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Thread: reformat my wii

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    reformat my wii

    so, i reformatted my wii. is that any way to get that information back.

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    Re: reformat my wii

    I know nothing about the wii. But, since no one has yet responded to this, I will make a stab at it.

    I would remove the hard drive from the wii and install it into an external, usb enclosure. The enclosure you use will depend on what type of drive it is. But, I am referring to something like this. (I'm guessing the wii uses a 2.5 inch SATA drive, but I do not know this to be a fact - buy an enclosure appropriate to your drive).

    Once the drive is installed in the enclosure, plug it into your computer. Download two programs, Testdisk and Photorec, appropriate to your operating system. Run the programs on the wii drive.

    Testdisk restores erased partitions and can make a drive bootable again. Photorec restores lost files (despite the name, it restores all types of files, not just photos). I would copy the files you value to the hard drive on your computer, just in case. The wii uses an unusual file system, WBFS, but later versions of Testdisk and Photorec are compatible with WBFS.

    Return the wii disk to the wii and pray like hell. If it is not completely back to its previous state, you can always reformat it, then copy back to the reformatted disk those recovered programs and other files you saved to your computer's hard drive.

    There is probably an easier way to do this, but I am not familiar enough with the wii to recommend anything beyond the above.

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    Re: reformat my wii

    Always back up saves and data to the SD drive I know some games are copy protected but I always have my stuffed backed up to a 2GB SD card.

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