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    Do You Need a hand!

    As some of you guys know, I was in a long relationship and recently started getting out there again after 35 yrs. Most of the guys I have hooked up with since my partners demise are unable to achieve a climax from a BJ unless either my hand or their hand is involved. Steve and I were both able to get off from getting a good BJ with no hands involved. I'm not saying anything is wrong with this, it is just strange to me. I've had guys I've hooked up with giving me good head and telling them I'm going to blow and they seem surprised because there is no hand action. I love getting head. I sit back and enjoy it and then ask my guy if he wants it and thats it. I need no stimulation from my hand or his.

    Recently, a guy told me it was rare for him to give head and not have to use his hand or his partners hand to get him to shoot his load.

    My question is simple.

    Can you get a BJ and enjoy it and shoot your load when both of you are ready without being jacked-off to achieve your climax?

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    Re: Do You Need a hand!

    I can cum with just his mouth, but I like his hands on my cock and balls.
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    Re: Do You Need a hand!

    I can and do cum hands free. I actually enjoy it if they take their time and do it right.
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    Re: Do You Need a hand!

    Quote Originally Posted by ibill1 View Post
    .... Can you get a BJ and enjoy it and shoot your load when both of you are ready without being jacked-off to achieve your climax?
    Yep, and it's even more explosive & enjoyable for me if my partner finger fucks me at the same time. ... Passionately Australian

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    Re: Do You Need a hand!

    I can't. My cock is insensitive. I need a lot of stimulation to cum and I have problems with guys because I took a long time to cum and they couldn't hold it anymore, sometimes the hook up ends with them leaving and I did not have an orgasm.

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    Re: Do You Need a hand!

    My main issue with oral sex is actually oversensitivity. I'm thankful that I prefer sex to be slow and sensual, as being on the receiving end of too much suction tends to be overwhelming and not pleasurable.

    Oral that is soft and slow can be heaven though, with or without hands. With the right kind of guy I would have no trouble at all reaching climax.

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    Re: Do You Need a hand!

    It has happened to me, but not often. Some men just have superior cocksucking skill.

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