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Thread: dads feet

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    dads feet

    ive.always had a thing for.feet..
    when my sometimes i wouldwait till i heard him snore and start sniffing his socks and little by little take it off till i could suck his toes...
    Same with any uncle, brother in laws and bestfriend..even my bestfriends dad
    Ive kept some of their socks and underwears till this day..
    Once i went on a church camping trip and this guy changed right infront of me...thick hondurian tall with a thick build....
    I waited till he slept and domed him up and sucked his toes and stole his underwear and socks..the next day he tried giving me 3 rockstars and dared me to drink them so i could stay up...
    Pretty hot..

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    Re: dads feet

    I always had a thing for feet. My dad had the best looking feet I had ever seen. They were strong, like him... I remember how he would come home after a long day, kick off his shoes, and prop his feet up on the coffee table. I used to get so hard watching him wiggle those sexy toes. one time after he had one too many beers. I crept into his room. I had to taste them. I had to be careful, first i sniff them. They smelled good. I licked the souls of his feet and tasted his toes. god they tasted good.

    I knew I shouldn't have but i just had to suck on his big toe. He woke up...

    Lucky for me he thought that it was our dog Buster...

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    Re: dads feet

    I love this topic I am happy theirs more people out there like me that have worship their dad feet.

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    Re: dads feet

    hot thread have had great fantasys about a son being his dads foot slave

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    Re: dads feet

    My old man was a real mans, he was a labourer, real brute of a man, stocky, muscular, tattooed. Uncouth an inarticulate he let his massive fists an feet do his talking, he could put men twice his size on their back an under his boots. He enjoyed crushing rival males an enjoyed humiliating them once they lay battered at his feet. He would sneer, insults their masculinity, gob on them, even pissing on 2 young bucks who'd tried to take him down. He was the master in his own house, women like my mum an sisters were there to cook an clean an wait on him hand and foot. In addition my mum was there to pleasure and serve his insatiable gigantic stiff cock when he couldn't b arsed going out an getting it seem to by half the women in our town. He was an arrogant, egotistical, domineering, macho thug, he had hoped his only son could be groomed to follow in his footsteps am become a feared fighter, respected drinker, and legendary pussy hound. But I was a poof so I jus didn't compute 4 him til I reached puberty when he suddenly barked at me that he'd come up with some use for me. He put me I'm charge of looking after his feet or 'Everything from the ankle down is your responsibility now, let me list it so u don't fuck up, my feet, an that includes my toenails, all my footwear but especially my muddy work boots, footie boots, shoes, trainers, waders, flip flops etc an my socks, sports, formal, work ones, fancy ones 4 nights on pull etc.At end of night u will collect the muddy, dirty footwear I've worn an clean an polish it 4 next day. Same goes for socks, u'll collect them from bedroom floor an wash an iron them lay out clean ones 4 next day. When I get home from work u will set boots an socks aside an concentrate on my feet. U will wash them, clip my toe nails, scrub hard calloused skin, treat any fungal infection or blemishes. Then u will rub oils in, massage them am put my slippers on.
    I didn't stand a chance , my Father convinced me that I was born to service an worship the feet an socks an footwear of real macho straight men like him. It was breathtaking how fast things moved to total submission an humiliation an service of my brute of a less than a week I was sinking to my knees before him when he came home from work and untying and removing his muddy boots and peeling his hot, wet stinking sweaty work socks off his manly trotters. Eventually I was untying and prising his filthy footwear off with my teeth, licking the mud and crud and crap out the soles with my tongue and spit polishing them with acrid boot polish in my mouth. And peeling his rank stinking socks off with my teeth an sucking the sweat and stink out. That bastard show his contempt by completely ignoring me, flicking thru a porno or watch the racing, not even glancing down whilst I slaved away. From human boot wipe an polish and sock launderer I next became his doormat, he would wipe the soles if his boots over my face and hair and eventually footrest I would get on all fours an he'd put his feet up on me.
    An his bare feet, u guessed it I ended up washing them in my mouth, clipping his toenails into my mouth an order me to swallow. I loved it, finally my life had purpose, I'd found where I belonged in the world and it was at the feet of a real man like my Dad. All men are NOT created equal, my dad an other real men are alpha males, apex creatures at too of the food chain. I was at the bottom so to get to experience the smell an taste an feel f a real man was an honour an a privilege.
    Unfortunately I blew it , I foolishly tried to move my worship an service up above his ankles by suggesting I could be his ham toilet an take his piss, swallow his farts an burps an gob, even dispose of his used condoms an cum rags by swallowing them.
    He went into a rage and withdrew his feet etc from my care.
    But he'd given me the template, I'm a successful lawyer now so I can afford to pay less well off real men like my dad to let me serve an worship an obey. Pay silly money to a security guard to let him lick his shoes and sniff his sweaty black nylon socks, or to a skinhead to trample me beneath his 12 hole DM boots or a sparks to fart in my face or gob on me and call me a queer, makes it all the hotter.
    Thank u Dad, u launched me into the world and I've found home

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    Re: dads feet

    so fucking sexy

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