nibbling his feet and sucking his sweaty toes we'd found him sensitive so had fun tickling his feet getting them even hotter and sweatier. After begging us to quit we did but spent another hour or so sniffing, licking his feet and sucking his toes telling him to lie still and take it however long we took or we'd tickle the shit out of his feet for him. That just one episode of the trilogy of foot - fun we have but Mike being the only one of us ticklish, he often secured and subjected to his feet mercilessly tickled by us as part of the games we play together on boys night away from our girlfriends!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories


    Just before closing, Ryan 19 yrs old heard over the PA system Bill Sanderson's voice saying

    "Ryan Evans to the GM's office, please." Looking around, Ryan saw the other salesmen leave for the evening. Nervous, he approached the GM's office noting that the shades over the windows were drawn for the first time he could remember since joining the dealership.

    When he had been interviewed for the position, there had been two chairs in front of the desk, but tonight there was a third chair sitting beside the desk. The chair was a wooden straight back chair that sat very low. Entering the office, Bill 30 yrs told Ryan,

    "Lock the door and please sit there Ryan"

    He indicating the wooden chair beside his desk.Ryan locked the door behind me and sat in the proffered chair noting that it put his head at the same level as the desk top. The chair was so low that the only way to sit comfortably was to cross his legs in front of him. At the chair height, he was almost in a yoga position.

    Ryan watched as Bill bent down and unlaced his shoes.

    "You're probably wondering why I asked you to come into my office, aren't you?"

    Bill asked as he continued to unlace his shoes.

    "Yes Sir" Ryan replied.

    "You will call me Boss from now on" Bill told me.

    "Yes Boss" Ryan replied.

    He watched as Bill slipped his shoes off and leaned back in his chair placing his socked feet on the corner of his desk, inches from Ryan's face and nose. The smell of unwashed socks and feet assaulted him almost from the moment The Boss took off his shoes. Having those same feet inches away, was overpowering.

    "Ryan at your interview I noted you discreetly looking at these size 13's now in two days worn socks so sit where you are at my feet!" said Bill

    Bill ensured Ryan had no choice but to breathe in deeply their aroma amusing him as he wiggled his socked toes.

    "You're a fucking foot fag, aren't you" he said to Ryan.

    Before Ryan could respond, he lowered one of his feet to put the big toe right under his nose.

    "That's right fag, sniff my nasty socks" he told Ryan.

    "You need this employment and you will seal that Ryan amusing me as you will so lean closer to my feet now and you will be here a few hours so call home if need be, you will be late!"

    Ryan had no call to make living alone leaned forward and pressed the nasty smelling black nylon dress socked toe to my nose. The smell was overpowering. The black nylon glistened from all the sweating he'd had done walking around the hot office. Ryan continued to sniff the socked toe and began to run his nose along the tips of his toes on the right foot. Ryan continued to run his nose along The Boss's toes sniffing deeply of the rich nasty odor of the un-washed sock. Ryan reached up and began massaging the foot through the sock as he ran his nose all over the nasty smelling socked foot.

    "That's right sock fag, show me how much you appreciate worshiping my nasty smelling socks." Bill told Ryan. "I think you're going to be doing this a lot from now on."

    Ryan looked up at him when he said that and saw the smirk on his face. The Boss moved his other foot over and Ryan started giving it the same focus of attention. Bill pushed the soles of his feet against Ryan's face rubbing the fragrant soles all over his face as Ryan was breathing in deeply. The Boss pushed his big toes into Ryan's mouth.

    "Suck the sweat out of my socks fag." Bill ordered.

    Ryan sucked the toes through the socks savoring the nasty flavors of sweat and foot funk in his mouth. Moving from one foot to the other, Ryan sucked the sweat out of the toes and licked and sucked the soles of the large socked feet in front of him.

    "I think it's time for a foot bath" Bill informed Ryan.

    Ryan reached up under The Boss' pants sliding his hands up the leg and encountered a garter holding up the OTC dress socks. Ryan looked up at The Boss who just smiled down at him. Un-clipping the garter, Ryan slid the sock down and slid it off the right foot. The Boss wiggled his toes and told him

    "You know what to do,get busy."

    "Yes Boss!" Ryan responded.

    He stared running his tongue along the sole in long wet strokes reveling in the sighs coming from above in appreciation for the foot worship. Moving up the foot, Ryan sucked the large toe into his mouth and treated it like a cock, running his tongue around it and moving his lips up and down it. Ryan proceeded to move to each toe in turn, giving each of them his un-divided attention, sucking, and running his tongue around and between each toe. He must have been doing it well as he heard

    "That's it fag, worship my nasty feet and keep your job" coming from The Boss.

    Ryan moved his tongue to the top of his foot which and bathed it as well. Finishing that foot he reached up and unclipped the garter on Bill's other foot and slipped the nasty smelling sock off his other foot. Gently grasping it, Ryan proceeded to give it the same loving worship as his other foot. As soon as Ryan had finished bathing his feet, he abruptly removed his feet from the desk, sat up, and ordered him to "strip."

    "Yes Boss" Ryan replied while quickly getting out of his clothes. He wasn't embarrassed as he was in pretty good shape from the sports he participated in at UNLV.

