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    drunken first timer

    it's the story of my first time i want to share with you. just right to the beginning - sry for my english, i come frome austria ;-)

    it was just around this time one year ago as i and a colleague, who is my best friend, went on a seminar. As usual we slept in the same room, in the same double-bed. i was so thankful for these nights, cause i always had a crush on him and wanted to sleep with him.

    some months before this night we also shared a bed on a seminar and also there i wanted to touch him so badly, but i couldn't...

    as the day went on and the seminar had been over we went to dinner with the whole group of about 13 people. We ate and drunk - especially drunk a lot. In the end there were only four of us left at the bar. But as time went by the barmen wanted to close and so we went into the room of the oldest guy of our group. He was the chief of our department and my friend and i always thought that he is slightly interested in men - especially if he's drunken. After a drink in our chief's room and some meaningful sentences and the offer to stay the night there (of course followed by a laugh), we went back to our room...

    On the way we really laughed about the chief and I said something like "Hell yeah, we both know it". He than said, "yeah, but he'd be far too old". I than saw a chance to get where i want.

    "Ha, so, if I'd say what Matthias had said in his room, you'd try?!" - there was no answer. So i thought i went too far. We both laid down our shirts and went to bed.

    Some minutes later i felt something warm around my boxershort. it was my friends hand searching it's way down to my ass. I didn't say anything more and turned closer. We kissed deeply and than I went down to suck his cock.

    I really enjoyed doing that. I took his whole piece of meat in my mouth an made him moan load. I than sucked his balls and also licked this piece of body between his cock and his asshole, which made him gone wild.

    Than he wanted to suck and did this very well. We kissed and i stroke our both cocks as he said. "Do you have some lube or similar?"

    Sure I hadn't. I couldn't had thought to bring lube with me... what had he thought about if i'd said yes...

    so i had an other idea. We went to the shower and tried to slip into each other using our shower-gel. It didn't really work. Don't know, but it could be, that we both never had done this before and the gel was too sticky...

    so we stand in the shower and rubbed our wet bodies and cocks against us. First he finished his job and made me come bad directly into his mouth. I never forget how I made him come afterwards.

    hope you enjoyed the story

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    Re: drunken first timer

    Ihre Geschichte ist sehr erotisch, und Ihr Englisch ist charmant!

    Ich hoffe, dass Sie Ihre Abenteuer fortzusetzen und sagen Sie uns bald mehr.

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    Re: drunken first timer

    I did enjoy your story. Thank you. Although your English wasn't perfect, I could understand. Thanks again.

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    Re: drunken first timer

    English be damned! Your story came out loud and clear. Sexy and exciting that you were able to experience all this with you friend. I hope it has happened again since that time. Welcome to our story forum. Tell us more....


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