I normally wouldn't advertise something flat out... but recently my computer has been having problems with heat because of a GTX 480 video card I installed (GTX 480 is just as good as some Nvidia 600 series cards). I installed a Delta 4,000 RPM 120 MM case fan that pushes 150 CFM...


Some people complain about it being loud, but you have to know what you're getting yourself into and a fan controller is a big plus.

It took my case temperature down from 115F (46C) to 80F (27C). Oh and that's just after playing Far Cry 3 for a good while. Perhaps water cooling would have been a more quiet solution, but this is an easier solution without a possible nightmare (and less expensive).

It's like a engine... definitely need to get a fan controller for it to turn it down when I'm not in a game.