    Once Ryan was naked, The Boss told him "Rotate so I can see what you look like."

    Ryan rotated his 6'1" frame feeling Bill's eyes upon him as he did so.

    "From now on Ryan when you report to me in this room, you are to strip down just like this. You will report every night after closing, strip down for me to suffer for my amusement having enjoyed my feet understood or you will have seek other employment and with a criminal record, not so easy so now lie on the floor on your back!"

    Bill slowly kissed every one of Ryan' ten toes, giving each big toe a couple of kisses and a little lick. Even this gentle action made Ryan giggle and kick his size 12 feet. Telling him to lie still Bill secured Ryan's ankles with Ryan's own belt. He then darted his tongue in and around the base of each toe, licking the webbing and Ryan kicked again, sputtering a sharp giggle. Bill angry grabbed and uncurled the bunched toes and licked their undersides, then twirled his tongue on their tops and repeated the treatment with the other foot. Starting with the littlest toe he took it into his mouth and sucked it. He took nearly five minutes to suck each toe while Ryan giggled and pleaded with him to leave his feet alone.

    "You know Ryan there's just nothing better than having a pair of really ticklish feet to play with and amuse me."

    Bill commenced using his fingernails on them. He began with the left foot and scratched lightly up and down along the inner margin of the arch, slowly working his way toward the center of the instep.

    "Oh! No-hah ha ha ha ha! HAH HA HA HA HA HAHAHAH HAAA!" Ryan cried bucking around on the floor. Stop! Stop!"

    Leaning over both feet and inhaling Ryan's foot stink Bill gently ran his fingernails up and down both soles of his feet. After working Ryan into a quivering frenzy that way, he scratched along the toe line, delighting in how Ryan tried to kick and jerk his feet around. Finally, unable to hold himself back any longer Bill started tickling both feet at once, digging into both soft soles with his nails and following the networks of tiny creases and wrinkles in the tender, sensitive skin. The tickling endless interspersed with foot licking and toe sucking which teased and tormented Ryan but then Bill showed him the jar of a colourless and odourless and applied it to the sole of his left foot, smearing it all over his fleshy pads and in between his toes doing the same with his right foot.

    Bill unzipped himself and began to slide his dick up and down Ryan's slippery soles, Ryan was writhing with the sensation of the dick being rubbed against his sensitive soles. Bill inhaled sharply as he shot his load over both feet coating the soles and the backs of Ryan's toes with sticky strands of white seed. After several more bursts of hot cum shot from him, Ryan's feet were now completely covered in strands of creamy semen.

    "Good boy now one further surprise for you!" Bill said as he pressed the digits on his cellphone and into the office walked Elias Kenton from the accounts dept.

    "Right Elias amuse me, our friend Ryan here is very ticklish and tonight you get my spunk from his feet for a change of routine so get licking now!"

    Elias obeyed Bill knowing that his job would be on the line if he didn't, the 28yr old knelt in front of Ryan's' cum-coated feet. Elias brought his head forward to Ryan's left foot and rubbed his face in the sticky, sperm- laden sole, taking in the scent of Bill's cum, the and the sweat from Ryan's foot. He repeated the action, burying his face in Ryan's right foot and sticking his tongue out to sample the taste of Bill's semen combined with the sweat. He began to lick off the cum from both soles and all Ryan's toes. Ryan squirming at the oral tickling he was again enduring! He then unbound Ryan's feet as Bill told him to.

    "Good Elias and now let me pleasure your dick, get naked now and you Ryan get up!" said Bill

    Elias lay in anticipation as Bill straddled him smiling looking at his already erect dick, Ryan have some revenge will you and tickle the fuck out of Elias's feet. Before Elias could say anything revenge is exactly what Ryan had in mind lying across both squirming size 14 feet as he roughly got both socks off and in seconds was driving Elias insane with wickedly tickling sensations running all his fingers back and forth over the smooth soles, under the long, thick toes, and into the high arches. Elias tickled into gasping submission while Bill grasped his erect dick at the same time, and slowly, every so slowly jerked the now sensitive and itching dick in his fist. He was desperate to scrunch his feet so that the maddening fingers of Ryan's could not tickle his feet but he was unable to do either so he just howled at the double torment and finally shot his load but then having cum was more sensitive and still helpless

    "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOhahahahahahaha... AAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEheeheeheeeheeehhahastooopplee eeze... AAAAAHHHAHAHAAHA!"

    I tickled his toes and the balls of his feet truly mercilessly and ran fingers along his arches under and in between all of his toes


    As I licked his arches and listened to his exhausted laughter, I licked every inch of his tender feet, watching him thrash and arch his back in ticklish agony, his spasmodic laughter spurring me on! Elias squealed in horror for the last hour as Bill's determined fist kept up its unrelenting massage on his spitting, expanded, bloated dick but the torturous tickling of his feet now more intense distracted and prevented him from concentrating on the desperate sensations on his abused dick which was Bill's intention as he liked to see men suffer and I was more than happy to provide the entertainment seeing that Elias did!
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Scott's Surprise

    23 yr old Scott Parker's bachelor party had been a wild affair, and in the early hours of the morning when all of his friends had left, three men remained. Scott recognized them as members of a soccer team against whom he had played several weeks earlier. Scott's team had apparently won on a technical point and, broiling over their loss, these three men had decided to even the score. The nicest looking of the three approached Scott and introduced himself as Ron. His two friends, both quite athletic and equally handsome, were introduced as Michael and Paul.

