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Thread: Condoms

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    Having got into topping in a BIG way this year, I'm having trouble finding condoms I really like. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm based in the UK, and so far I've used
    Boots own - way too tight
    Durex Elite - ok size but they smell really strongly of rubber
    Skins - don't smell bad but regular size are impossible to get on, extra large are comfortable - but they are really difficult to get hold of.
    Mates - a bit tight but easy to buy and don't smell as bad as durex.

    The real trouble I have is getting them to keep unrolling all the way down my shaft as they tend to get stuck half way down. Maybe I'm using the wrong shape? Or perhaps I should just get xl skins in bulk?

    This isn't an excuse to bareback... I actually find buying, discussing and wearing condoms quite erotic -a real 'man's' thing... But some tips from you would be helpful!

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    Re: Condoms

    Trojan Condoms.

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    Re: Condoms

    They don't need to go all the way down the shaft to the base to protect you from 90% of STDs. So that means that most XL condoms are just kinda made to massage egos. Condoms are made out of tough material that generally doesn't break (although it is possible). Just so long as the condom adequately covers the head and some of the shaft you should be good. The only issue comes in with girth. If the condom feels tight (not short) then you may wanna give some other one a try.

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    Re: Condoms

    Thanks guys. Bogamer I don't need my ego massaged - and I don't need the other 10% of STIs! I'm pretty cautious and check the base of my cock to make sure the rubber is still on without pulling ou all the way. It's definitely a tightness issue, I defy you to get a Boots (horrible name for a condom) onto me properly. I'll give Trojans a try and if they're no good I'll empty the shelf next time I find XL skins.

    I wouldn't even say I'm that hung - upper end of average maybe, no bigger.

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    Re: Condoms

    I;m with you, UncutBrit, condoms are like shoes (bad choice of simile as you don't think Boots is a good name! Lol), it is important that you get the right fit and that they FEEL comfortable. My cock is small - both short and thin, so I found they were slipping off all the time during sex. I used to get very embarrassed going into a chemist asking if they had anything smaller, then I discovered condomania and now I get the right size for me and it takes the stress out of it. Who wants to be stressed during sex???? It as an American site but I don't mind paying the shipping. I'm sure there must be other websites in the UK, I've just been too lazy to look. My suggestion is go onto condomania and find the brand names of the bigger ones that may suit you, then do a UK google search to see which online companies ell them in UK. Good luck! BTW I'm very jealous - wish my cock was bigger, but hey, we work with what we are given!

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    Re: Condoms

    fuck condoms. i'm pos but guess what? my cd4s are better than yours and i'm undetectable. this is all :P

    but in all seriousness, you know whether or not you should use em, but i can't use my dick in one. 21 years of my beautiful 8 inch manhood unrealized

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