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Thread: undies

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    I have a huge undeware fetish I myself own heaps.My current fuck buddy dose not wear underware so i went and brought him a pair to wear so i could have sex with him in them.I loved the way the looked on him they were briefs of course.I first fooled with his dick and ass lick his dickin his undies then rubbed my undie covered dick on his . I found this made me as hard as hell dripping enough pre cum to soak out of my undies.I then asked him to put them on backwards so i could fuck him through the fly front.I had my dick out my fly front too.well i blow so hard i got a cramp it was so hot.I masterbated him as well and he blow in his undies.The whole sex session was the best I have had and I what more underware sex now.Has anyone else done this if not you should try.Little side note they must be mens undies not girl undie they are not cool on men.

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    Re: undies

    Love underwear myself, I have a pair of red Jockey Y fronts that belonged to my stepdad that I love to wear, they get me really hard, I like my boyfriend to wear briefs, preferably with a fly in them for easy access.

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    Re: undies

    Quote Originally Posted by kenth02 View Post
    Hi I have a huge undeware fetish I myself own heaps.
    You might enjoy looking through this thread, then ..... ... Passionately Australian

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