    As Ron approached, he said, "Hello, Scott, this is quite a party you've had. We thought we'd come to get you ready for your wedding night. Thanks to us, it may be a night you'll never forget."

    As Ron spoke, Michael and Paul walked up behind Scott, grabbed both arms, and pinned them behind him. As he began to struggle against his captors, a button on his shirt popped, then another, exposing part of an overwhelmingly hirsute chest. Ron reached up and slipped his hand inside Scott's shirt, feeling a carpet of soft dark hair. He drew his hand slowly over the sweaty massive chest and watched how the hairs bent as his hand slid over them and how they popped up again to their usual state when released from the pressure of the fingers. Suddenly both hands grabbed the front of Scott's shirt, ripping it open to the waistline to reveal a further expanse of dense, curly body hair. It was thick at the neckline, ending abruptly at that point where he began to shave each morning. Ron pulled the shirt off further and draped it over each shoulder, totally exposing the furry and exciting view — to Scott's displeasure. He began to struggle, but his efforts were quickly met with increased pressure by the two men at his sides as he was found ticklish.

    His enraged gasps of breath caused his arched body to tremble. Thick tufts of hair teasingly invited further attention. Ron pulled out a razor. It provoked from Scott every response of terror.

    "Blindfold this fucker!" came the order.

    The hand of the captor again reached out, grabbing a handful of hair on his pecs; Ron's fingers drew back several inches, measuring the length of that manly turf. Ron thought to himself, what a fine specimen of a man about to be married — the envy of hundreds of eyes at the beach, and probably as many guys in the locker room. The crowd Scott drew on those match days wasn't due entirely to his talent with a football.

    "Let's film this," Ron suggested. "It'll make an unforgettable wedding gift. Lay him out on his back on that table." They had brought a small motion picture camera, which they now took out of a vinyl bag stashed under the table. Paul held the camera and began filming. Stripping off Scott's heavy, Vibram-soled construction boots, Ron had the opportunity to run his hands up the undersides of Scott's Levis. He squirmed as Michael bound both size 12 feet together mentioning how awesome they smelled and the others knowing their mates kink smiling.

    "You wanted them, you got 'em!" said Ron.

    Soft, warm fur covered the muscular calves. Using scissors, Ron soon had Scott in a pair of cut offs — hairy legs spread wide and bound at the corners of the table with a leather cord.

    "Do you have a bare spot on your body?" Ron asked with a laugh.

    The question was answered soon enough — in the negative. Scott's shirt was now completely ripped off, displaying thick, rippling forearms. They, too, were secured over his head. Hair everywhere: forearms, and to a lesser degree, on the upper arms.

    "Comb him out!" came the next order.

    As Paul ran the comb over Scott's whole arching, struggling ticklish body, hair everywhere stood on end, raised and ready.

    "One last thing," added Ron. "Open the top button of those Levis and let's get that bush on film!"

    It stood raised and foreboding — the top boundaries differentiated from the flow of hair on his abdomen by its sudden thickness.

    "This has to be the hairiest crotch in town — cut off the rest of his Levis." said Ron

    Fabric ripped, revealing a dark, thick hose, cut, extending from a bush that reached from hip to hip — matted two inches deep, and completely hiding what were surely two very large testicles. Ron moved aside so the camera could capture every detail. Posing like a proud hunter, he ran his hand into the center of that mass and grasped the trophy. Michael enjoying sniffing the man scent from the socked feet both moist and sweaty and caressing and massaging them. Scott was petrified to move but bit his lips as Michael gently caressed both feet lightly from heels to toes, seeing toes wiggle in the socks.

    "Bring a mirror," Ron said, "Remove the blindfold, and let's let him watch."

    Adding shaving cream Ron took out the razor to begin the one hour drama, starting first on the dark, hairy pits. He grasped all the hair he could in one hand. With the other, he held and guided the razor. When finished, he held up the tuft and brought it closer to the camera. Dropping it in a bag labelled, "Left Armpit," he proceeded on to the other hairy pit. Ron now gazed at the legs. Dark, soft hair covered the muscular limbs. He then began the slow scraping from thighs to calves to ankles. Scott watched all the while — muscles tense and contracted, powerful thighs bulging. Hairy legs, the pride of a man, now cleanly shaven. Still tanned and dark, but the heavy growth now gone. That, too, went in a separate container.

    Now the chest, the measure of a man's strength and virility. Soon Scott would be wearing buttoned collars to hide the humiliation. First came the upper chest, the thickest and hairiest part of his upper torso. With numerous repeated strokes of the razor, Ron cleared a swatch the width of the razor in a vertical line from the base of the Adam's apple down between the well developed pectoral muscles, then wiped out the midline, downward pointing hairs of the abdomen, leaving the thick matted mass of pubic hair until later. The line of demarcation between left and right was stark against the black, hairy background. The long, arduous shaving process was like a bulldozer struggling through a virgin forest. Bit by bit, as the swatch widened, the chest and abdomen took on a new appearance. No longer was it soft and furry, but firm and smooth. This fluffy mass of hair was also placed in a plastic bag and labelled. There was no sign from where Ron sat that this was giving the least bit of pleasure to Scott. Only humiliation. Tears welled in Scott's eyes as he watched in the mirror.

