Hey guys!! I am new to this site, but I was wondering if anyone else has a thing for knees. I'm not a really experienced guy sexually, but I had an encounter with a guy a few months ago, and he massaged and played with my knees and it turned me into a wild animal!! I've always been attracted other guys' knees, and when I was a teenager playing football with my buddies, and I'd get grass and mud stains on my knees/jeans, and look at their grass stained knees, it would make me hard. Also a little scrape or scab is cool as well. I used to get embarrassed about it and was worried that people would think I'm wierd, but now I don't care!

I know lots of guys have foot fetishes, but to me nothing's hotter than a guy to be sitting legs spread apart with of course, and awesome cock, but also two incredibly hot, manly, knees of steel staring at me!

Anyone else feel the same?