Master autcioned off five of us whiteboys the afternoon of New Year's Eve. I was wearing super skintight breeches with flares half way up my thighs, knee high boots, a biker
s jacket and no hat. My companions were in various costumes that, like mine, revealed our huge packages and bubblebutt asses. Three huge black guys bid for me and won the bid. They said I was dressed like a cop and they didn't like cops, so they tied me to a wagonwheel, feet together at the bottom of the wheel and wrists half way up the wheel. They tore the bottom part of my breeches off my ass and left my tool and balls hanging, exposed and hard as nails at the treatment and the names they called me. With a cock whip they gave my package s sound whipping and I screamed and screamed. Finished with these parts of my anatomy, they then slashed by butt and back until I think I had 50 strokes of their bullwhip - the number rustlers are usually given if caught in Texas. The other guys had tales to tell while we lay on our stomachs on mattresses on New Year's Day. The guy in jeans four sizes too small was whipped on his butt cheeks 150 slashes. He is totally red and welted and I don't think he'll sit for days. He's a teacher like me and I don't know what he'll wear when school opens next week. The young lawyer at least can wear a legal gown over his jeans when in court. The two cowboys were in leather jeans and the leather was in think strips once they were whipped. All in all, we're a sorry quintet but I won't have to sell gas or serve customers hamburgers until tomorrow. I must tell you, though, I look real sexy in those breeches and boots. But I'm not sure they'd be for wear at school even if they were notass shredded.