For those of you who are a fan of the band, you may or may not know that the lead singer (Adam Gontier) has left the band. Just after Three Days Grace (3DG), released their new album "Transit of Venus" and after scheduling another Tour, the band as publicly announced Adam's resignation from the band.

In a letter that Adam gave to the band back in December, he indicated that he was resigning from the band due to a non life threatening health issue and wanted the band to continue moving forward without him.

Many fans of 3DG have also heard rumors that Adam wanted to start a solo career, which is the real reason for leaving the band, noting he has tours/events scheduled all the way through March.

Adam has also published a letter explaining why he left the band on his face book page and on the band's website.

Never the less, 3DG advised their fans they will not be cancelling their tour, but rather temporarily replacing lead singer Adam with Matt Walst, the brother of 3DG Bass/backup vocals Brad Walst. Matt Walst, also known for being the lead singer of My Darkest Days (MDD).

Matt has been working diligently with 3DG to cover the songs and get ready for the upcoming tour. Unfortunately he is no Adam Gontier and from listening to the cover songs of "Riot", "The High Road" and "Chalk Outline" on the bands site, he seems to do an okay job, but will listening to him be different live and without the auto tune, I think so.

It really saddens me that Adam left the band, especially since I just booked my first 3DG tickets to see them in Orlando at the Amway on March 9th, now it won't be the same. Myself and countless other fans would have appreciated it had they either, 1:cancelled the tour all together or 2: had Adam finish the tour and then resigned from the band.

I love the band and can relate to many of their songs. It's crazy how music can affect someones every day life. Adam wrote most of the songs for the band and was able to connect with countless people. An amazing lyricist and singer, I hope nothing but the best. Adam will always hold a spot in the band if he decides to come back.