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    Xmas gift for BF's parents

    Hey guys I'm recently in my first relationship of my life at age 36, I'm so in love. My BF is 52 and his parents absolutely love me and they are so good to me. We live on opposite coasts of Florida (about 100 miles) so we only see each other about every 2 weeks with work schedules. We're planning for me to move there next year when I can rent or sell my house. Anyway we are exchanging gifts on our own but I can't be there for Xmas because I work in retail management so no going anywhere. His elderly parents are so sweet and supportive of us, what can I do to show my love for them? I thought maybe it would be great if a bouquet showed up at their door on Xmas day from me while they're opening presents, but don't know if that even happens on Xmas. Any advice guys? Again this is my first relationship so never had to do this before, I definitely want to do something special. Thanks!

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    Re: Xmas gift for BF's parents

    You are a sweet guy. So happy for you. Don't know who would make deliveries on Christmas. I prefer to imagine everyone is spending time with loved ones, not working. Maybe just send them something heartfelt the day before. The flowers thing is always nice.

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    Re: Xmas gift for BF's parents

    Bake cookies and Fed-Ex them, or maybe send them a wreath for their door? Have a nice picture taken with you and your BF, have it framed and send that to them.

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