    Then it happened. Ron was sitting crotch to crotch over Scott when, from that magnificent, black bush swelled an equally magnificent surge of rushing flesh. Quickly, Ron rolled off as the camera recorded the slow thickening and its gradual upward swing, hanging first very heavily, and then as if breaking loose, jumping swiftly to stand straight up at full erection and then to lie flat against his belly. His excitement grew until the engorged head of his thick nine inches rested in a little pool of pre-cum. For an agonizing 15 minutes of cock teasing, his hardened and aching dick responded to sensual stimulation, each time jumping and lurching skyward. The sensation of the razor on his hairy nuts, the teasing, and what now was unbearable pleasure became too much. With an arching of the body and a loud groan, he shot a load that literally creamed his upper torso. His thick sperm ejaculated in numerous thrusts and rested on his now smooth and shiny chest. Scott's breathing was now deep and rapid groans accompanied each expiration. Ron's and Paul, looked on in awe as their own organs strained against the confines of their Levis.

    Roughly now, and with no mercy, the hair of the pubic area was grasped and with quick strokes, scraped from his body. There could be heard a series of crackling sounds as the blade sliced through the thick growth, leaving behind a path of smooth white skin. The dark fur seemed to roll off in little balls as though it were fluffy cotton. Soon his crotch looked as naked as that of a twelve year old, prepubescent boy.

    "He'll be ticklish now Michael!" said Paul.

    Michael having caressed Scott's socked feet for a while began to lick them, tasting warm and salty. He explored every inch of his socked feet as Scott moaned as Ron and Paul smiled at him. Michael then started tickling his soles. He began, to laugh and beg for mercy but that only made Michael want to tickle him harder. He took off his dark blue socks to have a go at his bare soles. The moment his fingertips touched the soft soles of his gorgeous feet Scott began to laugh hysterically, he could not even beg for mercy he went totally berserk. He wanted to pull his legs back, he wanted to break free, but he just couldn't. Paul and Ron held him down. It really drove him crazy!

    "Yeah Michael tickle those striker feet, phew can smell 'em from here, rather you than me, fuck you're a real tenderfoot aren't you Scott huh, yeah fuck you are!" said Ron as he winked at Paul

    Scott was breathing heavily as Michael's tongue ran over his left sole while his left hand was caressing his other foot. Michael began to suck his toes one by one, his tongue explored every detail of them. He licked both feet all over until they were really wet with his saliva. He licked his soles until they where wet and then shoved his dick between them. It did not take long until Scott came. The other two guys each did the same so Scott's feet were spunk covered and Scott subjected to further abuse as getting a cloth from the kitchen run under cold water his feet were cleaned of the spunk but to ensure a proper clean then treated to ten minutes, five minutes each foot of the electric toothbrush which had Scott laughing his guts out.

    "There you go mate, your famous feet clean as a whistle for your big day in a few hours!" said Ron.

    Tears rolled down the sides of Scott's face, the picture of humiliation and defeat. The fight within him was spent. After a brief silence, Ron said,

    "What are you cryin' about? You loved every minute of it laughing like that and reckon you came like you've never come in your life. Now we'll see what kind of man you can be. We'll see if that future bride of yours will still accept you as the macho he-man she thought you were."

    Without waiting for a response, the three men left the room, leaving four plastic bags lined up on the dresser filled with what was once this man's symbol of strength and masculinity. A fine wedding gift for the new bride.
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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Meeting Moharem

    I spoke with Moharem on the line, 30 yrs and Turkish was interested in being dominated by a guy but nothing heavy, no markings so found out he 6'1", slim, fit and moderately hairy with size 12 feet and 7" dick. He arrived and immediately as a custom removed his shoes on arrival. We had a drink together sat on the sofa and he agreed to being restrained so was soon on his back on the bed naked but sti[I][I][I][I][I][I]ll in his black nylon socks. I secured him and then remained at the foot of the bed smiling and by his feet radiating heat. Moharmen squirmed as I peeled off both socks and wiggled his toes teasingly as I rubbed my nose up and down his right sole and I then menacingly whispered in his ear

    “Moharem I'm going to lick and suck your soles and toes and there is nothing you can do about it! Prepare to laugh as I tickle your feet! Shall we begin at your delicious looking soles! I will only stop if you laugh hysterically!”

    The feathers I used first, two long feathery tendrils dragged up and down his soles as I played with his feet sawing them and flicking them on his warm smooth soles watching his smiling face as I tickled having threatened him not to laugh! I pull them slowly between his toes, big toes first as he jerked his big toes back from the tickling feathers. I know with experience exactly where to tickle his soles and toes! I pulled the feathers slowly through all of his toes and watched them wiggle and twitch! I made sure to pull them slowly and sawed them back and forth in between his big toes as much as possible!

