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    Ideas for slave on web

    Hi I like to be a slave on web. This means that usually i go to gay chats on line with cameras on internet and after talking with some persons someone dominates me privatly on internet, for example in skype. This master tells me what to do, and i do all he says, this makes me crazy.
    The problem is that often masters ask me what can i do for them (with microphone), or they do not have more ideas for dominating me on the web. What ideas do you have? apart from putting things in my ass, i have done other things as gagging with a banana. Also they make me put on my body cloth twezzers. Once they made me cut my pubic hair, also i had put candle wax in my body, lick my armpits and other things.
    What ideas do you have for dominating on internet? If you were my master what things would you make me do? be creative and thanks to all the masters.

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    Re: Ideas for slave on web

    My master makes me pay him reparations when I am bad - I find that very hot too. Check out his blog at blackreparations

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    Re: Ideas for slave on web

    Oh, there's so much you can do. Some of the things I (and others - I've loaned him out a lot) have had my slave do:

    Body writing with permanent marker (having him write lewd/obscene messages on his face, chest, etc... drawing pictures of cocks - anything like that)
    Pissing himself, drinking his own piss, drinking out of a toilet bowl, pissing all over his hardwood floor and licking it clean
    Cumming in his own mouth or on his face (and kneeling there until it dries)
    Eating dog food from a bowl
    Working out (pushups, situps to exhaustion, etc...)
    Covering himself in something sticky (like peanut butter) and then something soft (like flour)
    Jerking off for long periods of time without cumming
    Shaving body hair
    Ordering used condoms or worn underwear (after paying the owner to shoot plenty of loads into it or cover it in piss) from guys online and sucking them clean
    Servicing guys I've sent over (usually blowjobs, pit, feet, etc...)
    Just standing in a corner for hours with weight hanging from his balls, clips on his tits, plug in his ass, dildo in his mouth, etc...
    Tedious tasks, like back and forth across the room while pushing something (like a heavy book) with his nose, or dragging something attached to his balls

    You can also take your show on the road (if you have a digital cam, or a cell that takes video/pics well). Then you can accomplish tasks for your Master in public bathrooms, glory holes, back alleys, etc... I love making my slave leave the saftey of his own home and amuse me with risky pictures.
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    Re: Ideas for slave on web

    Did you have your slave publice pics / vids on internet, to show him off for the fun of ohthers? Would love to see fellow slaves writing about theirs tasks and orders to please Men. My Owner wants me to maintain a blog at

    As said, would love to see more blogs of slaves being degraded, humiliated, used for the fun of their Superiors.
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