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    New, and im really freaking out

    So i recently had oral sex with a friend that i trust. he gets tested everyone month, and he has always come up negative.
    I havent had any sex since i was last tested and everything came up negative. Basically we had oral sex teh day after christmas, and about 5 days after, i got kind of a super small sore on the corner of my mouth, it was gone the next day.
    I also have 2 cold cores (they are normal for me though, i have had them since i was 5)
    But i also looked on my lip today, and there was what looked like white bumps on my lip.
    The guy hasnt had any sort of outbreak. I dont know if i am just over reacting, i do that A LOT, or if i really have something. I havent had any problems in my genitals or anything else, just the sore and this stuff on my lip. help?

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    Re: New, and im really freaking out

    See a Doctor but I do not think you have anything to worry about. One thing do not suck cock when you have a cold sore you can pass it on.

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    Re: New, and im really freaking out

    It's very unlikely that your lip sores were related to the oral sex.

    However, since you've been sexually active, you should be tested for STDs- as should anyone who is sexually active.

    PS If your friend is really being tested every month, he's wasting time and money (or he's really a tramp). Unless there's a high-risk incident, we recommend testing every 3 months since the HIV testing recommendation is 6 week post exposure with a repeat test at 3 months.
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    Re: New, and im really freaking out

    Thanks everyone. My cold sores are disappearing already. and the guy still hasnt showed any symptoms. Im just a major hypochondriac.

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