    I then licked both soles slowly and deliberately, flicking and rolling my tongue along them ! My tongue licking every sensitive inch of both soles taking my time! I started sucking on his toes and lightly spidering my fingers along his soles as I sucked and licked his tasty, sweating toes! Moharem tried desperately to pull his feet away from my wet hot tickling mouth, wiggling his toes out of my mouth only to fall right back in front of my tickling tongue again and again as kneeling facing them, there is no escape! My hands stopped tickling his soles and I gripped his ankles as he tried to pull them back! He recieved more tickling touches making them wiggle and flex back! I loved watching his toes wiggle as my tongue searched and slipped in between his flexing toes! Dancing feathers all over his soles and my tongue slipping and sliding through his ticklish shocked toes he finally laughed and I let him but tell him that no matter if he begs and pleads with me that I will not stop licking and tickling his feet as I nibbled and licked his heels! Flicking my tongue and nibbling my teeth on the outer soft ticklish edges of his ticklish heels made the Turk's feet jerk violently so his delicious toes spread apart wide. As his toes spread and fanned, I slipped the feathers between them and pull them ever so slowly, making his toes curl forward, my tongue attacked and I licked both soles up and down causing his toes to flex back and Moharem to breathe heavily!

    I showed Moharem the gel and hairbrush telling him I wanted to see him dance. The handsome executive though trying to resist the torments had a battle on his hands with a worthy opponent. I tied his big toes together saying his feet smelled and tasted so really awesome and then the stiff tickling bristles made contact with his feet as a taster! Stopping I then proceeded to smear the colourless and odourless gel all over his feet, respite as he got a soothing foot massage. Then the bristles glided all over his soles more easily as I pushed his tickling torture further and past any limitations! The brush sliding back and forth along both arches, his toes wiggling wildly as my mouth licked and sucked Moharem's toes! My tongue slid between his toes searching all ticklish areas, I nibbled and scraped the sides of them all as my mouth shrimped each and every toe as I tickle raped his captive feet! I taunt him verbally adding to the humiliation of a session he clearly wasn't expecting!

    “Does it tickle? Ahh laugh for me if you like it! I will not stop! Laugh! Laugh! Your tasty smooth soles are mine and I want to hear you laugh you weak pussy-boy!”

    I tickled his ticklish soles all over with the hairbrush for 20 mins making him laugh harder! Moharem's feet jerked to every touch and the hairbrush made his sensitive skin more ticklish than before! Next an electric mixer (the machine used to mix cake batter) with both rotating blades applying the twirling torture to his right ticklish sole! The effect was awesome as Moharem's foot tried to escape as his laughter really started!


    I applied the rotating tickling blades all over his soles and the balls of his slippery feet as he laughed and laughed and laughed really sweating from the tingling torture! I rubbed lotion into the sensitive twitching soles loving the fact every touch caused him to jump. I buried my nose into his soles as I dragged it along them and licked them with my tongue! Toe torture time so I picked up the dental floss and pulled it back and forth slowly between every toe slowly savoring every desperate reaction


    I loved dining on his sensitive soles and licking and sucking his toes! The more his feet were tickled the more they were ticklish! I licked both soles slowly as I scrubbed my hairbrush on and all over his heels making Moharem laugh and start to beg for it to stop! The Turk's laughing and begging turning me on as I sucked his toes and slid my tongue between all of his trembling flexing toes!


    Moharem was soon hysterical as my tongue and mouth tickled both his feet and soles and toes like never before! I stopped and prepared him for the finale as I tied his knees to the bedposts so his soles were facing the ceiling and I staring at his erect dick and I told him that now I could tickle his feet and lick and suck his dick at the same time! I feathered his cock all over slowly loving to hear Moharem moan and beg me to let him cum! The feathery tendrils driving him mad with desire as his cock head swollen and bulging from the tickling it's been receiving! I licked his balls as the feathers tickled the underneath along the pleasure vein making him shiver from the touch making him moan and beg for release! I tickled Moharem's dick until it was about to explode as he twitched and shook and trembled as his toes wiggled from the tickling on his dick! I started tickling his feet as he begged me to stop, so I increased the intensity of torment for him exploring all over his feet with my mouth and tongue telling him that he was lucky to have his feet personally serviced! He laughed hysterically as I told him that it was his fault the smell and taste of his feet were so addictive and appealing!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Taste of his own medicine

    The four students Dale 19, was 6' with dark black hair, stunning blue eyes, toned body, and size 12 feet. Dale was an avid soccer fan and was a skilled soccer player, agile and fast. At college, he received a full scholarship to play on the soccer team. He was intimidating on the field and had attitude. Justin, age 18 yrs, 6'3''. He had short brown hair and blue eyes and had size 14 feet which were long and lean and the largest out of all the lads. Last of all, came twins Nick and Nathan who were recent High School graduates at 18 yrs. Both handsome Nick 5'11'' with size 11 feet. He was an avid runner and had really toned abs. Nathan was 5'10'' and had meaty size 13 feet. Both twins had dark brown hair and very light, icy blue eyes.

    All four lads didn't like Mr. Martin 30 yrs old and their lecturer who got a kick out of sneaking up behind lads and tickling them and then mocking them for being weak as kittens including the four who decided to teach him a lesson! All waited for him to leave college that dark December evening and go to his car and as he got there they pounced on him and he soon had the banadana across his eyes and another across his mouth. They then took him to the out shed where sports gear was stored as in there was the old bench and roughly as Nick and Dale held him down, sitting astride him, Nathan and Justin secured the unsuspecting Colin Martin to it. Now he couldn't see a thing and after a few minutes of futile struggling the 6'2" lecturer gave up.

