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    A Fairy Tale with a Twist

    Part one...

    Whenever Tad thought of his life, he always started it with "Once Upon a Time" like the stories his mother used to tell him before he faded off to sleep. In those stories, the damsel or the heroine always had a perfect prince come rescue them, or did wondrous things that changed people lives. They also ALWAYS had a happy ending. Tad longed for happily ever after, but one that had a gay twist. After all why couldn't it be two men instead of a man and a woman? Tad was such a hopeless dreamer. Who was to know that Tad would grow up so differently when his mother read him those bedtime stories?

    Twenty-five year old Tad would envision wonderful things for his life. While sitting at a traffic light, Tad looked over at the driver across from him. The man looked so handsome like in the fairy tale stories. A true prince of noble heart. Tad saw the man next to him as someone he could always share with. Someone who he would long to reach out and touch, no matter where they were or what they were doing. Someone who would turn toward him as they were driving down the parkway and catch him looking at him, and smile.

    Tad wasn't single, his tale is grim at the moment...

    For the man he shared a bed with was unlike his dreams, this man would never notice his touch, much less turn to look at him. Tad wondered what he'd ever seen in him. How had his dream man become so callous? How had he become someone who yelled at him for no apparent reason, and the touch of passion become a slap of anger? Tad wondered mostly why his life was nothing like the fairy tale stories.

    Seeing the green traffic light was a sign to leave his daydreaming and the hopeful stranger behind.
    Tad pulled into the Local Grocery Tom’s mart. Half heartedly dragging himself out of his car. At 5'9 Tad still felt extremely small...swimmer's build but unlike a swimmer with a hairy chest. Dark chocolate colored eyes that gleamed in the sunlight almost a deep passionate ember. His looks were on the exotic side but he himself would tell you and anyone that wanted to know that he had never stepped foot outside the U.S.

    A man born to two plain parents...nothing within his family tree cried out special.

    As he walked through the local grocery store, his mind wandered freely. He thought of his fairy tale man. He seemed a myth. There wasn't such a person; there couldn't be. Any man Tad had ever been with always fell short of his dreams. Perhaps in the beginning there would be a feeling of wonder but it would quickly fade as he began to realize that the person he was with wasn't considerate at all, wasn't caring of his feelings. He doubted himself eventually. He evidently wasn't worthy of Prince Charming.

    Suddenly Tad's life would change forever, paying no attention to the danger ahead of him. Making his way down to the produce section, a tiny live wire lay beneath the apples. As he reached for the shining red apple, his mind was elsewhere. As his hand closed around it, he felt a jolt of electricity flow up and tingle through his body.

    A voice echoing in Tad's mind...Are you alright Sweet Prince?

    Tad couldn't believe his mind. It must be a trick...

    Again he said... I will sadly open up my eyes to nothing but embarrassment.

    Slowly opening his eyes, Tad couldn't believe it...finding such a handsome angelic sight if possible to be both rugged and soft. A huge pair of hands cupped Tad's face and kissed his lips ever so softly. A heavenly looking man...short curly black hair and eyes as green has the grass Tad was laid upon.

    Wait... What grass? Tad found himself not only in front of this god like man, but also outside and naked.

    Tad thought, “I must be dreaming? That electric jolt really knocked me asleep,” but after feeling the Handsome God like Man's facial hair brush up against his cheeks with that soft kiss coupled with the fact that Tad is starting to feel the sun stare at his bare flesh, could it be a dream?

    Tad's face turned red when he discovered his growing cock, now hard and wet... Looking up into the handsome man's face, “What is your name?” Tad asked.

    “You must have hit your really head hard my prince. I am Samson your loyal knight.” Tad melted inside, yelling and jumping up against his brain. A loyal knight! Mine! All mine! Luckily Samson couldn't read Tad's thoughts...

    “Let me help you up and wash the grass and dirt off you.” Tad so loved this idea...have Samson give him a good wash, “Yes please do my Loyal Knight.”

    Samson swiftly picked up Tad in his strong muscular arms and headed down to a small lake with a flowing waterfall. The water felt so unnaturally warm, almost like bath water... But Tad was enjoying himself too much to ask questions.

