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    Antonio sold his soles!

    At 18 years old I was mates with Conrad who at 19yrs old was attracted to good looking men and women.He was into feet and had a major fetish and finding guys extremely ticklish got easily aroused by it and we both became mates with an Italian lad aged 18yrs old who had a drugs habit and kept him supplied so long as he played to our rules.The most ticklish part of his body...you guessed it...his size 11 feet. He had amazingly sexy feet and reluctantly he would arrive at Conrad's bed - sit, get a little buzzed and submit to his feet massaged and played with but being straight, no oral action and his feet smelling raunchy, what a temptation to resist tasting them. Anyway one night he came by and told us he'd no dosh but needed his fix and desperate didn't protest as he'd been drinking when we told him it was cool but we'd enjoy his feet more and soon pretty buzzed, he was stripped to his boxers, tied to the bed and tickled in his sock covered soles. His feet kicked immediately as our fingers began scratching lightly against his soles seeing his toes curl protectively inside his black nylon socks and we gripped a socked foot each and peeled them off slowly. Then our fingers made contact with his bare soles!


    His toes curled more as we tickled him harder especially along both arches getting a greater reaction from him


    Conrad handed me a toothbrush and Antonio really giggled as we both brushed his arches and the crevices of his toes but we liked the feel of his warm, sweaty feet so soon reverted to using our fingers again drawing them over his arches and lightly stroked up n' down his smooth soles increasing the pace all over his defenceless feet as he was writhing desperately begging us to quit.


    We continued stroking his soles lightly but vigorously even drawing circles over the balls of his feet as his toes twitched and curled out of reflex and then he again felt the bristles of the brushes stroking under and through his toes and took our time took running the brushes across the handsome Italian's toes.


    We then both began licking his feet and sucking his toes first. His toes were fairly long so there was plenty of toe for a nice long slow sexy suck as if we were sucking a cock. Then we ran the tips of our tongues along the soles of his feet and his high arches. Since his feet were so ticklish, he was giggling rather hysterically at this point and we knew wanted us to stop. Instead we remarked to him on how rank his feet were and took in deep breaths from his feet moving up his arches, past the balls of his feet to the crevice between his big and second toes.

    Just the air moving in and out through his toes was enough to make them twitch as we were smelling his bare feet. Conrad and I copying him put our mouths directly in front of Antonio's big and second toe and we let our tongues lick and began to lightly swirl our tongues all over his toes as his feet jerked. We seized both feet licking his arches, reveling in their flavor licking his soles, our tongues circling any part of his feet we could taste, each of us lifting a foot to our mouths and drew circles with our tongues around the balls of his feet. He curled his toes as we resumed sucking on his long toes while tracing our fingers lightly over his smooth soles and drove him crazy running them along his soles all the while licking the underside of his toes to prevent him from curling them involuntarily!


    We increased the pressure, circling around the balls of his feet and rapidly licked the bottom of his toes and in between them all as he squirmed and giggled

    "Hihihahahaha noahahahahaht theheherehahahaha!"

    His eyes filled with tears as we tormented him, his feet smelling so raunchy and getting even more sweaty as we both stroked his arches and then sensually massaged his feet knowing worse than tickling them, this would be really very humiliating for him so softly rubbed his soles and caressed his toes, fondling them and gently massaging in between all his toes telling him that we really liked his feet and licked them all again. He really wanted the torture to stop as he felt our tongues slide between his toes.Then while continuing the licking we brought the toothbrushes into action again softly scrubbing his soles as he burst with sudden loud laughter, tugging his legs to get them free!


    Seeing his toes wiggling and he jerking his feet was a real turn - on as again our fingers ran along his soles from heels to toes, he reacted like we'd jolted him with electricity making him cry out very loud and gasp uncontrollably as we rubbed our faces against his feet and then put our tongues and fingernails to his wrinkled arches and tickled his feet softly and scraping our teeth along the soles of his feet and toes. After his toes were soaked from our oral expertise, we started scrabbling our fingers sideways on the base of his toes, making him go wild with ticklish insanity as we did so. Antonio was laughing so hard we thought his sides would actually split and he needed air as we worked on his feet pausing every now and then for a minute, to let him catch air just enough so we could continue some more without me passing out. Up the soles...tickling the arches, nails up the sides, tickling his ankles, sucking toes, and then running tongues in between his toes. We kept our hands wrapped around his ankles and began to lick up and down the length of his feet as he pulled against our and licked in between each toe, enjoying the feeling of his wiggling toes against our warm wet tongues. We kept our attentions on a foot each for what must have been three hours or more. We opened our mouths just wide enough to receive his heels and sucked on them, pulled his last two toes into our mouths as he squirmed and protested but was helpless and moved our tongues around and in between all his toes seeing him suffer as he hated the oral sensations

    Finally we each sucked his big toes into our mouths and began to nibble on them getting almost as good a reaction as when we snaked our tongues in and out of his toes slowly, shoving three toes into our mouths and sucking. Our hands holding his ankles and tickling his arches loving the feeling of his toes, slippery and wet in our mouths splaying and he trying to pull his ankles free but rendered helpless as his feet were thoroughly messed with by us and we enjoyed every second making the torture as unbearable for him as possible! It was great hearing him scream for mercyas we ran our fingernails up both his soles from the heels to the toes and then used a feather each, gentle swipes with the feather end then strokes with the quill end and also stroking his balls and his dick with the feather which got him involuntarily excited. The a feather along his inner thighs making him moan and giggle the whole time until he begged us to make him cum so Conrad stroked his dick as I sucked on his toes and soon he shot a powerful load and was rewarded with a hit which meant he succumbed to us enjoying the taste and smell of his ticklish feet again and again and again!
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    Re: Antonio sold his soles!

    Interesting I find myself looking at feet, more peopleae wearing slides.

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