    Dale grabbed the lecturer's left black leather weejun loafer shoe and pulled it off unleashing a warm socked and sweaty foot.

    "Geez, stinky feet there Sir! but we'll just start with the left foot that deserves a nice, long and good tickling!" said Dale. All four lads taking it in turns stroked the socked foot sole.


    Nick and Nathan furiously attacked his socked toes, while the others in turn really tortured the arch and heel of the foot.

    "Hmm..how about we remove this sweaty, moist sock Sir!" said Justin.

    "Nooo anything no. Not the sock. Anything but the sock. I beg of you." the lecturer said

    Nick chimed in. "Well we'll let you keep a sock but we are taking this other shoe off Sir." Nathan quickly yanked off the other shoe, exposing another helpless target for unrelenting fingers.

    Dale held a loafer over Mr. Martin's nose saying to him

    "Smell that Sir? How does that stink smell to you? Huh? Huh? Pretty bad. Haha, sniff your foot - stink Sir!"

    "Lets compare socked feet to bare feet tickling, shall we?" Nathan laughed. peeling off the second sock.

    "There we go, look at that nice big, bare beautiful sole, just waiting for some good tickling," said Nathan.

    Then all the lads went for the tickling, Nathan and Dale teasing his right foot and Justin and Nick his left, targeting all over both feet but especially the arch and toes.


    "You can beg, shout, hoot and holler all you want but we aren't stopping so be a man not a pussy Sir" said Nick as he was ferociously attacking his lecturer's bare arch and heel.

    I think we each should get a turn on our own, individually tickling him and then we will all attack his whole body" Justin suggested to the group. Colin Martin's face was horrified because he knew his torture was far from over. Everyone left the hut except for Justin.

    "Well now it’s just you and me Sir!" Justin manically laughed

    "Come on Justin lad, be the reasonable one of the bunch. You've all had your fun and revenge so let me go now."

    Justin pulled his own right sock off and made the lecturer sniff it and then he began to stroke the lecturer's bare feet.

    "How does that feel Sir, huh? Huh, you like it? Yah, I think you like it Sir!"


    "Oh, the toes are so sweaty and tickly Sir?"

    "NOOOOOO ANYWHERE BUT MY TOES!!" He begged, screamed for relief, but none was given.

    " Who would have thought you'd act like a big girl's blouse like you with a little tickling. This little piggy went to the market..." Justin was really teasing and playing with the lecturer's long wiggling toes


    "This little piggy misbehaved and this little piggy is gonna get sucked and don't you fuckin' say a word sir!"

    The lecturer was laughing consistently as Justin nibbled on all ten toes and licked between them all slowly, sensually.


    After several minutes of the oral assault of all ten toes, Justin began to lightly tickle both soles so the lecturer was laughing hysterically! He then put on his own sock again and Justin left the room.

    Dale entered.

    "Well Sir it’s my turn! Some good one-on-one tickling just you and me!" Dale was very excited to dish out more torture to his helpless and vulnerable lecturer.

    "Look at your bare feet exposed for tickling abuse said aloud.

    "Noo don't Dale, come on just untie me." pleaded Mr. Martin


    "Oh you're ticklish under your toes are you Sir!"


    "Hmm..nah this is too fun!" Dale tortured the lecturer and made him scream and squirm like a pig in the restraints as he tried to escape the menacing fingers working under all his wiggling toes.

    Say you are a bad boy and deserve this!"

    Dale was loving intimidating the lecturer.


    "I'm waiting Sir" said Dale


    "Ok, I'll stop tickling .....your toes Sir!" Dale agreed then stroking both arches instead.


    "Look at you Sir, so ticklish everywhere on these feet. How sad" Dale said mercilessly licking them driving the lecturer demented.

    "Mmmmm Sir such sweaty salty feet but now time for a double dose of torment from the twins!" Dale then proceeded to stop and left the room as the twins Nick and Nathan now entered the room.

    "DOUBLE TROUBLE" they both yelled. "You are getting it Sir!" said Nathan. "Expect no Mercy" said Nick.

    Nick attacked both sweaty and stinky feet, then swopped and Nathan did the same, then Nick, then Nathan.


    "I think you are thoroughly enjoying this personal attention! Huh, aren't you Sir?" Nathan teased.


    Nick chimed in, "Come on Sir, beg for more or we will be here tickling you all night!"

    Colin Martin saw no other option and hated that he was in this position, but he had to oblige.


    "Well if you insist" Nathan loved it. "Justin, Dale, come on. Sir wants more!" Nick shouted out to the other lads. Now all four boys were in the room.

    The twins each removed their shoes and took off their stinky long white tube socks and tied one of each of theirs together and stuck it in Colin's mouth as he was forced to taste and lick the damp sweaty and ripe, warm unbearably smelly socks of both lads.The lecturer began screaming beyond belief through his sweaty sock gag. Only muffled sounds could be heard. Nick's sweaty moist and smooth bare soles were pressed all over his lecturer's face, then the other lads took it in turns to place their bare feet in the lecturer's face making him sniff them.

