Just saw the replay of Morning Joe this am ....... Geno Auriemma, head coach of the University of Connecticut Ladies Basketball team was on to promote a fund being established to provide free schooling for all family members of those impacted by the shooting in Newtown

what an eloquent man - as well as a likely hall of fame basketball coach

He's a great spokesman for the cause and he donated $80K himself too

you can google it to find the link to contribute if u like - I donated $50

the basic premise is this:
short term help for the victim's families will soon be over
long term sustainable measures are better - insure dependents of the adults killed and the siblings of the kids killed will be educated at UCONN with no cost to them
full scholarships
$350K in 3 days raised
scholarships in the name of the 26 people - if there's money left over