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    Re: Which country has the most beautiful guys and which most ugly?

    Alabama. For both.

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    Re: Which country has the most beautiful guys and which most ugly?

    What a weird thread!

    But since Zayn is 1/2 English 1/2 Pakistani, I'm going to go England/Pakistan for most beautiful.

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    Re: Which country has the most beautiful guys and which most ugly?

    Quote Originally Posted by JohannBessler View Post
    Sooner or later,anybody who answers this question wil get either nationalistic or tribal.

    Someone, for example, might bring up Asians, but then, you'd have to look at the Han Chinese as opposed to the Chinese near Hong Kong, who look very different indeed.

    Han Chinese tend to be tall, fair-skinned, and sometimes, quite handsome, but we Westerners don't see them very often. For some reason, they didn't emigrate en masse.

    And so on.

    You can just bet that there's too much variety in Africa to generalize. We know that Egyptians look nothing like the Tsutsi.

    And so on.

    Omg..tis threas how can I missed it? ^^ smh...
    I know you're a long gone Johann but if I can share this to you..
    I was like yay! Asian^^ but then... naw..Im no included
    you brought the issue that really close to my core- or development in general.
    When I was young..I always have mixed feeling whether I should be accepted as oriental looking or more pacific islander looking???
    Because Im 1/4 Chinese and the rest are native (Indonesian)

    Sometimes I felt it's advantageous that my skin isn't too dark and I could achieve kawaii- looking pic like those Korean boybands did but other times I think my face isn't passable as true oriental because of my humongous nose and lips there. I think even in my country- orient beauty are more appreciated (we didn't compare to white as standard srsly) Around 2002 just before I flew- there were a huge boyband craze over Taiwanese male vocal groups known as F4.

    with their frontman panties dropper- ..forgot the name, pick the cutest 2 upfront ^^
    No kd, all my classmates were crazy about them and they (F4) even overthrown previous heartthrob boyband; Westlife from Ireland.

    when I think..why did those girls switch to F4- I think it's because of relatability (is that a word!?)..factor.

    But personally...geez...those F4 guys and Han Chinese guys that people drawn much are not giving me much jivvies..idk- I appreciate their artistic appearance but they're not necessarily turning me on and... I would be insecure if I think myself as not desirable right? So that's why Im in team tan Asians ftw..notice I already made a tribute post to Hawaiian guys and Filipino guys in general.
    I think it's better to forget my oriental look as that make me not desiring myself..later on being unconfident.

    it's actually true that self-love could make you confidence- there is unwritten rule floating in the air somewhere for gay man that gay guys who achieve/emulate certain looks are hitting his own attraction- a stereotype thinking in shell, not absolute truth but generally is working 'that' way
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    Re: Which country has the most beautiful guys and which most ugly?

    Quote Originally Posted by pat grimshaw View Post
    Isn't always the peasants and the desperate who emigrate?

    These look pretty— http://usadoll2.livejournal.com/49459.html
    Lol.. oouch!\

    It takes years to understand your jokes..for that- hmm..you better ask my dad or my ancestors tbreal

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