    "HMMPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH RHMPPPHPHPHPHPH AHAHAHAHA PHHMMMMMMHPPPPH" was all that was audible from him as his feet were tickled, caressed stroked and licked and all his toes, tickled, nibbled, licked and sucked!

    This torture session continued for about three or four hours and when finished the lecturer was soaked in perspiration and exhausted. He had learned his lesson and never tickled another student on the campus and remained wary of the four lads!

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    Re: Zanadu's Foot Fetish Stories

    Oriental Justice

    The two N.Y.P.D. officers had been on patrol and were checking out the docks when suddenly both had been pounced upon and chloroform cloths held to them both soon out for the count and taken to the narcotics smuggler gang's hideout in one of the disused warehouses in NewYork docks. Both 31 yr old Officer Daniel Jarvis and 26 yr old Officer Evan Hymes were secured having been stripped of uniforms to socks and briefs by the masked gang and blindfold secured to the two workbenches. Both officers came around more or less at the same time and were told by the gang leader Leong Wang that they would not be harmed but needed to be taught not to be nosy as this meant putting themselves in a ticklish situation. The other gang members laughed at Leong's humour as he followed by them stood by officer Jarvis.

    "Officer Jarvis I hope you like to laugh!" said Leong to him

    “All right, boys. Let’s start with nice, light strokes.”

    N.Y.P.D. Officer Daniel Jarvis squirmed as fingers poked and prodded his sensitive hairy armpits and danced fingers over his ribs. Chan gently but expertly tickled his taut and defined abs and navel. Tai lightly pinched and squeezed his knees and Leong sniffed them and then peeled both socks off his size 13 feet humiliating him with remarks of how heterosexual men's feet excited him as he ran his fingers up and down the officer's vulnerable warm, sweaty soles, between his toes, stroking the sides of his feet, tracing his nails over his arches thoroughly. The captive officer was helpless to do anything but laugh; and laugh as he did.

    “No no no no no no plee hee hee hee hee hease don’ ho ho ho ho ho ho hon’t ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha stah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hop eeeee hee hee hee hee heehee hee no hohohohohohohohoho haha haha haa haa hahahahahahahahahaha oh my god no ho ho ho ho ho hohohohohohohohoho plee hee hee hease no hohohohohohoho hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha not there don’t hohohoho hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee no no nononoonono hee hee hee stop plee he he he he hease hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha gah haha haha haha haha haha”

    “All right, boys, let’s give him a short break,” Leong said

    "Officer Jarvis your feet are very responsive and I hope your colleagues feet are as much pleasure for me to enjoy. I have always been fascinated that most men have a weakness of ticklishness and most especially all over their feet and you are not an exception which pleases me to find."

    The officer was too breathless to answer and then suddenly was screaming with laughter, the sensations unbearably intense as the tickles increased with Leong concentrating under all of his toes having found this his most sensitive area


    Leong was smiling as he dug his fingers into every ticklish inch of Daniel’s huge and extremely ticklish size 13 feet. Between the toes, over the soles, probing the instep, jabbing the heels, scratching the sides.

    "Well officer here under all these toes seem very sensitive, when I run my fingers very lightly in between all these toes wiggling nicely for me yes and so softly stroke along the back of these toes!"


    Tai dug his nails into the soft flesh above Daniel’s knees, tracing patterns on the inside of his thighs.


    Chan winked at Leong as he wiggled his fingers deep into Daniel’s armpits, relentlessing poking and prodding and circling.


    He stroked, poked, and played concertos on Daniel’s rib cage while a grin of fiendish delight played over his face.


    Chan felt his groin stiffen as his fingers danced over Daniel’s six pack abs. He had had become aroused at the officer's handsome face, now contorted with laughter, tears streaming from his eyes, sweat pouring down his brow. Tai's eyes fell on Daniel’s dick which had hardened in his briefs as he'd been stroking his inner thighs and grazing his balls in his briefs. Leong nodded and Tai smiled as he loosened the briefs making Daniel gasp and seeing he was fully erect and precum oozed from the tip as still stroking his inner thighs with one hand, Tai began to stroke Daniel’s erection with his other.The effect on the tortured officer was immediate. Leong and Chan stopped the tickling so he had no distraction from the new teasing sensation.Leong enjoying sucking each of the officer's sweaty toes sensually to deliberately heighten the sensations of enforced, involuntary excitement he was being subjected to. Chan stroked and pinched his nipples and licked them both as well as his armpits to torment him more!


    Tai kept stroking the officer's dick caressing the head and stroking his shaft and then scaring him leaning over it and blowing wind on it threatening to take him in his mouth making the trapped officer squirm more and gasp. Tai manipulating Daniel's dick sensed him close to cumming and stopped, they all did! Officer Evan Hymes had not seen what his collegue suffered but hadn't needed to, he'd heard what they did and Daniel's reactions which was torture enough but now attention switched to him.

    “We’re going to have a lot of laughs, you and I!” Leong said as he trailed his fingers along both socked soles seeing the officer bite his lips.

    "Good you fight it, Mmmm socks sweaty I like and size 11's!"

    Leong peeled off both socks and then his nails trailed lightly over the sole of Evan’s right foot. Evan's leg went rigid as he resolved to not laugh but his wiggling toes betrayed him.

