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Thread: How to 69?

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    How to 69?

    Okay, I'm bisexual.
    My friend is coming over this weekend (hopefully) and whenever he comes over we suck each other off. But I want to feel what it's like getting and giving head at the same time. So I'm wanting to 69 with him..I've asked before but he's said no. How do I get him to agree to 69?He gives amazing head, btw ;D

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    Re: How to 69?

    whats his issue with 69? I mean if hes ok with sucking you and vice versa, i dont see the problem. Have you asked why not?? Thats interesting.

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    Re: How to 69?

    He could have some anxiety about coming at the same time. Explore that. I feel it may be a concern. It was a concern of mine initially.

    It could also be lack of familiarity so play with the position for a while and then revert to your normal play. If receptive, repeat as necessary.

    Good luck.

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    Re: How to 69?

    Maybe he feels more in control if he is JUST concentrating on sucking you

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    Re: How to 69?

    Maybe he has 69-ed before and it wasn't all that enjoyable? 69-ing can be uncomfortable sometimes.

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    Re: How to 69?

    69 is the hottest........

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    Re: How to 69?

    Quote Originally Posted by JustMe5 View Post
    Maybe he has 69-ed before and it wasn't all that enjoyable? 69-ing can be uncomfortable sometimes.
    This was MY thought...

    It IS a little DISTRACTING...

    But -- then again -- we all have our own preferences...

    I'm not sure why he won't at least TRY it...

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    Re: How to 69?

    69 is really all bout the position on it side by side my be more comfortable then having a top n bottom

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    Re: How to 69?

    That's what I thought. We started doing this maybe 2 months ago. He sucked only me off. About 3 weeks ago he finally let me suck him off and cum on him.

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    Re: How to 69?

    maybe suggest rimming him as he sucks you and slowly make your way to his cock

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    Re: How to 69?

    Some guys can't give head and get blown because they can't do two things at once, especially if they're really getting a lot of pleasure from the blowjob. Some guys also don't like being on the bottom of a 69, because if the guy on top start pushing his hip a lot the more into the feeling her gets, the more likely the bottom guy gets skullfucked whethere he wants to or not, and that's a problem for a guy with a bad gag reflex.

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    Re: How to 69?

    well I've sucked a guy off and I certainly enjoy having some oral attention on my cock, and I've done it both in a side-by-side 69 and just sucking off. Personally I do find the 69 a somewhat physically uncomfortable position. Not a deal breaker, but it can be an issue.

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    Re: How to 69?

    I agree. rimming or ball sucking could be as enjoyable.
    Quote Originally Posted by Saybrooke View Post
    I was at the gym once, and this woman was on the elliptical next to me, making motorcycle noises.

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    Re: How to 69?

    As far as how to get him to do it with you? - That's up to you and him. You just have to ask him, as you already have. See if you can get him to tell you what reason(s) he has for not wanting to do it. Don't take it to the level of annoying him or pissing him off though.

    If he doesn't want to do it or tell you why, you've got only a couple of times to find out and then try and convince him before it starts to annoy him.

    Give it time -- if he just recently only let you suck his cock and cum on his skin, it may be just a little too early for him as far as advanced blowjobbery goes.

    Is your friend bi as well, or is he gay? If he's bi, and this is all new to him, I'm thinking that maybe doing the 69 deal is a little more "gay" than he cares for.

    It's one thing to suck a cock or get your cock sucked, but wrapping around another dude and sucking each others cocks at the same time, could be a little step closer down the yellow-brick road to gaydom than he's comfortable with.

    Could be a control thing as well. Too much of a loss of control for him for the two of you to be on each other at the same time.

    Just a thought.
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    Re: How to 69?

    Yeah..back on topic...the main issue is finding out why he doesn't want to. You need to find that out before finding a possible solution thats mutually acceptable. Gay, Bi...labels don't matter, you said he gives great head so cock sucking, both giving and receiving aren't the issue.

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    Re: How to 69?

    Quote Originally Posted by ffolkesmaster View Post
    ..... "Gay, Bi...labels don't matter, you said he gives great head so cock sucking, both giving and receiving aren't the issue."
    Eh, not so sure about that - First, no offense intended to your comment at all.

    Read any of my posts and you'll see I am a huge opponent of labels. BUT, based on my experiences with some "bi" dudes, a good number of them DO care about labels and they were more about maintaining the whole "straight more than gay" persona.

    What I'm implying is that while sucking a cock or getting his cock sucked isn't such a big deal, in HIS mind, being that deeply intimate, totally naked, together, face to cock and cock to face, one-on-one, might be a little more male "contact" than this guy is comfortable with.

    I've bumped into that with a few dudes. No cuddling, no kissing, no 69'ing. Just cock sucking and mutual masturbating. Just saying .....
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    Re: How to 69?

    Self explanatory......

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: How to 69?

    I'm with Matt on this one, it can be very intense and possibly quite intimidating for him. Give it time, he knows you like the idea so who knows, one day he might initiate it when he feels ready.
    If it happens, start side by side, much more relaxed and controllable! I love being on the bottom of it but it takes practice

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    Re: How to 69?

    Its great! I love being on the bottom of the 69 with ass in my face and kissing the ass cheeks and licking the groin.... also tasting the balls while the guy is working on my cock. Do this with my buddy while he deep throats my cock. He loves me playing with his ass and the cock sucking gets more intense the more I play... have done 69 with other guys too with cock and cock sucking.

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    Re: How to 69?

    It's sensory overload.......your cock in a mouth, a cock in your mouth.

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    Re: How to 69?

    You both have to be the same height - I did it with a friend who is 6 inches shorter and it just did not work.

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    Re: How to 69?

    Ok never heard of anyone wanting to not 69. But it could be maybe he doesn't want to be on top of someone or someone on top of him. Claustrophobic maybe or some other fear? Or maybe its easier for him to suck dick a certain way. You could always ask him to do it on your sides, which isn't as great as on top of each other but it works. Or it could be he just isn't ready for it. I dunno lol

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