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Thread: Fantasy ideas

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    Fantasy ideas

    Hey guys, so my bf and I are very kinky (only off-limits things are permanent damage, *lots* of pain/agony, blood, groupsex; scat is okay I just need to get used to it), but I'm pretty inexperienced, whereas he's had a lot more experience. He told me the other day that if I have any fantasies we could make them come true (or at least try). I have some ideas, but I'm kinda drawing blanks cuz I keep gravitating towards the same things, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions of hot (but realistic) fantasies? He's a total top, I'm a total bottom, he's dominant and I'm submissive.

    One of mine for example, it'd require a little practice on my part for some things but I'm pretty sure we could pull it off pretty soon:

    He comes back from the gym all sweaty and smelly (no deodorant or anything, maybe not showered for a few days), and my job is to lick all his sweat off his body, starting from his feet going everywhere up to his armpits. He then grabs some restraints and ties me up so I can't move, and he flips me on my back, kneels over me so his ass is in my face, and he won't get off till I've rimmed his ass to his satisfaction, giving me only a few breaths of fresh air every now and then. Once his ass is nice and clean, he shoves his cock in my mouth and gives me 2 minutes to get his cock as wet as possible (that's all the lube I get) before he flips me over and brutally fucks me, repeatedly pulling his cock out and penetrating me again and again. Once he's cum, he shoves his cock in my mouth and I clean his cum and any shit off his cock, and without warning he starts pissing and I have to swallow it all. If I miss anything, he takes a belt to my ass till I cry, and he then face fucks me. If I do well, he spits in my face and slaps me around a little, but I get to worship his cock till he blows a second load.

    Most of mine tend to be some variation of body/cock worship, bondage, rimming, and drinking his piss. He loves ass spanking, so that usually gets worked in. Similar fantasies are welcome, but I'd really like something really different, doesn't have to be super wild but if you have something really crazy I'd love to hear it all the same. Don't worry that we might not be into it, chances are we'll at least try it once. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Fantasy ideas

    here is my suggestion, which can go several ways...

    it sounds as though, as a submissive, he may enjoy humiliating you. i have found that cream pies in the face (yes, cream pies like banana, chocolate, coconut... or shaving cream pies with maybe some chocolate syrup drizzled on top...). i know, i know, you thinking 'are you kidding me?' but this is a fetish that many men have -- especially in the U.S. and england.

    you guys can work together to either buy the pies or make them. make sure that, if you get real pies that are frozen, you thaw them out completely. you want your pies (real or shaving cream) to be soft, gooey, and schmush-able. when you've got your pies ready, don't have him 'throw' them at you because of the mess it will cause, unless you want to put up plastic tarps on your walls. just have a cheap tarp on the floor so that it's protected. after you have the pies made up and within arm's reach of your partner, you can either sit in a chair, kneel on the floor, or stand straight up -- you guys decide. whatever your position, he can tie your hands behind your back so that you're even more vulnerable. now the fun begins ...

    he takes a pie and slowly shoves it in your face. he covers your face and then smears the rest of the pie all over your head. he gets to decide if he wants your eyes to be cleaned out (if you're tied up). then he takes another one and splats you again. he might decide to shove two at a time in your face, on the sides of it. whatever he chooses to do... he can even shove them on your chest, or ass, or crotch, or armpits, wherever ... although the most humiliating place, in my opinion, is right in the face and on the head and let the stuff in the pie tin ooze down.

    while this is going on, you and your partner can rub bodies together, he can use his hands to massage you wherever, whatever he wants to do. believe me, the feeling of the cream is so sensual (i've done this with guys who have never done it, and it definitely arouses them and turns them on). anyway, he can then tell you to get on your knees and you give him a blowjob, or he gets you on all-fours (hands untied) and plugs you good -- whatever works for you guys. finally, when its all over you both head to the shower and slowly, erotically clean each other up...

    if you choose to use shaving cream it won't cost you much at all -- just pay for a tarp, a garbage bag or two to put the tarp in, cans of shaving cream (get eight or ten maybe) and some paper or styrofoam plates. the only downside of shaving cream is if some gets in your mouth, don't swallow it -- basically it's soap). if you enjoy the experience (and i truly believe you will!) you can 'graduate' to real cream pies, syrups, puddings, etc., really anything soft and gooey and slippery.

    one other thing to consider to add to the humiliation -- spray several cans of shaving cream into a big bucket, big enough for your partner to dunk your head into. he holds you by the neck and slowly submerges your entire head into the bucket, then he slowly pulls it out. repeated dunking is very humiliating, in my opinion. and, another thought, when you are clean at the beginning, he can take a can of shaving cream and spray it all over your chest, legs, crotch, everywhere but your face and head, and then rub the cream all over your body with his hands. then, he gives you that first cream pie right in the face. the feeling is so sensual, it's amazing.

    if you want to talk more or ask any questions, please contact me with a private message. have fun!!!!!

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