    “Yes, a lot of laughs…for as long as it takes to teach you a lesson!" said Leong.

    Evan's body shook as he tried in vain to keep his laughter inside but the sensations coming from both of his ticklish soles combined with the maddening tickling on his upper body by Tai and Chan who stroked a sweaty armpit each soon overcame the officer's resolve to not give in to the torturers.

    “No ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho you ca-ha-ha-ha-ha-han’t do hoo hoo hoo hoot hi-hi-his!” he burst out. “Sto hah hah hah hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hop! Do ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hon’t! No ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hahahahahahahahahhahahaha hehehehehehehehehehe hohohohohohoho please please please no don’t ho ho ho ho ho hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you can’t do hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo this to me hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee he he he he he he he he he! Stah hah ha hah hop no no no no no no no nonononononononono!”

    Evan’s outburst of laughter incited the gang members to tickle him harder. Both armpits, both sides of his ribcage, and of course his soles, toes and insteps were tickled maddeningly. Leong nodded at Chan who jumped at the chance to take over the tickling of Evan’s right foot. Tai lightly stroked between Officer Hymes’s spread legs, teasing his inner thighs and then and began to tickle his knees. Evan’s head shook side to side as his laughter roared into the room, tears leaking from his eyes and streaming down his cheeks. The more he laughed the more intense the tickling, his laughter turned to screams of hysterics as their intensity built to a fever pitch. Egged on by his laughter Leong licked the sole of Evan’s left foot, causing more intense screams of laughter when the sensations of tickling resumed. Chan copied him licking Evan's right foot liking their sweaty taste as much as his armpits. Evan's screams became even higher pitch and his feet perspired profusely in the agony of his torment! Their salivas mixed with Evan's foot sweat lubricating both his feet making the tickling even more effective. All the bound officer could do was thrash and laugh hysterically as Tai now stroking his armpits and pinching his nipples verbally taunted him remarking on his feet being licked and toes sucked by two guys while his nipples were licked, flicked, sucked on and pinched by another and male fingers running up and down his inner thighs touching his balls.

    Then Tai in fiendish delight, began to tickle both Evan's balls slipping fingers into his briefs and just stroking them remarking on his hardened dick.


    Tai continued to tickle under his balls, while with the other hand he now stroked Evan's dick in his briefs which soon enough he eased down his legs. Evan screamed with laughter, overcome by the sensations that tortured his entire body. Leong now as Chan was licking Officer Hymes nipples and armpits was working on both his sweating feet.

    “HEE HEE HEEE HEEE HEEE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CAN’T TAKE IT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hee hee heee heeee heeeee heeeeeeee”

    "My, my so ticklish on these feet, tongue ticklish, such nice strong smell and taste, such great straight feet with such suckable toes!" mocked Leong

    Tai stroking Evan's erect dick was maddening torment. The head slick with precum, he stroking it with the thumb of one hand as the other fingers pumped his shaft up and down. Even if he hadn’t moved his hand at all, Evan’s thrashing and bouncing to try to escape all the tickling would have provided more than enough movement and friction to stimulate him.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Evan, straining against his restraints as Chan found the most ticklish spots in both armpits simultaneously and tickled them mercilessly.

    Evan strained against his bonds, sweat and tears running down his face. The combined sensations from all over his body were maddening.The worst thing was the erotic charge the tickling gave him, making him so vulnerable to Tai’s groping touch. He felt the unmistakable rising orgasm as Tai tantalized his dick kept hard also by Leong sucking his big toes simultaneously and Tai caressing his balls. Yet there was no way to stop it as Evan howled with laughter, bucking, straining, thrashing and then his balls unloaded. Tai ran his thumb over the head of Evan's dick. Then the increased post-orgasm sensitivity hit Evan’s awareness like lightning. The torturous sensations in his armpits, his ribs and belly, his balls, his knees , his soles and toes were tripled in power. He screamed, howled, thrashed, bucked, wailed, laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.


    Then the teasing stopped! Then the three turned towards Daniel and Leong blew on his feet telling him he was back remarking on their raunchy smell

    “Oh, no. Please don’t. Please…no, no, no, no, no,” gasped the terrified officer.

    Leong began to test the ticklish limits of the huge bare soles before him, Daniel's laughter turned to hysterical screams as Leong tickled under the toes, down the inside of the arches, prodding the heels, scrabbling over the insteps, sliding between the toes, stroking the outside…yes, yes, yes, tickle those toes, make you scream, yes, yes, tickle you tickle you tickle you tickle these big ticklish feet…

    “Hahahahahaha. Leave my feet alohohohohohohone!” Evan was begging Leong who had full control of both feet licking soles, sucking toes and tickling his feet consistently.

    "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

    "Boys go and drink refreshments, I will stay here with these ticklish feet and think how you will tease them on your return as Officer Hymes and Officer Jarvis will be in need of attention again" Leong said but then had them help him move the workbenches closer to each other.

    Chan and Tai left their boss with Daniel and Evan and their feet and toes and Leong amused himself comparing foot tastes and smells and degrees of ticklishness which were pretty evenly matched as united in manic hysteria the officers proved interspersed with laughter begging for release but Leong told them this was no time soon!
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