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    Next door neighbors

    Do you have any crushes on your next door neighbors? I'm inbetween two hot daddies beside me (more of an unfortunate circumstance really) but something about straight men being men is VERY attractive to me.
    Anyway, today I saw him in a singlet which was simply eye candy, and then saw a bit of him topless. What's even worse is he had a tattoo on his upper chest which is even more hot. It's HORRIBLE... why must I be attracted to these men!

    Do you have any hot mature men round your corner?

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    Re: Next door neighbors

    I live next door to my Uncle. He isnt blood related and he is so fucking sexy. Bald, stubble, big arms and a buff hairy body. He surfs and only a few times Ive caught him changing out of his wetsuit of soaking off in the outside shower in his bathers. The things I would do to his gorgeous wet body.

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    Re: Next door neighbors

    I think I live next door to a gay guy. Well his business anyways. He is a cake decorator. He is a sweet guy, I would definitely get in bed with. But too bad the risk isn't worth the reward =(. My other neighbor. I so think he is horse hung and he has been more "open" as of late. What I mean by open, is him giving me better views at that horse hung bulge of his that I see. Also him talking about past girlfriends, looking at women and talking dirty to me about them, all while he knows that I know his wife. But bro code man, bro code lol.

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