    Samson washed Tad all over, rubbing his pits, nipples, cock, pulling down Tad's foreskin to clean it well. Within seconds of the washing, Tad couldn't stand the foreskin moving back and forth. He started to orgasm, moaning so loud that it scared a bunch of blue birds nestled in a nearby tree. Samson smiled and kissed the red faced Tad as they both watched the cream carried away by the water.

    After Samson bathed Tad, he lifted him up out of the water and gently dried him off with a royal cape. The loyal knight started to reach in his bag for a set of clothes, but Tad protested, at least for the moment, grabbing Samson's rugged hand and putting it against his exposed left ass cheek.

    Samson smiled and squeezed Tad's ass cheek, before inserting a massive finger in-between his ass cheeks. Tad pressed up against Samson as Samson finger fucked Tad's tight hole.

    “Mmmm...My prince you feel so tight, hugging my massive finger. I want to lay you down and fuck you in the light for all the enchanted creatures to see.”
    In response, Tad stepped back into Samson's arms and kissed him. The world around him faded as his lips touched Samson's. The heat of his mouth radiated through Tad, and as he pressed himself to Samson, Tad knew that, this was his fairytale.

    Tad's knees were growing weak from the intensity of passion that was gripping him. Yearning so badly to see beneath Samson's clothes. Wanting to peel each layer of fabric away. Tad had never known anyone to have this effect on him.

    Tad's mouth opened to Samson's questing tongue and as they kissed the heat of the moment spread through Tad’s body. His arms went up around Samson's neck and Tad ran his hands through Samson's hair.

    All of the sudden Tad felt himself lifted off the ground, and kissing still, Samson carried his prince from the bank of the pond into a curtain of willow branches. Tad was amazed at this tiny outdoor spot. Fireflies lit it up dancing above their heads.

    “My prince i will lay you against this soft Caterpillar silk and have my way with you in a gentle passionate round.”

    Feeling his back and ass slowly lay upon that soft silk. Tad’s eyes began to water out of passion and need... Tenderly, Samson bent down and kissed Tad's eyelids, forehead, and hands. As Samson’s fingertips brushed along the edge of Tad's thigh. Tad’s cock head started to leak.

    Samson took time to press his massive finger tip against Tad's cock hole and bring it to his lips. Praising how tasty it was...Tad brushed and rubbed Samson's lips...

    Tad was breathing deeply, shivering as Samson's fingers brushed his skin. Samson slowly traced upward. Samson laid his head upon Tad's stomach. Kissing it lightly then just resting it there. He looked up into Tad's wanting eyes. Samson was enthralled by Tad’s eyes. They were filled with longing, passion, lust, but also something else.

    Samson had never seen another man look at him with the wonder that Tad did now. Tad reached down to touch Samson's face, tracing his fingers lightly over the bridge of Samson's nose. Trailing over his eyebrows. Running the back of his hand over Samson’s cheek. All the while he stared up at him. It was so natural, so right. Tad felt that in his eyes Samson held no secrets, nor did he need to.

    After what seemed an eternity, of Beautiful stares...Samson got up and started to remove his clothing. Each removal exposed the handsome knight's hard beefy chest, long thin uncut curved cock. A chest filled with coal black curlys... quarter sized nipples, pink as pepto.
    Tad leaned up and started to lick and suck on Samson's tender nipples. Samson laid Tad down, Tad looking up at this man, this gentle perfect dream of a man. Slowly Samson spread Tad's legs and began to lick Tad's single pink eye. Getting it to welcome his tongue, then the sweet thin uncut cock.

    Tad felt like a virgin again, all the slow passionate licking. A stream of precum rested upon Tad's hairy stomach. Just has Samson began to push his thin uncut cock inside Tad's tight wet hole, a sudden storm broke out over the forest, violently pushing the willow trees down.

    A dark figure stood above Samson and Tad... This dark figure on a skeleton horse, demands that Tad come with him. Samson tries to prevent the dark figure from taking Tad, but sadly is thrown into a tree and knocked out cold.

    Using mind control, the dark figure forces Tad to walk to him. He picks up the naked prince and commands the skeleton horse to return to the castle of Nivea.
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    Re: A Fairy Tale with a Twist

    Nice start to your fantasy tale... What is in store for Tad I wonder?

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